Vernal Equinox 1998 E.V.

by G.M.Kelly


Part II

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Some months ago David Bersson, aka Frater Sphinx, one time follower of the late maniac Marcelo Ramos Motta, now billing himself as "Frater Superior of the Entire World", one of the several lunatics currently claiming to be the O.H.O. of the S.O.T.O., Society Ordo Templi Orientis, fled New Mexico and found his way here to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The proprietor of a local occult shop on Pittsburgh's South Side was all giddy about his arrival and eagerly assisted him to accumulate a small following.  I had warned her about him, having received information from many individuals over the years, photocopies of his letters to people shared with me, but she pooh poohed my warnings.  Later, after Bersson's group illegally took her mailing list and did things even worse than this, I had the distinct pleasure of being able to say "I told you so."  Well, Bersson contacted me, wanted to meet me, and perhaps I should have met with him, but always something more important came up.  For instance, one day I had twenty minutes to spare, but I simply had to trim my toenails, don't you know.

Eventually I published the December 1997 E.V. Encyclical Letter, and of course I sent complimentary copies to David Bersson and his little cult of groupies.  He was not happy.  I had merely disagreed with him, reviewed his Gold Coins, and with the freedom of speech I enjoy as an American citizen and a Thelemite, expressed my opinion in a context that, in part, accomplishes my True Will.

Bersson, exercising his own freedom of speech, decided he was going to "get even."  That is to say, this individual who loudly proclaims himself to be a Master of the Temple is completely mastered by his own petty little ego, the false self.

First he sent to me, anonymously, from one of his post office box addresses, a publication announcement, advertising "a special supplement named" [sic] "THE DESTRUCTION OF G.M. KELLY" which calls me "a failed ex-caliph member turned Black Brother."  Odd phrasing aside [Bersson is so illiterate that by comparison he makes even me look like a master of the English language!], since I was never a member of the Caliphate I cannot be a "failed" member, and of course to his way of thinking, anyone who disagrees with and/or opposes him simply must be a "Black Brother."  This is, of course, not the legitimate definition of a "Black Brother."

The relevant part of this publication announcement follows and if you really must waste your hard-earned money, please, be my guest and order Bersson's poorly written, poorly printed, idiotically self-published books.  He is offering his Gold Coins, Precious Jewels and Sparkling Diamonds each for $22.00, and Preliminary Documents for $7.18, and the address given is Thelema Publishing Outlet, P.O. Box 42423, Pittsburgh, PA. 15203 U.S.A.

Coming soon!

Serious Magicians can look forward to even more publications from Thelema Publishing Outlet who strive to give you the most original & rare of Thelemic
And We are proud to announce that we will be offering The Commentaries of AL, by Aleister Crowley & Marcelo Motta, a Commentary on the Book of the Law, with a special supplement named:  THE DESTRUCTION OF G.M. KELLY as Mr. Bersson explains to all the most perfect example of a failed ex-caliph member turned Black Brother.  Mr. Bersson details the history of this poor, sick fool and how he eventually came to live only for his ego.

What follows is the next piece of mail sent to me.  Apparently, judging me by his own standards and believing that I would have an ego as easily upset as his own is upset, David Bersson expected me to react with anger and even fear.  Instead, I snorted with mild amusement, briefly thought to respond with good humour, but then simply set his publication announcement aside for possible later use.  This absolutely outraged Bersson who has an unwarranted grossly overblown opinion of himself and his importance in the world.  Trying again to anger and worry me, he then sent "THE DESTRUCTION OF G.M. KELLY", subtitled "A MESSAGE TO SERIOUS THELEMITES EVERYWHERE", which I assume is the supplement advertised, and which he ever so thoughtfully signed with both his street name and his "magical" name.  And what did I do?  The same as before.  I was mildly amused, fleetingly thought to respond with amusement, but then simply set it aside and attended to more important matters.



BY David Bersson                  

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To begin, I must publicly state with a big Sphinx grin that G.M. Kelly can kiss my white, French ass.  Mr. Kelly has been criticizing many different groups, many different Thelemites for many years.  And what good has it done him?  Some of these people are mutual enemies; like William Heidrick who couldn't sit his fat ass through asana for more than two minutes without squealing like a fat pig.  Others he has criticized matter very little.  Insects objecting to insects.  What is behind all this chatter from Mr. Kelly?  One only need to see a few of his "New Aeon Newsletters" and one can see that Mr. Kelly has an acute sense of ruach masturbation brought on by the black brother current which is common from disordered training.  But he has it more than others.  This is a consequence of the karma of recoil from his disrespect of Mr. Marcelo Motta.  This, and his insane violation of the A.: A.: Seal have created the serious recoil that has made him what he is today.  A black brother.  G.M. Kelly should be avoided at all costs.  A sister of the Order met him last year in a book store and reported the distressful state of his aura and the insane clamor of his objections.  G.M. Kelly is a very sick man spitting forth the vomit of disordered Nephesh & wallowing in the mud of inferior intelligence.  Our suggestion is to change his Newsletter to a different title:  "New Peon Newsletter".  And the Book of the Law tells us not to argue.  But G.M. Kelly's slimy ego will not permit silence.  Is it too late for G.M. Kelly or can initiation yet occur?  I seriously doubt him.  Any pedagogue at this point would be repulsed by G.M. Kelly.  I see complete destruction for G.M. Kelly.  The black brother current for him is too strong for him to begin the rigorous training of the A.: A.: .  He will continue along his path; invidious and bemused.  Officious in his attempts to justify his self which cannot dissolve.  Instead of dust lost in dust; G.M. Kelly continues along the path of ego lost in ego, a dead man in the spiritual world.

