Encyclical Letter

Winter Solstice 1990 E.V.

Aurora Australis & The Magical Link

A Preface

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Aurora Australis

This is the newsletter of the Arcanum Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. [P.O. Box 16304, Jacksonville, FL 32216] and Volume II, Number 5, contains a 7-page piece entitled "ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947)/An Historical Approach to a Contemporary Magician" by Christian Bouchet of the gang's Eliphas Levi Camp in Nantes, France.  I haven't anything really bad to say about it, then again, I haven't anything really good to say about it.  Basically the piece is a sketchy list of events in Crowley's life, showing some naiveté regarding magick, et al, and about half of it is composed of footnotes ... and let me tell you, interrupting the reading of practically every other sentence to look up the footnote is very annoying and counterproductive, destroying the continuity of any piece!  It is, when all is said and done, what we have come to expect from the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. - the same old rehashed superficial trivialities.  However, it could be worse ...

By the way, an aside note - a quote from a letter I received:

"Somebody with financial resources needs to challenge the calliphate otto [sic] once and for all and open up Crowley's works to the publishing industry.  How can they claim to be Thelemites when, by their actions, they are limiting and severely restricting the dissemination of the word?  Well, I don't know why I'm asking you that question.  You know perfectly well, and have said why many times. ... As for the Hymenaeus otto, they have done more to hurt Thelema than any number of Geraldos."

The point being that my opinion of the Caliphate gang is not mine alone, and as time passes I have noticed that many more are sharing my opinion, either convinced by my arguments or coming to their conclusions on their own, through personal experience with the group falsely claiming to be the O.T.O.

The Magical Link

And speaking of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.:  The Summer 1990 E.V. issue of The Magical Link (Vol. IV, No. 2, if one can trust their "system" of numbering after more than one screw up in the past) contains a one-page "From 418 Lodge" letter by Soror Meral, otherwise known as Phyllis Seckler, the ex-wife of the late Grady McMurtry.  In this letter she speaks of charlatans posing as representatives of the A.·.A.·., in which one fellow claims I am referred to in a round-about manner, although I cannot see it, while I do not doubt that dear old befuddled Phyllis had had me, as well as others, in mind at the time of writing.  Naturally, what it boils down to is that only she and her misbegotten brood truly represent that great Order.  Rather than to repeat myself, I refer you to previous volumes of The Newaeon Newsletter which expose the fantasies and idiocies of these people claiming to be "Aleister Crowley's O.T.O." and who pretend to represent the A.·.A.·. without having the slightest idea as to what That is, employing documentation that is not worth the paper it is printed upon to lend apparent credence to their claims.  And I especially direct the reader to the Vernal Equinox 1987 E.V. Encyclical Letter, reviewing one of Meral's so-called seminars, showing her to be anything but a capable teacher and representative of the A.·.A.·..  Amusingly, after this appeared she became even more paranoid than she naturally is, restricting "seminar" attendance in the hope of avoiding another embarassing review and commentary.  I am obliged to warn Meral that her efforts are useless as my eyes and ears are often where she and her associates may least expect them to be.  [Imagine me hunched over, cackling, and "washing" my hands.]

[A brief excerpt from the Winter Solstice 1990 E.V. Encyclical Letter]

Attack of the Dreaded Caliphate

Aurora Australis


"Recently came upon Vol. 1, No. 1 of a periodical called The Solstice, published by the 'Khensu-Ra Camp' of the 'O.T.O.' in Bellevue, Nevada.  Its leading light, who calls herself 'Alostrael,' writes a good deal like A. E. Waite, but with a veneer of pseudo-OTO pomposity and flourish.  (Where do they get that horshit, anyway?  Do they think it's magical to write like that?)  ... And on it goes.  And on.  And on.

"'Alostrael' has 'done graduate work in Classic Greek and Latin,' yet does not seem to know that a Chi is 'Ch' rather than what it looks like, 'X'.  Sigh. ...

"I assume you've seen the attack upon yourself and the newsletter in the Jan/Feb issue of Aurora Australis.  A fine example of DoubleThink from the litigious caliphate.  It would certainly appear that 'Do what thou wilt' is very far from being 'the whole of the Law' with them.  They usually have more lawsuits going than the National Inquirer, all trying to establish their most un-Thelemic and unwarranted Authority and right to exclusive ownership of everything Crowley ever wrote so they can charge outrageous prices for their inferior editions and sue everyone else who tries to make a decent job of it or make the Works available to All.  If AC were alive, he would disown these cranks in a New York second.  If you haven't had the misfortune to see this turdlet, I'll forward a copy."

