O.T.O. Clean Up

The Caliphate Pseudo-o.t.o.
and New Falcon Publications

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Letter excerpt from a subscriber in South Carolina:

"As far as those O.T.O. members I mentioned earlier are concerned I saw nothing more than a perfect gaggle of pot-smoking, imbecilic idiots."

Excerpt from a gentleman in Minnesota:

"I've been meaning to speak with you about that 'pseudo-O.T.O.' business.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but 'pseudo' means 'false, deceptive, sham.'  They are all those things, of course, but they are not even a fake O.T.O., 'O.T.O.' being the operative term.  If you are a fake, you at least make some attempt to look like the real thing!  These bozos don't look like much of anything but a pack of nose-picking cretins who might as well be beating the drum for tensor theory or quantum electrodynamics, about which they know approximately as much as they know about Thelema, themselves being equally as competent and examplary as mathematicians or physicists as they are as Thelemites.  Moe:  'Hey, Larry do as thou wilt!'  Larry:  'Get outta here!'  Curly:  'Hyuk hyuk hyuk.  Love is the will ... um, the law, under will.'  I mean, there has to be some semblance even to be pseudo.  As it is, the two things - the real OTO (RIP) and the CPOTO - have absolutely nothing in common except the name.  To further make my point, a five-cent coin is not a pseudo-German-mine-spirit, even though both are called 'nickle.'"

Excerpt from Texas:

"I think you're right on the money re. the caliphate and Weiser.  I notice that in Weiser's catalogue they've started to put 'Rights:  Public Domain' on some Crowley titles, some 'Rights:  O.T.O.', and I suspect those rights only include editorial and editing content - and Weiser knows it.  But it's misleeading, and the caliphate knows that!  So everyone's happy, and the 'Big Whizzs' with the caliphate go on collecting the profits.  How long will it be Kelly before everyone realizes what's going on?"

Another excerpt from a letter received:

"As far as the O.T.O.'s claims to owning copyrights to Crowley material, the issue is very confusing, and has not been settled legally, to the best of my knowledge.  Without going into a long explanation of the various opinions, let me only say that this matter remains dubious at best.  Although, I wonder if you noticed Tony Iannotti's statement on Baphonet BBS admitting that the O.T.O. does not own the Crowley copyrights."

Anthony Wm. Iannotti is a long-time, presumably "high-ranking", member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. [a convenient term I will continue to use although the earlier point made is well taken].

Excerpt from a letter I received dated September 13, 1993 E.V.:

"I talked to a representative from New Falcon Publications regarding the release date of Crowley on Drugs.  Here's what he said, exactly, as I wrote it down as soon as I got off the phone:  'Crowley on Drugs will never be printed as it seems the people at O.T.O. [i.e. the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.] are incapable of upholding their end of the deal.'  I didn't enquire what the details were.  I think it's telling that a publisher that is deep in bed with the caliphate gang would go out of their way to make a directly hostile comment toward them.  I mean, he could have said, 'There were unforeseen technical difficulties,' or something non-committal, but he went out of his way to take a poke at the caliphate.  I note that Helen [Parsons] Smith, when I had bought a book many years ago from her, also took the opportunity to take a stab at the caliphate.  I didn't write it down, but it was something to the effect that 'They are not acting very Thelemic.'  So, it seems their little house of sand is washing back into the sea."

Before my first articles about the Caliphate gang, I corresponded with both HPS and Phyllis Seckler and both had similar things to say about the gang they are a part of, i.e. that the Caliphate is not very Thelemic in its words and deeds.

Other information coming directly from a member of the Caliphate gang via a computer bulletin board mentions a little war that is going on between the gang and New Falcon over Aleister Crowley's Magick Without Tears.  It all has a kind of Wonderland feel to it ... a bit of the tea party with the Mad Hatter presiding, the Red Queen screaming "Off with their heads!" and so forth.

[ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Samhain 1992 E.V.]

