December 1997 E.V.

by G.M.Kelly


Part I

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The following article was originally entitled "One, Two, Three ... Zero", and after it was written I had only shared copies of it with a few friends and those people mentioned in the original three-part article, David Bersson (S.O.T.O.), Ray Eales (H.O.O.R.), and Kevin Bold (Caliphate pseudo-O.T.O.).  It may have never been published, but publication was forced by the actions of one group mentioned, H.O.O.R..  More of that in another place.

David Bersson's reaction was immediate.  In a gauche attempt to look powerful and official, a gaudy letter was printed up, boldly proclaiming at the top of the first page in large letters that Bersson is a Master of the Temple.  I suppose that if he makes the letters big enough or shouts loud enough, Bersson actually believes people will accept his obvious fantasy as fact.  In the letter he excommunicated, or whatever, a young member of his group, Mark, for having the audacity to buy his self-published book, Gold Coins and then loan it to a lady who in turn allowed me to look through it, resulting in a review of that "book".  The young fellow had put $22 into Bersson's pocket and then shared that information with others - what an evil evil thing to do.  Also in the letter, Bersson referred to yours truly as a "black brother", although he said nothing to explain exactly what it is that makes me a "black brother".  Of course the fact that I dare to disagree with Bersson, refuse to accept his absurd claims, and speak freely, exercising my rights as both a Thelemite and an American, is more than sufficient cause for him to refer to me as a "black brother".  Bersson also referred to me in this letter as a "scoundrel".  I had to laugh at that one.  If this were, perhaps, 1897 E.V., that word may have had some sting to it.  But in 1997 E.V. it is such a quaint word that most people I know would like to be considered scoundrels!

Published, this was originally Part One of a three-part article entitled "Send In The Clowns!"  Parts Two and Three will appear separately.  Now let us enter the big top, settle in our seats with our warm popcorn and our sweet cotton candy, enjoy the circus atmosphere that is part and parcel of today's so-called Thelemic community, and get ready to bust a gut in laughter as they send in the clowns...

Pittsburgh was some time back invaded by a virus known commonly as the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., and recently another has attacked the body of The 'Burg - the S.O.T.O., or rather the version of the late Marcelo Motta's idiocy promulgated by the carrier, David Bersson.  When Bersson fled, er, I mean left New Mexico, he was brought to the Steel City by Earl Keim and Meg Lysiak.  However, I am told that Earl and Meg have come to regret their actions, that they have renounced Bersson, and that they are now interested in an individual in Mexico who claims to be the head (and almost certainly only member) of a magical fraternity known as the L.I.L..  Some people just don't learn from their mistakes.  If you want to know a little something about the original L.I.L., just turn to page 203 of the 1969 E.V. Hill and Wang edition of The Confessions of Aleister Crowley to find the following:

"I had also a certain amount of latitude granted by Mathers to initiate suitable people in partibus.  I, therefore, established an entirely new Order of my own, called L.I.L.:  the 'Lamp of the Invisible Light'.  Don Jesus [Medina] became its first High Priest. ..."

The likelihood is incredibly high that L.I.L. died a swift and quiet death and that the above information is now simply being used by yet another guru wannabe.

Meanwhile, David Bersson, a man so incapable of constructing simple, intelligible sentences that by comparison he makes me look like a master of the English language (What an insult!), who also modestly (ahum) bills himself in his advertising brochures as "Frater Superior of the Entire World", puts together his little group of mostly twenty-something devotees now here in Pittsburgh and tries to keep things together as he holds down a job as a cook in a Station Square restaurant.  Unthelemic petty theft seems to be second nature to this gang, stealing, for instance, the private mailing list of a local dealer in esoteria, upsetting customers who did not want their residential addresses in the possession of such a questionable group.

Early on Bersson was eager to meet me, but, well, I always seemed to have something more important to do.  And now, alas, I doubt he will be so eager, but that's all right.  I'm sure I have something better to do.  Besides, I met Bersson a long time ago by way of letters he has written to various individuals over the years, copies of which were given to me or otherwise legally obtained, and the following has not in the least improved my opinion of the fellow.