Love is the law, love under will

Fraternally, Frater Sphinx/David Bersson signature 

In "THE DESTRUCTION" Bersson says that I "can kiss [his] white, French ass."  He wishes!  A very reliable brother in Canada says that he has it on record that David Bersson once claimed to be a pure-blooded Egyptian.  Also I have not been criticizing "many different Thelemites" for years.  I have been criticizing and commenting upon a number of pseudo-thelemites and pseudo-thelemic groups that misrepresent Aleister Crowley and Thelema while perverting the philosophy and leading sincere aspirants and students astray.  And then Bersson asks "And what good has it done him?"  Here is where we again see that Bersson is not a Master of the Temple for he is far too motivated by ego to even successfully cross the abyss.  What should my work have done for me?  Is he implying that because I am not currently financially successful I am a failure as a Thelemic magician?  Or maybe to his way of thinking, since I lack a handful of mewling groupies I must be a failure.  Never mind that any idiot can accumulate a following and I have turned away more people than he will ever have in his little personality cult.  What my work has done for me is reintegrated the divided self, the conscious and the subconscious, reason and libido, making me whole, more effective, in touch with my supraconscious self, i.e. my Daemon, my Genius, the Holy Guardian Angel; making me aware of my True Will, my purpose for existing.  But of course these are things David Bersson really cannot understand because it is beyond the understanding of an egocentric individual who has confused his petty immediate desires with the concept of True Will.

David Bersson claims that many of the people I have commented upon "matter very little" and writes that we are "Insects objecting to insects."  While I may agree that Bill Breeze, to name but one pseudo-thelemite, is of himself of little importance, the damage that he and the Caliphate (and other such groups) does to the image of To Mega Therion and Thelema will live on long after them if unchecked.  However, the most amusing part of Bersson's comment is that of them all, Breeze, Kenneth Grant, the late Messrs. Motta and McMurtry, et al, he, David Bersson, is perhaps the least significant, the least influential and the smallest "insect" of all.  This much is painfully obvious.  But you know, when there is an insect infestation damaging the Garden of the Master, the insects simply must be, figuratively speaking, exterminated.  And by the way, I find Laughing Gas most effective!

His second piece of mail goes on to use phrases like "ruach masturbation" and the "black brother current" and other nonsensical things, as you can see above.  His claim that I am suffering from "the karma of recoil from [my] disrepsect of Mr. Marcelo Motta", and all such nonsense only proves that he knows absolutely nothing about such matters as the law of karma.  And while he is constantly calling me a "black brother" he never once actually explains why I am a "black brother".  Apparently because I disagree with him and his late mentor, Motta, but this is not, of course, enough to qualify anyone as a black brother, or even a black magician ... except to his own disordered mind and in his perverse little personal universe where his ego is accepted as god.  And whoops!  Is that not what a black brother is?  One who has turned his back on the Supernal Triad and accepts Knowledge without Understanding and Wisdom as his religion and his own false self or ego as god!  I am constantly amazed and amused by how these off the wall occultists always seem to falsely accuse others of the very things that they themselves are guilty of.

Of course he advises people to avoid me "at all costs."  Talking with me or reading something like this just may reveal to you what he is trying in vain to hide:  that he is an idiot, not a master.  My advice is not to avoid individuals like Bersson, but to engage them in conversation, carefully, and see for yourself what they are really like and really all about.  Avoidance does not give one personal experience, and personal experience is the best teacher, and unlike Bersson, I would rather you made up your own mind and decided for yourself what is and what is not "good", beneficial, sincere and worthwhile in life.

According to Bersson, "A sister of the Order [i.e. one of his groupies] met [me] last year in a book store and reported the distressful state of [my] aura and the insane clamor of [my] objections."  Objections to what?  Never mind.  It's not important and we certainly cannot expect Bersson to be in any way rational.  I do not know who this "sister" was, but if she accepts Bersson as a Magister Templi and her personal "master", then her judgment is seriously impaired and not to be trusted.

"Is it too late for G.M. Kelly," Bersson asks, "or can Initiation yet occur?"  Remember that line from "THE DESTRUCTION OF G.M. KELLY" as you will see its relevance a bit later on in this article.