Before someone in the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. charges that I wrote the above myself, let me just say that I would have never thought to use the excellent and most appropriate word "litigious" to describe the gang.  I will have to add that one to my meagre vocabulary!

The "turdlet" was dumped on me, and for a brief moment I thought that someone in the Caliphate gang was showing a little manliness for a change.  Then I read it.  The three-column "attack" which begins the newsletter of the Arcanum Oasis of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. [P.O. Box 16304, Jacksonville, FL 32216] is completely devoid of humour, mean-spirited, petty, inaccurate, and downright nasty - quite obviously little more than an attempt to "get even" for the very brief and legitimate review and commentary published in the previous EL by Newaeon.  Here I am, just "doing my job", doing my Will like a good little Thelemite, and this pseudo-thelemite, out of petty spite, slave to his ego, has to say all these nasty things about me.  Oh dear me, I'm crushed...  Ah-huh.  Yeah.  Right.  Sure.  Fact is, the "attack" amused me greatly...

Especially since I was pulling the strings and the woodenheaded puppets danced!

Limited space and high costs do not permit me to reproduce the entire article here, although I wish I could, so I will quote only portions of it and respond - partly for fun and partly as further commentary that illustrates why I use the word "pseudo" [false] and refer to the "initiates" of the Caliphate gang as inepts rather than adepts.

The heading is "THE MAGICKAL [sic] SOAPBOX:  The True (Thelemic) Church."

The writer, who identified him(?)self only as "Per Ardua Ad Astra II°", mentions that he received some information about and from Newaeon.  I know.  I sent it at the request of one of the more enlightened members of the gang fed up with the nonsense of the Caliphate.  I thought it a good idea.  Could stir things up and force the buggers out into the Light a little.  It apparently worked, combined with the review and commentary in the previous Encyclical Letter.

"I have considerable difficulty with Fr. K's contention that he, and he alone, is qualified to speak on Thelemic doctrine.  He roundly lambastes all other Thelemic organizations, including Grant's, Motta's and our own.  Presumably, this condemnation also includes any others that may exist, whether I (or even Fr. K.) may be aware of them or not."

It should be pointed out that P.A.A.A. presumes a great deal and is judging me primarily, perhaps only, upon the one complimentary copy of the last EL and the information sheets sent to his group.  It is the way of inepts to leap to wild conclusions with little or no evidence to support them.  The fact of the matter is that nowhere have I ever made the claim that I and I alone am qualified to speak on "Thelemic doctrine".  I have merely pointed out some of the people who are obviously perverting Thelema, misinterpreting it for their own petty personal desires, much to the detriment of Thelema and society as a whole, and I have backed up my statements very often with their own published words through reviews and commentaries.  The [usually disorganized] organizations that I have lambasted [there's another good word!] are certainly not "Thelemic", for despite the parroting of "Do what thou wilt" and the use of Thelemic terms, their words and deeds prove to be very unthelemic indeed.  Example:  the attempts of both the late Marcelo Motta and his largely imaginary Society Ordo Templi Orientis and the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. to legally RESTRICT others from publishing, distributing, and making widely read the works of Aleister Crowley, a thing which should be encouraged at any cost so that more people will have available to them the means of learning about Crowley and Thelema if they are interested, further establishing Thelema in human society, educating humankind, and doing what Thelema is, in part, supposed to do - usher humankind in taking the Next Step along the evolutionary Path of the Wise.  Instead, intellectually and spiritually bankrupt, the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is acting like a parasite, stunting the growth of society, interfering with the Will of Thelema, so to speak, and all for the sake of making money.

And is it not said in The Book of the Law, Chapter I, Verse 41, that "The word of Sin is Restriction"?  Incapable of producing anything of worth themselves, I have no objection to the Caliphate gang publishing and profiting from the works of Aleister Crowley.  Let them!  Let anyone who wishes to publish Crowley material do so!  And if they make money from their efforts, fine.  I only ask that those who do publish Crowley material be at least objective if not sympathetic to Crowley and Thelema, or at the very least print the material exactly as Crowley himself originally had it printed, without alteration and change, and that they be clever enough, if not nice enough, to keep the price of the published material at a reasonable level, which would make the material more widely available and probably increase the profits for the publisher and editor to boot.  Whether William Breeze [Hymenaeus Beta] or anyone else profits financially from it is of no concern to me.  The only person who could be cheated out of profits would be Crowley and he is long dead and no longer concerned about money.  The only important thing is that Crowley's works be made as widely and easily available as possible and I heartily encourage everyone and anyone to accomplish that task, whether I agree with them or not.  But to set about and try to legally RESTRICT people from "spreading the word", from educating humankind, and all for the sake of not only parasitically profiting from the words of our Prophet, but also in a feeble attempt to force upon others their assumed and false "authority" - themselves claiming to be the only true O.T.O. because some uninformed judge seems to have said so - why, it is plainly unthelemic, inhumane, petty, and so so old æon.