And thus finally I come to my review of Gold Coins, alternately called The Golden Coins of the Master, by David Bersson, aka Frater Sphinx X°, aka Frater ... hmmm ... an ankh amidst a triangle of points followed by the 8°=3° that indicates a Master of the Temple.  (I wonder, should we interpret this symbol to mean "the magician formerly known as Sphinx"?)  He is not, by the way, a Magister Templi.  David Bersson is not even a Thelemite.  By all accounts and from everything I have learned, he acts most unthelemically, and since he does not practice what he preaches (although what he preaches is really not Thelema anyway), he is not what he says he is.  It may be acceptable to refer to oneself as a Christian by simply having faith in Jesus Christ (while lying, cheating, stealing and worse, to be absolved of one's sins in confession if one is Catholic, so that one may then go out and do it all over again), but a genuine Thelemite must be much more responsible, and he or she must prove him- or herself by actions.

Gold Coins (Plug Nickles would be a more accurate title) is simply bound, printed on 8½" x 11" paper, and under seventy pages in length.  It bears a June 21st, 1994 E.V. copyright, it is in its second printing, dated January 15th, 1997 E.V., limited to 5,000 copies, yet unsurprisingly it does not seem as if many copies have so far been sold.  It is overpriced at $22.00.  Hell, it would be overpriced if it were sold for a buck!

And what IS Gold Coins?  Bad however appropriate jokes aside, Bersson wants us to believe that his opus is a commentary on The Book of the Law, technically called Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX.  Yeah, yeah, we've been down this road before, and we're going to take another short trip now.

Gold Coins, the "Frater Superior of the Entire World" tells us, is an A.·.A.· Publication in Class A, B, C, D and E.  I personally give it a big red F because it fails miserably to do anything but to reinforce my already formed opinion of Bersson and his idiocies.  It is dedicated to Earl Keim, Meg Lysiak and John De Vallee who are said to be responsible for the proofreading [although I am now corresponding with a lady who has broken away from Bersson and takes the dubious credit for this work], and I certainly do not envy the task they had to perform.  If you really have nothing better to do with $22.00 you can obtain it from Thelema Publishing Outlet, P.O. Box 4252, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.  Yet, before you decide to do this, read on.

Bersson tells us that "This commentary was written to clarify and promote the Book of the Law", and yet these "commentaries" clarify nothing, hell, they seldom even explain anything, and Gold Coins is more likely to discourage interest in The Book and Thelema while Bersson is obviously trying to promote himself.

Frater Stinks, er, I mean Sphinx, goes on to tell us in the beginning of his book that "David Bersson was the most devoted Disciple of his Master, Marcelo Motta, who trained him personally in the Mysteries of Magick & Initiation."  He goes on to say "Allow me to openly thank Marcelo Motta for the Discipline balanced by Fraternity & the many years he taught me the various complexities of the Great Work.  Without his years of training I would never have achieved the understanding and initiation that I received."  Needless to say, Bersson claims to be a Master and Adept of the A.·.A.·. by way of the late Marcelo Motta, an utterly paranoid madman.  I find this statement of Bersson's interesting in light of, not the first edition published by Samuel Weiser Inc. in 1975 E.V., but the more rare second edition of The Commentaries of AL from Thelema Publishing Company in 1990 E.V. - Motta's reinterpretation and butchering of Crowley's commentaries - wherein on page XI of the Editorial we find the following:

"David Lawrence Bersson ... falsely set himself up as an Instructor of the A.·.A.·., an Order in which he never advanced beyond Neophyte, and as an American King of the O.T.O., an Order of which he is no longer a member."

By the way, the "..." is in the original; I edited nothing out.

Of course, even if Bersson was not guilty of deception on this point, even if his claims were true, the whole A.·.A.·. thing dependent upon Motta is a sham.  Motta may have once, very long ago, been accepted as a Probationer, i.e. one who aspires to the A.·.A.·., but he was never in a position where he could legitimately initiate others into an Order that he never even Understood.

We are not done with that second edition of Motta's book, by the way, but let us continue with the review of Gold Coins before we return to this.