And one reads on, yatta yatta yatta, but the only thing this piece of nonsense does is reveal David Bersson's own sickness and ego.  What follows is the next piece of mail Bersson sent to me, and reading it I could easily imagine him wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth.

February 16th, An XCIV 1998 e.v.

David Bersson
P.O. Box 4254
Pittsburgh, PA. 15203

G.M. Kelly
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
      You are a fool for I represent your last hope as your Teacher.  You are not forgiven, black brother for your statements, for your insults, for your disrespect.  Although I leave the city of Pittsburgh again for a time; I will be back & I will be waiting for you.  Listless pox child!  I will cut out your heart and hold it before your face before you have time to die; and I will do this every time your name is spoken.  I will rip you.  I will tear you.  I will cut you.  I will destroy you.  Your implacable statements will not be forgiven.  You are a paradigm of supercilious & graveolent ruach vomit.  Restriction unto you, G.M. Kelly in the name of Her Holy Name, BABALON.  You have violated the A.: A.: Seal.  You have become a servant of 333.  Die in your misery, traitor, dog, liar, otiose thinker, fool and poetaster.  Do you fear Me, G.M. Kelly?  Yes, yes, you fear Me, don't you, G.M. Kelly?  You think you fear Me now?  Later, you will fear Me like a God!  Do you hear Me, G.M. Kelly, you will fear Me like a God; for I am the last hope for you in the hall of every day.  I represent what you fear the most; for I am a true Master of the Temple.  You fear also the annihilation of your ego, don't you G.M. Kelly?  Don't you?  Are you bemused, G.M. Kelly.  Do you see the Master as a tenebrous person?  How little you know, little man.  But your Ordeals has just begun, pox child.  For I offer you one last chance to Live rather than the permanent death that you have allowed yourself to slip into by your dirty ego.  I offer you the chance to be disciplined properly by A.: A.: .  I offer you My Instruction in the A.: A.: .

State in your next letter to me that it is your will to become a Aspirant of the A.: A.: and I would be happy to cleanse you of your great impurity.  You do realize that I will put you through Ordeals that will freeze your blood and chill your soul; but I will force you, if you take the Oath & Task of Probationer under Me to align with the Great White Brotherhood.  I am the only one that can help you.  I was trained by Marcelo Ramos Motta.  You will either submit or be destroyed by the current that you have created in yourself.

And so shall it be that the evil that you have created in yourself shall vanish from the face of My Unspeakable Glory.

Love is the law, love under will

David Bersson signature gif

Not responding with anger or fear, or in any way whatsoever, drove Bersson, supposedly a Master of the Temple, absolutely wild.  How could I possibly ignore the "Frater Superior of the Entire World"?  It was unthinkable!  Thus he sent me a third piece of mail, the letter above dated Feburary 16th, 1998 E.V., and thoughtfully signed it.  By the way, this really is his signature.  I am an amateur graphologist and I have carefully compared these signatures with those on the letters I received from him earlier and on letters others have received over the years, and there is also evidence to support that these letters were in no way forged in ways little skill but some wit may make possible.  David Bersson did write and sign this letter.  There is no doubt of it.

The letter pretty much speaks for itself.  Bersson is absolutely raving in it.  He is completely mad as was his mentor, the late Marcelo Motta.  And the incredible megalomania and ego displayed in the letter positively proves he is not a Master of the Temple, that in fact his petty ego is in total control.  "You are a fool," he begins, "for I represent your last hope as your Teacher."  No one, absolutely no one in their right mind would want David Bersson as their teacher, thus, of course, those people who have gathered to him certainly cannot be sane or rational themselves.  Like attracts like.

Bersson wrote:  "Although I leave the city of Pittsburgh again for a time; [sic] I will be back & I will be waiting for you.  Listless pox child!"  Listless pox child?  Where does he get this stuff?  What century is this lunatic living in anyway?

"Do you fear Me, G.M. Kelly?  Yes, yes, you fear Me, don't you, G.M. Kelly?  You think you fear Me now?  Later, you will fear Me like a God!  Do you hear Me, G.M. Kelly, you will fear Me like a God..."  'Fraid not, Davey.  I wouldn't be afraid of this worm if he had a loaded gun in his hand pressed against my head.  However, he should now be afraid.  I really hope he does return to Pittsburgh.  And if by the time this goes out he has returned he will be in for a very unpleasant surprise.  Why, you ask?  Because David Bersson also wrote in his letter, signing it, the following:  "I will cut out your heart and hold it before your face before you have time to die; and I will do this every time your name is spoken.  I will rip you.  I will tear you.  I will cut you.  I will destroy you."  Quite plainly this is a terroristic death threat that he has been stupid enough to put on paper, literally in black and white, to which he signed his bloody name.  He just broke the law and now all I need to do is go to the Pittsburgh City Police Department and a warrant for his arrest will be issued, prosecution out of my hands and at city expense.  There is only one chance of avoiding too much time in jail now, and it is very likely to happen once he is committed to Western Psychiatric Institute for three days mandatory observation, as will almost certainly happen once this letter of his is read by the police.  After that the best David Bersson can hope for is to become master of the boobyhatch!

