by G.M.Kelly


Ninety-three [93] is an extremely important number in Thelema, it is in fact the numeration of Thelema [Theta, Epsilon, Lambda, Eta, Mu, Alpha], Will, referring to one's purpose for existing, as well as Agape [Alpha, Gamma, Alpha, Pi, Eta], Love, in part, the means of doing one's Will.  Also having the numeration of 93 are words that should be familiar to all students of Thelema, to wit:

OIVZ, Aiwaz, otherwise Aiwass, the Angel of the Æon, the Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat, and Therion's H.G.A.

TzBA, "Will; star, host"

and the magical formula of LAShTAL, i.e. LA, Lamed Aleph [31] + Sh, Shin = Atu XX [20] & T, Teth = Atu XI [11] + AL, Aleph Lamed [31].

And one might also consider KOBA or KA'aBA, "Kaaba", "Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house:  all must be done well and with business way."  [Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX Chapter III, Verse 41]  And how could we forget KHLLCh, Keallach!

Still there is more to consider here in regards to the number 93 and its associations in the Greek Qabalah.  Let us but look, very briefly, at a few words which come to the numeration of 93.

BAL ThAN, in Greek, and BAL TAN, in Hebrew:  "For TAN is that which transformeth judgment into justice.  BAL is the sword, and TAN the balances."  [17th Aethyr of Liber 418 by Aleister Crowley]

H endeka:  "the eleven", "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. ..."  [CCXX I.60]

Gamelia:  "the marriage-feast", referring to the formula of Abrahadabra and Love Under Will.

H meli:  "the honey", which makes life sweet, i.e. Thelema and Agape.

H gamma:  "the Gamma", being the third letter of the Greek alphabet and possibly referring to the apparent threefold division of things.

Melie:  "the ash", "The Ash is given (as an attribute of the 32nd Path of the Tree of Life) in connection with the phrase 'ashen pale.'  (The real nature of the tree is more properly solar.)  In the other cases, in connection with the ideas of death, melancholy, poison, etc."  "The Ash is one of the most important of solar trees; the wood is firm and elastic.  The World-Ash represents the microcosm in legend.  Yggdrasil is itself an Ash."  [Liber 777]

H paga:  "the spring, well; metaph. the fount, source, origin of anything."

Hleleth:  Eleleth or Heleleth, in the Apocryphon of John one of the four luminaries that stand around the arch-aeon Autogenes [Self-begotten - the Holy Guardian Angel?].

Naama:  Naamah, "pleasing", considered to be the angel of prostitution, although "whoredom" might be a more accurate term in this case.

These are but a few of the words, as well as names, that come to the numeration of 93.  We will make no overall conclusions here.  We only wish that you consider the information given above and meditate upon the wonders of Thelema, The Book of the Law and the number ninety-three.

93 - 93/93

Written on Independence Day,
by the Hand of Kelle*

Gematria Key for
Greek and Hebrew


[TNN.IV.3, JULY 1985 E.V.]