The Kevin Bold Story:

The Caliphate Gang in Pittsburgh

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Some time ago I contacted the Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The "Camp Master", Kevin Bold, sent me a trite bit of nonsense crudely printed on one page that he called a newsletter with a handwritten note expressing great eagerness to meet me.  Silly boy.  My original contact was to merely send him a Crowleymas card at the appropriate time in October.  Before meeting with him in person I thought that in all fairness I should be honest and up front with him regarding my opinions of the Caliphate gang, so I sent him a two-page letter expressing my opinions briefly, politely, while informing him that this difference of opinion that we would obviously have should in no way interfere with a bit of fraternal communication between us.  After all, I have had more than one pleasant association with members of the gang who disagree with me on that one point - although admittedly finding an intelligent and rational individual in that group is difficult indeed!

Kevin ran scared.  No reply.  I sent him a couple complimentary Encyclical Letters and so forth to give him a few further opportunities, but he lacked even a trace of manliness, gentlemanliness and ... well ... balls.  In the meantime others who met him were suitably unimpressed and as a consequence, turned off to the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.  I later discovered that Kevin, although he had been at this for at least two or three years here, could not keep members for very long, never had more than two or three members of his "Camp" at any one time, and around the time of our meeting he could not even find a place for his "Camp", such as it was, to meet.  I also discovered that when my name has come up in correspondence with others, Kevin did his best to make me look like the wickedest man in the world - now where have I heard that sort of thing before?  And the most wicked thing about me, he told one charming young lady in a letter, is that I am [shudder] over forty years old!  The absolute horror of it!  [The fact that Maury Terry and Geraldo Rivera have a compulsive need to misuse television to get even with individuals like this in the Caliphate gang only goes to show you just how incredibly petty those two morons are!]

Anyway, with "Masters" like Kevin, the Caliphate gang is sure to continue going nowhere fast.

I never pushed it.  Never saw the need to launch an investigation of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp.  The Caliphate gang in my own neighbourhood ... big deal.  Ho hum.  But Fate - ah, that prankish weaver of webs - would not leave well enough alone.  Only about twice a year do I now visit the local occult bookstore and during the last visit I found the store closed at 12 noon until 12:45.  I had time to kill.  It was a little bit rainy that day so I waited across the street on a covered sidewalk.  Eventually another person joined me, having expected the book store to be opened at noon.  Her name is Sharon and, she told me, she was to meet someone at the establishment, the representative of "the O.T.O.".  This was going to be fun, I told myself.  We talked a bit, Kevin, the representative of "the O.T.O." that she was supposed to meet was late, but when he showed up, although I had never seen him or even asked anyone for a physical description of the chap, I had no trouble identifying him as a member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  When he came over to Sharon she introduced me by another name I had given yer - not G.M.Kelly, as that would have spoiled my fun and frightened Kevin off, but another name readers of The Newaeon Newsletter should know, and I did not lie.  G.M.Kelly simply does not lie.  However, it is sometimes advantageous to tell one truth rather than another truth at certain times, and I did not want fear and prejudice on Kevin's part to spoil a free exchange of knowledge and opinions.  Unfortunately, Kevin had obviously gotten a physical description of me - you know, tall, dark and handsome [ahum] - and he had his suspicions about me right off.

Kevin, I assume, is in his twenties.  He is short, pudgy, and rather toadish in appearance.  He has dark hair, wears nerd glasses and dressed in shabby dark clothing and a silly looking dark cap, carried a bag of who knows what slung over his shoulder, and his complexion is extremely unhealthy.  The "Master" of the "Whiskey Rebellion Camp" has the personality of a dead wet dog.  Try to imagine that.  Supposedly he came from the West Coast, California if memory serves me right, but he has a very East Coast look - like New Jersey.  [Sorry, New Jersey.]  After asking Sharon if she was Sharon and being introduced to me, in his pathetically dreary manner of speech, Kevin whined about his pulse rate being too high.  He did not feel well.  He thought it was his heart.  He felt his wrist and his flabby neck and his [ugh] face.  Well, it would not be the first time someone like him virtually had a heart attack upon meeting the infamous G.M.Kelly!

Sharon suggested we go into the yogurt place behind us to sit down.  He whined about not being sure he could walk the few yards to the door, but he decided he could make it and Sharon invited me to join them.  I am sure Kevin appreciated that!

Inside, we sat down at a table and he whined on and on about his heart, feeling his wrist, feeling his neck, feeling his face, but while looking generally unhealthy he did not appear to me to be in any great physiological distress.  Oh, I am sure he was distressed, but I think it was more psychological than anything else, perhaps producing psychosomatic manifestations.  He was really very pathetic and I believe hypochondria is a normal state of affairs for this "Master" of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..

Sharon suggested that since we were there we could get something to drink.  She stood up, Kevin remained seated while I too arose, and he said "I'll have tea".  No please and after Sharon bought him a cup of tea no thank you.  On top of everything else, the Caliphate "Camp Master" was also something less than a gentleman.

Sharon asked him a question about the O.T.O. and Kevin snapped "I don't want to talk about that now," then he whined on and on about his heart, constantly feeling himself [cannot imagine anyone else wanting to feel him!] and finally I suggested that perhaps he should see a doctor.  He whined.  Sharon offered to drive him to the nearest hospital, only a few blocks away.  Kevin whined some more - he did not think he could walk all the way to her car, which was parked right where we had met a few yards away - could she pull the car up to the front door?  Sharon was very obliging although she too obviously doubted the sincerity of his complaints.  Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to laugh?  And the thought of saying, "Of course you know I am G.M.Kelly", and watching him go into a full-fledged psychosomatic coronary was almost too tempting for me.  Nevertheless, I controlled myself and when Sharon invited me to ride along I thought I would give the poor chap a break and stay behind.

After Sharon dumped the "Master" of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp off at the hospital, we met up again at the occult book store and had a pleasant little chat.

Did Kevin survive his "heart attack"?  I do not know, and frankly I find that I do not care.  He is one of those dreary, lifeless individuals that one simply cannot care about - except perhaps in the most abstract way.  I suspect, however, that he did survive and I would not be very surprised if he decided Pittsburgh was not his kind of town and got out as soon as he could - or will as soon as he can.  I simply have not been interested enough in the pathetic little Caliphate toadie to check on his status.  Of course I will send him a complimentary copy of this encyclical letter.  It is the polite and ethical thing to do.

The Book of the Law says "Is a God to live in a dog?  No!  but the highest are of us.  They shall rejoice, our chosen:  who sorroweth is not of us.  Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.  We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit:  let them die in their misery. ..."  [CCXX II. 19-21]  "Yea!  deem not of change:  ye shall be as ye are, & not other.  Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever ... A King may choose his garment as he will:  there is no certain test:  but a beggar cannot hide his poverty."  [CCXX II.58]

Once again a member of the Caliphate gang failed to live up to the image of a genuine Thelemite and could not hide the poverty of his spirit and character.

Amusing though such misadventures may be, I cannot help feeling saddened by them.  How sad it must have made Our Father Aleister Crowley to see so many failures like Jane Wolf, Jack Parsons, and Charles Stansfeld Jones during his lifetime, and how utterly disheartening it would have been for A.C. if he could see today the kind of people that are running around calling themselves Thelemites.

Love is the law, love under will.

[ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Summer Solstice 1992 E.V.]

The Kevin Bold Story, Part II:

The Return of Nanivartante

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

PREFACE:  The following article, as are all such articles, is not a personal attack upon an individual.  It is intended as a specific example of general statements at other times made.  For instance, I have often spoken of the "inepts" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. - this is a specific example of that general statement.  Any organization [or disorganization in such a case as this] is only as good as its members and leadership.  In cases such as the one that follows, it can be clearly seen just how "good" the Caliphate gang is...