L. Darren Anderson of New Falcon Publications:

"Commenting upon the statement made by the 'representative of New Falcon' regarding 'Crowley On Drugs' [See above, from the last page of the Samhain 1992 E.V. EL], it is always New Falcon's wish to be able to maintain friendship with those we do business with, however, unfortunately, it was impossible to do either in this case.  Our business relationship with the O.T.O. has been terminated, and, we feel, the friendship was never genuinely there.  It is rumored that Hyatt has resigned from the O.T.O., as have the other members of the O.T.O. which are employed by New Falcon."

Iannotti via BaphoNet BBS:

"It pains me to have to announce that New Falcon Publications has threatened to sue the OTO if the text files of the original Magick Without Tears, and the commentaries on Liber AL are not pulled from all BBSs.  They claim that it is an infringement on their contract with the OTO to allow such electronic distribution, even though their edition of Magick Without Tears is only 2/3 of the real thing, and their Law is for All is in a similar state of abridgement."

[Editor's note:  the Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law, originally published by 93 Publishing in 1974 E.V., although poorly edited and proofed, seems to be a more complete version of those commentaries than The Law is for All, edited by the late Israel Regardie.]

"The Caliph has asked me to remove them from BaphoNet", Iannotti continued, "... I can't believe that the availability of different versions of a text in electronic formate [sic] can possibly eat into their profits, but they are the ones with bucks to sue, and our lawyer says that their contract covers electronic distribution, and that we would lose if sued. ... I question the OTO's copyright on the books in the first place ..."

Italics directly above mine.  Please note that it is a long-time, high-ranking member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. who is saying that he doubts the Caliphate's claims to own the copyrights of the works by Aleister Crowley.

It is also interesting to note that Iannotti is here admitting that his supposedly great and incorporated worldwild organization does not have the funds to fight a legal battle with New Falcon, a relatively small publishing enterprise.  Where are all those dues and fees the Caliphate gang should be receiving from the "large" membership they brag about?  Where are the profits from all of the law suits the Caliphate gang has bragged about winning?  And that leads to another amusing thing.  In an update on BaphoNet, Iannotti, a member of the Caliphate gang, said that "Falcon seems a bit too litigious at the moment".  That is like a miser calling another man cheap, or a habitual fabulist accusing someone of being a liar!  What group in the occult community is more litigious than the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.?

Mr. Anderson of New Falcon Publications [new address:  655 East Thunderbird, Phoenix, AZ 85022] forwarded further information to me and it does indeed seem as if Iannotti was in violation of a contract made between the Caliphate gang and New Falcon.  Of course the matter of real importance is this:  are any of the claims to copyright valid?  Probably not.  Most of Crowley's writings were privately published and distributed without the benefit of copyright, automatically placing them in public domain, and those few later works copyrighted by Germer were copyrighted in the name of the Ordo Templi Orientis, which the Caliphate gang misrepresents itself as being, and in all probability those few copyrights, which at that time had to be periodically renewed, were not renewed, automatically throwing them into public domain as well.  Besides, Crowley is long dead and he has apparently left no living heirs, so why should any one man or group not related to the author of the works have the legal right to restrict the publication and distribution of those works for the enjoyment and enlightenment of society?

The Buddha:  "There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed."

Post Script to The Caliphate Pseudo-o.t.o.
and New Falcon Publications

While putting this EL together, a friend sent me a copy of The Magical Link for the Fall of 1992 E.V..*  On the first page is a column headed "Apologies to New Falcon" which basically says that the Caliphate gang and New Falcon have kissed and made up, and that Iannotti had gotten a little out of hand:  "Bad, Tony, bad!"  Reviewing this column just a bit here, the first paragraph finishes with,

"He also expressed private doubts that the O.T.O. owned the copyrights of two of the two [?] books in question, a particularly unfortunate remark since he had signed the Falcon contracts for these books when he served as G.S.G.  In fact, O.T.O. owns the works, and Bro. Iannotti agrees."

