August 2013 E.V.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

'But ye, o my people, rise up & awake!.'  CCXX II.34; 'Change not as much as the style of a letter' CCXX I.54 and see I.36. Photo of G.M.Kelly December 14, 2012 e.v.

It has been said that G.M.Kelly has retired, meaning, of course, from magick and Thelema.  It has been rumoured that I was magically struck down by the great and amazing power of the Caliphate in retribution for my horrible crimes, those "crimes" being the expression of my honest, informed opinions of that gang which falsely calls itself "the O.T.O."  My "crimes" being an ethical need to tell the truth for the sake of Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley.  I believe it was also rumoured (again) that I had been placed in an institution for the criminally insane, but no one can really take David Bersson seriously since it would be remarkable if he has not by now himself been institutionalized.  So where have I been for the past thirteen years, adding so little to the Castle of the Silver Star so infrequently?  Something the cult leaders have rarely done in their lives:  I have been working.

Since 1977 E.V., beginning with the simple publication, The Newaeon Newsletter, the contents of which being the first files published on the Castle, I have given everything I have had, time, energy, what meager funds I have had to work with, in an effort to promote and defend Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley, not so much from the enemies from without such as fundamentalist, conservative Christianity, but more so the enemies from apparently within, those who falsely call themselves Thelemites while perverting Thelema to serve their own petty personal ego-centric desires.  There have been times in the past that I have had to choose between using what little money I had to buy food for a month or publish the newsletter.  There was then no choice for me.  In every case I published the newsletter and was fortunate enough (or well looked after?) to be unexpectedly provided with the means of saving myself from starvation.

During those years I made friends through TNN and it is interesting to note that many of the friends I made were former members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.  These were intelligent, sincere people, not ego-maniacs, not emotionally or mentally unstable people, but individuals who really cared about Thelema and simply got fed up with all the lies and petty games they witnessed in the Caliphate.  If the less than fraternal "fraternity" is so wonderful, one has to ask oneself why so many of its brightest and best members quit?  I noticed recently that the Caliphate has a slick little web site now, looking pretty professional, and I couldn't find a single name, not even a "magical name" on it.  Why?  Probably because, for the most part, the longer a person stays with the gang the closer he or she comes to realizing that association with the gang was a bad mistake, that the Caliphate's primary interests are not the order, the members, the promotion of Thelema in society as it falsely claims.  They come to realize that the primary interest of the Caliphate is self-interest, that the acquisition of money by cornering the Crowley market, endless fees and dues, and other less savory desires demanded by the god that they serve, the false self, ego, is their real focus in life.  I would wager to say that there are far more young members doing all the work for the Caliphate than old members, as eventually they find they have great cause to leave the gang, some filing suit against the Caliphate, which is only fitting since the Caliphate is constantly in the business of restricting others by filing lawsuits against them.  Very unthelemic.  But I digress.

Ex-members of the Caliphate provided me with my first computer.  Ex-members of the Caliphate assisted me in getting the first version of the Castle up on the Internet, dragging me, kicking and screaming, into cyberspace.  And to this day "some of my best friends," as it is said, are previous members of the Caliphate.  In fact I owe an apology to one very polite couple, Caliphate refugees, for putting them off so very long after they moved to Pittsburgh and wanted to meet me.  I have not been very social of late.

While William Gary Keith Breeze, a.k.a. "Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta" and the Caliphate have been collecting money from not their work but the work of Aleister Crowley, as well as fees and dues from young, naive people who are lured into their clutches, for absolutely nothing of any worth in return, I have been working.  When the Caliphate was spreading the rumour that I could not hold down a job, I was managing an apartment building for fifteen (15) years.  Before this I had worked numerous jobs, starting with summer jobs such as the one at a local drive in (now gone) and on a County road maintenance crew during summers while in High School, to a position at the now defunct Pittsburgh Press (1970-1974), and finally many other jobs such as that with a library association, giving me first hand experience on just how much money can be acquired through a non-profit organization.  After my fifteen years of managing an apartment building doing just about everything imaginable from cleaning, to maintenance, to renting apartments and handling all of the paper work, I found a position with an organization partially funded by the State of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and Goodwill, with some funds supplied by the Federal government, to assist people at no cost to them in finding employment, better employment, and free training with the aim of facilitating secure employment during these tough times in America.  Me, the fellow who was said to be unable to keep a job, worked both jobs for a time until finally giving up the apartment building managment position to move and continue on with the new job for thirteen (13) years.  Although never from magick nor Thelema, I planned to retire early at the age of sixty-two, even though this would mean a reduction in the already insufficient funds one receives from Social Security.  However, there were sudden changes and before I could actually reach that retirement age I and about twenty of my fellow employees ironically lost our jobs.  The County, City and Goodwill pulled out of the organization and a private for-profit company partnered with the State to keep the origanization going, and very badly from what I understand.  Most of my co-workers were County and City employees, in a union, and were guaranteed jobs elsewhere.  A few of us were not in a union and we were simply out of work.  However, again something beyond me (and my inability to save money) was obviously looking out for me as this happened only shortly before my sixty-second birthday and I had the means, just bearly, to maintain a comfortable roof over my head, food in my belly and pay my meager bills on time.  I live simply.  My needs are few.  I don't require an entire cult to send me to another country and support extravagant desires.  And this is where I am today while I now try to concentrate upon my writing career, such as that is.

