Photographs of Boleskine House

Winter of 1990 Era Vulgari

Gate House

Boleskine Lodge, otherwise called the Gate House, at the entrance to the private road leading to Boleskine House.

Boleskine House as seen
upon approach

Boleskine House as viewed upon approach from the main road.

Boleskine House,

Boleskine House, front.

Right front

Front looking down
across Loch Ness

Front and looking down across Loch Ness.

Back of Boleskine

Back of Boleskine House.

Back of Boleskine

View of Boleskine
House from across Loch Ness

Viewing Boleskine House from across Loch Ness.

Overview of Boleskine

Overview of Boleskine House and surrounding grounds as well as the Loch.  The orginal photograph was badly out of focus, taken by Frater Elric some time earlier than the photographs above and kindly given to me as a gift.

Boleskine kirkyard,
looking North, Loch Ness to the left

Boleskine cemetery, facing North, with view of Loch Ness to the left.

Graveyard during a heavy

Graveyard during a heavy snow.  It is said that there is an underground tunnel which runs from the house to the kirkyard.  Aleister Crowley may have used it to pull pranks and scare off intruders.  A "wizard", one legend claims, used to perform "black magic" on the Boleskine grounds long before the house was erected.

In part, publication of these photographs was delayed because the original scans made by another proved to be terrible, which I could not know at the time, having a 64-colour video card in the old CompuStein Monster.  It was not until recently that I was able to properly view these images with Novus Computicus, a much more sophisticated computer, and better scan them with the help of my Genius - that is to say, a Genuis ColorPage-Vivid Pro II flatbed scanner.

Photographs by Frater Paulos 247
Text by G.M.Kelly
for the
Castle of the Silver Star