On Behalf of Brother Kelly and the Newaeon Newsletter

by  Soror S.O.

During the past few years letters have reached this Centre asking, even demanding, "practical" material to be published in The Newaeon Newsletter.  Could they possibly want rituals?  In some cases.  But the rituals and the practices have all been given to us and carefully delineated by the Beast 666 himself.  We have all that is needed.  Could anyone hope to do better than he?  Some have also written asking for explanations of those writings of 666.  In other words, in most cases, we are being asked to hand everything over on a silver platter.  This is neither how Our Father the Beast wished it, nor is it good Thelemic training.  The writings of 666 are difficult to comprehend for two basic reasons:  One, it was not an easy task for one at such a high level to "write down" to us, and Two, Aleister wanted us to strive towards the understanding of what was written, to study and to search for the answers, and in the process of research to actually learn far more than we had set out to learn.  Furthermore, through searching study certain qualities are developed in the student and he/she learns to stand on his/her own two feet, firmly, as should any true Thelemite. 

Brother Kelly willingly corresponds, freely, with many people, and is more than happy to answer any questions that he may be able to answer.  However, he is dead set against "parroting" others, repeating the unnecessary, and of making any student of Thelema totally dependent upon his words.  His attitude is Thelemically correct. 

As for being "practical":  has not The Newaeon Newsletter often given valuable advice on how Thelema, the Magical Path and related subjects should be viewed, in the proper perspective, in order that the proper balance be maintained?  Has not the newsletter revealed some of the mental and spiritual aberrations that can be met along the Path, through The Sword of Horus and in other places, so that, perhaps, these imbalances may be recognized and effectively avoided or dealt with?  Surely it is not thought that The Sword is merely a mean man's knife used jealously to stab others in the back?  And what of the messages in the various poems?  What of Liber QVPh?  What of the "hidden" messages of manifestation?  Are so many so blind?  Can it not be seen that this publication, how others react to it and how its staff reacts to others, is an example, a guideline, to Thelemic attitude, one of the very things many have asked us to teach them? 

My message, in behalf of Brother Kelly and The Newaeon Newsletter, is this:  The practical is here--if you but have the eyes to see and if you are sincere and not a lazy pseudo-student of Thelema.  That which is earned in life is of far more value than anything which is simply given.  Be a Thelemite...not an "occultist". 

(TNN.III.2.10, 5/21/80 E.V.) 

March and April 1983 E.V. 


      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Although Newaeon operations continue, its publication is still in a Period of Silence and my G.M.R. goes on....but you have not been forgotten and when Vol. IV of The Newaeon Newsletter is published and distributed the Encyclicals will go out and you will be notified.  Has Newaeon ever let you down before?!  As for the cowardly and unthelemic things that have lately been said and written about yours truly, G.M.Kelly, behind my back, as it were, by such as Mr. Motta, Mr. McMurtry and Ms. McMurtry/Seckler, who did not even have the Thelemic courtesy to face me with their charges by sending me a copies of them, as Newaeon has always done, worry not.  My attitude is one of extreme amusement for I am beyond their reach, will long outlive them, and happily file their lies away as fuel for future fires...what fun we will have when this G.M.R. is done! 

Hope this long Period of Silence has been as profitable for you as it's been for us...and please keep in touch!  For now...Vale. 

             Love is the law, love under will.

                              Fraternally Yours, 
                              (Signed:  Kelly) 
                              Frater Keallach 93/676 
                              The Mt. Nebo Hermitage 

(Separate sheet mailed to subscribers)

July 2007 E.V. Note:  The Great Magical Retirement referred to above has long ended and The Mt. Nebo Hermitage is no more, but the printed newsletter yet remains in a Period of Silence.  Of course this web site continues, providing the same and new information and amusement at no cost to you, while I continue to reorganize a life of over half a century.