Oh, I am sure Iannotti agrees ... now ... discovering how his career in the Caliphate gang can be effected by expressing a personal opinion that differs from "Caliph's".  As for those copyrights:  it may be that the Ordo Templi Orientis owns the copyrights to Magick Without Tears and a few other later works by A.C., maybe, however, the Caliphate gang is not THE Ordo Templi Orientis.  Period.

Following this kiss-and-make-up column, Breeze [Hymenaeus Beta] presented in the Link a two-and-a-half-page, small-print article entitled "The Crowley Copyrights" which is a lot of blah blah blah, a hint that perhaps the gang is trying to claim ownership of Boleskine House, a glossed over admission that most of the works by Aleister Crowley are in the public domain, and what amounts to a lot of nothing beyond the blowing of smoke.

I was amused to note that Breeze used a term commonly employed by me, "pseudo-O.T.O.", in reference to Grant's Typhonian pseudo-o.t.o..  Well, if that's not a case of the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.

Of course Breeze goes on about how altuistic the gang's motives are for claiming the Crowley copyrights, they only want to make certain that Crowley's works are published well and responsibly, they are not creatively and intellectually bankrupt parasites trying to make money off of another man's genius, blah, blah, blah, but really now, is a habitual liar or a self-deluded individual going to admit that what he is doing and saying is insincere and untrue?  Of course not.  A liar will defend his lies and insist that they are the truth.  A self-deluded individual may not even recognize the fact that he is being insincere and lying, believing his lies to be the truth.  As for profits:  there are many ways to profit in this matter besides monetarily.  In the first place it is a real ego boost to receive letters from publishers and writers asking for permission to publish this or that book, and when a publisher does so, it, at least superficially, enhances the illusion that they really are THE O.T.O..

What it comes down to is that words are words, Breeze presented a lot of words in the Fall '92 E.V.* Link, and for the most part those words were quite empty of serious, worthwhile content - an insubstantial breeze of hot air.

[*Last contact with L. Darren Anderson was December 31, 1992 E.V., after the publication of the Fall Magical Link, and he did not portray the relationship between the Caliphate gang and New Falcon as a friendly one as if all had been forgiven.  Quite the opposite!  The Caliphate gang's relations with New Falcon and other publishers may not be as cordial as Breeze claimed in the Fall '92 E.V. Link.]

Kevin (Not So) Bold
of the Caliphate Pseudo-o.t.o.

Excerpt from a letter I received:

"That Kevin Bold character is a real schmuck.  I like that 'trying to turn me against my friends' bit.  Like sure, the caliphate is really his friend.  What a boob.  Kind of sad, really.  He probably doesn't have any friends, an outcast in highschool, no dates, joins the caliphate so he can belong to something ... maybe even get a girlfriend out of it.  AND THEN THAT %$#&*@! G.M. KELLY SHOWS UP!!!!  Bursting his little bubble.  Simply beastly of you!  And 'Noonoovanpoontang's' begging for $30 for temple furniture is a riot.  Too bad he didn't make that appearance on Larson's show; would've been eaten for dinner.  Guess it's best for the Work as a whole that he didn't.  Still, would've been hilarious."

Excerpt from a letter written by Sharon, the lady who inadvertantly incurred Kevin's unjust wrath:

"As an addendum to the tiresome Kevin Bold situation, I received a response to my rather withering letter in which he ranted and raved and horribly insulted me.  Some of the things he said were absolutely shocking and unfounded.  I quickly penned a scathing reply but decided not to send it on the grounds that it would not make any difference.  He would probably refuse even to accept it.  His words are like unto the braying of an ass:  loud, annoying, and without much import."

Someone wrote and referred to my "relationship with Mr. Bold", however, we do not have a relationship, never have and never would.  I brush off pests like Bold upon a regular basis, not wishing to waste my precious time.