There is some nonsense about the "Soul of the Great One of Wisdom", the "Wand of the High Priestess of Nuit" and so forth, but it is not even worth this much mention.  Bersson reprints "Liber NV svb figvra XI" and "Liber HAD svb figvra DLV" as well as "Liber Tzaddi vel Hamvs Hermeticvs sub [sic] figvra XC", to be found in The Equinox and other works by A.C., and yet, curiously, while one finds the name David Bersson everywhere in this slim volume, the name of the Logos of the Æon, the author of those reprinted works, Aleister Crowley, appears nowhere.  Now what do you suppose that says about Mr. Bersson...?

"Hymn to Hoor" by Bersson on page 11 is an idiotic "poem", as is everything else to be found in Gold Coins, but the piece entitled "Money Wand" on page 24 is at least amusing.

I invoke the Power of the Money Wand!
This is the Wand that makes money sent to me!"

So begins "Money Wand", then it goes on after a bit with the following:  "... This wand only works for people who are called Thelemites [I suppose not necessarily for those people who are Thelemites!] and practice Magick.  Those impressed with the beauty of this magic spell should send $100.00 to the following address...", David Bersson, etc.  "Postage stamps should be included with checks, money order or cash in order to return those deemed unacceptable."  Yeah.  Right.  I am sure that Bersson will return your $100 if he deems you "unacceptable".  More than likely the only thing that would be "unacceptable" to him would be not sending him the money.

Now this is absurd.  First of all there is nothing at all impressive about "Money Wand".  Secondly, one would have to be an utter and complete fool to send Bersson so much as one dollar let alone one hundred for this or anything else, and anyway, if this "magic spell" is so potent, why does he not simply use it himself to obtain his money rather than trying to fleece people who have already been cheated out of $22.00?

Page 25 gives us the "Secret Ritual of the SECRET DOOR", supposedly a "preliminary to entrance into other universes", and frankly I wish Bersson and pseudo-thelemites like him would employ that ritual, step through that secret door, and find a new universe to muck around in.  By the way, a line in his "ritual" reads "THE SECRET CHIEFS ADJUST MY AURA", and no doubt Bersson's aura needs a little adjusting - the picture's fuzzy and wherever he goes he is bound to get poor reception.

Ah, but to his oh so enlightening [cough, cough] commentaries on The Book of the Law.

Skipping through, for we have already wasted too much time on this nonsense, let us touch upon Chapter I, Verse 3:  "Every man and every woman is a star."  This is such a sublime statement that it is almost a sin to explain it, and yet Bersson proceeds to commit a mortal sin by pretending to explain it and in so doing obscure the sublime truth that is the nature of this verse.  He wrote:

"This is a very important perception and correlates with the first two verses perfectly.  This verse versifies that our species is evolving & will continue to evolve from starlight.  The line also clarifies that it is man & woman as One Star, accumulated, that is necessary for the proper evolution.  The line implies that those of Us will unite Magically as one entity.  To a certain extent, all of Us who are called are in Spiritual Unison.  This Unison will grow as the Aeon progresses.  Serious Students should note that a community of ants and bees without will is not the idea at all.  But this does not alter the fact that the strongest will always dominate such a new form of government.  And Our definition of the strongest differs from the norm!"

It certainly does if he considers someone as weak minded as himself to be one of the strongest who will dominate!

Of course one should rely only upon the commentaries written by the Master Therion, but I do not think I do Thelema a disservice by putting my own twist on this in explaining that Bersson speaks utter nonsense, and simply but succinctly the sublime truth of this phrase is that every man and every woman is an individual with a specific and unique "magnitude", self-luminated by his and her own innate godhood, with his and her distinct True Will, course or "orbit" in the universe of being.  If Bersson cannot understand this, then he cannot understand the more intricate aspects of Thelemic philosophy.

Commenting on Verse 38, "He must teach; but he may make severe the ordeals", Bersson wrote:

"Society Ordo Templi Orientis International and the most Holy Order of H.O.O.R. are examples of legitimate Organizations that will create the true Adept of this Aeon."