[July 1998 E.V. Update:  Bersson returned to Pittsburgh, but another course of action was decided upon so that more than Bersson himself might be rounded up and appropriately dealt with.]

When I received this third piece of mail from Bersson I laughed long and hard.  Not only has he incriminated himself, but he has put himself in a mental institution ... unless, of course, he flees Pittsburgh as he fled New Mexico before this, and I think now we can see why he beat it out of that state!

But it gets better.  Not only has he committed a crime for which the City of Pittsburgh will prosecute him, and not only has he pretty much guaranteed a very long stay for himself in an insane asylum, but the ensuing investigation of this "cult leader" will certainly lead to the discovery of his gang's less than legal activities, including the little horsey rides that they frequently take.  David Bersson has not only taken himself down, but he is taking all of his groupies down with him.  I absolutely love this!  And better ... he gave me an amusing article and worte about half of it for me.  I mean, you just gotta love a guy like this.

And proving further that he is absolutely not a Thelemite, he acts worse than the "Christist egregore" he is always condemning by himself acting like the medieval Roman Catholic Church, essentially saying:  "Believe in me, accept me as your master, convert, or die!"  Literally.

If anyone reads this letter in particular and believes that there is anything worthwhile about this lunatic and associates themselves with him, they will prove themselves, at best, just as mad as he is and fit only for institutionalization and a lifetime of psychoanalysis and psychiatric therapy.

Well, my friends, there's David Bersson for you.  Just scratch the surface and the reality will quickly show through the thin veneer of mystical mumbo jumbo.

"State in your next letter to me," Bersson wrote, "that it is your will to become a [sic] Aspirant of the A.: A.: [sic] and I will be happy to cleanse you of your great impurity."  Well, Mr. Bersson, consider this my next letter, but don't hold your breath waiting for me to bend my knee to you.  Instead, get ready to wear some bracelets, take a little ride downtown, and bend forward for your next roommate's "affections" because this will be one of the few interesting experiences you will be having in that tiny little room with the bars for a few years to come.

Oh, and David ... Have A Nice Day."

End of Part II

Love is the law, love under will.

G.M.Kelly (Frater Keallach 93/676)
21st of March 1998 E.V.

11th of July 1998 E.V.

I have just received what is supposed to be the first page of the "Hoor Lodge, O.T.O." newsletter from the "Society Ordo Templi Orientis in PA (Lancaster)", numbered and dated "Vol. Vol. 3 No.39" [sic], "JULY 1, An XCV 1998 e.v.", blank on one side and almost certainly not the latest of at least 117 newsletters [39 x 3].  These S.O.T.O. goofballs have done this before in an attempt to "get even with" and piss off people who have dared to speak out against the mighty [choke choke] S.O.T.O. and their "Frater Superior of the Entire World".  However, they always fail to get the reaction they desire, and of course when trying the trick on me, all they do is provide more information to employ in revealing their true face to the world.

Most of this page appears to be written by one Jacob Lot, who, not long ago, took part in a silly little Letters to the Editor squabble with Kevin "Not So" Bold of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. over which does and which does not represent the O.T.O..  I wrote to the local free weekly paper and informed them that neither of these individuals nor the groups that they represent are legitimate and that the Ordo Templi Orientis was a temporal order that is long dead.  The matter was then dropped.  However, both Kevin "Not So" Bold and Jacob "Sorry" Lot continue to do their best to prove themselves idiots in other arenas.

In this bogus first page of a newsletter, Sorry Lot informs all of the marriage of one Frater Solaris and Soror Abrahadabra [no imagination whatsoever], and he announces that they are now the "proud owners of a home in an area of Pittsburgh called Shady Side [sic. 'Shadyside']."  After a bit of bragging about this being one of the nicest parts of the city, the house given to them as a wedding gift by the bride's parents, Sorry Lot goes on to say that "With excitement in her voice she spoke about bringing Frater Sphinx, (David Bersson), from Europe to live and be among us again.  But don't count on Sphinx leaving Paris any time soon."  From this we may come to one of two conclusions:  (1) either Bersson has fled Pennsylvania as he fled New Mexico earlier, and the idiots of his local cult of groupies paid for his flight to France, or (2) Bersson and Lot want yours truly, the Pittsburgh City Police Department, and anyone else interested in his less than savory activities to believe he is out of the country.  I find it particularly interesting that, although a little effort was made to disguise the fact this time around, the same individual who addressed the envelope this came in also addressed the envelopes that the nonsense and insane letter that David Bersson wrote and signed were mailed in.  Has it been forgotten that I am an amateur but competent graphologist?  And really, simple observation is enough to ascertain this fact.  Does Lot address all of Bersson's envelopes?  Did Bersson address this envelope, hiding out in Pittsburgh while pretending to be in France?  Or is Jacob Lot merely a false persona that David Bersson sometimes deviously manipulates others through?  Can anyone trust anyone or anything that has to do with David Bersson?  Certainly one shouldn't!