A Wiccan friend of mine, missing the point, said that I had wasted too much space, time, and energy on Kevin Bold - that he is not worth the effort.  In part she is correct.  He is not worth the effort.  However, "The Kevin Bold Story" is not really about Kevin Bold; it is about the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., employing Bold as a specific example of general statements I have often made in the past.  Like many, my friend viewed the article from a subjective point of view and saw feelings, but the story was written from a professional, objective point of view, devoid of personal feelings and exercising reason and logic.  I can, of course, understand the confusion, partly because my style of writing is generally informal, very personal, and freely passionate.  That style reveals my nature and general character, but my passion in such instances is for the work at hand and seldom the specific subject dealt with.  I delight in the craft of writing.

Another individual referred to my "feud" with Kevin Bold.  Please understand this, there is no feud.  A feud implies (a) personal motivations, which I do not have in this matter, my motivation being simply professional, in service to Thelema, and (b) two opposing forces of approximately equal strength.  Bold is a bug, an annoying pest, I swatted him ... Splat! ... end of story.  However [heavy sigh], there is now that nasty wet spot to clean up.  Bug juice, don't you know...

I will not bother to send a complimentary copy of this EL to Bold as I would normally.  He returned the Samhain 1992 E.V. copy, the envelope apparently unopened with the following scrawled wildly on it:  "Return to Sender (you just don't get it, do you?)"  Yes.  I do get it.  He is a blithering coward without an ounce of manliness who cannot face and deal with reality.  He is now trying to appear to be above it all, a typical Caliphate trick generally employed by other members for the same reasons, but he has proven with all of his wild letters to David Godwin and others that he is not above it all.  So I will save some money here, knowing full well that he will, nevertheless, receive and read a copy of this EL from another source - one he has probably already made such an arrangement with.  You see, while Bold hates me, and such mentions in print as this throw him into a frenzy, he also derives some pleasure from it all because he is absolutely desperate for attention, which is one of the reasons he sends copies of his Whiskey Rebellion Camp Newsletter to a great many people who have not paid for it.  There is nothing altruistic about it.

And as for this general policy of the Caliphate gang, holding their collective tongue and hoping I will just go away:  perhaps it is a valid defense against my Avenging Angel!  The original so-called O.T.O. Newsletter spoke well of me until I turned the Sword upon the Caliphate gang, then Heidrick and the rest made an about-face and attacked me.  Not only did they fail to cause me any harm while providing me with more fuel to feed the fires that burned them, but it was not long after that that the O.T.O. Newsletter ceased to exist.  Furthermore, the only other Caliphate publication that dared to attack me in print, with similar results, Aurora Australis, has since "permanently ceased publications".  Hmmmmmmm.

But back to Kevin "Not So" Bold.  I do not want to say that the fellow is stupid.  That would be rude, and of course I am never rude.  Let us just say that he seems to be "cognitively challenged".  One must be politically correct in the nineties, don't you know.

Although he has not read the Samhain EL [ahum], Bold nevertheless seems to have gone through a great deal of trouble to respond to it in a roundabout fashion.  For example, he has taken great pains to explain why he had not been on Talk-Back with Bob Larson last Crowleymas, although he had bragged about it prior to last October 12th.  Not only did he make his excuses by way of computer bulletin boards, but also in the last Winter Solstice issue of his Whiskey Rebellion Camp Newsletter.  WRCN begins with a full page devoted to "Thelemic 'Carols' for the Solstice" - idiotic perversions of traditional Christmas songs like Jingle Bells:  "Six six six, six six six, Number of the Beast! ..."  This pathetic nonsense could be considered "satanic" by Christians, and they might have a point here.  "Hark, Enochian Angels Sing"?  Get real.  Get original.  I might also note here that Bold is sending through the computer systems something he calls "Liber Call Me Al vel vel, now. sub figura skating 'The Book of the In-Laws'".

"1. Hi! the manipulation of a Nut.  2. Company of heaven exposed; film at eleven.  3. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is a Star.  Big Deal."  Etc., etc., et droll cetera.

