The Nature of the Beast 

by G.M. Kelly

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 

"And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:  and the dragon gave him power, and his seat, and great authority." 
                         -Revelation, 13.1 and 2, King James. 

"Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:  for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six Hundred Threescore and Six." 
                         -Ibid. 13.18 

Thus and further is the Beast described in the Apocalypse or Revelation of John the Divine.  Since then the nature of the Beast 666 has been ill-perceived, His image perverted by the politics of the early Christian Church, and today there seems to be few who truly comprehend the nature of the Beast, also called the Antichrist.  Hollywood has also promoted the misconceptions obscuring the true nature of the Beast with such films as the OMEN trilogy - a very enjoyable and well produced fantasy, but far from an accurate interpretation of this last book of the Judeo-Christian Bible. 

Let us first examine the above quotations from the New Testament. 

Very generally:  the Beast is rising out of the Great Sea, i.e., He has Crossed the Abyss, attained to the Grade of Magister Templi and even higher Grades in the Third Order (of Being) known to us generally as the Great White Brotherhood, and specifically as the A.·.A.·..  He is, then, a being of the highest order, known to us in the once incarnate form of Aleister Crowley (b. 1875 - d. 1947 E.V.). 

Interpretation of the 7 heads and the 10 horns as well as the 10 crowns can be legitimately made upon several levels, and it is not here possible to explore each of these interpretations, but let us here make note that both the numbers 7 and 10 have always been held as sacred throughout the world.  The 7 heads (upon one level) represent the 7 Sephiroth below the Abyss, these representing (among other things) the 7 manifest "forms" of being, 7 very specific levels of consciousness, or the 2 material aspects of the "soul", Ruach (Sephiroth 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) and Nephesch (Sephira 10).  The 10 horns represent these 7 plus the 3 Sephiroth above the Abyss, the Supernal Triad:  1. Kether, the Crown, Yechidah; 2. Chokmah, Wisdom, Chiah; 3. Binah, Understanding, Neschamah.  Furthermore, the horn is a symbol of power, a euphemistic representation of the phallus, the creator.  It might be interesting to note that the "lamb" also mentioned in Revelation is equipped with horns, although this is not natural, and that the so-called lamb's horns are fewer in number than the Beast's.  Looking at it another way, rather than implying that the lamb has less power and authority than the Beast in the New Æon of Horus foreseen by John the Divine, it is very possible that the "lamb" of Revelation was accidentally confused with another - the ram - and that the two symbols were combined iinto one only and called the lamb.  The lamb symbolizes the World Teacher of the old æon of Osiris and the meekness of His Way, whereas the ram symbolizes the World Teacher of the New Æon of Horus and the strength and boldness of His Way.  As for the 10 crowns, briefly, they represent the Highest (Kether, the Crown, Yechidah) to be found in all of the Sephiroth, indeed, in all of us and in all things.  Everything is holy.  Every man and every woman is a star. 

As to the name of blasphemy, well, what is and is not blasphemy is a matter of opinion, dependent upon one's point of view.  Certainly all that threatened the established order of things and the cherished belief systems of the time would have been considered "evil", and thus that which would have pertained to the fall of the old æon and the birth of the new would have been considered sinful and blasphemous by such a man as John, a Christian initiate lacking the higher Grades of attainment and locked solidly in his particular belief system.  John was apparently unable to see beyond his own cherished beliefs and perceive that the ending and beginning of aeons is but the natural order of the universe, its ebb and flow, give and take, flex and reflex; that there would come a time when his belief system was outdated and that it would be replaced when the new World Teacher took the place of the old one, just as, and this too was seen, if not understood, and recorded by John the Divine, the æon of Horus will eventually come to an end and the æon of Maat will take its place, presumably with yet another World Teacher. 

The leopard is sacred to the sun and its hide was worn by ancient Egyptian priests as a sign of their sacred nature, thus the sacred nature of the Beast is shown as well as His affinity to the Sun, Giver and Sustainer of Life and Light (Wisdom). 