Under the heading "INTO THE MYSTIC BOOKSHOP SHOWS NO HOSTILITY TO O.T.O. members" [sic], one Sara Delacourt wrote "I haven't introduced myself to the owner of the INTO THE MYSTIC.  I do not wish to make myself known to the outside world.  I live among Thelemites and they are the type of people I love and socialize with."  Translation:  she fears the deservedly bad reputation Bersson's little group has earned may make her persona non grata and she prefers the cozy little fantasy universe she lives in with her pseudo-thelemic cult to the real world.  Then Sara brags about how welcome she is in the new age bookstore, after which the owner of the Eye of Horus is named as being someone who no longer welcomes Bersson's S.O.T.O. groupies.  Well, once Into The Mystic's private mailing list is stolen, as was the Eye's, to mention but one incident, perhaps Sara and her cronies will find themselves persona non grata in yet another local establishment.  And isn't it amusing that while many groups, fraternities, covens and such in the occult community, voice their objections to ONE establishment that bars them, this S.O.T.O. group brags about the ONE establishment that accepts them!

And, oh yes, Jacob "Sorry" Lot mentioned me.  He had to.  The main purpose of this bit of nonsense was to "get back at" me and the proprietor of the Eye of Horus; to stick his tongue out at us and say "So there!"

What's up with G.M. Kelly?
by Jacob Lot

Come on, come on, Mr. Kelly.  You haven't bashed us in weeks!  Getting old, Jerry?  Now be a good Black Brother and give us some more of your idiotic opinions based on your many delusions and falsehoods.  Your newsletter, NEW AEON PRODUCTIONS [sic. 'The Newaeon Newsletter'], is loved and enjoyed by all members of Society Ordo Templi Orientis.  You try so hard to hurt everyone it's almost painful to not see you up and about again!  Really, Mr. Kelly.  Write us and show us some more nasties.

Does the word "infantile" immediately come to your mind as you read this?  Jerry?  One can only assume that this nickname was used under the impression that the "G" in my name is for "Gerald", which all Newaeon readers know is not the case.  And I am quite sure that the members of this little pseudo-thelemic cult do, in a weird way, enjoy being written about by me as, at least, SOMEONE is paying attention to them, and their petty egos are starving for ANY kind of recognition whatsoever.  They should not, however, expect much more than this, for the idiocies of their absent (?) leader and those of his local spokesman with the unlikely Judeo-Christian biblical name here presented should be enough to give students and aspirants a clearer picture of the type of individuals they would be associating with if they joined David Bersson's S.O.T.O.  And of course, I have never tried to hurt anyone.  I am merely doing my job, doing my Will, and trying to better inform others so that they might avoid being harmed by individuals and groups like Bersson, Lot and the S.O.T.O.

Oh my!  And does Jacob "Sorry" Lot believe that the printed newsletter article was the end of the matter?  Doesn't he know about this Newaeon web site and the recent addition of the David Bersson articles to it?  I admit that I haven't informed this group of the cyber-version of the articles, but it's so difficult to do, you see.  This latest bit of nonsense, for instance, was sent without a return address on the envelope and there was no address printed on the bogus newsletter page.  Making matters more difficult, Bersson's S.O.T.O. changes its Post Office Box address more frequently than a member of the F.B.I. Bomb Squad changes his shorts!  But you know the how it is:  Keep moving and they can't catch you!  Every thief knows that piece of advice.

This is my response to Sorry Lot and the rest of Bersson's sorry lot.  I must find a way to inform them of this web site's mention of them so that they do not feel too terribly ignored by society.


January 1999 E.V.

Recently several friends informed me that I was being "trashed" on a web site with the URL of http://www.egoups.com/list/thelemites* which seems to be lorded over by one Cliff Steven Maverick, although I am suspicious of his identity.  It should be kept in mind that David Bersson opens up e-mail accounts and P.O. Box addresses under various pseudonyms.  He has even signed his own guestbook on his site, praising himself under the guise of others.  You can work out for yourselves the various problems with his ego and sanity that this clearly indicates.