This preface written for those living in an airy faery fantasy universe of sweetness and light who miss the point of such articles and put them down as Thelemic "in-fighting", as well as for those who falsely claim to be Thelemites while speaking and acting in most unthelemic ways.

Returned envelope from Kevin Bold

THE BEGINNING:  Aware of Bold's existence in my area, I sent him a Crowleymas card last October.  Bold responded with a copy of a very crude one-page newsletter from his so-called Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. of which he is the "Camp Master", and on it was scribbled a note saying that he would very much like to meet me.  In the spirit of true honesty and fraternity [which Bold now chooses to view as "baiting"], the same spirit in which I sent the Crowleymas card, I mailed to Bold a two-page letter telling him that I would like to meet him as well, but that I thought that in all fairness I should first explain to him, very briefly and generally, that I do not approve of the group he has associated himself with, but that despite this I would not judge him by his association, taking him instead as a separate and unique phenomenon and individual, and that I would form my opinions of him based upon his personality and character alone.  I could have easily tricked and "baited" him if I had not been up front and straight forward with him and gotten him to reveal himself even more quickly.  It is interesting to note that very often members of this so-called "fraternity" really have no concept of true fraternity and do not recognize it when they encounter it.

The "Camp Master", who calls himself Frater Nanivartante 777 II°, did not respond to my gentlemanly letter, proving himself most unmanly indeed.  After that, from time to time, again in a sincere spirit of fraternity, I occasionally sent him a complimentary copy of any Newaeon Encyclical Letter that mentioned the Caliphate gang.  Still Kevin Not-So-Bold, as some have since called him, could not muster enough manly objectivity to respond.  Well, by then I did not expect it, and after all, I was only trying to be nice to him.  I had, of course, before I sent the Crowleymas card, received reports on Bold from individuals who had met him and were suitably unimpressed, thus losing interest in the O.T.O. in any form and in some cases losing interest in Thelema because of the way Kevin and the Caliphate gang misrepresent it.

Eventually circumstances brought us together, brief though the meeting was when Bold apparently realized who I was and claimed to be having a heart attack [read "anxiety attack"] to beat it out of there as soon as possible.

Following this amusing little affair I published a report of this glancing meeting in the previous Summer Solstice EL - pages 5 and 6 but amounting only to about one page of text [Part I above] - and again in the true spirit of fraternity and out of journalistic integrity I mailed to Kevin Not-So-Bold a complimentary copy of that EL.  He refused it and returned the EL unopened, as you can see from the above copy of the envelope that contained it - not because he is above it all, as later events proved, but because he lacks the manliness of a true Thelemite.  Later he discovered that a report of our meeting had been given in that EL, he obtained a copy of it, and then the fun started.  I had to ask him to stop writing to me, for instance, because he was providing me with more than enough rope to hang him.

NANIVARTANTE'S RETURN:  At the present time Kevin Bold, probably acting upon advice he received from others in the Caliphate gang, is being relatively silent.  He, like his companions in the gang, are not taking the "high road" of an adept who is above it all.  It is a common sham.  A lack of nerve and wit, a realization that one's position is not based upon honesty and that the enemy [yours truly in this case] stands firmly upon the truth and that every attack launched will only rebound and return to its source.  When anyone in the gang has unwisely sought to attack me in a public forum they only managed to further reveal their lies and stupidity.  Most of their attacks against the infamous G.M.Kelly have been exercises in petty back stabbing and the dissemination of lies easily proven to be falshoods.

17 July 1992 E.V.:  Bold wrote to David Godwin, author of Light in Extension [reviewed in the Vernal Equinox '92 E.V. EL], an admirable work I contributed a rare cover blurb to and in which I had been mentioned.  The letter to Mr. Godwin was of course obtained in the usual "devious" manner I receive most of my information.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  The following is an excerpt from Light in Extension by David Godwin, Llewellyn Publications, 1992 E.V., page 199.

"Crowley planned a comprehensive dictionary of this sort (Liber MCCLXIV:  The Greek Qabalah), but he never completed it nor got around to publishing it.  Some of his notes for the book were published by the caliphate O.T.O. some time ago ('An. LXXIV e.n.'), under the full title, but this publication was inscribed 'The short form.  Reconstructed from surviving index slips - with an Introduction and technical notes.'  However, this 'book' is very incomplete and in some cases inaccurate.

"The Thelemite implications of isopsephos, otherwise called 'Greek gematria,' have been and continue to be thoroughly explored by G. M. Kelly in The Newaeon Newsletter (P.O. Box 19210, Pittsburgh, PA 15213).  Reading a few back numbers of this newsletter will enable you to expand this dictionary considerably, and not just as regards The Book of the Law and Thelema.  Kelly has done invaluable work in this area - as, for example, with The Odyssey - and he knows what he's doing.  He is a little unpopular with groups calling themselves the O.T.O. or A.A., primarily because he shows them little mercy in exposing their failings and pretensions."]

Bold claimed to come across "some rather misleading and disturbing statements" in Mr. Godwin's book, or so he said.  He first "consulted some 'old-timer' members" of the Caliphate gang and then wrote that "it turns out that Liber MCCLXIV:  The Greek Qabalah was not so much a 'book' as it was an article in the old Ordo Templi Orientis Newsletter".  Mr. Godwin had written, on page 199 of his book, that "this 'book' is very incomplete and in some cases inaccurate."  It is obvious to all that Mr. Godwin was absolutely correct and Mr. Bold is, characteristically, absolutely stupid.  In the first place, Mr. Godwin placed quotation marks around the word "book" to point out that he himself was not calling the so-called article a book, but in fact the very title of the work calls it a book.  What does Kevin Bold think the Latin word "Liber" means?  And, of course, this collection of scraps upon which Crowley had toyed with Greek and isopsephos [gematria], never intended for publication as they were, were full of errors and nonsense which the Caliphate gang presented, having at the time the worst editor imaginable for their now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter - Bill Heidrick.  Needless to say, I am told, Bold did not make a favourable impression upon Mr. Godwin from the very start and thereby began to slit his own throat.  [NOTE:  And "article" or "book", even making allowances for common human error, Crowley's work should not have been presented with as many obvious errors as were in the Caliphate's newsletter.]

Bold in his letter then wrote

"I found it most bizarre that you would give any credibility whatsoever to Gary 'G.M. Kelly' Martin.  Mr. Martin is mostly unknown within the O.T.O. (at least he was prior to the publication of Light in Extension), and where he is known, he is very unpopular - not because he 'shows little mercy' in exposing what he imagines to be 'failings and pretensions', but because he is simply slanderous when it comes to any magickal organization, Thelemic or otherwise, of which he is not the head.  ... By the way, I'm also enclosing a page from his Spring 1991ev 'Encyclical Newsletter' [sic] for your enlightenment - I thought you might want to know what he has previously said about you!"

[NOTE:  I had written a review on an early edition of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia, taking issue with incorrect statements made in regards to Aleister Crowley, statements which Mr. Godwin has since corrected in later and superior editions of his book after further investigations gave him a better understanding of Crowley and his work.  My review was written with a bit of tongue-in-cheek and a playful attitude, and Mr. Godwin, having a genuine sense of humour, unlike Bold and his type, immediately picked up on my playfulness and saw the humour in what I had written.]

