Before me are a thousand faces
From a thousand, thousand places.
Each one of them a brilliant Star
And from them all I am so far.
But should a Star come near to me
And should our orbits then agree
Our coincidence will be brief
For it must end in death and grief.¹
I am, you see, a burning Sun
And from my Light thou canst not
When Stars are drawn into my
They burn within my Solar
To be a Sun is to be alone,²
Though my rays the spaces always
I make and see so many lives.
I watch who dies and who survives.
I see those faces from Above.
I see the hate; I see the love.
I touch those faces in the morn--
The youthful and the aged worn.
I see into each human heart,
Though doomed we are to be
For a Sun I am, and a Sun must be;
Child of the Great, Eternal Sea.
Without me there would be no
No love nor laughter, hate nor
So I must always shine Above
All that is human, even Love.³


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

¹These two sentences refer to the apparent fact that the personality of what I dubiously refer to as the poet acts somewhat like a corrosive agent that eats away at the false ego, or self, of those who come into close contact with him.  Sometimes this interaction is personally and intellectually pleasent, sometimes it is very unpleasant.  It all depends upon the hold that the illusory self, the false ego, has over he or she who interacts with the writer.  Whether pleasant or unpleasant, it is recognized that the writer acts as an "agent" to fulfill, at least, the first half of the formula, Solve et Coagula, and usually, if the experience is pleasant, he assists also in the second half of that Magical Formula.

²Note that the word "alone" implies much more than sentimental, melancholic attitude.  Al-One.

³It is not that the -- ahem -- poet never experiences love.  Quite the contrary!  This line does imply, however, that the writer does not only experience the shadow of Love as do most people, but rather a higher, more refined kind of love, a love that is above mere animal passions and human pettiness.  He has awakened within his Being all forms of love from the sphere of Yesod, through that of Netzach, on to that of Chesed, and even Beyond.

The Editor

Love is the law, love under will.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume I, Number 5, 23rd of August 1978 E.V.