The bear is sacred to Mars, denoting the strength of the Beast, while the feet of the bear represents the Beast's solid nature, His firm stand upon the earth (reality), which is the magician's and mystic's greatest strength.  As a tree, the aspirant should gain strength from sun, air and rain while ever reaching upward, but to continue growing and reaching for the ideal, the aspirant must also "keep his feet planted firmly on the ground" so that he may also gain the necessary nourishment to be found in the earth.  If the aspirant refuses to deal with the realities of the three dimensional universe and too much so has his "head in the clouds", like an uprooted tree he will soon find himself quite without life. 

The lion is the typical solar beast, with his tawny colouration and his sun burst mane.  The Beast has the mouth of a lion, i.e. He speaks as a lion, bold and brave, when He roars all hear Him and are shaken and awestruck.  Yet it means much more.  "The lion in medieval bestiaries and iconography is commonly a figure of Christ; the equation doubtless takes its origin from Revelations 5, 5:  'behold, the lion of the tribe of Judah.'" (From the Notes in THE QUEST OF THE HOLY GRAIL, translated by P. M. Matarasso, Penguin Books.)  In reality, the symbol of the lion is far older than the writing of the books collected into that tome commonly called the Bible.  The "king of the beasts" represents the sun, which in turn represents He Who Gives Light to Humankind, that is to say, a World Teacher, such as Jesus, before him Osiris and others, as well as Therion in the New Æon. 

At this point I imagine some outrage and dismay in the Christian reader, because I have just identified the Beast with the Christ.  The occultist, I am sure, is equally reverse.  Do not be so easily upset.  And you, my dear aspirant, do not allow yourself to be infected with the narrow-mindedness of your Christian brothers and sisters.  The Christ Principle is not exclusively Christian.  That Principle existed long before the man-made religion of Christianity.  It is independent of such organizations.  It is truly "catholic", and by that I mean "universal".  Jesus was an initiate who made himself one with that Principle, the Logos of the old æon, becoming the mediator between That which is Above the Abyss and that which is below.  At that point in time Jesus became a World Teacher, a guide to attainment proper for the level of human consciousness at that time.  That Jesus that is worshipped today in modern Christianity is naught but a gross caricature, composed of little history and a great deal of myth borrowed from older sources as well as pure fantasy.  Christianity itself is not the creation of Jesus; he was not the founder.  The religious institution was created long after the initiate's passing and has little today to do with his original teachings. 

The Christ is a title, not a surname as some seem to imagine, and like Messiah it only means "anointed" or the "Anointed One", and in this reference implies the World Teacher or Logos of the Æon.  Essentially the Christ and the Beast spring from the same Source, the same Principle, to perform the same basic Work, although different according to their respective eras or æons, and the needs of humanity during that period of time.  And oddly enough, I have noticed, when I suggest that essentially "there is no difference" between the Christ and the Beast, those who protest the most are the very same individuals who, with a sly smile upon their faces and a hopefully knowing look in the eye, point to the fact that the Messiah (MShICh) and Nechesh (NChSh), the Serpent that tempted/initiated Eve, are shown to be one by the numeration, 358, that they share.  But we shall return to this later. 

The dragon which gives the Beast authority can be explained adequately only in a book devoted to this one subject, but generally the dragon (synonymous with the serpent in many early works) represents Nuit, the No-Thing beyond even Kether/Yechidah, about which we can say nothing of a truthful nature as this is beyond all conceptualization.  The dragon has gained a sinister reputation through the politics and narrow-mindedness mostly of the Roman Catholic Church.  Originally both the dragon and the serpent were symbols for eternity and wisdom, strength and phallic power.  In the East (where not everyone is infected by the perverted, narrow teachings of modern Christianity) the dragon is still highly regarded as a "celestial" beast, a symbol of great wisdom and good fortune. 