Also "old æon" is the weak attempt to turn everyone against me.  Please, P.A.A.A., my simple straightforward honesty needs no help to make enemies!  I am referring to the fact that despite the false statement, I have not lambasted "all other Thelemic organizations".  Aside from the fact that, in my humble opinion, according to all available evidence, the organizations I have spoken out against have proven themselves to be unthelemic, I do not even know "all" of the other groups that are or are attempting to be or pretending to be Thelemic ... yet!  I am certainly too reasonable to condemn organizations that I do not even know the existence of, and, in fact, I am in contact with several organizations which are either Thelemic but wish to remain to themselves until they feel that they know what they are doing or are ready to conduct initiations and such, or which claim to be Thelemic and about which I am reserving my judgment, pending enough data, to judge for myself whether they are sincere or not.  Some of the people I am in contact with are members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. who have a sincere aspiration towards Thelema but who have become disenchanted with the Caliphate gang and its unthelemic and downright Machiavellian behaviour.  I condemn only those who prove themselves to be opposing the principles and aims of Thelema while pretending to represent Thelema, whether their actions are consciously or unconsciously motivated by petty egoistic desires, and those who follow these perverters of Thelema slavishly, for their own petty reasons, like good little Christian sheep.  This does not mean I condemn everyone in the Caliphate gang, for many did not know better when they joined, have or are learning from their mistake, and this accounts for one of the reasons the Caliphate gang is not receiving dues from some members and a host of other problems in the group.

"He accuses everyone in the entire occult community (except, apparently, himself), claiming that they 'misrepresent these great orders, pervert Thelemic teachings, and distort the memory of Aleister Crowley.' ..."

P.A.A.A. wrote, and here again he is lying for I have not accused everyone in the entire occult community of anything.  When a whacky fundamentalist pseudo-christian group is exposed they claim that the entire Christian community is being attacked, and if Christians want to protect themselves they should ban together to go after the nasty person spreading all of those "lies" about the group.  When the satanists were attacked at the beginning of the recent satanic hysteria, some satanists were trying to tell us that we are all being attacked and should ban together with the satanists to fight for our rights and the truth.  At least here there was some validity to the claim, as the unenlightened label everything "occult" as "satanic", generally.  However, the wise people in the occult community did fight back and in the process disavowed any ties to satanism.  Poor little P.A.A.A. feels like he and his group of poor little boys are being picked on by a bully, and he is trying to encourage everyone else to do his fighting for him by spreading the lie that I said something nasty about their mother, so to speak.  Now it is true that I am often disappointed with individuals and groups in the occult community, but it is not true to say that I am "accusing everyone in the entire occult community" of anything - except, perhaps, of being human and so sometimes giving into egoic desires or otherwise making mostly correctable mistakes.  Gee.  I'm awful to have said that!  I should be horsewhipped.

I am not a "sweetness and light" bullshitter.  The occult community, such as it is, as all other communities, has its problems, and to correct these problems one must first recognize them, so if I shed a little light on the problems occasionally, I do so in the earnest hope that those problems will be corrected - so that the occult community will grow up, get real, and lead the rest of society into the Light and, awakened, along the Path of the Wise.

P.A.A.A. goes on to imply that I am a one-man army, "a voice crying in the wilderness, perhaps because he can't find his way out", and yet refers to my "followers" as "accomplices".  Aside from the obvious contradiction here, I prefer to call the people who assist me my "friends" and "associates" and those who work secretly within such groups as the Caliphate gang as "covert operatives" - it sounds so 007ish, don't you think!

"A voice crying in the wilderness".  I rather like that.  The wilderness of human ignorance.  Yes.  Like John the Baptist preparing the way for the saviour.  I do sometimes feel like I am crying out in a wilderness of ignorance and pettiness, preparing the way for the mass acceptance of Therion and Thelema.  And indeed! in my own humble way, am I not doing just that?

I agree, sometimes I feel like I cannot find my way out of the wilderness of human ignorance, my own ignorance included.  And from time to time I do cry out, "God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken us?"  There seems to be too much reasonableness from the collective consciousness/mind of humankind, too much unreasonableness from the subconscious, and precious little of the divinely enlightened supraconscious.