I went to the site, supposedly an OPEN FORUM and open to "any one", read what had been said about me, and could not figure how any intelligent person could take it seriously.  It is obviously a David Bersson and Ray Eales Fan Club, perhaps most of the fans being Bersson himself.  The monkey chatter about me is inane.  Read it for yourself.  You have the URL.  It's not worth quoting here.  It should be pointed out, however, that Mr. Maverick is both Unthelemic and Unamerican as he offers to everyone an open forum for a free exchange of information, but this does not, apparently, apply to anyone lied about and slandered on that site by Maverick and anyone fool enough to think as he thinks.  The last message I posted was, in fact, a brief one entitled "Unthelemic and Unamerican", and in it I illustrated what kind of a person Maverick is.  Of course, "like attracts like", and he is apparently a big Bersson fan.  It would not surprise me if he was the biggest possible fan of David Bersson!  And you know who that is!  You see, I took what was said about me into DOS, cut out exact quotes, and made a reply to them.  [By the way, the worst thing that they could come up with to say about me this time is that I currently don't have a woman in my life.  Oh the horror of it!  I am, from time to time, chased, but I haven't met anyone lately that I wish to be caught by, and unlike individuals such as David Bersson, I am not a shallow and desperate individual leaping enthusiastically into bed with anyone who will have me.]  Also, a friend's friend wrote to me, asking about this petty, "get even" rubbish on egroups.com.  I replied at great length.  I thought this too a good reply to the nonsense and after deleting the gentleman's last name and e-mail address to protect him from harassment, posted this and my prepared response on egroups.com.  But what a surprise!  [Not!]  Maverick intercepted my postings and killed them so that only the Bersson party line would be read by his subscribers, censoring the "free" and "open" forum, thus putting an effort forth to control information [and thus control what others think] so that his subscribers would be denied all the information on the subject available, restricting their access to information, interfering with their Will to Know, denying them facts and opinions that they would need to make an intelligent and informed decision, doing his subscribers a grave disservice.  I suggest he now post those messages, but of course, he has already damaged himself.  He has proven what kind of a person he is, what kind of a person Bersson is, and assisted me in revealing the truth of the matter.

I was also amused to note that the first two bits of nonsense from David Bersson to me, quoted above, were posted there as if a great boast of his high degree of attainment, great wit and sterling character!  At least Bersson, through another mask, was smart enough not to publish that last ravingly insane letter.

It should be noted, that I have always encouraged students and aspirants to investigate every side of an issue, and not to simply believe what anyone says, not to accept even what I say, without first seeing what those I have written about have to say for themselves.  To this end I have provided addresses and URLs, expecting people to have enough intelligence to decide for themselves what to believe.  Fellows like Maverick may, perhaps, trust in the intelligence of people even more, for they deny such information to others, try to discourage everyone from investigating any point of view that differs from their's, trashing people behind their backs when I have always provided people I've written about copies of that which was written to keep them fully informed, and in general prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I have written was true and they absolutely fear the truth.  They especially fear the truth about themselves.

A fellow posted a list of books for sale on egroups.com and out of the blue, in thanking this fellow, Maverick took the opportunity to pointlessly insult myself and another gentleman I know nothing about.  I had not been a subject of the exchange between the fellow and Maverick, yet he took the opportunity to call me a "madman" and a "moral cripple".  Guess what we have here yet again...  Here he is falsely accusing me of the very things his own actions prove him guilty of!

Picture me smiling.

[NOTE:  Sometime after publishing this on the Net, Bersson made somechanges, but at the time I was still able to get to the new version with theabove URL.  There was no change in philosophy or attitude, ofcourse.  Bersson's habit is to change names, addresses, and location inan effort to be elusive, i.e. to hide behind a façade.]

April 1999 E.V. Addendum

A fellow who's acquaintance I made recently exchanged some e-mailmessage with David Bersson.  He pretended to slavishly kiss Bersson's"white, French ass" and Frater Sphinx, who obviously hasn't learned the FourthPower, was just a wee bit too revealing for his own good:

From:  frater-sphinx@excite.com
To:  [Name & e-mail address deleted as a courtesy.]
Subject:  Curious karmas
Date:  Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:05:42 PST

Care Frater [Deleted]

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

You simply have to be careful on the net.  Our enemeies expect us to be perfect or they use it against us.  Jungle out here, isn't it?  I was surprised and disapointed by all the uncivilized tactics myself.  I learned quickly to keep the advantage.  Right now I'm creating the delusion that we are gaining incredible victories and have 3 times the amount of friends we really do.  Its working a little bit.  Your best bet is to attack without mercy and be called a madman.  Better than exposing your butt and permit names like incompetent.  Keep fighting.  Here is what I want you to do.  Create another realOTO e-group; only in egroups.  In this manner no one can take the word-title away from us in this section of the web.  When you have it established; transplant all your archives there so we'll have it in two places.  In this manner, if our enemies close us down in one; we still have it in another.  Get to it!

Love is the law, love under will

Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

I, for one, do not expect anyone to be "perfect".  However, we all have the right to expect others, especially those who claim to be great adepts and religious, spiritual or magical leaders, to be honest.  And there is nothing honest about David Bersson, as his own words above prove.

How can a man, so uncivilized himself, his façade of civility so thin and transparent that under the least bit of pressure it hides nothing, be surprised at the uncivilized tactics of others that he claims to be a victim of?  Remember, this is the fellow who ranted about cutting my heart out if I didn't accept him as my teacher, even my god.