There is truth in the idea that whereas the lion represents one thing, call it "good" if you will, or "positive", the dragon represents the exact opposite, "evil" or "negative" if it pleases you to use such inadequate and relative terms.  These, however, do not represent "good" and "evil" in any absolute and moral sense.  Again we have the politics and narrow-mindedness of the past, lapsing over into the present, to thank for such limited thinking.  The lion and the dragon merely represent the two natural and apparent opposites in life, no more "good" or "evil" than day and night, man and woman, and so forth.  They are but the necessary polarities that bring about material existence and form. 

Wisdom is, of course, a reference to Chokmah, the second Sephira of the Tree of Life, and this refers to that which pertains to the nature of the Logos, in this case, the Beast 666. 

He that hath Understanding is a reference to one who has attained to the third Sephira, Binah, Crossed the Abyss and attained the Grade of Magister Templi 8°=3°.  That is to say, it is up to such an one to correctly interpret these things for those who are yet below the Abyss, those who have not as yet attained the higher Grades of our Order and reached the higher levels of consciousness. 

As for the number of the Beast, 666, note well that even the worst English translation agrees that it is "the number of a man" (or alternatively and legitimately, "the number of man").  Nowhere in the last book of the Bible does it say that 666 is the number of the Christian Devil, the son of the Devil, or anything of the like.  666 is simply the number of a specific man and/or mankind in general. 

Six Hundred Threescore and Six has gained an entirely unwarranted infamous reputation over the centuries.  Note well that 6 is a solar number, it is attributed to Tiphareth on the Tree, the 6th Sephira, to which is also attributed Sol, and thus is relates to the Christ Principle as the mediator - recall that Jesus is called (although he himself never calls himself) the Son (or Sun) of God.  Furthermore, not only is 6 a solar number, a symbol of generation and creation (note well its form, similar to that of the sperm cell), but in 666 the number is a Trinity.  The Trinity, or Three in One, has always been held as sacred.  For Christianity the Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit, and it is worth pointing out that the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is actually a "female" potency (the "Son" actually being Androgynous or Hermaphroditic).  The Hindus have the Trinity of Bramah, Vishnu and Shiva, Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, or perhaps more accurately, Transformer.  While the followers of Wicca have a blessed Trinity in the Moon Goddess, being the Mother (full), the Maiden (waxing) and the Crone (waning).  There is not and never has been anything "absolutely evil" about the number 666 until the medieval politics of the Roman Catholic Church decided to impose its greedy will upon the world, by propaganda, out and out brainwashing, as well as the sword and fire.  Then and only then did the number 666 assume an infmaous reputation by those who suffered from paranoiac insecurity, believing that if you were not with them 100% you were against them. 

But we have spent enough time on the Book of Revelation in this place.  Let us take up two far older references to the nature of the Beast. 

The following is from THE GODS OF THE EGYPTIANS by E. A. Wallis Budge, Dover Publications: 

"...the old god Bes, who here symbolizes the Sun-god at eventide." 

"Bes, (a god form borrowed) from Nubia, or the country still further to the south of Egypt." 

"At some period under the New Empire the original attributes of Bes were modified, and he assumed the character of a solar god and became identified with Horus the Child, or Harpocrates; little by little he was merged in other forms of the Sun-god, until at length he absorbed the characteristics of Horus, Ra, and Temu.  As Horus, or Harpocrates, he wore the lock of hair, which is symbolic of youth, on the right side of his head, and as Ra-Temu he was given the withered cheeks and attributes of an old man.  On the Metternich Stele we see the head of the 'Old Man who renews his youth, and the Aged one 'who maketh himself once again a boy,' placed above that of Horus, the god of renewed life and of the rising sun, to show that the two heads represent, after all, only phases of one and the same god. 

"After the XXVIth Dynasty and during the Ptolemaic period we find...that Bes was merged wholly in Horus, and that the Egyptians bestowed upon him the body and wings of a hawk united to the body of a vigorous young man, who, however, had the head of a very aged man surmounted by the group of heads with which we are familiar from the Cippi of Horus." 

Recall the 7 heads of the Beast 666. 