Mr. Godwin then found himself in a position to defend me, pointing out that he had received a copy of that EL from me, that I do not participate in random attacks against "any magickal [sic] organization ... of which [I am] not the head", and so forth.  Mr. Bold assumed that Mr. Godwin was unfamiliar with The Newaeon Newsletter and the supplemental Encyclical Letters.  [An odd assumption, don't you think, considering what Mr. Godwin said about me in his book.]  Mr. Bold was, as usual, wrong as he is very familiar with everything I have written and published whereas Bold was very unfamiliar with what I have written, relying for his "truth" upon his own personal desires and fantasies and believing whatever the "'old-timer' members" of the Caliphate gang told him, acting oh so "Christian" and going in whatever direction some barking dog commands him to go.

There are two more things here worthy of notice.  (1) "Gary 'G.M. Kelly' Martin":  Individuals like Bold seem to take great delight in "revealing" my "true" name, accusing me of hiding behind a pseudonym, and proudly boast how they "discovered" the "truth".  In the first place, what does Bold think the G.M. in G.M.Kelly stands for?  One fellow once thought "Grand Master" and I had never even thought of that!  Of course it stands for Gary Martin, however, for various reasons I prefer not to use that name and prefer to be called Kelly - "the G.M. is literary window dressing", I have often explained.  And of course I am not "hiding" this information - I published and explained the name in TNN II.5, p. 7 for all to read.  Furthermore, if someone subscribes to TNN with a cheque it is endorsed by me on the back as follows:  "G.M.Kelly - Gary Allen Martin", thus giving to everyone of those people this "secret" information that anyone can easily obtain.  And need I repeat that assuming a name that one is more comfortable with, that one feels best expresses oneself, is a common tradition among artists of all kinds, including magicians such as Dion Fortune [Violet Firth], Eliphas Levi [Alphonse Louis Constant], and yes, even Aleister Crowley [Edward Alexander Crowley].  So what's the big deal?  At least I am not calling myself Nanivartante!  I simply prefer to be called Kelly for reasons too numerous to explain here ... so what?

In point of fact, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only individual claiming to be a Thelemic "leader" [and I use that term in a very loose way here] who has published my "real" name, explained the matter, published pictures of myself, samples of my handwriting with graphological analysis [TNN I.5, 2-5], as well as my astrological chart [TNN II.2, 3-4, as well as lV.6, 3-5 where Ms. Goldie Brown compares my natal chart to Crowley's to thus show the compatibility between teacher and student/defender], and for those of you who somehow missed all of that, and because my chart has again been drawn up by an interested party, please see that new chart which follows:

G.M.Kelly's Natal Chart

I am the only one not hiding behind some pseudonym, who has come out and provided a great deal of information about myself in order to say "Here I am.  I have nothing to hide.  Judge me as you will."  Meanwhile, Bold's almighty leader, the so-called "Frater Superior" of the so-called O.T.O., William Breeze, is still trying to hide behind his less than magical name, Hymenaeus Beta.  And by the way, yes, with people like Bold, Heidrick and Breeze I am quite understandably "unpopular".  Of course, I am thoroughly devoted to Thelema and the memory of the Beast 666 and I am not participating in a popularity contest.  I am likely to piss off a great many people, and only an individual like Kevin Bold would be worried about being popular.  By the way, Bold thought himself so very marvelous to have discovered my residential address - never mind that it is easy for anyone to discover [keep in mind I am too busy to appreciate uninvited and unannounced visits], whereupon he proceeded to invade my privacy in a cowardly fashion, easy enough for me to put a stop to.

(2) It is true that he and a large portion of the Caliphate gang are or have been ignorant of my existence.  This is mostly because the leadership of the gang has done everything it could to keep its "members" in ignorance to prevent them from encountering an intelligent opposition to their lies and efforts to misrepresent and misuse the name and work of Crowley to further their own petty, personal schemes.  Note how upset Bold is that Mr. Godwin should focus some attention upon me - what is Bold afraid of?  I have often focussed attention upon the Caliphate gang and others, providing names and mailing addresses while encouraging readers to contact the opposition to get their side of any story so that the reader may DECIDE FOR HIM- OR HERSELF.  How very "Christian" this suppression of knowledge is on the part of Bold and the Caliphate gang.  Very unthelemic!  How very Orwellian - "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" (1984).  Oh ... if you want to understand the Caliphate gang better simply study George Orwell's book as well as the early machinations of the Roman Catholic Church as the parallels are amazing, although upon a less sophisticated level.  This is not what Thelema is all about.

Speaking of addresses, Kevin Bold [if indeed that is his "real" name!] accused me of hiding behind a post office box, giving his address as #8 Market Square, Suite 131, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.  Please note the business card that below:

Boxes Etc. business card, #8 Market Square, Pgh., PA 15222

Mail Boxes Etc. offers a mail drop service.  Kevin Bold's address is a mail box in a building nowhere near where he lives and works [if he works], not substantially different than a post office box.  Furthermore, there is no listing for a Kevin Bold in the 'phone book.  I wonder, what is Kevin trying to hide from?  Obviously he never took seriously the old adage about people who live in glass houses.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  Kevin Bold has changed his mail drop address more than once since the writing of this article.]

31 July 1992 E.V.:  Again Bold wrote to Mr. Godwin.

"Regarding your defense of Gary 'G.M. Kelly' Martin, I have enclosed some documents which you undoubtedly have not seen which will illumine you on why I am so skeptical of your view of him as merely being 'ironic' or 'sardonically humorous'.  The letters he wrote me are simply nothing but vicious lies about my friends, and if he were half the magus he fancies himself, he would have tried a much different approach in his attempts to turn me against them. ..."

Said documents were a copy of the fraternal two-page letter I had sent to Bold, and it was clear to Mr. Godwin, I am told, that I had not in any way attempted to turn him against his "friends" in the Caliphate gang - I was merely being honest and up front with the fellow so that he would know exactly where I stand in any relations.  As I have pointed out, if I had wanted to turn him against his friends I could have done so easily by being sneaky and devious.  And of course I have never, either in published material or by way of private letters, spread "vicious lies" about anyone.  I have merely told the truth and especially in published articles proven the truth, very often by quoting the published words of those I have written about, and all for professional reasons as I am not in the least personally motivated.

By the way, Kevin proceeded to harass by mail Sharon, the lady who had introduced us, who has since become a friend of mine, without question trying to turn her against me.  He failed miserably and she had to remind him that she works for a law firm.  Do you see a pattern of projection emerging here?

In his letter, Bold proceeded to compare TNN and the ELs to well known tabloids, said that I was not being honourable by sending complimentary copies to individuals written about, that it was only my "way of saying 'Nyah, nyah nyah, nyah, nyaaaaah...'" - which does not explain, for instance, why I would send Lon Milo DuQuette, a rare relatively intelligent member of the Caliphate gang, a complimentary copy of the EL that speaks well of the book he co-wrote, Enochian Sex Magick, that I publish only lies - of course not substantiating in the least his claim, and he continued by saying in reference to "The Kevin Bold Story", Part I, "Besides, I know what really happened, so why would I want to read his version?"  He did not then present the "real" story.  He really did not have to - I had published the trite little episode accurately, and obviously he was compelled to read my "version" of it - as soon as he discovered that I had published it and he had foolishly rejected the complimentary copy of the EL within which it had been published.

"Gary's slanders," Bold went on in this letter, "are usually against Thelemic bodies, but there are occasional exceptions.  The most notable is the Temple of Set. ..."

