O! I sing the Song of Joy!
      My Magick Wand I do employ!
I sing my sweet, sweet Carole!
      Unto the Gods I herald!
O Beloved beyond beloved,
      'Tis Thee I've ever loved!
'Tis Thee in she I ever see;
      A whispered wish -- "To Be."

Proving that the smallest is not always the most insignificant, I offer the following comment:

1.  The spelling of her name is here in French, i.e. Carole, which means "a song of joy".  This is, of course, the rapture of Union with the Divine through earthly congress; union with the representative of the Beloved.

2.  The Magick Wand is the symbol of the True Will and also the Phallus, thus employing the rites of Tantric Magick, the Magick of Thelema.

3.  To sing Carole is obvious at this point and needs no comment.

4.  Through the earthly representative of Babalon, of Nuit, i.e. the Scarlet Woman, the Beast, the Priest of the Æon of Horus, invokes the Gods via the approved tantric methods.

5.  The Beloved is a symbol of the Genius, the so-called Higher Self, the Atman, our True Self, the "God Within", so to speak, and this union with the Beloved is accomplished through the practice of "Love Under Will", by way of Magick with the beloved, in this case, Carole.

6.  This line merely affirms the fact that no matter how, since ever it can be remembered, the author has aspired unto the Divine.

7.  This line again explains that any love directed towards the earthly vessel is in actuality directed to the Divine.  This is not to detract from the personal aspect of love, but rather is it the highest possible compliment to the woman, for it means that the Goddess is brilliantly apparent in her and that the love with which she is loved is more than human affection--it is immortal and Divine!

8.  Finally, the last line implies that the only one true desire of the Aspirant is "To Be" One with the woman, One with his Holy Guardian Angel, One with All and thus to Become One with Naught.

To Be then implies Not To Be.

*A Love Song written by Frater K. and dedicated to Soror C.E.L.

The approriateness of such poems in the Newsletters was recently questioned. It was pointed out that (1) such poems were intended to illustrate certain Magickal formulas, (2) that they may inspire others to write Thelemic poetry and so further establish Thelema in literature, and (3) some people respond better to poetry--as A.C. himself was aware of.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume I, Number 3, 20th of April 1978 E.V.