We could go on quoting from this excellent work, indeed, Bes even appears in LIBER AL VEL LEGIS SUB FIGURA CCXX, Chapter III, Verse 38, but space is limited here. 

Bes was an unusual god form, probably originating in Africa and older than the purely Egyptian gods.  Unlike the tall, slender, graceful god forms of Egypt, usually seen in profile only, Bes was a dwarf, squat and ugly, often with a protruding tongue, and always depicted full face.  This god with the "bestial" appearance, however, was never considered an "evil god", but rather as a most beneficial deity. 

From the quotations alone, the connection to Horus and Harpocrates, his many headed form and his outwardly less than attractive visage, and so forth, it should be obvious that, at least in essence, BES and the BEAST are one and the same concept, merely interpreted in slightly different ways, from slightly different points of view.  You might also like to note that both names begin with "B" (or the B-sound), which is attributed to the 12th Path of the Tree which unites Kether, the Crown, to Binah, Understanding, the Great Sea. 

Again we see no "absolute evil" in the ignorantly dreaded Beast 666.  Likewise, we see no connection between the Beast and the Christian Devil. 

Not so very long ago we were gifted with a wonderful and very obtainable book called THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (James M. Robinson, general editor; Harper & Row).  It is a collection of translated Gnostic texts of very early times and until now available only in the original Greek or Coptic languages to very earnest scholars.  "On The Origin of the World" is the modern title of one tractate in this book that was originally transmitted without a title.  The original Greek text was probably composed in Alexandria around the end of the third century era vulgari.  In it we find the following: 

"An androgynous man was begotten, one whom the Greeks call 'Hermaphrodites.'  But the Hebrews call his mother 'Eve of Life,' i.e. 'the instructor of life.'  But her son is the begotten one who is lord--afterwards authorities called him 'the beast'--in order to lead their molded bodies astray.  The interpretation of the 'beast' is 'the instructor.'  For he was found to be wiser than all of them." 

"Moreover the first Adam of the light is spiritual.  He appeared on the first day.  The second Adam is soul-endowed.  He appeared on the [sixth] day, and is called '[Herm]aphrodite[s].'" 

"Then the one who is wiser than all of them, this one who was called 'the beast,' came.  And when he saw the likeness of their mother Eve, he said to her, 'What is it that god said to you? "Don't eat from the tree of knowledge"?' She said, 'He not only said "Don't eat from it," but "Don't touch it lest [you] die."'  He said to her, 'Don't be afraid! You certainly shall [not die].  For [he knows] that when you eat from it your mind will be sobered and you will become like god, knowing the distinctions which exist between evil and good men.  For he said this to you, lest you eat from it, since he is jealous.'" 

The Beast, male and female like the Elohim, and perhaps one of Them, appeared on the sixth day.  He is obviously one with the dragon or serpent of Genesis, the tempter, initiator and instructor of humankind, confused with the Christian Devil during medieval times by the politics of "Holy Rome".  And it is here worth noting that not only is the Beast represented as a very beneficial being, but it is shown that the god, called Jehovah in the Bible, is a petty and jealous god, one that delights in keeping humanity ignorant and suffering so that it will not realize its own divine nature.  This god is not The Creator, he is not The Supreme Being, but he would have us believe that he is, and to this end he has, through his earthly vehicles and minions, perverted knowledge, the gnosis, so that the true nature of the Beast is dreadfully obscured. 

The Beast 666 is quite different than modern Christianity (and Hollywood) would have us believe.  An examination of ancient, pre-christian, documents leads to a truer perception of the nature of the Beast, the Logos of the present Æon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child.  But is this our only avenue of investigation?  No.  There is, of course, another, perhaps several, but limited space prevents the examination of them all.  The next avenue of research will be that of Gematria, the art and science upon which the "game" of numerology is based.  In specific, the Gematria of the Greek Qabalah. 