First, friends and would-be friends or associates, do not call me Gary - let's get that straight right now!  Arghhhh!  [Yawn.]  Secondly, what do we have here?  Is Kevy defending the Temple of Set and satanist Michael Aquino?  A fellow who is not only misrepresenting everyone in the esoteric community by perverting the terms and ideals of every imaginable esoteric philosophy in the usual satanic fashion, but who has expressed a desire to set up a mock A.·.A.·. to further pervert and misrepresent Thelema and the works of Aleister Crowley?  Oh how awful that I should have exposed the lies and charlatanry of such a wonderful person as Michael Aquino - for of course I have never "slandered" anyone.  Let us just forget that it is part of my True Will, as oft explained, to defend both Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley.

He also sent a copy of Sharon's letter to Mr. Godwin and misinterpreted it to slander me - but there is nothing unusual in that, considering the nature of Kevin Bold.

And he interpreted me, i.e. misinterpreted and misrepresented me by writing, "Keep in mind that Gary defines sensationalist, mountebank, etc., as anyone who doesn't share his high opinion of himself."  Trying his damnest to turn Mr. David Godwin against me, isn't he!  Well, dear readers, please keep this in mind.  I will send you a list of suitable praises to be said in my name and present my most royal and oh so cute dimpled behind for anyone who wishes to kiss it, and please do keep in mind that he who is basically calling me a megalomanic egotist calls himself "Frater Nanivartante 777 II°, Camp Master" etc..

"If you've read the things he's written that I have," keep in mind Bold read only a very few ELs whereas Mr. Godwin has read everything I have written to date, "there should be no doubt in your mind that 'Newaeon Productions' is not so much about the promulgation of Thelema as it is about the self-aggrandizement of Gary Martin."  Gary Martin?  Oh yes!  Almost forgot!  That's me!  Yes, well just call me King of the Thelemites, but mind you don't crucify me.  I am allergic to death and I am not quite sure I am up to resurrecting myself.  Oh yes, I am real eager to put myself in a position that might lead to such things.  Get real.  I am just an average sort of guy with an above average love for and devotion to Thelema trying to do my job, accomplish my True Will.  Sheesh!

"Note that he plagiarizes many of the charges he makes about various Thelemic bodies from other Thelemic bodies," Bold wrote and then referred to Kenneth Grant and the late Marcelo Motta, "Yet 'Kelly' never acknowledges this."  Plagiarizes charges?  To understand Bold one has to become a master of the idiom of idiocy.  The very fact that individuals such as myself, Grant and Motta, opposed to one another, should independently come to the same conclusions about the Caliphate gang and agree gives a great deal of credence to what we have said, and of course different individuals can come to the same conclusion without "plagiarizing" one another - especially when their conclusion is the truth substantiated by mountains of evidence.  Let us hope that the litigious Caliphate gang has at least enough sense never to hire Kevin Bold to defend them!

And the letter goes on to say, idiotically, that while "Samuel Clemens" had a right to the name "Mr. Twain" and "Eric Weiss" could rightfully be addressed as "Mr. Orwell", it is completely inappropriate to call me either "G.M." or "Gerald Kelly".  I suppose I must agree, although if my name is Gary Martin what would be the harm in calling me "G.M."?  And while I prefer "Kelly", you may call me "G.M." if you prefer.  And of course it would be inappropriate to call me "Gerald Kelly" because that simply is not my name, given or chosen.  A lunatic long ago, wanting to believe he was the reincarnation of Crowley, believed I was Gerald Kelly, Crowley's brother-in-law, a man who died at 92 in '72 E.V. [haven't we gone over this before?], and he convinced another lunatic, Michael Bertiaux, that my name is Gerald Kelly, and the often less than scholarly J. Gordon Melton referred to me in print by that name, while sexually confused P.R.König has also referred to me as "Gerald Kelly", and yet that is not my name and I have never referred to myself as "Gerald Kelly".  Use of the name, to judge by the individuals who employ it, must be some kind of a sign pointing to the insanity of the individual using it!  Amazing...

And speaking of my name, G.M.Kelly, a friend wrote to me [Lammas 1992 E.V.]:

"Nanivartante (Bold) ... Ekagratanath (James Martin) ... where do these guys come up with these names? ... And then they get bent out of shape over 'Kelly'? Jeeeee-sussss!"

5 August 1992 E.V.:  Bold wrote to me, at my home address, beginning his letter with

"This is to officially inform you that you no longer have the ability to hide behind an alias and a post office box from which to spew your obvious and idiotic slanders."

We have already covered this, but tell me, what am I supposed to do here:  quake with fright?  Of course.  I merely laughed.  Two nasty paragraphs follow this trying to frighten me - what a worm - bragging also that

"only one person has contacted me regarding your self-aggrandizing version of our 25 April meeting" and that "This individual's letter was totally sympathetic to me, and totally contemptuous of you."  [Gee, I wonder why?]

Should we add here Kevin's childish "Nyah, nyah nyah, nyah, nyaaaaah..."?  I think it would be most appropriate, don't you?

Bold went on to say that if I had "any real ambition ... you would have let you [sic] dupe read your letters to me, and then let her join the O.T.O. in the hope that she could get you more 'dirt' for you that way."  Very ungentlemanly of Bold to refer to the lady in question, Sharon, as a "dupe", and of course Bold misses the point that I am honest and straight forward.  Besides, from time to time members of the Caliphate gang come to me, sometimes by way of TNN, to volunteer information about the Caliphate gang that the Caliphate would prefer was kept secret - and they should thank me for not [so far?] printing all of it!  I do not need "dupes".  There are plenty of righteously disgruntled members and ex-members [read mostly "subscribers" to The Magical Link] more than willing to speak with me about the group which so rudely misrepresents itself as the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Kevin's letter goes on about "plagiarized ... charges" and such before finishing with

"In closing, this serves you right ["Nyah, nyah nyah, nyah, nyaaaaah..." again?] for not having done your homework on me before slandering my friends in your letters to me..."

going on to say that I can do him a favour and not respond to his letter "as any defense of your contemptable behavior would be an insult to my intelligence."  That is to say, he wanted the last word.  So I wrote a reply on the 6th of August.  Nyah, get the point.  Of course my behaviour is not contemptable and I had nothing to say in my defense since there was nothing intelligent to defend myself against.  I pointed out that I simply would not put up with the annoyance of harassment, explained that I am not hiding behind a pseudonym and P.O. box, providing him with much of the information already printed herein, and basically told him that he should have done his homework before attacking me.  I assured him that my sense of security is intact, told him it was idiotic to try and "get even" with me by writing letters and that it would be better, since he knows where I live, to at least try and act like a man, since he cannot be one, and challenge me to a little one on one - we can duke it out in my front yard and be done with it.  Needless to say, he never took me up on my offer, nor did I expect the little toad to show even the least bit of manliness.  Ah me ... what is a Thelemic warrior to do against slime-spewing worms?  Alas.  I also informed him via a note at the bottom of my letter that copies of his letter to me and my reply were being sent to Bill Breeze, David Godwin, "others" and the Pittsburgh Police Department.  Of course that last was just a leg-pull.  I would not bother the police with his petty nonsense.  However, it gave the paranoid little worm something to think about!  Chalk it up to sardonic humour.  I am such a tease!

9 August 1992 E.V.: (Heavy sigh.)  Another letter to me from Kevin Not-So-Bold.  Harassing me further with his nonsense he goes on to assure me that he is not harassing me and goes on with all manner of nonsense including "I also have friends who have received mail from you that you signed 'Gerald M. Kelly'."  This is a lie ... and a stupid one at that.  Either Bold is lying or his "friends" have lied to him, and imagining the calibre of "friends" he must have, knowing that like attracts like, that is more than possible.

