Never Before Published

Here Is A Mystery!

The Power of Invisibility caught on 

Using a digital camera for the first time, a Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart to be precise, I took several photographs of myself on October 3, 2001 E.V.  The picture above is like no other taken at that time and something of a mystery.  If this is not photographic proof that I have developed or am developing the magical power of invisibility, then I am either fading out of existence (which should make pseudo-thelemic charlatans worldwide happy) or the camera has the power to see through solid objects ... and if that's the case I will soon be photographing the outside walls of women's locker rooms and showers.

No other photograph of myself, anyone or anything else, taken with this camera before this date or several days following possess this peculiar quality.  I was certain that it was a fluke, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, until ...

Crowleymas 2001 E.V.

On the evening of this past Crowleymas, October 12, 2001 E.V., at a later time in the evening than when the photograph above was taken, in the same and a different part of my apartment, experimenting with different light and flash settings, it happened again!  However, this time, of the several photographs I took, these eight possessed the same mysterious quality as the first picture taken on the 3rd, to lesser and greater degrees.

The mystery continues on Crowleymas 

NOTE:  the patch of light visible through my head, reflected by the plexiglass surface covering the print of Eros, is my shower curtain - the bathroom door somewhat behind the camera open, the bathroom light on.

Is this proof of so-called miraculous 

Is the work-a-day world simply wearing 
G.M.Kelly thin?

Perhaps some people really can see right 
through me!

Some people claim that my writing is without 
substance ... but am I?

But seriously, does anyone have a solution to 
this digital mystery?

Perhaps we should turn to Revelation, Chapter 13, 
Verses 11 through 17.

Objects in the background such as statuettes, bookshelves and books, pictures and a chess board are clearly visible through me.  It is my understanding that double exposures are impossible with a digital camera, and even if this were possible, no photograph of these backgrounds without me had been taken.  I did not fake these photographs, although since then I have thought of ways that it might be done.  However, I have no desire to perpetrate a hoax and I do not believe I have the photographic know how to pull it off in such a way as to fool the experts.

It may be worth noting that, in the past, it has been implied by others that I may very well have exercised the power of invisibility.

INSTANCE:  more than once, when living with Soror Stella Orientis, AKA Star, I was asked by her in the morning where I had "disappeared" to while she slept.  I was mystified.  I am not given to sleep walking and I swore to her that I had slept the entire night away by her side in our bed - that I had never gotten up before we both awoke together that morning.  She, on the other hand, with no reason to lie nor incination towards fabrication, swore that she awoke in the "middle of the night" to discover that she was apparently alone in the bed.  It is also interesting to note here that I had and continue to have the most vivid dreams and experiences in the astral state of consciousness during times when my physical body is at rest, and more than once others have claimed to have been visited by me or simply by an "entity" whose identity they did not know.  Most often this "visitor" has been described as "the shadow of a man but with depth and substance", and this is often the form I have taken in the so-called "astral plane".  Is there a connection here with the above photographs?

It is said that the Power of Invisibility is achieved when one is capable of completely forgetting oneself, or more precisely, when one is not focussed in the ego, the false self, but rather is centred in the True Self.  The false self forgotten, there is nothing of that persona and its physical form to be perceived by or reflected in the minds of others.  Naturally, he who has annihilated ego, the Master of the Temple, would be more capable than most of achieving so-called invisiblity.

INSTANCE:  More than a few times in the past various individuals have either stumbled over me, literally, after I had "lost myself" in a state of meditation in Pittsburgh's Point State Park, claiming that they hadn't seen me, or I had been told that although they had expected to see me in a certain place meditating they were disappointed to note that they saw me nowhere.  However, when they told me where they had been I could not imagine how they could have missed seeing me.  Of course it was not difficult for me to understand how this could have occurred, having achieved on these occassions, to one degree or another, Dhyana, usually leading to that state known as Samadhi.

It is possible, as a Magister Templi and concentrating upon the task at hand, that I could have completely forgotten to hold onto my image, as it were, which had to be reformed after the crossing.  Interestingly, all too often when I am walking down a crowded city street, my thoughts concentrated upon some mental task or problem at hand, it seems as if others have the intention of walking right through me.  Usually, at the last possible moment, either they or I swerve to avoid a collision and I would characteristically think:  "What? Am I invisible or something?" And now I wonder:  "Perhaps, at times, I am!"

While I naturally enjoy the magical, mystical and even "miraculous" possibilities, I am a practical man and I have sought and continue to seek a "rational" explanation for these photographs.  I have made inquiries, but so far the best possibility that has been suggested is that the digital camera has stored the image of the area before it after I set the timer and before I could take my position.  And indeed, when the flash is set a certain way there is an early, lesser flash just before the flash that occurs when the photograph is taken.  The problem here is that when this lesser flash occurs I am already in position, and not all of the above photographs were taken with this flash setting.

The following quotations taken from the King James version of the Judeo-Christian Bible I find interesting in this context:

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the site of men,

And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles ...

From the perspective of John the Divine, an early Christian, this second Beast who rises up from the earth, metaphorically speaking, and who causes the people of the earth to worship the first Beast whose number is 666, would, by the very nature of his teachings that in part speak of replacing the archaic and worn out teachings of the Master Jesus, making Christianity a thing of the past, simply has to be "deceiving" humankind as he believed his faith to be eternal.

Who knows?  The "fire" above mention is also probably metaphorical, a reference to fevour perhaps.  Be that as it may, should I find myself capable of performing the above "miracle" in public, before witnesses and video cameras, I will try to first announce my magical feat so that you can attend the affair.  And you have to wonder:  "Has G.M.Kelly already attended our meeting or visited my home and even been photographed or filmed, but gone unnoticed because he was at the time invisible?"  Something for some people to think about.