In Revelation 11.7; 13.1, 2, 11, 12; 14.9, 11; 17.3, 16; 19.19, 20; 20.4, 10 and the works of Our Father Aleister Crowley, "Beast" is spelled in Greek Therion (Theta, Eta, Rho, Iota, Omicron, Nu; please see Key for English letters used to represent Greek).  Each of these letters is also a number, respectively:  9, 8, 100, 10, 70 and 50, and the total of these is 247, which, incidentally, if added together, i.e. 2+4+7, equals 13, the numeration of Achad (AChD), Hebrew, meaning "Unity" and "One". 

Now 247 is not only the numeration of Therion, the Beast, but also of other words which may thus have a special affinity with the Beast and so further reveal the nature of the Beast 666.  Some of these words that come to the numeration of 247 are: 

pammelan:  "all black", possibly being a reference to the Sphere of Saturn, the third Sephira of Binah, the Great Sea from which the Beast emerges. 

eirgazomai:  "perform temple duties", which, in a manner of speaking, the Beast does. 

elaias:  "olive tree, olive", being a tree and its fruit that have always been held sacred by the early Christians as well as the earlier Greeks, thus, here, showing the sacred and hallowed nature of the Beast, Therion. 

adamas:  "unconquerable; the diamond", and interestingly enough this word is also a name, Adamas or Adam, and in this connection please refer back to the Gnostic reference of the Beast as "The second Adam". 

eikasia:  "a likeness, image", of the Highest we presume, but we will allow you to judge just what the Beast, or Logos, is the image of. 

Aesma:  "Aeshma", the basis for Asmodeus.  Aeshma is one of the 7 archangels (or amesha spentas) in Persian myth and the name, some claim, is from the Zend Aeshmo daeva or the demon Aeshma.  Perhaps Asmodeus originally meant "a measurable (modo or modus) unit (as) of God (deus)", as-modo-deus or as-modus-deus, in the Latin tongue. 

Eblis:  "Eblis" or "Iblis", being a character in Arabic and Persian myth roughly equivalent to Satan (and here it should be noted that Satan merely means "Adversary" and was originally conceived of, not as the enemy of God, but as an "employee" of God, apparently antagonistic so as to test humanity and thus initiate those who passed the test). 

Perkefal:  "Perceval", the French spelling of Parsifal or Parzival, the title character of several medieval legends, earlier Celtic myths, and Richard Wagner's opera, "Parsifal".  In this connection it is advised that the sincere student obtain a copy of Liber CMXXII sub figura MCXXX, being Parsifal: A Brief Initiated Interpretation and Explanation. 

Perhaps most interesting to Thelemites, by way of the Hebrew Qabalah, the Hebrew and the Greek being so expertly united in LIBER AL VEL LEGIS SUB FIGURA CCXX: 

QVPh NIA:  "Coph Nia", one of the few plausible spellings and explanations of this obscure reference to be found in CCXX III.72.  Note that Coph or Qoph (QVPh) comes to the numeration of 186 (one is advised to obtain the Newaeon Yule 1983 E.V. Encyclical for more information regarding 186 which originally appeared in this place with that title, "186"), and 186 is 93+93, Thelema/Will and Agape/Love, or if you will, Keallach/KHLLCh and Aiwaz/OIVZ, united.  Nia (NIA) is the reverse of Ain (AIN), "The Negative, non-existent; not", which is the name of one of the Three so-called Veils of Negativity beyond Kether, and if these letters are again shifted about they spell Ani (ANI), "I, myself", all of which equal 61, the numeration of such things as: ADVN, "Adon, Master, Lord"; ALIK, "Towards, to thee"; and BTN, "The belly, womb, bowels", which should bring to the Thelemite's mind yet another verse to be found in THE BOOK OF THE LAW (CCXX).  Various interpretations of Coph Nia seem possible here, e.g., "By the Union of Will and Love I am Not", rather like 2=0, or even "Keallach and Aiwaz united are Master for I am Not, being the child of thy bowels, the Lord of the Double Wand of Power." 

