The battle ever wages, beyond the dusk and dawn.
The warriors that I fight come on, and on, and on.
Their numbers are increasing, their ranks growing strong.
The battle's never ceasing; there's no more right and wrong.

      Fading, I am fading--
            As a dream upon awakening;
      Waning, swiftly waning--
            As the moon upon its darkening.

Still they come those soldiers grim,
Though I hack them limb from limb.
Though I spill their fetid blood on the battlefield of life
I am drowned in the flood--in my back the traitor's knife.

      Gasping, I am gasping--
            For without air there's no breathing;
      Frantically, I am fighting--
            While consciousness is leaving.

On they come, those devil's sons of a dying-god.
Though I cut them with my glaive, and beat them with my iron rod.
Ah--my arms are weakening; aching 'till I scream.
In my ears the death-bells ring; only deafness doth redeem.

      Blood-filled eyes astraining--
            To see the troops remaining;
      The darkness is so blinding--
            I'm lost beyond all finding.

It's true I live for fighting, a Warrior am I,
But I too must have rest and love, though by the sword I'm sure to die.
Will this battle never cease? Will this war not end?
Shall I never know sweet peace? Will my wounds not mend?

      Darkness overcoming--
            As my blood is freely running;
      Death who has been stalking--
            Stands before me mocking.

Now it seems I breathe my last...
Before my eyes I see the past...
Thought was long ago arrested making me an automaton.
Shamefully I've been divested of my Chalice and Baton.

      Crying, I am crying--
            For I think now of surrendering;
      Dying, swiftly dying--
            For Hope is not engendering.

It seems the end of all that I Am;
To die as nothing but a sacrificial Ram...
But wait--the clouds are breaking! The blood is clearing from my eyes!
The Sun calls down: "Quit thy forsaking! Strike down thy enemies 'till each one dies!"

      Burning, I am burning--
            New fire in me flaming!
      The battle now is turning--
            God help those I am maiming!

Bring on your countless hoard, you god of death and slavery!
You cannot kill this Lord with your theft and foolish knavery!
You thought you'd had me beaten, you bloody weakling fools,
But now it's Death you're greet'n--we're playing by my rules!

      Fighting, I am fighting--
            As the Sword of Horus striking!
      Killing, deftly killing--
            For Thelema--more than Willing!

Anno LXXIV i xiv

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume II, Number 2, 22nd of May 1979 E.V.