There's a scary thought!  This of course does not really comment upon or explain the verse.  It only gives him the opportunity to promote himself and his friend, Ray Eales - more of him in another place!

Verse 40, which in part gives forth the Law of Thelema, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law", is commented upon thusly:

"Note that the entire Book is vivified by volition.  And note that a deep Magical Secret is being expounded; we are called Thelemites!  And what you see is but a Garment of what We really are!"

Bersson's foolish waste of pointless words is bad enough, but here was his best chance to explain the Law in Gold Coins and he did not take it.  As it is with the name of the Prophet of the Æon of Horus, there is no explanation as to what the Law of Thelema is.  Of course, as is so often the case with pseudo-thelemites, Bersson probably does not actually understand this Law and therefore finds it difficult to explain without resorting to inanely parroting Crowley.  He is most certainly an odd Master who is without Understanding, for if he possessed this quality, Bersson would know that the Law would have to be explained in such a work, that this was the place to do it, and he should never assume that the readers comprehend the Law.  Remember what that one annoying teacher you must have had said about people who assume?  Absolutely, Bersson has made an ass out of himself, but unless we purchase his waste of wood pulp expecting it to be what he claims it is, he will not make an ass of you or me.  Oh, and to save you the trouble of looking about for it, essentially and succinctly, "Do what thou wilt" does not mean "do as you bloody well please."  It means to discover your True Will, your purpose for existing, and accomplish that which is also the Will of the Universe, the Will of God.

Commenting on Verse 41, "The word of Sin is Restriction.  O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will!  O lover, if thou wilt, depart!  There is no bond that can unite the divided but love:  all else is a curse.  Accurséd!  Accurséd be it to the aeons!  Hell.":

"This is the first of the Great Curses, so important that the Curse is to all successive Aeons. ... Your wife is not a piece of property! ... She is also a star going upon her course to discover and awaken her True Will."

There is at least one Dear lady here in Pittsburgh who might be willing to testify to the fact that Bersson is in fact very restrictive and views women as property, if she has not by now fallen back into the trap from which she recently escaped, but all one has to do is to read on to learn the truth about Farter Sphincter, er, I mean Frater Sphinx.

Verses 46 and 47 of The Book are as follows:  "Nothing is a secret key of this law.  Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen."  "But they have the half:  unite by thine art so that all disappear."  There is nothing even remotely anti-Semitic in Crowley's comments, yet the same cannot be said of Bersson's:

"Six million Jews died without mercy by ignoring this line.  Had they been wise, they would have joined Us & united with Us.  Should they join with the Mohammedans, either politically or spiritually, they will have aligned themselves to the Curses in the Third Chapter by choosing the Mohammedan heathen rather than Us.  And of course, this time, both the Jews and the Mohammedans will be punished.  Over the years, magicians have attempted more than one way to create the uniting.  Each time a new Magical Link is created the Jews as a race become weaker.  From the point of view of the Third Chapter the greatest art is war, therefore let them unite against Us and watch how quickly they disappear!"

Only an individual so caught up in anti-Semitism that he is absolutely blind to the facts would utter such nonsense.  Why millions of Jews suffered and died at the hands of the Nazi Party, which Bersson is apparently alluding to, is a moot point here.  What cannot be denied is that, speaking in the sweeping generalities Bersson seems to be fond of, the Jewish people can hardly be said to be weakening!  Their power in the world today is greater than ever, as they strive to better themselves and strengthen themselves so that never again can some petty dictator do what Hitler did.  Furthermore, if Bersson is challenging to a fight the Jewish soldier who has known nothing but perpetual warfare for centuries, I want a first row seat, but I won't bother with the popcorn because the match will be all over before I have a chance to even wolf down a few kernels!

Jumping to Chapter II, for indeed most of the commentaries are even more inane and less enlightening than the few I am relaying here, we ome to Verse 25, "Ye are against the people, O my chosen!"  Here Bersson comments:

"This will show the reader how rare and unique We are.  The True Elites [sic] are few.  But we certainly appreciate quality better than quantity.  Therefore, although They Rule the many and the Known, They are against the people.  And, those who have been chosen for the Positions of True Royalty for this Aeon are us or Us."