If we look at the Beast 666 another way we come up with the numeration of 913, which, incidentally, if added together, i.e. 9+1+3, equals 13, the numeration of Achad again--are you beginning to see the UNITY of the whole?--that is to say Therion 666 = 247+666 = 913.  Some of those words which also come to the numeration of 913 are: 

egero:  "to awaken, rouse, stir, to raise from the dead; be excited by passion", and so forth, that is, to do exactly what an initiator and instructor should do, and especially such an one that teaches "Love Under Will"! 

theoi chthonioi:  "the gods of the nether or underworld". 

ten dynamin:  "the power", as mentioned in Revelation 4.11, and see also, in relation to Coph Nia, CCXX III.72 regarding the power. 

Hloiein:  "Eloiein", one of the seven archons or celestrial powers, an aeon, in the Gnostic cosmology. 

elegchos:  "verification, certainty", see CCXX I.58. 

melonomeys:  "a shepherd, herdsman", and we could certainly have a lot of fun with this one! 

logistikos:  "skilled in calculating, in reasoning and arguing", attributes of both the Beast of Revelation and Our Father Aleister Crowley. 

abraoth:  "Abraoth", one of the "Barbarous Names of Evocation" to be found in the original Bornless Ritual later reworked into Liber Samekh. 

And if "st" be taken as Stau, equal to Digamma, and thus equal, as a single letter, to 6: 

anexichniaston:  "untraceable, i.e., impossible of understanding by human minds (below the Abyss), fathomless", to be found in Eph. 3.8; and note that Nia is to be found in the midst of the fathomless. 

And when did the Beast 666 come into existence: 

BRAShITh:  "Berashith; in the Beginning", see Genesis and the works of Our Father Aleister Crowley, the Master Therion, the Beast 666. 

What then of the infamous 666?  What is the nature of 666?  Well, my friends, the Greek Qabalah reveals to us the nature of 666, the Beast, by way of other words which also come to the numeration of Six Hundred Threescore and Six, to wit: 

ThRIVN:  "Therion", being a Hebraic spelling of the Greek Therion. 

Teitan as well as Titane:  "Titan"--the Titans were the children of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth), and one of these was called... 

Iapetos:  "Iapetus", who was the husband of Themis and the father of Atlas, Menoetius, Epimetheus (Afterthought) and Prometheus (Forethought).  Note that Prometheus was a prototype of the Dying God who brought Light/Fire (Wisdom/Passion) to humankind and was thence chained to a rock where an eagle (or vulture) ate his liver by day, which grew back by night, only to be eaten again during the following day.  Eventually Prometheus was rescued, resurrected as it were.  Iapetus was looked upon as the father of all humankind by the Greeks. 

e phren:  "the mind, reason, understanding". 

to peirar:  "the end", but this is not "bad" in itself for it should be remembered that each end is a new beginning. 

to agoraomai:  "the speaker, orator." 

e emisy:  "the half", see CCXX I.56. 

e ieroprepes:  "the reverent". 

e aeidinetos:  "the ever revolving". 

to egatheos:  "the most holy, the hallowed". 

ta paidos:  "of the child", the child referring to Horus/Harpocrates. 

ta meson:  "of the middle", referring to the Beast as the mediator between "God" and "Man", so to speak. 

to ibidos:  "the ibis", the bird sacred to Thoth, the Logos. 

lampetis:  "the lustrous one", being a name of the Antichrist according to Iranaeus. 

ta menos:  "of the force", see CCXX II.20. 

ta Neilos:  "of the Nile", a reference to Ankh-af-na-khonsu, and so forth. 

ta nikeios:  "of the victorious". 

to nikaeis:  "the victorious, the conquering". 

o niketes:  "the conqueror". 

omiletes:  "a scholar, hearer." 

dynasai:  "can do, able to do, be capable of". 

terasin:  "wonders, miracles", from 2 Th. 2.9. 

o perasis:  "the going beyond, the passing." 

paradosis:  "a tradition of teachings, doctrines, traditions, that which is handed down, transmission of legends and so forth." 

amphadon:  "publicly, openly, without disguise; public, notorious". 

andicha:  "asunder, in twain." 

apodasmos:  "a division, part of the whole." 

