Guffaw and laugh at the old man's jokes,
         Cater to his every whim;
Pass him a joint, offer him a line,
         It'll buy you another degree.

Remember, however, you careless blokes,
         When 'tis time to sink or swim,
There'll be no point, nor reason nor rhyme -
         Void degrees will lose you at Sea.

And as hard as you tried to make him your friend -
         Kissed his arse, licked his boots and smiled -
The smile that he wore was really a sneer
         Since for you he doesn't give a damn.

Dance and frolic, party 'till day and night's end;
         Enjoy the farse - don't get him riled -
Ignore all substance, accept the veneer,
         And be his sacrificial ram.

You'll call him "Master" - pass him the tokes,
         But the joke's on you, not him.
You pay for his joint - on you he'll dine -
         You're his slave as Time will agree.


There was a little Man,
We'll call him little Pan,
Who aspired to be big
And less wrinkled than a fig.

He envied all the Others,
Not his sisters but his brothers,
And from envy grew his hate
That will never satiate.

This tiny Tom Thumb,
An admirer of the bum,
Tried all that he could try
But size he could not buy.

Now ego likes to Trump,
To be firm and not to slump;
It can't stand being smaller
Than a Brazillian silver dollar.

But when ego is Accepted
As one's master unexcepted
It must then be expected
One'll never be respected.


Great and glorious is this man,
         Or so at least he thinks -
To qliphothic realms he madly ran
         Where Knowledge really sinks.

Regally he rules his realm,
         His staff a rotting twig -
His Tree unlike the stately elm,
         More like the blasted fig.

A crown he wears upon his head
         As false as Knowledge is -
His search for Truth is now quite dead
         ...Well hell! it's just show biz!

Now books he writes aplenty,
         Shedding darkness on the Path -
They sell for dollars, ten or twenty,
         ...At least he knows his math.*

Though we cannot respect this guy
         I'm sure he doesn't care -
His ego's as vast as the sky
         And beyond it he'll never dare.

*2010 NOTE:  as a matter of fact he doesn't know his math, so to speak.  Employing simple gematria to prove connections between terms and concepts based on their supposed shared numeric total, his esoteric arguments fail miserably since the data in his books proves him to be incapable of even simple addition.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume IV, Number 2, May 1985 E.V.