A Thelemite should possess a healthy sense of humour, as should every magician, hell, every emotionally sound person! but this is not funny - it is pure mockery, and stupid at that.  This is not what one can expect from a genuine Thelemite, but it is quite common among members of the Caliphate gang, proving them to be to Thelema what satanists are to Christianity.

Bold warns readers that "the O.T.O." is "not the 'Aleister Crowley Fan Club'!", showing again that the Caliphate gang has no real respect for the "founder" of Thelema, the Logos of the Æon, the man whose work they feed off of and use to promote their egos.  It shows, as Mr. David Godwin and others have noticed, that the Caliphate gang is trying to disassociate itself from Crowley rather than coming to an understanding of the man and defending his honour.  It is like saying:  "Christianity is the only one true religion and I devoted myself to it utterly ... but I have nothing whatsoever to do with that filthy Jesus fellow!"  Actually, when you think about it, it is worse.

Some months have gone by since the last issue of WRCN and we learn in this latest issue that "the camp 'kitty' is only $75.00".  That means that it has taken Bold months to come up with only $5.00 - no one can be that poor!  I know Poverty.  We are on a first name basis.  Yet even I can come up with much more money than that, at a moment's notice, for something important - like this EL, for example!  And doesn't he have friends ... real friends?  What about all those members [ahum] of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the great and powerful Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.?  Pathetic.  Ah ... but what can one expect from a toady "evangelical Protestant" computer nerd in his 30s who is still living with mommy and daddy?

Under the heading "Weren't you going to be on Bob Larson's show?" Bold gives his excuse [I can hardly call it a "reason"] for punking out.  He admits that he tunes into Talk-Back fairly regularly.  Hasn't he anything better to do?  And he even says that he calls Bob Larson occasionally.  Of course his motives are of the highest, he claims, but it seems obvious that Bold is simply starving for attention.  A common ego-weakness among many of the not-so-many members of the Caliphate gang.

He tried to portray himself as witty in his excuse, but proves himself to be very dull indeed.  He even looks dull - with a greyish complexion.  And basically what it boils down to is that, according to Bold, he did not take part in the Crowleymas broadcast of Talk-Back With Bob Larson because Larson led him to believe there would be no program on Crowley on that date - it is all Larson's fault.  And why?  Because Larson, used to dealing with simpering idiots and moronic crackpots, was afraid to participate in a debate with Kevin Bold, Master of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp, on the air.  Oh give me a break!

"I do not fit the stereotype of occultists that Bob Larson wants to give his audience.  I am not menatlly [sic] disturbed..."

He also cannot spell.  However, this does not wash.  I recorded that Crowleymas program and listened to it later.  Throughout the entire program Larson was begging for someone, anyone to call him up and give him a rousing debate.  He had nothing to fear.  In the first place, he has his finger over a cut-off switch during any broadcast and he can silence a caller instantly and quietly if he wishes.  [The program originates from Colorado and Bold would have had to participate via 'phone.]  Furthermore, the only people who usually listen to Larson's program are pitiful wretches who mistakenly view him as a leading Christian, and mentally distrubed crackpots such as occultists who are not really members of the "occult community", disliked as much by serious students of the esoteric as by fellows like Bob Larson.  It thus comes as no surprise to me that Kevin Bold tunes into Talk-Back With Bob Larson regularly and occasionally calls in to participate.  Another factor to take into consideration is Larson's monumental, deluded ego.  If anyone has seen him on a television talk show like Geraldo it should be obvious that if Jesus did indeed return and Larson did not agree with his version of Christianity, which, by the way, would be inevitable since Larson perverts the teachings of the Nazarene, he would not hesitate to debate Jesus on national television.  Larson lives in his own little world and he believes that he is always right, that everyone else is wrong, and even if he is proven wrong he believes himself right.  Even if he is beaten in a debate he will consider himself the winner.  By the way, although he was supporting Geraldo Rivera and his minions during the height of the satanic panic, even Rivera, along with his audience, laughed at Larson's idiotic fanaticism on Geraldo.