"There is entirely too much of this bickering and back-biting about who is the true heir to Thelemic tradition,"

wrote P.A.A.A., and I certainly agree with him - so why is he here "bickering and back-biting"?  I am not bickering with anyone.  I am merely presenting facts as I see them, for the good of Thelema and society as a whole.  His cry for a cessation to what he calls "bickering" sounds to me like the New Age bullshit artist's cry for a cessation of doubt [healthy and necessary skepticism] so that more effort can be put into funding research - translation:  your skepticism is ruiining my game and I want your money.

The Book of the Law, Chapter III, Verse 59:  "As brothers fight ye!"  [See the commentaries by A.C. either in Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law or The Law is for All.]  But is it "brotherly", at least ideally, to fight with lies such as P.A.A.A. has done, and while I fight for Thelema out of a love greater than the love of life, we have here another who fights out of petty spite and a desire to "get even".  Note that P.A.A.A. was not heard from until his pet project, Aurora Australis, was reviewed - a newsletter that seems to be written almost exclusively by P.A.A.A.  [Is he a one-man army?  A voice sobbing in the wilderness of his own feelings of intellectual inadequacy?]

Besides, it is his group, the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., using the U.S. Courts and whatever else possible, which is trying to claim that they are the only "true heir to Thelemic tradition", not I.  I am not taking this person to court because he said something about me that I do not like, or that person because he dared to publish something written by Aleister Crowley, all the time ranting about being "Aleister Crowley's O.T.O." and other such nonsense.  So we come once more to the odd phenomenon of the guilty accusing the innocent of the crimes that they themselves, the guilty ones, are committing.

P.A.A.A., in writing, suddenly realized that the courtroom battles the Caliphate gang is constantly fighting "may appear to contradiction the position above," which was really below at the end of the first column, but let's not nitpick here.  And he argues that appearances can be deceiving, etc., etc., and essentially that while the Caliphate gang does claim to be the only true O.T.O., and while it does argue that only they should own Crowley's copyrights [by the way, remember that despite their constant implications to the contrary, most of Crowley's works were never copyrighted and remain in the public domain, for anyone to publish as they will], the gang is not claiming "exclusive rights to Thelemic doctrine and practice."  Well, neither am I!  But I am not trying to RESTRICT others from using the uncopyrightable Greek word Thelema as has the Caliphate gang in regards to the HPS/Motta battle over the latter's "Thelema Publishing Co." and the former's "Thelema Publications" - see pages 103-4 of the gang's pseudo-Equinox, Vol. III, No. 10, which they have used to try and prevent others from employing that word in any way.  They, of course, have the only legal right to use the word "thelema", so all you Greeks out there beware of what you say!

P.A.A.A. further claims that I have conducted "vicious personal attacks on individuals in every other Thelemic body."  Again, I do not even know every other Thelemic group, and my legitimate reviews and commentaries are not "personal attacks", for personally I don't give a fig about any of the pseudo-thelemites or anti-thelemic people I have written about, and I have always chosen not to take petty pot shots at these people, telling everything I know about them - such as [since it has now become well known] the late Marcelo Motta's phobia about the diminutive size of his penis.  It was a member of the Caliphate gang [Phyllis Seckler, aka Soror Meral] who provided me with a copy of a letter Motta had once written to Germer going into great detail about this obsession, expecting me to publish it in TNN while he was alive as it was hoped it would mortify him.  I, however, chose not to publish it or even mention it as I saw no reason to launch a "vicious personal" attack upon Motta for my professional commentaries employing his own published words was quite sufficient to do the job of exposing the man for what he was - and for the sake and future of Thelema - with absolutely no personal feelings or motives.  I am rather, personally speaking, detached, indifferent and somewhat self-interested - blame it on my Arian sun sign, balanced by Pisces rising and by having my moon in Libra - and there is absolutely nothing personal in anything I write about anyone in either TNN or an EL.  Of course, petty ego can see only ego, because that ego is in the way and it is that ego which is really seen, not another.  P.A.A.A. thinks he sees "vicious personal attacks" where there is only "legitimate professional commentary" because in fact he can only see his own response to something which upset his ego - his own "vicious personal attack".  This Aurora Australis nonsense.

Oh ... he goes on a bit about how I "boast" about things in the Newaeon information sheets.  In fact, I am merely presenting facts with a playful and dramatic flare, which is, after all, what good promotion should do and naturally the Newaeon information sheets should promote The Newaeon Newsletter.  How sensitive the egoes of these petty inepts.  Touch that sore spot and they fly through the roof and all semblance of a sense of humour that they may have had disappears.

"Really, folks," P.A.A.A. goes on.  "Who does this bozo think he is?  Torquemada?  Who appointed him Censor of Thelemic Dogma?  Does he have any authority whatever to present Aleister Crowley, for example?"