Blah, blah, blah ... and he insisted that I should send him, free of charge, of course, all of the TNNs and ELs that deal with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. - as if I were desperate to convince him that he has hooked his wagon up to a burnt out star - "But don't insult my intelligence by trying to get me to buy it, as you have before."  I sent him information and left the decision to buy or not to buy up to him, and since Newaeon operates at a terrific financial loss [still!], and is a grave financial burden on yours truly despite the assistance friends and associates give me for publication, and since printers, the copyright office and the post office all expect payment, I certainly saw no reason to give him freely anything more than I had already, in all fraternity, given him gratis.  Worm.

And on and on and on the letter went finishing with a P.S.  [Nyah, nyah...]:

"I hope, Frater 'Keallach' (sic) for David Godwin's sake, and the sake of his book, that your Greek is better than your Irish, which doesn't use the letter 'k' - Coemhghin."

Oh ... he is so awfully intelligent, isn't he?  And I am just struck to the core with the exposure of my ignorance.  NOT!  TNN III.5/6, p. 2, footnotes:

"Took the motto of CEALLACH, ' Warrior'; Irish-Gaelic original of Kelly" and "Retained first motto but changed spelling to KEALLACH without knowledge of Gematria" as well as "reaffirmed original motto, KEALLACH, with full Understanding of 93/676" at a later date.

I am fully aware of the correct spelling of the name and the facts regarding the language of my paternal grandfather's side of the family.  I was compelled to change the spelling then later discovered that transliterating Keallach to Hebrew would give me without any perversion of the rules, KHLLCh [Kaph, 20, He, 5, Lamed, 30, Lamed, 30, Cheth, 8], the numeration of which is 93, and spelled in full, 676, etc., etc., the magical name, understood fully, being a motto as well.  At one point Bold spoke as if he were familiar with TNN III.5/6, however he seems to have missed this - didn't do his homework again - annd really, in all probability, he most likely only accepted what someone in his gang said about me without actually seeing that newsletter or any other for himself - a bleating sheep blindly following a "good shepherd" and his barking dogs.  Does not sound very Thelemic to me.

I replied on the Feast of the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride [really have to come up with a shorter name for that Thelemic feast!  First Night?], explained his errors and such, but really it was like trying to educate a grapefruit.  At least "for the record" the reply was made in a page and a half, copies going to the appropriate people with copies of his letter so that he could deceive not even Bill Breeze.

12 August 1992 E.V.:  Are you getting as tired of all of this as I am?  Well ... let's persevere just a bit longer.  Kevin writes another letter to poor David Godwin.  He wrote that "few people actually take 'Kelly' seriously" - oh well thank the Gods! - went on to falsely accuse me of slander again, in effect slandering me [I am thinking of a libel suit ... hmmm ... no, no that would be too too Caliphate of me.], etc., etc., still trying to turn Mr. Godwin against me and serving only to further turn Mr. Godwin off, I am told.

13 August 1992 E.V.: James Martin [aka Ekagratanath] of the largely imaginary O.T.B. mostly composed of incarcerated pen pals of the same unusual and perverse nature as Ekg ... Ekagar ... well ... you know who I mean! ... he just had to throw his plug nickle into this matter in a letter to the most courageous and long suffering David Godwin:

"Re:  Kevin Bold, Pitt OTO ... I think he was the object of Kelly vitriol in a recent Encyclical, something about meeting him at a restaurant, where K. proceeded to play games with his head, telling of humiliating him in the course of events, all over a mutual object of affection, female.  K. is really quite small.  But if you are friends, so be it.  I cannot understand Bill Heidrick's friendship with Aquino, either."

Hmm.  I can as both fellows would pervert Thelema for their own petty personal reasons.  As for the rest of this comment, it was nice of Jimmy to point out that the so-called "mutual object of affection" involved is female!  As for the female in question, poor Sharon again, she was not the "mutual object of affection."  As for any hopes that Kevin Bold [whom I suspect of being asexual, and not necessarily by his choice] might have harboured regarding Sharon I cannot say for certain, however, the interest Sharon and I have had in one another at any given point has only been that of "platonic" friendship.  The point being, Kevin and I were not squabbling over a woman.  Sharon was apparently repulsed by him, and Kevin is not in the same league as me.  Any female that would be even remotely interested in him would not be the type of female I would be interested in, that is, providing there are any women that would be interested in Kevin Bold.  Oh, now that really is "quite small" of me!

La dee dah.  La dee dah.

24 August 1992 E.V.: James Martin to David Godwin again.  [Where's my Tylenol?]  "It's just that aspect of Kelly's methodology - the baiting - that I deplore in him."  Etc.  Accusing me of "baiting" him while also pointing out that we did not correspond before I reviewed and commented upon him and his publication.  Where was the "baiting" there?  As for "baiting" itself:  Encouraging someone to correspond so that you can find out what they are all about is simply, well, corresponding.  Seeking information.  Worms might see that as "baiting" - from their rather low point of view - and after all, if "baiting" it is, is not one foolish then to take the bait only to be reeled in, gutted and fried?

When I initiated a correspondence with Michael Aquino I did so knowing that he was perverting Thelema and misrepresenting Crowley, therefore knowing that I would probably have to write about the man.  He subscribed to TNN, presumably read it, and should have known what the possible outcome of our correspondence could be as I in no way tried to deceive him, and yet with egotistical arrogance he assumed that he could win me over and help him foster a sham A.·.A.·. upon the occult community and accept him as my master.  WRONG!  Slap that silly little egotistical satanic ego down.  Baiting?

Martin referred to my "raving paranoid Encyclicals", pointing out that whenever I wrote about him "he always made sure that I received a copy.  This is not only childish, it is schizophrenic."  It is polite, ethical and very fair of me, and if I did not send complimentary copies to subjects like Martin the complaint would be one of back stabbing.  You cannot win with idiots like Martin and Bold - one is wrong and they are right no matter what, at least to their way of thinking.  And paranoid?  This from the fellow who is accusing me of all kinds of things "behind my back", as Bold's done, as various members of the Caliphate gang have often done, to slander me and try and turn people against me so that they will, hopefully, pay no attention to what I have written about them.  To recognize and report this fact has nothing to do with paranoia - it is a simple illustrative fact.

To further "prove" to Mr. Godwin what kind of an awful person I am, Kevin Bold sent him a copy of a letter dated "October 7, 1991 e.v." written by a member of the Caliphate gang.  Despite the fact that Bold blacked out the name of the writer of this letter so as not to reveal it to Mr. Godwin, the identity of William Heidrick is obvious by the fact that his "magical name" and office in the gang were not blacked out, fairly common knowledge to anyone who has ever seen a copy of The Magical Link.  More of this odd quirk of Bold's in a moment.  Part of the letter reads as follows:

"Regarding G.M.Kelly, he was an associate member of the O.T.O. 1978-1979 e.v., despite what he now says.  He has never been an initiated member, tho'.  Kelly (not his real name) apparently only took out Associate membership to dig for 'dirt'.  He has done the same to other organizations and to some individuals and groups in O.T.O.  His procedure is to begin by being friendly, then he attacks with distorted and falsified versions of the information he has acquired.  I think it is some sort of dementia.  He's hit Motta, Grant, Temple of Set, O.T.B. and many others as well as us.  He doesn't seem to be part of the Christian fundamentalist 'Cult' attack groups, but just likes to be vicious to people in print."

