The following is a March 20th letter from Michael A. Aquino [Satanist] of the Temple of Set and my reply of March 25th, 1989 E.V.

No Satanism!

Michael Aquino - Part II

Dear Mr. Kelly,

It is not surprising that, upon learning of that Army chaplain's allegations against my wife and myself, you would rush in to try to capitalize on the situation.  You are a bit premature.

Evidence of the chaplain's deliberate fabrication of the allegations has already been uncovered and brought to the attention of the investigators.  It is characteristic of such witch-hunts that they are finally halted only by strong and sustained insistence upon justice, and of course this is all the more necessary when strong social and religious prejudice is involved.

Unprovoked viciousness by insecure individuals with an obsessive need for attention and a hatred of anything that threatens their ugly little universes is just one of the annoyances any philosopher must expect from time to time.


[Avoiding a revealing signature, revealingly initialled MAA.]

March 20,XXIV

In the long Volume VI, Number I, Vernal Equinox 1989 E.V. issue of The Newaeon Newsletter, focussed on the Satanic Panic and the media's coverage of it, especially Geraldo Rivera's sensationalistic and less than objective journalistic approach, I wrote the following:

Geraldo talk show, since cancelled] ends, Rivera gave us the big 'update' - another earth shattering result of his devil worship special:  'Ah-keen-Oh', he told us, as he pronounced Aquino's name, because certain congressmen were outraged by the news regarding him on the special and how the charges against him for child molestation in the Presidio affair were dropped, have had the U.S.Attorney reopen the case and Michael Aquino is now under Grand Jury investigation.  Well, folks, knowing how I just love that man to death [now there's a thought!], you can imagine how broken up I was over this news.  I went out and bought drinks for all my friends.  Then, however, I moaned a bit over the kind of thinking that may have gone into this possibly wise decision, but brightened up and laughed when I remembered that the total positive results of Exposing Satan's Underground was to achieve high ratings from a viewing audience [myself included, of course] that is generally more fickled than the fans of a mediocre rock group, and an industry that is even more fickled still; more nuts and charlatans flocked to the Messiah of Muck [Rivera]; and one satanist, only one single satanist out of how many more, is now out of the frying pan and in the fire, may or may not be guilty [you know what I am betting on!], but will probably get away scott free ... although even the conviction of a single man hardly justifies the expense not only of time and money, but to the evolutional progress of society as a whole that the hysteria evoked retards.  The ends do not, in this case at least, justify the means."

This is what Michael Aquino was replying to above.  Whether or not he is or was proven to be guilty is not terribly relevant to what was written, but it should be kept in mind that at the time Aquino was a relatively high ranking officer in the U.S. Army with high level security clearance, and if indeed he is guilty, I feel quite sure that the old saying would hold true:  The brass covers it's ass.

25th of March 1989 e.v.
An. LXXXV, die Saturnus
Sol in Aries

Mr. Michael A. Aquino
    (Sorry.  DR. ...!)
Post Office Box #4507
St. Louis, MO 63108

Dear Dr. Aquino:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Re. yours of "March 20, XXIV"...

You are such a silly little fellow.

Love is the law, love under will.

Fraternally yours,
Frater Keallach 93/676
G.M.Kelly, Editor
The Newaeon Newsletter


Note:  That which Aquino calls capitalization upon his situation, any rational, objective person would call news reporting.  His second paragraph is rhetoric.  He wants legitimate students of the esoteric to back him up, but that would be a mistake for a number of reasons, and very stupid as he and satanists in general work against all of us by stealing from us our terms and ideals, perverting them, and then misrepresenting them and us to the general public, thus being part of the cause of all the difficulties we are up against in this society.  Satanists have assisted our persecutors, providing justification for their accusations and deeds, since the first day they came into existence.

Regarding his last sentence:  fair commentary is seen by his petty little mind as viciousness when it focuses on him.  Since he has sought to pervert Thelema it can hardly be said to be unprovoked.  If anyone has an obsessive need for attention I would think it is the funny little man wearing the black priestly costume, a satanic medal dangling over his pudgy tummy, his eyebrows trained to sweep up, his hair combed forward, cut into an artificial widow's peak, and plastered to his head, probably to disguise baldness and a tattoo, appearing on every television talk show he can worm his way on, rather than the simply and conservatively dressed individual who has turned down invitations to display himself on national television.  And finally, if anyone has an ugly little universe it is the satanist who, in truth, has respect for no one and nothing but perhaps his own perverse, inflated ego.

Anton LaVey's Church of Satan responded to TNN VI.1 by sending me an application for membership form and a bit of information.  [Right.  Sure.  Get real.]

"For $100, you will receive an impressive, embossed Identification Card which readily identifies you as a lifetime member of The Church of Satan",

the application says.  It had better be stamped in gold!  It also states that,

"If you have the strength and dedication to implement the tools of Satan, the imagination to confound and confuse, the wisdom to recognize the Unseen in our society, and the passions of a Romantic, we suggest you join us as a Contributing Member."

As if there is not already enough confusion and disorder in our world today.  If the Church of Satan seeks to "confound and confuse" it serves disorder and not order - it serves the so-called Black Brotherhood which sets itself against the spiritual and intellectual evolution of humanity and therefore it sets itself against every legitimate system of esoteric research - against Thelemites, Wiccans, Qabalists, Freemasons, et al.  $100 to become a member?  They could not pay me $100, or 100 times $100, to become a member of The Church of Satan.  There is no price tag on my humanity and integrity.

[TNN.VI.2.12-13, MAY 1989 E.V.]