And it continues to imply that his group has that authority, of course.  [By the way, Torquemada was the Grand Inquisitor in the film version of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum", if memory serves me well.  Although Frater P.A.A.A. probably picked up the name out of a Classic Comics version of the Poe story.]  As for who or what appointed me, or gave me authority, or anything like that, we will let history judge.  Suffice it to say that my love for Thelema, my absolute devotion to Thelema, my strong sense of duty, and my unshakable reason and sense of justice prevents me from remaining silent when I perceive others wrongly abusing Thelema, the teachings and memory of Aleister Crowley, to the detriment of Thelema, for their own petty, personal ego-motivated purpose.  That is all the "authority" and "right" that I need.  His question is rather like someone asking:  "What right does that resident have to assist in the apprehension and identification of the murderer who was terrorizing the neighbourhood?"  Never mind the fact that I've never "censored" nor even attempted to "censor" anyone.

[Someone just leaned over my shoulder laughing, suggesting "He apparently expects you to get written permission and authority from Breeze and the gang, just as they insist upon receiving a written request for written permission from them to publish anything by the old Beast, so that you can comment upon drunken, ill-performed sham initiations with 'authority'!"  I do so hate it when Aiwass reads over my left shoulder like that.]

Oh yes ... P.A.A.A. calls me a "bozo".  Ouch!  Gee ... that hurt.  I think he is confusing the clown with the Pure Fool, but that is beside the point.  [Boz, Beth Vau Zayin, 15, "contempt"; 15 is also the Mystic Number of Geburah, Hod or "Splendour", and aside from being the Monogram of the Eternal, IH, Yod He, it is the Atu number of "the Devil", 15 also being the numeration of ZCh, Zayin Cheth, "to force, to move; He who impels".  And the numeration of BOZO or Beth Vau Zayin Vau is 21, the Mystic Number of Tiphareth and the name of GOD in Kether, "Existence", AHIH, linking me with all that that implies; 21 is also the numeration of ZChV, which means "Purity, innocence", according to Sepher Sephiroth.  So yeah!  I heartily agree and proclaim it:  I am a Bozo!  When will these inepts ever learn that they cannot insult me and must, consciously or unconsciously, praise me and honour me with esoteric terms of majesty?  Ah me...]

"He consistently refers to Crowley as 'Our Father,' a phrase that would have either gagged Crowley with disgust or reduced him to howls of laughter."

Now who is assuming "authority ... to represent Aleister Crowley"?  Agreed, A.C. would, hopefully, laugh - long and hard - and oh how I would bathe in the laughter of the Great Beast at my little serious jest.  If P.A.A.A. finds it impossible to see that I intend a humourous aspect to my term of honour, then I dare say he will never understand the writings of the Beast 666.  Aside from this, all Thelemites are, in a sense, children of the Beast, thus he is Our Father!  How dull and one-dimensional P.A.A.A. is.  Typical of the Caliphate.

"...Kelly apparently claims such authority without providing any mention of his source.  And he dares call others 'charlatan.'  Faugh!"

Faugh?  Oh, get real, my demented little brother.  "Presume".  "Apparently".  Can't P.A.A.A. be sure of anything he says?  I am certain he is a damn silly fool and do not mind saying it, but aren't we all sometimes?  He may grow out of it.  As for "authority" - who's claimed it?  Not I.  I amm just speaking my mind.  It is his group and he by his affiliation with the Caliphate gang who is claiming "authority", and upon what?  A few meaningless words scribbled in a letter to the late Grady McMurtry which did not appoint him O.H.O. of the O.T.O. but which were, at best, only meant to flatter his ego so he would be a good little errand boy and source of finances, and the bogus A.·.A.·. forms being handed out through the gang's "College of Thelema" started with a bogus form Jane Wolfe gave to Phyllis Seckler [Soror Meral of the Caliphate gang], a thing which she had no right to do - Jane being a big disappointment to Crowley and an airy fairy, undisciplined, spiritist [spiritualist] more than anything else.  That is the Caliphate's and P.A.A.A.'s "authority", and they are welcome to it.  I refuse to be tainted by such tattered and filthy rags of pseudo-authority.  Faugh, indeed!

P.A.A.A. calls my statement regarding how I am not out to make friends or collect money from students for pseudo-initiations and so forth "negative goals" that "seem perfectly attainable" and he alleges that I am following a "non-program".  Basically calling me an egomaniac [an accusation often incorrectly made against A.C.] - Oh where are my thunderbolts when I need them most? - he goes on to say that

"The reality seems [!] to be that Kelly has no viable organization and nothing worthwhile to offer and that he bitterly resents anyone who does.  It is very easy to find fault with what others are doing, particularly for one who is not doing much of anything."