Setting aside the fact that one does not pluralize the word "elite", this elitist attitude is one of the most dangerous of the diseases infecting the occult community in general.  And it should be noted that the individuals who most loudly espouse such elitism are those who are not the kings of the earth, i.e. the strong and independent rulers of their own personal universe, but the beggars who cannot hide their poverty, the weak ones who feel disenfranchised, and like the puffer fish inflate themselves to try and appear bigger and better than everyone else, who deep down they feel inferior to, in an effort to make others believe the fantasy to be fact.  The true kingly man does not walk over the heads of the people, he walks among them.  However, one can understand - at least this One can Understand - why an ignorant person would fall into this trap of elitist thinking.  Crowley, for instance, in his commentaries on this verse started out by saying that "By 'the people' is meant that canting, whining, servile breed of whipped dogs which refuse to admit its deity."  Yet he began his next paragraph with "Still deeper, there is a meaning in this verse applicable to the process of personal initiation.  By 'the people' we may understand the many-headed and mutable mob which swarms in the slums of our own minds."  It is upon this deeper interpretation that one should focus one's attention, yet worms who want to be king have a natural tendency to focus upon the interpretation which seems to support the elitist view that appeals to their ego.

Bersson's comment to Verse 76, the so-called Riddle of AL, i.e. "4 6 3 8 A B K..." etc., gave me a chuckle:

"The answer to the above Riddle is so simple that a Child could figure it out.  At this present writing however, the Gathering of the Fold is still in active progress and this Work must come first."

That is to say that the Magical Child of the Beast 666 can figure it out, and he, Bersson [as he is obviously implying], will, but it simply baffles the hell out of him right now so he has to stall for time.  And please note that his excuse for not answering the riddle is that he must at this time gather his "fold", that is his "body of believers", from the word sheepfold, which is an enclosure for penning and restricting sheep, rather dumb animals who will travel in whatever direction some barking dog will take them, whose only lot in life is to be fleeced and sacrificed.  As he often does, Bersson betrays his "Christist" mentality while pretending to oppose those very same Christian modes of thought.

Taking a look at his comment to Verse 55 of Chapter III, remember what he wrote in reference to Verse 41 of Chapter I.  Regarding this verse, "Let Mary inviolate be torn upon wheels:  for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!"  Crowley had a good deal to say that should appeal to women of the 90's, while not very flattering to Christianity.  However, David Bersson only reveals himself further with his utterances, proving that indeed it is true that it is better to remain silent and be thought the fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

"Yes," Bersson wrote, "We do despise the chaste woman for stitching up her vagina and acting as if We should love and patronize her for it.  If she desires to be wanted and loved for herself as well as for her beauty, let her cut the stitches from her vagina and join our lusty orgies.  Then she will be among real men at last, not the spineless, small christist, old Aeon fools who lie to her about what is really wanted!  Send me a real woman anytime--one with giant breasts and flaming eyes whose soul is on fire with lust unto Nuit.  Yea, a woman whose heart is of spiritual gold and whose tongue licks the skin of the Phallus of fire.  Such a woman would be number one in my store of women, a true Priestess of the Temple.  This Great Curse will eventually destroy the type of woman We despise the most.  If a woman rejects your advances, it is the Law to curse her.  Excuses are not permitted.  Curse the chaste woman.  If she states she only wants 'to be friends', Curse her.  Such excuses are not to be tolerated.  If she does not fuck you, you can only assume that she is chaste.  If you try to fuck her, even if she is your wife, and she has become chaste, Curse her.  Better to divorce a female who has become chaste than to allow the frustration of being with such a weak woman.  Yes, we want real women, free from the old Aeon lies, back in the world."

If you will pardon my "French", unfuckingbelievable!

