About G.M.Kelly

Frater Keallach 93/676

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

"Kelly's newsletters, while containing some very incisive commentaries concerning the A(eon of) H(orus), also included a series of extremely harsh personal attacks on the O.T.O. and its leadership. ... In my mailbox...there appeared an 'encyclical letter' from him consisting of five pages of the coarsest possible vitriol against myself and the Temple of Set. Apparently he has circulated this item throughout the Thelemic community."

- Michael A. Aquino, Temple of Set, an offshoot of Anton LaVey's First Satanic Church, from an 8-page-plus letter that he then circulated which begins by claiming that G.M.Kelly's words are "inconsequential" and in which he denounced Kelly and vainly tried to defend his outraged ego against the editorial commentary that exposed him and his true motives to the occult community.

"G.M.Kelly: pirates O.T.O. and A..A.. material; misrepresents himself as a Thelemite."

- Marcelo Ramos Motta, self-proclaimed head of a small group, composed mostly of imaginary members, falsely claiming to be the Ordo Templi Orientis, one of several such groups, from his pseudo-Equinox, Vol. V, No. 4, after unsuccessfully encountering G.M.Kelly in literary combat following certain Sword of Horus articles written to prove Mr. Motta's insincerity, charlatanism, megalomania, paranoia, perverse attitudes regarding sex, magick, and other matters, as well as his "pirating"of certain materials written by Aleister Crowley, and his demonstrated false claim to be a Thelemite while abusing Thelema as a vehicle for his mad ego. Naturally it then follows that the above statements about Kelly are utterly and provably false. Mr. Motta, now silent, has since been put in his place and is no longer an active member of the occult community.

Asked about G.M.Kelly, who had written several articles exposing false claims regarding the leadership of the O.T.O. in yet another group, as well as gross ineptitude and insincerity, the late Grady Louis McMurtry, trying to dismiss the subject, claimed that Kelly is nothing but "a one man army". At this time during this pseudo-o.t.o.'s private meeting there was on either side of Mr. McMurtry secret operatives, unbeknownst even to each other, collecting data to pass on to this "one man army", G.M.Kelly.

The Newaeon Newsletter, a publication created, written and published by G.M.Kelly, was said to be "Always well worth reading" by Mr. William Heidrick, the right-hand man of the late Mr. McMurtry, then when the feature article, The Sword of Horus, examined and commented upon his own particular belief system and ego-vehicle he wrote "This publication is making a name for itself in yellow-sheet Thelemic circles. If you enjoy pointless insults, pick it up. If you want to become notorius (sic), write the editor..." This, as always, not only delighted Kelly who wrote back thanking Mr. Heidrick for the amusement and free advertisement, but it proved once again that the truth hurts...at least those people who are not on familiar terms with it.

So who is G.M.Kelly?

Ask any one of a number of religionists and occultists and you are likely to hear many unflattering things. Ask people using religion and the occult as a money-making machine and/or vehicle for their petty ego-gratification at the expense of sincere students, aspirants and the philosophies themselves and you will hear even worse! Ask the sincere and intelligent student and aspirant and the opinion will be quite different. Therefore, as in every case, personal experience and firsthand knowledge can be the only reliable guide in forming your own opinion. However, generally speaking, G.M.Kelly is a Thelemic Magician who was raised on a farm and who has always been intensely interested in human behaviour and the human psyche. He is down-to-earth and realistic, but with a deep love for and appreciation of the various esoteric philosophies. Therefore, he has a great dislike for those individuals and groups who pervert those philosophies to serve their own petty, personal goals in life.

G.M.Kelly's primary purpose in life is to further establish Thelema in the world and defend it as well as its "founder", Aleister Crowley, against the greatest sin committed by humanity--the sin of ignorance. To this end he is prepared to prove, as well as anything can be proven, that concepts such as the Beast 666 and the Antichrist are not at all what they are commonly thought to be; that they are, in fact, practically the complete opposite! Kelly's general purpose is to better educate the masses in the basics of Magick and the occult arts and sciences in general, to explain the rationale behind the use of Magick Circles, Swords and Pantacles. He will shy away from no subject and will speak in terms that even the most uninformed person can understand, exercising great reason and logic in matters commonly and incorrectly thought to be anything but reasonable and logical. Kelly's reason for wanting to educate the general public, making such education as enjoyable as possible, is of course aligned to his primary purpose, his True Will, but also, more generally, whether people wish to travel his Way or another, to help others learn how to distinguish between the small percentage of genuine religious and occult leaders, groups, publications and so forth, and the high percentage of charlatans and their vehicles. G.M.Kelly is not only tired of seeing Aleister Crowley and Thelema slandered, maligned and misrepresented, but he is angry...very angry...with the multitude of criminal cheats in the world who bring great harm to people through their natural appetite for the religious, the mystical, the magical, as well as the news media which either laughs at things esoteric or ignores them, sometimes even promoting occultists and religionists who inevitably turn out to be charlatans, or uses the warped imaginations of a pseudo-cult that has made of itself a sensationalistic news item to damn the entire field of esoteric research.

Who is G.M.Kelly?

A human being no better and no worse than any other human being when all is said and done, but one who has something important to say and who is capable of explaining that which the mystery mongers keep mysterious, partly out of their own crass ignorance.

To be unromantic for a moment, the human being, both male and female, has appetites that must be satisfied in accordance to the personality's needs. We all have an appetite for food, but it is important to have a balanced and healthy diet. We also have a sexual appetite, but it is important not only to be uninhibited but also unpromiscuous, and to approach the satisfaction of this appetite with love and sincere concern for others, with a sense of mature responsibility, not to mention with careful consideration for one's physical health. Furthermore, we have an appetite for the religious, the mystical, the magical in life. And when there is a need expressed there are those who would prey upon that need and one's ignorance in regards to its satisfaction--the phoney nutritionist with the latest fad diet, the procurer, and the charlatan religious or cult leader. Even someone who seemingly has no interest in things religious, mystical or magical, has an appetite for these things and such a person, when approached in the proper way at the proper time in life, often proves to be the first victim of the charlatan.

G.M.Kelly is declaring a Holy War!

It is time to fight back, not only against the phoney religionists and occultists, not only against the blind materialists and the over-enthusiastic rationalists, but against the very root of the problem itself. It is time to fight back against ignorance and superstition which spawn such "demons" in human society as unfair ridicule, prejudice, bigotry, spiritual pride and elitism, as well as a host of others that destroys the very fabric of society and interferes with humankind's intellectual and spiritual evolution.

If you are tired of the mumbo jumbo of the occultists, the bible-beating of the religionists, the tiresome arguments of the rationalists, and the tons of misinformation available in print, on tape, through movies, television and the news media...

If you want to know what such things as Thelema, Magick, the Bible, UFOs, "trance channelling", and so on are really all about...

Then you want to participate in a group dialogue with G.M.Kelly!

Love is the law, love under will.