Okay, okay, quiet down now.  Please reserve your laughter as well as your applause until later.  Thank you very much.

I inserted the exclamation mark.  How uncertain this character is.  Seems?  Well, just because I have not detailed my very definite "program" in such a way as a Caliphate inept can understand it, that does not meant that I do not have a "program".  Careful readers of TNN, for instance, can find many references to an extremely detailed "program".  However, whereas the Caliphate gang, parading about displaying the tattered papers of their mock authority as if they were peacock feathers, and doing little else in reality, more concerned about quantity than quality, collecting names to add to their extremely misleading membership list, many of whom long gave up on the group but whose names remain on the list, many of whom are non-participating prisoners incarcerated for various crimes in various state and federal institutions, building a castle of mud and twings on a foundation of sand in the middle of a fetid swamp - whereas they are going for the quick flash and dazzle for the sake of immediate appearance - their flash and dazzle kind of fizzling like a bum firecracker - I am ever so carefully striving for quality as opposed to quantity, which can always come much later [and besides ... CCXX I.10!], looking for the best place to build while collecting and inspecting my materials, learning how best to build my structure as I go, and carefully, with great love and craft, preparing the foundation.  My Grandpap was a house-builder, bricklayer, and if he were alive today he might be surprised at just how much I learned from him, a mason.  He was also a farmer and I was raised upon his farm, so I know the importance of first clearing the field, removing everything hostile to the garden I am planning, while collecting the seeds for my crops, which will be planted at the time most appropriate for a good and healthy growth.

Viable organization?  I would hardly call the disorganized ragged bunch masquerading as the O.T.O. a viable organization!  And I have already offered more of worth than the Caliphate gang can ever offer - and I have hardly begun.  But we will allow history to judge the worth or worthlessness of it all.

P.A.A.A., who may be the only contributing member of the Arcanum Oasis, may be describing himself, unable to get past his own ego again, when he talks about bitterly resenting another.  I am neither bitter nor do I resent anyone for having any kind of an organization.  My astrological chart has been printed in TNN.  Check it.  You should find that, in truth, I really do not like to join, be a member in or a leader of any kind of organization.  I do not possess that desire in me to be a petty tyrant, which I have begun to believe is a prerequisite for leadership in the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., and essentially that seems to be the consensus of thought among those members of the group who have made contact with me over the years.

Those who know me, know that my fondest personal desire is to live in a quiet little lakeside cottage, with no neighbours anywhere in sight, Old West and Civil War guns, VCRs and such to play with, a good woman at my side, a typewriter that never breaks down [ah ... make that a super computer now], and plenty of time to read and write.  I have absolutely no personal desire to either be a member of an organization or its leader, thus I have no reason to resent anyone who is affiliated with an organization in any way.  In fact, often, I have turned down membership in organizations, the members and leaders wanting me and my humble skills to be a part of their organizations.  I have, in fact, several times turned down invitations to join the Caliphate earlier on, and I suppose that still sticks in their craw!  There is as much organization to Newaeon as I want at present - and by want, I mean professionally want.  I find it very distressing that people like the Caliphate inepts are virtually forcing me, because of my love affair with Thelema and my sense of duty and responsibility, to publish The Newaeon Newsletter, and swing The Sword of Horus, and set about a "program" that will make my personal desire practically unattainable.  Oh yes, I can lead!  Time will prove just how well I can lead.  But only a bloody fool or a madman wants to be a leader.  Or ... one who loves something greater than life itself, as I love Thelema.  Love is a kind of madness, so perhaps that explains my devotion to the Ideal.

There follows in P.A.A.A.'s article a paragraph making excuses for the imperfection [to put it mildly!] of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., "Anarchism ... is not the answer", blah, blah, blah, finishing with "I think we do generally much better than most in the field."  Problem is that he doesn't think, and here he is claiming superiority over "most" of the individuals and groups in the occult community.  Isn't that, more or less, what he has accused me of doing?

"Every organization suffers from internal imperfections that will inevitably destroy it," he begins his next to last paragraph, again making excuses for the failings of his particular "organization".  It is kind of like saying, "We are fuck ups, it's true, but fucking up is inevitable!" - pardon my "French".  "Meanwhile," hee continued, "Ordo Templi Orientis", meaning his group's version of the O.T.O., of course, "is the largest, best-organized, most active body in Thelemic tradition."  And oh how it makes me weep.  Of course, I have already explained, in part, how they create the illusion of being "the largest", and they are so disorganized that they could not even get the numbering system of their publications straight.  If the Caliphate gang is the "best-organized", Thelema is in BIG trouble!  [And it is in trouble, thanks to people like these inepts.]  And oh how he whines in this paragraph.  Such a baby.