Given the chance, Larson would participate in a debate with the Pope - maybe even God! - on radio or TV, so I sincerely doubt that Bob Larson would be afraid to take part in a debate with dull-witted Kevin Bold.

Now Bold claims that although he did not expect the Crowleymas program of Talk-Back to be about Crowley, he tuned in just to check.

"I caught parts of this show; the topic seemed to be 'death metal' musician Glen Benton."

Remember, I recorded then listened to this program and I cannot see how he could have tuned into the program and not been aware of the fact that it was about Aleister Crowley, whom Larson slandered so frequently that if he were Pinoccio his nose would now be about the length of a military flagpole!  If Bold had tuned into Talk-Back for even a moment [and of course we know he listened to the whole program] he could not have helped but to have known that it was all about Crowley.

Bold also says that

"Contrary to claims from Larson's staff, they have had several ways to contact me:  mailing address, fax number, my work number, and my home phone number ... Larson backed down from having me on his show."

Hmmm ... if he has a job, how come the camp kitty has only gained $5.00 over the past few months or so?  I give everything I have to Newaeon operations, and I find it hard to believe that anyone earns less money than I do!

Before this, Bold, to "prove" that he is telling the truth, says:

"In July I called again [he had apparently made a real pest of himself, as usual - but remember that he is not the usual stereotypically mentally disturbed occultist that constantly calls Larson on his show] and suggested Crowleymas (October 12th).  I have this conversation on tape; one can clearly hear Bob tell his assistant to make a note of that date (send me a blank cassette and return postage and I'll send you a copy)."

However, what this audio recording proves is not what Kevin implies that it proves.

Bold sent a copy of the tape to someone who forwarded a copy to me, and the only thing that it seemed to prove is that Kevin Bold is a liar ... and a very stupid one at that.

Bob Larson, being a rude big mouth as usual, simply rolled all over Kevin Bold on the air - ploughed him under.  Probably Bold, at this point, realized that Larson would demolish him in a mock debate - for any debate on Talk-Back is a sham - so he chickened out.  No intelligent person in the first place would have even consented to be on Talk-Back, there is nothing to be gained of any real worth, yet remember this, up to this point Bold was encouraging Larson to have him on as a guest - practically begging him.  Anyway, Larson continually referred to Bold as a "satanist" on the air, despite one feeble protest from Bold, and he used Bold to make it seem as if he, Larson, was having such an effect upon the godless satanists in the world that he had great worth.  At one point Bold went on idiotically about Larson's "anti-occult pulp novel Dead Air", thinking himself quite witty and intelligent, but sounding like a thousand whacko occultists every sincere student of the esoteric encounters along his or her way and shuns as a pestilence.  Bold studied Larson's book, and Larson used this to "prove" that he can reach and presumably "save" even hardened "satanists" like Kevin Bold.

And so it went on for a time.  Larson called Bold a "whacko Crowleyite", which is at least partly correct - remember that Bold does not belong to a Crowley Fan Club, so he should not be called a "Crowleyite" - and Bold suggested that they debate Crowley and Thelema on Crowleymas, October 12th.  On the air Larson told Mary, head of his research department, to make note of that, it was right then and there apparently agreed upon and whatever else Bold might have thought later he could have tuned in on that date and participated in the program.  So far the tape proves that Larson had agreed to the Crowley debate on Crowleymas, and apparently Larson kept his word.  It also seems obvious to me that Larson, despite his many faults, is a better man than Bold - at least it is obvious that both fellows have some difficulty with the truth.  Remember that Bold claimed that Larson and his staff are liars and that they have his home 'phone number, etc., etc., which would be necessary to make arrangements for and carry on the debate?  Well, kiddies, at this point in the tape, after Bold tried to flirt with Mary [and you can almost see her grimace over the radio], she says "Kevin won't give us his 'phone number".  And Bold did not say he gave it to them already, but instead he admitted that he had not given Larson and Mary his telephone number and that he was not going to give it to them until he had a set date for the Crolweymas debate - a date, may I remind you, that had been set right there on the air but which had apparently not been set firmly enough to suit the ever-so paranoid Kevin "Not So" Bold!