David Bersson, although I am sure in a vain effort to be politically correct would deny it, is not only an anti-Semitic elitist, but he is also a sexist pig.  It is obvious that more than a few times he has been turned down by strong women, individuals who know what they want in life and what they don't want, namely a "man" - and I use that term loosely - like David Bersson.  Read the above again and think about it.  Aside from the fact that he is probably a loud advocate for silicone breast implants, calling the surgically enhanced a "real woman" [no offense intended to women who have committed this error in judgment or resorted to implants after a mastectomy], it is obvious that he is using his especially passionate comment to this verse as an advertisement.  Yet the women he claims to want can only be turned off by his raving chauvinism and he is likely to attract only the most dull-witted, unbalanced, emotionally unstable, hysterical types.  Of course these make for the best groupies and sex slaves, and after all, I am quite sure that this is what Bersson really wants.

If a woman rejects Bersson he curses her and calls his egoic tantrum a cosmic law.  He will tolerate no "excuse" for being rejected, and if she chooses of her own free will not to have sexual intercourse with him, Bersson chooses to believe that there must be something wrong with her.  How could it possibly be that any woman could simply find him loathsome?  Of course it may simply be that the woman likes him, but is not romantically or sexually attracted to him, and believe it or not real men can feel the same way about women they like, admire and respect.  This does not seem to occur to Bersson.  According to his way of thinking, if thinking it may be called, if a woman will not jump into bed with him there must be something wrong with her, she is vile, deserves to be cursed, and rather than to simply accept the situation or discuss it and come to an understanding, perhaps suffering from adolescent sexual frustration, just dump her with a curse and to hell with her!  I know sixteen year old boys who are more man than David Bersson will ever be.

After Bersson's inane "commentaries" there are a few minor things including a rather Mottaesque condemnation of one William Barden, aka Frater Thelema, as well as one Frater B.L. whom he calls "traitors and liars".  Maybe so, but from whose point of view?  Bersson's?  That is hardly a universal condemnation in my book!

And the author of this travesty goes on to say "Let it be known that both David Bersson and Ray Eales have all the documents of the O.T.O. and the A.·.A.·.," which is bait and hook to lure you in, "and were in good standing at the time of Marcelo Motta's death."  However, this is disputed by Motta himself in the second edition of The Commentaries of AL where the Brazilian madman also wrote:

"Ray Eales ... having signed the Oath of a Zelator, was cut contact with by his Instructor.  Confronted with this fact, claimed Authority as an Instructor in the A.·.A.·., although his links to the Order had been severed.  Apparently claims to be Outer Head of the O.T.O., an Order in which he never attained beyond the First Degree."*

In closing, it might be wise to warn you that since this article first appeared, David Bersson, may have made changes in Gold Coins, which would be a simple procedure given the method of publication, yet such an effort to try and make the above appear to be a lie or hide his true nature would be in vain.  I am confident that no matter how much David Bersson deleted from his work, or altered it, the truth of his perverse and unthelemic nature would still be obvious to all thinking, reasoning beings.  As The Book of the Law tells us in Verse 58 of Chapter II:

"... There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up:  all is ever as it was.  Yet there are masked ones my servants:  it may be that yonder beggar is a King.  A King may choose his garment as he will:  there is no certain test:  but a beggar cannot hide his poverty."

End of Part I

Love is the law, love under will.

G.M.Kelly (Frater Keallach 93/676)
26th of May 1997 E.V.

*October 1998 E.V. Post Script:  I visited David Bersson's web site at http://www2.crosswinds.net/pittsburgh/~phoenix/ and read in the Introduction apparent flattery of Bill Breeze quickly turned into something less than flattering, then words against Kevin Bold, and finally this rather carefully brief and vague paragraph about yours truly:

"I would go into details about that chattering Black Brother, G.M. Kelly, but his insanity is so obvious that I will simply reserve myself to stating a warning to all Thelemites to avoid his disease altogether."