"We have very little in the way of official doctrine, and, in my opinion, no dogma at all."

The lack of "official doctrine" is not necessarily a plus, and, excuse me ... "no dogma at all" in his opinion?  What worth is that?  At least three times in this three-column article he spoke of "Thelemic Dogma", but now he is saying that there ain't no such animal!  Typical clear-thinking [ahum] of the Caliphate inepts.

"What more does Kelly expect in this far-from-perfect world?"  Simple.  Honesty.  Sincerity.  Genuine devotion and dedication.  A real good effort to achieve perfection, however impossible absolute perfection may be in this imperfect world.  Less whining.  Fewer excuses.  Less ego gratification at the expense of more important matters like the fate of Thelema and society as a whole.  Truth.  Genuine humanity.  Et cetera.  In fact, what I expect is, I am forced to conclude, perhaps practically impossible for the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., its leadership, such as that is, and those members who have decided to slavishly follow Breeze and company like good little sheep who would be just as comfortable in a Christian pasture under different circumstances.

And he finishes - and remember that it is me who is supposed to be "smug":

"While I do not understand why anyone would be interested in Frater Keallach's smug, self-satisfied egotism, I do want to be as fair as possible.  It is, I suppose, possible that he has something to offer to those whose True Will is masochism.  Therefore, I give his mailing address below for anyone who might care."

And he does.  Personally I think P.A.A.A. must be something of a masochist to have written such nonsense for he had to know that I would respond.  Hell, that is why I pulled all the strings in the first place.  I am much more effective as a counter-puncher.  Or is it that P.A.A.A.'s "smug, self-satisfied egotism" assumed that I would, like a beaten dog, tuck my tail between my legs and crawl away after his oh so devastating [yawn] scolding?  And by the way, giving my address at the end was not an attempt to "be as fair as possible".  In reviewing Aurora Australis in the previous EL I naturally gave his mailing address, as is the professional custom, and he merely wishes to appear to be fair and professional.  Also, I am sure, he hoped that it would generate a lot of hate mail for me to deal with.  And here's the funny part:  No hate mail so far, but a few more members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. have contacted me, fed up with the bullshit of Breeze, people like P.A.A.A. [what old Per Ardua Ad Astra was called in one letter by a "friend" I will not even repeat in something wherein the word "fuck" appears!], and some members of the group.  So thank you, for the amusement, and for putting me into contact with more brothers and sisters who have learned the truth about the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.!

To close:  I know that I am going to be criticized for making the comparison, however, sometimes I feel like Jesus among the Sadducees and Pharisees, saddened and made angry as I watch the House of my God turned into a marketplace.  Is it any wonder I overturn a few tables, grab a whip and start beating those who profane Thelema for the sake of petty profit and illusions of personal status?

Love is the law, love under will.

[ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Vernal Equinox 1991 E.V.]

Encyclical Letter


Crowleymas/Samhain 1991 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Fall, especially October, has always been a very special time for me, perhaps an even more magical time of the year than Spring.  I seem to hear continually playing in my mind tunes like "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".  I bathe in the cool, brisk air and delight in the crystal clear sapphire blue sky, the brilliant hues of the changing leaves helping to blur the fine lines between reality and fantasy - this world and the other.  I suppose two occasions which make October especially esoteric for me are Samhain and on the 12th, Crowleymas.  Is it not a wonderful thing that governmental offices close upon the birthday of Our Father the Beast 666?  Well, that is at least how I choose to view it, with amusement.  I can hardly celebrate the birthday of that other man who was the one initially responsible for the destruction through Christianization and outright genocide combined with the slavery of the Native American peoples - the "Indians".  No, I would rather celebrate the birth of that greater man born on October 12th of 1875 E.V. who truly loved the cultural differences of all peoples and, through his writings and teachings, encouraged individuality - even encouraged people to disagree with him and thoroughly debate every issue, consider every possibility.

On the 116th Crowleymas I feel that the line between this world and the other, the present and the past, always near to nonexistent for me, is especially thin - and To Mega Therion is very near indeed.  I have a habit of speaking of Aleister Crowley as if he still lived, for I always feel his presence in my life.  I write something that I think is very fine indeed, but there he stands just behind me, criticizing my work.  I do not always like what the Beast says, sometimes I find his amusement or his habit of teasing rather annoying.  "Well you certainly weren't perfect!" I almost say aloud.  "No," I almost hear him reply, "that I certainly was not ... thank the Gods!  However, my writing was far superior to that, and you, my boy, can do much better."  And I am always forced to agree and begin again.