As I have said, we should not be cruel and call Kevin Bold stupid.  He is but "cognitively challenged".

Not so very long ago, I finally found the time to stop into a little occult shop in the college community within which I reside.  The proprietor and I struck up a conversation and after a few moments he asked for my name.  When I told him, his face lit up with a big smile and he just had to shake my hand.  "So you're Kelly!" he exclaimed with great pleasure.  "Kevin said you were bald."  I chuckled, lowered my head and pointed out that while I am not bald I am getting a bit thin on top.  "No, I mean really bald!" he said.  Then he went on to say that Kevin Bold is telling people that I am completely bald, as if there was something terribly awful about that - remember that he met me in person, knew better, and that Crowley, before reaching my age [42 next March 23rd], had lost a great deal of his hair and shaved his head bald - and Bold seems to also be leading people to believe that I dash about wearing a cape [but for a simple watch, I do not even wear jewelry, least of all occult jewelry, dress conservatively, and sometimes wear cowboy shirts and boots], and that I am this god-awful nasty, ill-mannered, bad tempered brute.  The proprietor of the shop said, "And you're such a nice guy.  Friendly.  Not at all the way Kevin described you", or words pretty much to that effect.

What a small person Kevin Bold is - what a very small person indeed.  Hardly the cloth from which real Thelemites are cut.  And keep in mind that Bold is here only an example of the typical member of the Caliphate gang.

Mickey Mouse Death Threat

The original copy was printed on an 8½ x 11 inch sheet of, appropriately, yellow paper, anonymously mailed from a Westchester, New York post office.  The tiny unreadable word at the top is "Advertisement".  Obviously this was pieced together from a Disney advertisement, a blown up and altered self-portrait that can be found in at least one EL and some old Newaeon information sheets, as well as my name and return address cut out of an envelope.  I refer to this as a "Mickey Mouse Death Threat" for more than one reason.  For one reason, while "farewell to G.M.Kelly" can hardly be interpreted in any other way in this instance, it neither frightened nor angered me.  In fact, I rather liked it because this further proves me correct in my judgments.  However, please remember that "terroristic threats" are illegal and making them by way of the United States Post Office is also against the law.

Who could have sent this stupid piece of lackluster wit?

It is pretty easy to get a general identification of the sender.  It was sent in response to the Samhain EL and people to whom that was sent would not have been able to receive that until October 31st at the earliest.  Later in most or at least some cases.  The postmark on the envelope in which this was sent was dated November 5th.  Furthermore, it was certainly not made up and sent by a friend or sympathetic subscriber - that narrows it down to those individuals and groups mentioned in the Samhain EL, and there are very few possibilities there.  Gregory von Seewald, for example, was ruled out because prior to receiving the Mickey Mouse Death Threat I had received his somewhat more witty reply to the EL - the "hunchback" sheet.  The sender also had to be someone who lived in or near Westchester, NY, as there was no time for someone else to receive the EL, send a copy to someone in NY and have it received in time to elicit this response.  And the only person I sent a copy to in New York who might be inclined to do such a thing was Bill Breeze, "Caliph Hymenaeus Beta" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. c/o JAF Box 7666, New York, NY 10116-4632.  Since the gang had been mentioned I naturally sent him a complimentary copy as I am an extremely honest, up-front, ethical individual.  Therefore, there is next to no doubt whatsoever that the moronic coward who sent this illegal Mickey Mouse Death Threat was either the "great" Caliph himself or one of his local toadies.  Again, hardly the cloth from which real Thelemites are cut.

