More Photographs of Boleskine House
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2013 Era Vulgari

Please remember that Boleskine House is privately owned property and trespassers caught will be prosecuted.  One reason for providing these photographs on the Castle is to satisfy the curiosity of students of Crowley's writings and other interested parties in the hope that they will not invade the current owner's privacy and worsen the overall reputation of sincere Thelemites that some "cult" members have created with their rude behaviour.

NOTE:  December 23, 2015 e.v. Boleskine House was destroyed by fire.

Approaching Boleskine House

Approaching Boleskine House

Gate House

Boleskine Lodge, otherwise called the Gate House, at the entrance to the private road leading to Boleskine House.

The Boleskine Gate House

Boleskine Gate House.  Please note the new conservative colour of the woodwork around the door and windows.

The Gate House

The Boleskine Gate House, obviously well lived in.

Boleskine House front gate

Boleskine House's front gate and private drive.

Front gate guardian.

One of the two front gate guardians, which appear to be to be hawks or falcons.

The private drive

The private drive leading to Boleskine House as seen from over the front gate.

Boleskine House from a distance

Boleskine House as seen from some distance, from the approach.

Side of Boleskine House

Side of Boleskine House.  Notice that the roof and chimney destroyed in a fire and simply repaired as seen in the earlier photographs, have been rebuilt, restoring the house's original appearance.

Boleskine House

Boleskine House as it was in 2013 E.V.

A slightly different angle

A slightly different view of Boleskine House.

Boleskine House yard

Boleskine House yard as it was in 2013 E.V.

Clan MacGillivray memorial

Memorial to the "Clan MacGillivray at Boleskine 997" in the yard.

Close up of memorial

Close up of Clan MacGillivray memorial plaque.

Corner of Boleskine

The corner of Boleskine House.


Going around Boleskine House.


Going further around Boleskine House, to where cars may be parked.


The back of Boleskine House, apparently used as the main entrance to the house.

An entrance to Boleskine

Close up of Boleskine House entrance.

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