In point of fact regarding the last, as I am sure you do as well, I consider all of this to be stinking garbage and I take no pleasure in "taking out the garbage".  It is a job that no one really enjoys.  However, it is an unavoidable and necessary chore, and the least desirable part of my True Will.  As for the rest, I quoted it in full so that you can see an important fact:  Kevin Bold, lacking genuine knowledge upon the matter of G.M.Kelly, parrots the lies told to him by his "superiors" in the Caliphate gang, acting like a well trained sycophantic toadie - acting, in fact, like the "Christian" I am sure he despises, believing whatever he is told by a corrupt "priesthood" while ignoring the facts and choosing not to think for himself.  None of this is Thelemic and it is certainly not Thelemic behaviour.  As for the nonsense from Heidrick, in the late seventies I began Newaeon and I also got into touch with a group then centred in California and calling itself "Aleister Crowley's O.T.O.".  I sincerely hoped that this was indeed the O.T.O., Aleister Crowley's adopted child, as I sometimes put it, yet I could not get my letters answered very promptly, if at all, until I greased their palms.  So I mailed the group $10.00 to receive the then O.T.O. Newsletter, and only after that did I start receiving answers to my letters.  From both sources I gained firsthand knowledge of the group and in a short space of time it became obvious that what I now call the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is not the O.T.O..  I corresponded with Bill Heidrick [Frater Ameth or Emet], Helen Parsons Smith [Soror Grimaud], Phyllis Seckler [Soror Meral] and others, and very often these individuals, on top of everything else, had very nasty things to say about one another behind one another's back to me.  I did not find Thelema in this group and I found even less fraternity.  What I did find was garbage that had to be taken out before Thelema could be rightly established in society.  Lucky me - it proved to be part of my job.

Regarding that Associate Membership:  the vast majority of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.'s "members" are Associate Members.  An Associate Member receives for his or her money only The Magical Link, their newsletter, and nothing more.  Within the degree system of the Ordo Templi Orientis there is no such thing as an Associate Member.  Plain and simple, an "Associate Member" is nothing more than a "subscriber" to their newsletter, and they use their subscriber list to make it appear, to the government and others, as if they have a large membership which they frequently brag about.  In point of fact, they may have no more than the 200 subscribers, excuse me, Associate Members, necessary to qualify for bulk rate mailings, keeping everyone who has ever subscribed to the O.T.O. Newsletter and Magical Link on their lists to mislead everyone.  A large number of these "Associate Members" are incarcerated individuals, most of whom are the "outcast" and "unfit" spoken of in The Book of the Law and none of whom can in any meaningful way participate in the group's limited activities.  Many of those who are on the other side of the bars quickly lost interest in the group, stopped sending the Caliphate gang money and still they are kept on the "Associate Members" list and sent the gang's mostly useless publication.  Here is an excerpt from a letter I received on August 9th from a fellow in another part of the country:

"Well, I just went to the mail box and guess what was waiting:  'The Magical Link' Spring 1992 e.v.  This is really getting comical.  Now, I don't really mind them sending me issues for free, but it gives you some idea of how on top of things they are.  I came across my last 'subscription receipt' the other day, and it expired July of 1991 e.v.".

That is to say, approximately a year earlier.  And this is just one of many such cases.  Either the group is grossly inefficient and grossly wastes money - well, I guess that goes without saying - or they intentionally keep people on their "Associate Members" list just to mislead others into believing that their group is a constantly growing organization of great numbers.

The following is a quote from a letter I received from a fellow in Texas, dated July 11, 1992 E.V.:

"We had a couple of camps in the area at one time, now I believe dissolved.  The head of one made a spectacle of himself at the local (25+ miles away local, that is ... in Dallas) occult book store.  They were laughing at him one day.  Seems he came in all excited about 'The O.T.O.' and handed out leaflets, trying to get 100 or so people together so they could have a lodge, etc.  (the 'camp' apparently being only himself).  Then a few months later he was back in, removing all the pamphlets, handing out fundamentalist bible tracts instead, trying to convert them to Jesus, etc.  Out of the frying pan ..., and fried to a crisp.  Anyway, I take it such experiences must be par for the Caliphate course."

Yes, they are, and all this, individuals like Kevin Bold, and so forth is pathetically typical of the gang that falsely calls itself "The O.T.O.".

Frater Nanivartante [Sanskrit for "not returning", I am told], Kevin Bold, is a real fanatic about keeping things secret.  His name does not appear in the 'phone book, he uses a mail drop, he fanatically blacks out the names of people in photocopies of letters and newsletters even when the identities are commonly known to all, and when writing to me at my home address he seemed to think that I would get all bent out of shape - why? - because he would have if the tables had been turned.  By the way, it is a common error of such individuals as Bold to judge me and others not by our standards but by their standards, unable to see past their own petty, perverse egos.

In a paper entitled "Information for Associate Members and other Beginning Thelemites", which Bold is passing out, there is a section on "Occult Silence" and it reads thusly:

"Do the [sic. "Due to the"] growing anti-occultist hysteria, fanned by the works and broadcasts of Bob Larson, Pat Robertson, John Akerberg, Maury Terry, Larry Kahaner, Geraldo Rivera, and the insidious videos from Jeremiah Films and Reel-to-Reel Ministeries, be very careful about not telling just anyone about your interest in the occult or Aleister Crowley, as this could be hazardous to your health."

The depths of paranoia and cowardice!  I do not exactly run about like a street preacher, but I have never hidden my interests from any employer, acquaintance or who ever asked me a direct question about those interests, and I have never experienced anything adverse as a result.  I have either sparked an intelligent interest in others with my common sense approach and appearance, or, at the very worst, been tolerated as an amusing and not unintelligent eccentric.  I have no fear of "fundamentalist hate groups" or anything like that and I am not encouraging people to cower in fear of persecution.  If struck, strike back!  "Fear not at all; fear neither men, nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything" says The Book of the Law (II.17).  However, asking pseudo-thelemites to understand Thelema and act Thelemically is like asking a worm to soar through the stratosphere - and by the way, there is very little hope for them as only a small percentage of worms are capable of transforming into butterflies.

Now I can go on and on and on with quotations, explanations and comments employing the example of Kevin Bold, but like me, you must be growing tired of the subject by now.  Let me wind this up with a few references to the Whiskey Rebellion Camp Newsletter, which Bold told Mr. Godwin in the August 12th letter he sends "complimentary copies to every O.T.O. body in the United States."  You see, Kevin is positively desperate for some attention.  I hope he enjoys the attention I am giving to him here as I do not intend to waste much more space on him in the future.

Issue 9 looks much better than the one he originally sent to me, but then anyone with the right computer can make anything look good - even something as useless as the WRCN!  It begins with a half-page article that he makes a big fuss over entitled "A Secret Meaning for Initiates..." by Bold himself.  It list "secret meanings" of O.T.O. [Ordo Templi Orientis] such as "Orthodox Thelemites Only", "Occultists Taking Over", "Osiris, Tammuz, and Orpheus", "Only The Obvious" and so forth.  Give me a bloody break!  Obscure Transcendental Offal!