I am neither obsessed by the image of Crowley nor possessed by his ghost, yet his presence is somehow, in some very subtle way, always with me, and while he was not perfect - the very nature of every human being is imperfection! - I am convinced that when Crowley is viewed from some Absolute vantage point beyond time and space it is quite clear that even his faults, his failings, those things some may call his "vices", were necessary components in that instrument of the Gods once called Aleister Crowley.

So let me wish all of you, ay, let me wish the entire world a very Beastly Crowleymas!

And a Happy Halloween!

Love is the law, love under will.


"I am indeed surprised [and impressed] that you remember my correspondence back in 1988 e.v.  At that time you wrote me a rather bold warning:  'something in your letter told me that you accept things and people too easily.  You may not think that this is true, but that could be the worst fault you have ... The man who recognizes his foolishness, admits it, and yet ever strives towards wisdom is the truly wise man.'  My initial reaction was 'who the hell does this guy think he is!?!'  However, I have come to discover that in many ways you were correct.  The O.T.O. branch that I was so excited about turned out to be the 'Caliphate pseudo-O.T.O.' that you have so often [yet justifiably] denounced.  You were also accurate concerning B.O.T.A., calling them more of an esoteric business than an esoteric organization.  Conclusion drawn:  there must be something to this Frater Keallach 93/676!  Now I must say 'thanks' for having the balls to warn me when others wouldn't dare - I just wish that I would have listened in the first place."

The writer of this letter has since become a Newaeon subscriber and I thank him for his kind words.


And then there is the new rumour being circulated about the infamous G.M.Kelly.  At the risk of sounding like a "paranoid schizophrenic" while merely reporting, with great amusement, information that has come my way...  It has come to my attention that individuals that I have exposed, confronting them face to face with the charges I have made, who have often responded by starting rumours behind my back to slander and attempt to discredit me, seem to be at it again.  The newest rumour is that "G.M.Kelly was in prison".  When one fellow claiming to have received letters from the incarcerated G.M.Kelly was asked for copies of said letters he claimed to have lost those letters.  In point of fact, I have never even seen the inside of a jail or prison, not even as a visitor, except for in the movies, and being incredibly law-abiding I am hardly likely to ever be imprisoned.  I am, in fact, constantly at war with the law enforcement community in Pittsburgh, dissatisfied with their apparent disregard of and disinterest in the law, and furthermore, I am supposed to appear in court soon ... as a witness to put behind bars a punk who broke into my apartment building and suddenly found himself face to face with an angry Thelemic magician who effortlessly chucked him down a flight of stairs and ended up getting him arrested and tossed in the hoosegow!  Sorry Charlie, but I am always well on the right side of the law, whether I agree with those laws or not, and one is more likely to find law enforcement officers behind bars than G.M.Kelly.  Oh how petty these infantile charlatans and crackpots are.  How ungentlemanly ... how unmanly.

And more recently...


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[NOTE:  spaces were added in the Path information for the sake of the HTML document, straight brackets replaced angle brackets in the Message-ID to avoid confusing the computer which uses the latter in HTML code, and the Subject and one-word message were highlighted here with colour.]

The message, "not", will not stick in the minds of people who read this misinforming lie posted on a newsgroup as well as the Subject, i.e. "G.M. Kelly In Jail Again!"  No doubt that was what Carlyns desired.  Apparently Carlyns is yet another coward who hides behind the anonymity of the computer, afraid to identify himself after his petty, childish and libellous act, another poor attempt to discredit me, these people unable to find any real "dirt" on me for the simple reason that there is nothing to find.  The only way to attack and "get even" with someone who is honest, law-abiding, sincere and up-front is to invent lies, spread false rumours, and otherwise act in such a way as to prove oneself a rude liar, ungentlemanly or unladylike, and, of course, unthelemic, for such behaviour most definitely is not that of a "king [or queen] of the earth".  Am I angry?  Of course not.  Such monkey antics only prove that [1] my conclusions regarding pseudo-thelemites that I write about are correct, [2] I am obviously having an effect that is being felt, and [3] I am so practically above reproach that these people must resort to lying in order to strike back, their lies easy to prove by the fact that they cannot prove that they are not lies.

[2007 Note:  I was told some time after this that Bill Breeze himself has often used the name Carlyns for messages such as this.  It's perfectly in tune with his character to have posted the above message.]

If you dare to criticize such pseudo-thelemic groups as the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. or the S.O.T.O., don't be surprised if suddenly they are spreading lies about you.  But don't let them bully you.  Shove them right back down their throats and choke them with those lies.