Positively amused, I signed his guestbook, leaving the following message:

"David:  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Another revealing yawner.  Of course Bill Breeze is an opportunist using Crowley and Thelema as well as naive aspirants to fill both his bank account and his bed, and Kevin Bold is a silly little Breeze toadie.  Yes, Grant is mad, slave to his false self and the qliphoth.  But of them all, my friend, now that Mad Marcelo Motta is dead, you are by far the maddest of them all.  Whereas I encourage people to contact you to verify for themselves my opinion of you, you, knowing that I speak the truth and coward that you are, encourage others to avoid me.  Why? Afraid they'll read your letter to me, written by you, and see just how mad you really are under that thin skin of yours?  As for your site, if you were not as a parasite, living off of the works of another, Aleister Crowley, you would have nothing of worth to offer.  And students would be better off buying the books written by A.C. than trusting someone like you.  As for those who may read this, judge for yourself who is mad and who is simply trying to help you by checking out Castle of the Silver Star at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/7069.  Bye bye, David.  Don't pee yourself ... again."  [Dated "Thursday October 8th 1998 10:41:39"]

This message would have appeared at the head of the guestbook, but one of Bersson's hysterical followers simply had to say something that would appear before this to try and discredit me. Marie Delacourt wrote:

"Care Frater Ankh  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law  I don't like the internet.  I don't like computers.  I don't like gossip.  But I simply hate G.M. Kelly.  His disease, his arrogance, his ruach masterbation [sic] surprises and disgusts me.  He is now stating publicly that Ray Eales was cut contact with Marcelo Motta.  And claims Marcelo Motta said it.  What this man(?) doesn't have is the facts.  That second edition of the Commentaries was not put out by Marcelo Motta; but by William Barden.  And we all know that William Barden lies to save his face.  We know that William Barden was the one who wrote the 'rogues gallery' and not Marcelo Motta.  And yet G.M. Kelly in his attempt to destroy an honest and good Initiate, Mr. Ray Eales; attacks him with lies and his sick ego.  And the same with you!  He lies and lies and lies and lies.  G.M. Kelly is the sickess [sic] person I have ever seen.  You were right.  I am upset right now as a consequence of the diseased current that he represents in his writings.  Restriction be unto G.M. Kelly in the name of BABALON.  Love is the law, love under will  Soror 56  Marie Delacourt"  [Dated:  "October 9th 1998 12:05:24"]

Below this is a message from one Clay Andersson who says "I read of G.M. Kelly and he think Wicca and Law of Thelema same.  Big fool.  I not contact."

A message dated "Friday September 11th 1998 08:04:16" from someone calling himself "JFC", who doesn't give either an e-mail address or Homepage URL, wrote:  "But ego sucks since it aligns you to the Black Brother current.  Like that poop stick G.M. Kelly who likes himself so much he sniffs his own asshole."  Of course I suspect that this JFC is either Bersson himself or perhaps Ms. Delacourt ... maybe both!  At any rate, it shows clearly the low calibre of the type of people who agree with David Bersson.

Regarding the quotation from the second 1990 E.V. edition of The Commentaries of AL about Ray Eales:  it was presented as if written by Marcelo Motta and how do we know that he didn't write it?  How do we know William Barden wrote it?  And if Barden did write it, how do we know that he lied?  Why, the answer is simple!  David Bersson says so!  And like good little Christian-like sheep, we are all supposed to always accept his word as "gospel truth".  Certainly his flock does.  And the more Bersson, Eales and their hysterical followers go on about how awful William Barden is, blaming everything on him, the more I tend to see Barden as their satan, their scapegoat, which is typical of their "Christist" mentality.

But whether or not it was Motta who wrote this, or Barden, or something Motta wrote, not inserted into the first addition but recovered and inserted into the second edition by Barden, matters little.  Whether or not Motta approved of Bersson and Eales, Motta was a paranoid lunatic and a charlatan, his opinions were of little or no worth, and degrees and grades derived from the late Marcelo Ramos Motta are meaningless.  And it is important to note that while Ms. Delacourt focussed upon this one minor point, she completely ignored everything said about Gold Coins and the absolutely insane letter from David Bersson, threatening my life unless I worshipped him as God and accepted him as my teacher.  Bersson puts on his best face in his web site, and he has help from others who seem to restrain him somewhat, but under pressure he and his cronies crack, lose all semblance of reason, and to my delight, reveal their true natures for all of us to see.