On page 2 he says that "Our Temple Furniture Fund now has $70.00, bring us closer to our goal of $100.  Please note that reaching this goal is a major step to becoming Whiskey Rebellion Oasis."  Then he solicits contributions.  Now one has to ask oneself a few questions here:  (1) just how hard is it to become a Caliphate "Camp" and "Oasis"?  It seems pretty darn easy.  It also seems to take no more than having one person and some "Temple Furniture".  What is extremely sad about this is that it raises another question, (2) by "Our" what does Kevin Bold mean?  If he had only four members to his "Camp" they would each only have to contribute $25 to come up with a mere $100 - and even $100 for one person, no matter how poor, should not be that hard to come up with.  I frequently have no more than a few dollars to my name, literally, as so much of my money goes into Newaeon, and yet when I decided to finally purchase the unabridged version of the Liddell & Scott Greek-English Lexicon, a bit over $100 with state sales tax, I simply pulled out my Visa card.  Can't Bold get a credit card?  And long before I had any credit cards, poor, near starving, unable to pay my $89-a-month rent in a small one-room apartment I was living in, I managed to quickly come up with $212.00 for a set of The Equinox, Vol. I, Nos. 1-10, which at that time became available, and what money I had to borrow I managed to pay back not very long after that.  In fact, every single Encyclical Letter costs a good deal more than $100.00 to publish and distribute.  I have some financial help here, apparently more than Bold receives from his "friends", and the rest I have to manage myself, while paying bills, as I live my life mostly by the barter system, difficult indeed in a city, while struggling to finish a novel, sacrificing income for time.  So how difficult can it be if one really wants to come up with $100 for something one really believes is important!  Pathetic.

In a section entitled "Project Witch Hunt Watch" Bold, apparently the sole writer of WRCN and functioning member of said Camp, correctly pointed out that talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael is partly responsible for the disemination of lies to fuel the fire of the satanic hysteria, but he also considers it a victory for truth on television regarding her July boradcast which pointed out that some "therapists" are charlatans and much of the satanic nonsense we have been hearing from "victims" has proven to be nothing more than sick fantasies, a result of the "false memory syndrome".  Problem is, Kevin was too quick to claim victory because a bit later Sally Jessy Raphael did another program on satanism and it was the same old nonsense about "satanic baby breeders", "ritual satanic abuse", etc..

On page 5 Bold reviews David Godwin's Light in Extension, but it was not really a reveiw - it was a petty attempt to "get even" with Mr. Godwin for having said nice things about me and for defending me.  [A position Kevin Bold forced Mr. Godwin into.]  Very childish and unprofessional.  He could not seem to find one good thing to say about the book except Godwin's humble contriteness in being willing to correct "mistakes" and toe the party line after having his knuckles rapped by the mighty and omniscient authorities of the "O.T.O.".  It was nothing more than petty nitpicking and misunderstanding of intent - for instance, Bold claimed that Godwin in his book tried to prove that every bit of the Western mystery tradition came from Greece, yet it is clear to any intelligent reader that Godwin was only saying that it has come down to us through a Greek "filter".

As a good friend of mine said regarding this "review" of Mr. Godwin's book:

"Kevin has only hurt himself by proclaiming to the world, 'Hey, look what a petty, ignorant, unprofessional, humorless, fault-finding little slime-sucking toad fucker I really am!' Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the review would have been less negative if 'G.M. Kelly' had not been written all over the book?

"And get a load of the next reviews ... a rave for a superficial little derivative yoga book [16 Steps to Health and Energy by Pauline Willis and Theo. Gimbel, Llewellyn, 1992 E.V.], and then praise for Zalewski's Equinox & Solstice Rituals of the Golden Dawn, which simply reproduces the equinox and vault consecreation ceremonies from Regardie's Golden Dawn, plus Waite's Christianized version of one of them, yet which he calls the best collection of equinox and solstice rituals since A Witches Bible!  How very perceptive he is!  But especially note his criticism that the people in the photos did not have black bars over their eyes, as in a 1920s porno pic.  This boy is really hung up on anonymity and the black-bar business.  It seems to be some kind of obsession with him."

Further comments I have received regarding Bold run along the same lines as those that follow:

"A pitiful little poop with the incredible presumption to teach courses in 'Magic 101'... has he rented any auditoriums recently?"  And "this barking dog, this braying ass" ... "this little puke".  "Any intelligent person who has seen these books [above mentioned] can instantly tell what a superficial and mean-spirited little shit he really is."  Also:  "This dumb shit has a peculiar talent for alienating and insulting people with his rudeness ... sooner or later he is going to really piss off somebody with less patience and understanding than G. M. Kelly or David Godwin."  A friend said that "humiliation and discreditation will do him more good than just a straight thrashing - although that wouldn't do him any harm either."

Well, in a way I have offered Kevin this, but he declined to take his chances on a good thrashing.  Ah well.

David Godwin was asked about his feelings regarding Bold's "review" and his reply was simply "my main reaction is like that of a jogger who sees a large cockroach.  He would like to stop and step on it, but he just doesn't want to take the time."

And finally, passing over a lot of trite and idiotic nonsense that I could comment upon, Kevin Bold announced on page 6 of his useless newsletter under the heading of "Calendar" the following:

"October 12 - Crowleymas.  (Frater Nanivartante on 'Talkback with Bob Larson'?  4:00-6:00PM Eastern.  Check with your local evangelical radio station.)"

You will recall that the Bob Larson Ministries once invited me to be on "Talkback", broadcast from Colorado, however, I could have been a guest via a telephone hook-up, which, presumably, is what Kevin had planned on.  Unfortunately for Lunatic Larson, I had no intention of making his program in the least interesting and I declined to be a guest - please see transcripts of the letters that here follows:


Bob Larson Ministries

P.O. Box 36480, Denver, Colorado 80236  (303) 980-1511

February 28, 1989

G.M. Kelly
Newaeon Newsletter
Box 19210
Pittsburgh, PA  15213

Dear G.M. Kelly,

     Out of the many letters you receive, I hope this one reaches you.  We are interested in having you as a guest on our nationwide radio talk show to discuss Aleister Crowley.

     Bob Larson Ministries has a media outreach called "TALK-BACK with Bob Larson," a syndicated talk show aired live Monday through Friday, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  Our program prides itself as a forum for discussing all religious beliefs.

     Since going on the air Jaunary 1983, we have attracted the largest live daytime audience of any American radio broadcast.  "TALK-BACK with Bob Larson" has the largest live religious audience of any broadcast in the world.  Our audience, which stretches from Maine to California and Florida to Washington, includes both large religious audiences and non-religious audiences.  A copy of the stations currently airing the show is enclosed.

     Would it be possible for you to be a guest on a future broadcast?  We would be happy to have you for the entire two hours or a portion of those two hours, as your schedule permits.  We would prefer to have you in-studio or as a phone guest at any time.  A phone interview would involve no travel on your part and could be conducted from wherever you may be.  I would need only a phone number where you can be reached during that hour.  The format of the broadcast is casual.  We usually handle on-the-air from 10 to 16 callers and have questions, comments, and even "debates" during the hour.

     I would appreciate knowing if you would graciously consent to be a guest on "TALK-BACK with Bob Larson."  If you have further questions, please call me at (303) 980-1511.

     Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give this matter your attention.

Chuck Bennett
Guest Coordinator



P.O. Box 19210, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 U.S.A.

25th of March 1989 e.v.
An. LXXXV, die Saturnus
Sol in Aries

Messrs. Bob Larson & Chuck Bennett
Bob Larson Ministries
P.O. Box 36480
Denver, Colorado 80236


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

     Re. your letter of February 28th and your request to have me as a guest on a future broadcast dealing with Aleister Crowley:

     For certain ethical reasons I cannot at this time consent to be a guest on your program, although I realize that you are not likely to find many people who truly represent Crowley and his work as embodied in Thelema and The Book of the Law.

     Thank you for considering me though, and if you will, please let me know when this particular program will be aired as I would like to hear it.  I am enclosing an addressed post card for your convenience.  When the broadcast date is settled, please be kind enough to jot down the information thereon and drop it in the mail.  Thank you.