The sentence I highlighted in red proves his dishonesty and much of what I have already said about David Bersson and his inane version of the late Marcelo Motta's insane S.O.T.O.

He actually revels in the title "madman", but of course it's a word applied to him that he realized he would have to get used to!  So he rationalizes.  As for his tactics, they are obviously not working since every time he communicates with others he exposes his butt, giving us such a very clear view that we can see that he is that.  And note how David Bersson, absolutely dominated by his ego, fears the label of "incompetent", a term also aptly applied to him.

As for his "enemies", well, he revels in the paranoid idea that the whole world is out to get him because he is so powerful, and sothreatening to the established order of things, a delusion his mentor, Motta, also suffered from.  The fact of the matter is, I'm not his enemy, he may not even have a true enemy in the world unless his enemies are among those who are not unlike himself.  That is to say, I, for instance, am simply doing my job, my True Will, and have no feelings for the man whatsoever, considering him neither friend nor enemy.  However, he does have one great enemy who defeats his every word and deed, and David Bersson's true enemy is himself.

The Day before this David Bersson sent another revealing e-mail message to the man whose identity I have decided to keep to myself for the sake of his privacy.

From:  frater-sphinx@excite.com
To:  [Deleted]
Subject:  You aren't thinking strong.
Date:  Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:35:40 PST

Care Frater [Deleted]

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I thought it a very bad move on your part to request Magical Instruction publicly from me.  And even worse a move to ask it of this profane girl, Michelle Garcia.  You are very naive, by showing weakness of any kind publicly it can and will be used against you.  They will eat you up.  Your choice of a subject should of been something entirely neutral.  Between you and I, I don't give a fuck what this Michelle Garcia's opinion of beginners magick is.  Henceforth be much more careful not to expose your butt to the poison winds of public view.  You will not win telling the world what a novice you are.  You made a very good move starting this E-Group.  As the moderator you can be the one that makes the announcements.  Be much more careful henceforth.  I have a few surprises ahead; don't concern yourself and I will be on the E-Group before too long.  What happened to your Patents? You should of mailed them to me by now.

Love is the law, love under will

Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

Bersson scolded the man because, of course, he did not wish to show his ignorance by trying to answer a question that he knew he could not answer, and what he perceives as a "weakness" is actually a strength.  It shows not only honesty but strength to admit ignorance and ask for assistance.  It is Bersson who is here showing great weakness, not the fellow to whom he is writing.  Furthermore, his sexism and misogyny are quite obvious in the above e-mail message.  The lady was simply trying to help someone who could not squeeze a single simple answer out of Bersson.

Much more could be said.  The above two messages alone, if studied, will tell you a great deal about the psychology and warped values of David Bersson. 

He was asked, for instance, why he refers to the infamous G.M.Kelly [me] as a "Black Brother", and Bersson replied that it was because I claimed to be a Master of the Temple.  That was all.  Oh, to be sure, from his perverted perspective it is also because I dared to reject him as a teacher, as my god! and also criticize him, but he knew enough not to say that.  But for him to claim I am a "Black Brother" simply because I "claim" to be a Magister Templi is extremely funny since he loudly and at every possibile opportunity claims the very same thing!  Does that, then, also make him a "Black Brother"?  Of course not.  Even that would be a title too exalted for David Bersson.  And with his enormous and outrageous ego, his master, he could not possibly be what he claims to be.  If, with the burden of that ego, he tried to Cross the Abyss what little semblance of sanity that he has would be quickly torn to shreds and he would be a babbling and incoherent idiot.  Well, I mean to say, an even greater babbling and incoherent idiot than he has already proven himself to be.


31st of December 1999 E.V.

When I published the violently perverse letter that Michael Bertiaux had sent to me his first excuse to people was that he had been drunk at the time he wrote it.  After it had gotten back to him that I had commented upon this by pointing out that intoxication lowers ones guard, releases one from ones inhabitions so that the true personality may show itself, and that if indeed this was true it proved he was not the adept or master that he pretends to be as he lacks self-control, Bertiaux changed his story and started to tell people that he was just pulling my leg.

After I received the ZipLip.com message "allegedly" from Bill Breeze, complete with a veiled threat, and published it although it was expected that I would not, an individual in his behalf sent me a second ZipLip.com message claiming that he was the "imp" who had sent the first message, that it had not come from "Hymenaeus Beta" as was claimed in that message that was to self-destruct in 24 hours claimed.  However, it was quite obvious that the author of the second message was not the same as the author of the first ZipLip.com message "allegedly" sent by "Hymenaeus Beta".  I instantly put it down as an act of "damage control" after I had unexpectedly published the first "secret" message sent to me.