And much much more.  Obviously we cannot in this place carefully explain each and every reference above listed, so it is left up to each student for him- or herself to study the references and learn just how each relates to the Beast 666 and his nature. 

Before we leave this subject it seems necessary to note that the Beast 666 and the Antichrist are one and the same, as should be obvious from a reading of Revelation, and further, that the nature of the Antichrist is completely misunderstood by nearly everyone, Christian and occultist. alike. 

Please note that in the original text of the New Testament the word Antitheos is translated into English as "Godlike" or "equal to God", as it is so translated in LIDDELL AND SCOTT'S GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON and elsewhere.  However, the word Antichristos, or Antichrist, is always translated as "opposed to Christ" (except in the few versions of the Judeo-Christian Bible that I have seen wherein it is erroneously translated as "enemy of Christ").  What is the mysterious power of this Greek word which prefixes both words, this Anti, which can mean two completely different things, and who determines just what it means where?  Let us look to Liddell and Scott's lexicon again wherein they define "anti" as meaning "over against, opposite, before; in return for, for the sake of; instead of, for; in opposition to; equal to, like; corresponding", and so forth.  A very versatile word, is it not!  So who has decided, very arbitrarily I can assure you, that Antitheos means "equal to God, Godlike", while Antichristos means "opposed to Christ"?  Why the very same people whose politics have always sought to obscure truth and hide the true nature of the Beast from humanity.  Today their descendants are either continuing their political program or, and probably more often than not, are merely following, blindly, like sheep, the lead of their ancestors and predecessors. 

Why cannot Antitheos mean "opposed to God" while Antichristos mean "Equal to Christ, Christlike"?  All of the evidence we bring to bear on the subject of the Beast 666, the Antichrist, tends to confirm the fact that this being is indeed equal to Christ, that the Beast is Christlike, that is to say, that both the Christ and the Beast spring from the same Source, for basically the same purpose, the awakening, instruction and initiation of humankind.  The title and word "Christ" is NOT exclusive to Christianity and it is far older than the religion that assumed exclusive rights to it.  Oddly enough, I have often found, it is usually the least Christlike members of society that most loudly proclaims themselves Christians. 

Does Antichrist mean "opposed to Christ"?  Possible, but probable only if by "Christ" one is referring to the false deity, the idol, set up by medieval Christianity and ignorantly worshipped today under the guise of Jesus, or rather the gross caricature of the man and initiate. 

Does Antichrist mean "for the sake of Christ"?  If that word "Christ" is meant to identify a universal and eternal Principle, not restricted to any one religion, then why not!  The Christ came to awaken humankind from the deep sleep of ignorance and initiate, to "save" humanity from the "sin" of ignorance and to prepare humanity for the Next Step.  It is for this reason that the Beast came into the world. 

What of "instead of", or as some Greek-English dictionaries have it, "in place of"?  Is it not possible that the Antichrist, or the Beast 666, the Logos of this New Æon, originates from the same Source as the Christ and all previous World Teachers, that He has manifested in a new initiate who taught a new law, the Law of Thelema, geared towards the generally higher consciousness of humankind during this period of time, replacing the old outdated law and teachings of the former World Teacher only because now we are beyond those and need more, or less as the case may be; that the new Teacher is not opposed to that former Teacher, but opposed instead to the false idol, the caricature that has been accepted as Jesus the Christ and which could not be further from the truth--opposed to the perverted teachings of the false religion, and replacing the old ways that are no longer valid for humankind to attain the Next Step. 

The nature of the Beast 666 is herein revealed.  You have but to look, read, and think. 

And what of the Greek word Antichristos?  What does it reveal by way of Gematria?  Let us look at the three basic spellings of it.  (And remember, within the New Testament there is a distinction made between Antichristos, and pseudochrist.  Both are used in the Bible--the former as a name of the Beast 666, the latter to refer to certain charlatans who call themselves Christians and pretend, at least publically, to be christlike.  The exact meaning of the former may be in doubt, but the meaning of the latter is certain:  pseudo- or false christ.  Obviously there was a reason for using two such distinct words in the Bible.) 