     One further thing:  Enclosed you will find a complimentary copy of The Newaeon Newsletter, Vol. VI, No. 1, that primarily deals with the current wave of hysteria over satanism as presented by Geraldo Rivera on television.  Also you will find Encyclical Letters dealing with satanism in general, satanist Michael Aquino, and Arthur Lyons' book SATAN WANTS YOU, as well as an older EL entitled The Nature of the Beast.  These should explain to you a great deal about satanism, the current wave of irrational hysteria, my personal attitude regarding both as well as the Thelemic attitude (basically one and the same), and within all of this you should learn something about Crowley who was NOT a "satanist" and who, if alive today, would loathe modern satanism as much as he would despise the irrational and destructive hysteria being used today by so many unethical and unchristlike people.

Love is the law, love under will.

Fraternally yours,
Frater Keallach 93/676
G.M.Kelly, Editor
The Newaeon Newsletter



Recently a reporter for The Pittsburgh Press kindly called me and told me about a local radio show hosted by a Roman Catholic priest that was scheduled to discuss "satanism", thinking I might be interested in calling in.  I listened and although that was the subject it was hardly mentioned, mostly it degenerated into boringly idiotic theological discussions on the lines of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, neither Crowley nor Thelema were mentioned, and frankly I saw no point in being the only intelligent caller, making the program interesting.  Let it die in its tedium, I thought.  Unlike Kevin Bold, I am not eager to grasp every opportunity that presents itself for self-aggrandizement [now where have I heard that phrase before?] - no good purpose could be served by calling in to the one program or being a guest on Larson's.  Larson is a lunatic who was even laughed off of one of Geraldo Rivera's programs on satanism.  He is not appreciated by the more reasonable members of the Christian community, as even he himself alluded to during his Crowleymas broadcast, and his is a mentality that literally believes that even good old standard rock 'n' roll will lead one straight to hell.  He is nothing more than an ignorant, loud-mouth and very unchristlike fanatic, and his audience cannot be educated by way of his program as they consistantly prove that like attracts like.

I listened to a recording of the Crowleymas edition of "Talk Back" - you know, the one Kevin Bold so proudly announced he would be on - and Larson ranted, raved and lied. ; Although, by way of ELs, I have, for instance, informed him that "Do what thou wilt" does not mean "do as you please", he continued to claim that it does, lying to his audience.  He also claimed that Crowley was a murderer, which is another lie.  In fact, these holier-than-thou pseudo-christians are some of the worst liars I have ever encountered and I have to wonder who it is they truly worship:  God or "The Father of Lies"?  Bob Larson and his kind seem to be more truly "satanists" than even Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino.

Well, the show went on and on for two hours, and inbetween begging for money, Larson also begged for intelligent callers while trying to rile Thelemites he said he knew had to be listening because he had received a copy of a "Crowleyite" newsletter [yep ... Bold's] announcing the program.  As I said, like attracts like.  During the two hours the program aired only sick individuals called - religious fanatics and perverts as well as the lunatics one can find on the fringes of the occult community, none of whom gave a real name, some of whom threatened to kill Larson, which of course flattered Larson's ego.  [Frankly, Bobby, you ain't worth the karma.]  It was idiotic, pathetic and the program was a dismal failure as not one genuine Thelemite or sincere student of Crowley or the esoteric in general called Bob Larson.  The only callers were pathetic lunatics ... just like Bob.

Oh yeah ... and what about Frater Nanivartante who proudly boasted that he would be on Bob Larson's radio talk show?  Unless he was one of the lunatic callers using a ridiculous pseudonym, disguising his voice and threatening to kill Larson, he never made his glorious presence on "Talk Back".  One might be inclined to say that he had the good sense not to be on Larson's program, but I would then counter with "If he had such good sense why did he boast of being a guest in the first place?"  It is more likely than not that after listening to Larson's rude, loud bullying sometime between publishing the WRCN and Crowleymas, Kevin Not-So-bold had another anxiety attack and decided that he could not stand up to Laughable Larson - and he was undoubtedly right.  Thing is, if he were truly a Thelemic magician, once he had boasted about being a guest on "Talkback", Bold should have done it even though he knew it was an error, mastered himself and the situation and turned a wrong into a right.  Instead, Camp Master Kevin Bold simply punked out.  Bold showed his yellow streak and lost.  Larson could not get one even semi-intelligent caller and lost.  And on the 117th Crowleymas Day [a national holiday, by the way!] although long dead, Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666, won.

Now throughout this you should have noticed what I and others have noticed, and that is this:  every single thing that Kevin Bold falsely accused me of he himself had proven himself to be guilty of, even within the context of the letters in which he made his false accusations.

Kevin Bold is a perfect example of the typical member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., as is his Whiskey Rebellion Camp typical of the gang's "Camps".  And this nonsense is a far greater threat to Thelema than all of the fundamentalist pseudo-christian groups put together.

I spent more space and words on the above than I had originally intended, however, it is because it is my natural tendency, when taking out the trash, to try and do it all in one trip.

Love is the law, love under will.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  Not only has Bold changed his mail drop address more than once since this writing, but he has also changed the name and improved the appearance of his newsletter, yet it is still the same old useless crap.  He has also learned to keep quiet, finally, and I am told he is taking a back seat in his "Camp".  According to a current member of the Caliphate gang, Bold's ranting and raving served to advertise me to other members who had been kept purposely ignorant of my existence and what I have had to say about Breeze and company.  He actually succeeded in creating amongst the membership an interest in my work.  His uncontrollable diatribes got Bold the attention he craved, most of the Caliphate membership completely unaware of his existence up until then, but it was not the kind of attention he desired.  As for the Whiskey Rebellion Camp, I have met a couple of the people who are now members, perhaps the only members, and even as I write this they may no longer be members, and while they seemed to be a rather inoffensive twenty-something couple, they did not strike me as being particularly bright, and the fellow likened the entire Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. to a college fraternity and admitted that his main interest in being a member was the opportunity to socialize and make friends - hardly what Crowley or the original founders of the O.T.O. had in mind and yet a very typical attitude among Caliphate "members".]

[2007 E.V. NOTE:  Bob Larson is making a name for himself, reported on Inside Edition, travelling about the country and with mic in one hand, slapping deluded individuals (and perhaps a few shills?) on the forehead and supposedly exorcising demons from them in the name of Jesus.  Craving the spotlight, desperate for a sense of self-importance, the man knows no shame whatsoever, preying upon and deepening the delusions of individuals who would be better off directed to a good psychiatrist or psychoanalyst.]

From Les Bises de Nuit (Kisses of Nuit), Volume II, Number 1
by Alan Stewart, an ex-member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.

"The OTO is very much a literary order.  The men at the top are, for the most part, involved in publishing in some form or another.

"Crowley's literary legacy remains his main gift to humanity.  No one doubts that he could write.  In one sense it is a shame that the OTO cannot benefit dircetly [sic] from the sale of his books.  In his will he left al [sic] copyrights -save 10% of those derived from the sale of 'Magick Without Tears', to the 'OTO'.  In the Motta v. Samuel Weiser case, the District Court of Main determined that no-one can claim exclusive rights to the OTO name or organisation.  Whilst Crowley left his copyrights to the 'OTO', he failed to indicate which OTO he had in mind.  To further complicate matters, the U.S. District Court found that 'the abstract idea of an OTO persists, available to be appropriated by anyone so inclined, but no single group of persons having exclusive right to use the OTO name appears from this record to exist' (Cite as 598 F. Supp.941 (1984 ) (7)."

[ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Samhain 1992 E.V.]