During these past thirteen years I have had to really put myself into my work just to be sure I received something from Social Security, as the 15-year job before this earned me scarcely enough to keep body and soul together.  Also during these past thirteen years while I have been working and the various cult leaders have been living off the work and hard-earned income of others, I have focused more intently upon my magical career.  That is to say, while the "Caliphakes" have been pretending to be magicians as they collected their ill-gotten gains and gratified their egos, I had returned to a sharper focus upon being a magician.  How successful I have been you are of course invited to decide for yourself.  I have never insisted that I am the only way, the truth and the light.  I have never claimed to be anything I am not.  And I have always been honest, ethical, straight forward, and invited readers to accept what I write or reject it as they will, encouraging all of you to investigate these matters for youself and decide for yourself.

Who am I?  I am not one of them.  I do not ask or demand money from you in exchange for fake and meaningless degrees and grades.  I do not try to get my hands on your money for cheap magic lessons that merely repeat the words found in books with no real understanding of what magic/k is.  I have no desire to deprive others of the opportunity to publish Crowley's writings to spread throughout the world just so I and I alone can profit from the prophet.  I am one of you.  I work hard to support myself and the cause I believe in.  I toil until I am exhausted, then toil further, and of course like you I end up feeling I got the short end of the stick when it is time for my tax dollars paid to finally start paying off for me.  But I am not and never could be one of the "flock" of "sheep" watched over by a "good shepherd", moved about by a black collared dog, and kept alive only to be "fleeced" and slaughtered to fatten the shepherd.  And I do not want you to be one of the sheep either.  I want you to see clearly, exercise reason, be rational and strong, stand on your own two feet, carefully weigh all the evidence and make your own informed decisions and when the wolf bites, bite back!  When the "good shepherd" invites you to follow him in his cult, I want you to see him for what he really is and invite him instead to perform an anatomically impossible act.  I want you to be strong and not feel the need for a "support group", because at best this is all the Caliphate and most other cults are.  I do not want you to accept what I say blindly.  I have never been interested in being a leader.  It is, in fact, with great reluctance that I even continue the Castle of the Silver Star when, at sixty-two, I would much rather spend my days writing and reading the incredible books so many other authors have written, while further pursuing my spiritual, my magical career without the distraction of the pseudo-thelemites as well as the majority of people in the relatively small occult "community" who are weak, bleating sheep trying to believe they are better than the Christians they mock, crackpots and charlatans, con-artists and would be cult leaders.  But I must consider Duty.  The occult and pagan community is probably only something like .001% of the total population of the Earth, and there is in that community an even smaller percentage of honest, sincere students of the esoteric and paganism.  Good, bright, intelligent, ethical people, strong and self-reliant, not easily fooled by the capitalistically corrupted con-artists and lunatics, and it is for them as well as for the memory of Aleister Crowley and Thelema that I am returning to the Castle of the Silver Star when I would like nothing more than to live the life of a quiet hermit who socializes very little and criticizes others only through books that I wish to write, books that for the last thirteen years I could not write because of the time and effort I put into my work, both exoteric and esoteric, to the point of utter exhaustion.  I am one of you, the sincere, strong and self-reliant hard-working citizens of the world, and for you and for Thelema I forego the pleasure of retiring to a quiet life of contemplation and literary enjoyment.  I take nothing from you.  But I give to you all that I am.

Love is the law, love under will.

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