(1)  Antichristos = 1841, which is also the numeration of: 

Ierophanteo:  "Hierophant, an initiating priest; one who expounds sacred things." 

epimartyreo:  "testify, declare." 

psephon leyken:  "a white stone", in RE. 2.17--the Philosopher's Stone? 

Lacheseos:  "Lachesis", one of the three Fates, the disposer of lots, the word literally meaning "lot, destiny, fate" and so on. 

(2)  Antichriston = 1691: 

misotyrannoy:  "tyrant-hating." 

amyntor:  "a helper; an avenger", see the meanings of both Alexander and Aleister (Alastor) in relation to Aleister (Edward Alexander) Crowley.  K.t.l. 

(3)  Antixhristoy = 2041: 

oi antilegontes anastasin me einai:  "those who say there is no resurrection", from Lk. 20.27, and there is no resurrection because there is no death--death is a crass illusion, life is eternal, see CCXX II.21.  Etc. 

What then is the nature of the Beast? 

The Beast is the Logos of the present Æon of Horus, the World Teacher and Supreme Hierophant for roughly the next several thousand years, until the advent of the Æon of Maat when a new World Teacher will take His place.  He has appeared to us in physical form in the persona of Aleister Crowley and he is a wonder worker and an orator, a lusterous being come down to the material plane to awaken those sleeping in ignorance and to prepare and lead them to the Next Step in spiritual evolution.  There is in the Beast no more "evil" than there is in each and every one of us, in the ideas of Christ and God.  What is perceived as "evil" is the Beast's opposition to the caricature of the previous World Teacher, used by the false prophets and false christs to enslave human society with rules and regulations that are without sound purpose.  His opposition is to the false idol, the tyrant Slave God. 

What is the nature of the Beast? 

His is Human Nature as well as Divine, for the two are inseparable, and He came to us in human form to show to us our own Divine Nature, to show that every man and every woman is a star. 

The nature of the Beast is both Human and Divine.  Is not His number the number of Man?  And yet by the very nature of that number is it not also the number of God? 

This is the nature of the Beast and we all partake of His nature. 

The "evil" that the ignorant and the lying speak of is not in the Beast, no more than it is in all that is Human and Divine.  The "evil" is in the supreme ignorance, bigotry and prejudice, spurred on by insecurity and megalomania, of those who are lost in darkness, calling it the Light, and since misery loves company they naturally wish that all were lost in that self-same darkness. 

Let us not be lost in their darkness. 

Let us instead look to the Lusterous One and see the Light. 

"Evil" is not absolute in any one thing.  All things are holy. 

But more often than not, ignorance is a most foul "evil" indeed. 

Love is the law, love under will.

By the hand of 
Frater Keallach 93/676 
     8°=3° A.·.A.·. 
On the First Day of the New Year, 
1 January 1985 E.V. Anno LXXX 

KEY: Alpha (A,a) 1, Beta (B,b) 2, Gamma (G,g) 3, Delta (D,d) 4, Epsilon (E,e) 5, Digamma (F,f) 6, Zeta (Z,z) 7, Eta (H,e) 8, Theta (Th,th) 9, Iota (I,i) 10, Kappa (K,k) 20, Lambda (L,l) 30, Mu (M,m) 40, Nu (N,n) 50, Xi (X,x) 60, Omicron (O,o) 70, Pi (P,p) 80, Koppa (Q,q) 90, Rho (R,r) 100, Sigma (S,s) 200, Tau (T,t) 300, Upsilon (U,u; V,v; Y,y) 400, Phi (Ph,ph) 500, Chi (Ch,ch) 600, Psi (Ps,ps) 700, Omega (O,o) 800, Sanpi (-)) 900. 

(1985 E.V. Candlemas Encyclical Letter)