Well here we go again, folks.  David Bersson is a bit slower than most so it took him a few months or more to come up with an excuse for his absolutely raving, ranting insane letter published above, but he has finally managed something.  At first he was telling people that it was a forgery and that he had never sent it, but perhaps my reply to this being that I still possess the original and can prove otherwise moved him to invent an excuse befitting an individual of his calibre.

After having had all of his web sites removed from the Internet, Bersson slowly started to create new web sites and on one he published:

High Priest of Ra-Hoor-Khuit

by David Bersson

And herein Bersson claimed that:

"Many years ago I began experiments to create Temples on the inner planes that would exist in the hereafter. At the time I began this work, I wanted to be the type of Adept who assisted humanity on the inner planes. A living Secret Chief, as it were, that created my own Castletower in my own time. As my experiments progressed over the years I discovered methods of solidifying astral areas to exist without immediate breakdown."

And this bit of nonsense was followed by more lunacy pertaining to how he had also created "astral machines that generated power" for these "Temples".  It was all pretty silly, but proved to be profoundly asinine as it went on.  It became obvious that this was David Bersson's excuse for his mad letter.  Not a display of his utter insanity, oh no! but of his presumed great magical knowledge!

"While all these experiments were going on I was in the midst of magical battle with various enemies. I began to realize it might be possible to create a technique of magical retaliation that was directly in communication with the highest forms of magick in the Book of the Law."

It is, perhaps, worth pointing out that these "magical battle(s)" are all part and parcel of his warped imagination and his insanely egotistical view of himself and his importance in the scheme of things.  The only "magical battle" David Bersson is engaged in is with his own perverse and inflated ego.  But to continue:

"In the Book of the Law, Chapter III, verse 42 it is written: Drag down their souls to awful torment:... Now a careful study of this line, (and several others in AL) gives you this awesome formula which destroys your enemies when they reach the hereafter. Ah, such satisfaction; that those who have betrayed you or spoke against you during this lifetime will have their souls dragged down to awful torment.

"When I completed this formula, I aligned myself with the proper Forces and the formula as a whole kicked into gear. It is my considered opinion that this is the true origin of the legend of hell by the Christists who must of been aware of it on some plane when past magicians used it in revenge for the persecutions. I think that the keys to this magick have been either lost or hidden by Adepts in the past. Fortunately, the Book of the Law brings back all the supreme forms of magical warfare.

"When the formula went together I immediately awakened these powers and attempted to align them with the Book of the Law. Of course, they were already aligned. With all the delight of a young sorcerer about town I wrote my worst enemy, proclaiming to him that he was going to fear me like a God.

"His reaction was typical, thinking that I was ranting and raving when I was initiating a formula of warfare by using a letter to this enemy as a talisman of power. And since the rediscovery of this formula I have doomed six other enemies to this terrible fate.

It finally finished with a "Verily" yatta yatta yatta ... the typical ranting nonsense of an idiot trying to impress others with his presumed literary skill and magical adeptness.  What all of this has proven, however, is that David Bersson is so incredibly mad and self-deluded that he may actually succeed in talking himself into believing such nonsense.&bnsp; He has often attacked the "Christists" and yet he constantly proves himself to be like the worst adherents of Christianity.  You say this is not so?  But think!  Not only does the above prove that he believes in a "hereafter" complete with hell, but he is condemning his "enemies" to this hell.  Furthermore, the Christian consoles himself by believing that however miserable his life in the here and now, it will be glorious in heaven, in the hereafter, and his enemies, those wicked, evil sinners, will all be punished eternally in the hereafter, in hell.  Now David Bersson claims to have successfully launched magical attacks that have destroyed and doomed several individuals, including myself, of course, but I suppose we must first die before we suffer this "awful torment".  This gives Bersson satisfaction, this sick, stupid fantasy ... but that is all that it does.  I am sure that the others so condemned by Bersson are having a great laugh over his idiocy as am I.  The whole thing is mad nonsense and with it the only thing he does is garner greater laughter at his own expense.

Furthermore, to "prove" that he does indeed have the medical degree he has bragged about having, Bersson published at


what he claims to be "a paper I wrote in Medical School" entitled "Morphine and MS-CONTIN".  It is actually too brief to even be called "a paper" and it contains less information than you can find on the bottle's prescription label.  Anyone could have copied the information from any number of sources ... and that is exactly what David Bersson has done.

A fellow named Shelton Ezra did a quick Internet search and found at


a very long piece entitled "MSContin (morphine sulfate controlled-release)" which seems to be the source from which Bersson "borrowed" his information in order that he might back up one lie with yet another.  Of course, the deeper he goes the more dangerous his way, for he comes close now to both plagiarism and giving out medical advice without a licence.  Oh what a tangled web he weaves ...

The symbol of the Sphinx is for some a symbol of wisdom, but I see no wisdom in David Bersson, who calls himself "Frater Sphinx".  What I see is a pathetic little self-deluded fellow sinking further and further into his own little fantasy world, into the quagmire of his own lies and falsehoods.