Copies of this nonsense were also sent to David Godwin, Alan Stewart in Canada, one-time member of the Caliphate gang, Clive Harper, a current member of the group in England, Ken Ward in Canada, and Gregory von Seewald, a second copy coming to my residential address later, probably meant to frighten me.  Ooh ... I'm shaking.  They know where to find me.  How I tremble.  Get real...  I never fear cowards and always face fear.  I have hospitalized and jailed a number of people in my two-score-and-one years and I face threats to my person and spit in the eye of the antagonist.  Now as to what was supposed to be accomplished by sending copies to these people, all of whom were mentioned in Encyclical Letters, I cannot say, but every one of them, even G.v.S. who naturally found it to be somewhat amusing, agreed that it was stupid and petty.  The mailing out of the Mickey Mouse Death Threat only served to further prove my words true and enhance the strength of my character.

And this is not the only time I have received lunatic letters and death threats from the Caliphate gang.  Remember the Associate Member of the Caliphate gang who called himself "the Mutant Monster" [see TNN VI.4], one of many incarcerated individuals who fill up the membership lists of the gang?  He threatened my life in no uncertain terms.  I simply sent copies of his letters to the warden and parole board.

A Crazy 
Letter Received

Over the years I have received numerous lunatic letters and death threats, some were sent by the not-so-many members of the Caliphate gang - some signed and some sent, in cowardly fashion, anonymously but easy enough to trace the origin of.  The missive reduced and printed above is only one example of these positively inane letters received from individuals who claim that they are Thelemic adepts but prove themselves to be neither adepts nor Thelemites.  It reads, as best as I can interpert the scribbling, as follows:

"Keylack-: Do What Thou Wilt 'And Mind Your Business'

'He that knows he knows'
93 = IVOZ = IX - V - XV - VII -- 93

You are Thelema & you aren't [symbol for Saturn?].·.
My friend has angered you?  No, disapointed.  Well I seek to balance this.  You know I'm a Libra.  So my name is Love & Sunshine sparkled Space.  -- Kindness Lies -- Anyone who runs a newsletter of Thelema in Pittsboig is doin' & that's not all.  The reflex in the prana is virulent pass benfere it's ultra beain.  I is as I am is the infra - bedevild?  Don't let it get to you.  Be a Man - Cower from a pen?  So busy well Get Unbusy friend.  Everyone has built sucks you, my friend, and even me, has a Late Show.  So carry on; built the walls, morter the corners of your own (XXXXXXXXX) Palace about Because.  Why?  Therefore infers Causality.  Be Dead to the Vain, if flatterous, heed the Skeptic, if Severe.  There is No God.  Not 93, No not you, or not even me!  Have you eleven, they are of us.  Your proof is Success.  Of this ('Oh what would I see) Lower Your Standards & Drop your Grip - Mirror in Taste the Whip Which tells the Difference [scribbles and "SPAASE"] for G.H. Frater I. (1001)"

At the top righthand corner around circle:  "[...?...] July August [Water triangles below "J" and "A"] September ["S" underscored]", and to the right of this:  "JasvN 777 7-7-7 July 7, 75 A.N".  This was written on the inside of a Days Inn "Day-Gram", addressed "G.M.Kelley - M.E.D., 5910 ALder Street, Pittsburgh PA. 15213, Love is the Law ... Love Under Will".  and the return address of Days Inns of America was scratched out and written in:  "945 Larkin #24, San Francisco, Cal. 94109".  Written between three pictures of Days Inn:  "Give me Liberty or Give MH" and to the write of this a heart was drawn with an arrow going through it, from buttom left up through the right quarter, a small arrow rising up from the top centre and another going down from the bottom centre, "DEATH" written in the heart, and "- Please Reply -".  I never bothered to reply.

Donald W. Correll Jr. [P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, Ca. 94702], on Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. letter head wrote the following:

"Care Frater Keallach:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.  [sic]

This is to inform you that I will not be renewing my subscription to New Aeon due to lack of interest in the subject material.  Furthermore, I must seek to warn you against further angering Ra-Hoor-Khuit by your tactless lies against Fra. H.A. 777 OHO of the OTO.  I know him personally and can tell you that you are simply wrong.  If you care to print malicious misrepresentations of a fine gentleman Knight of Thelema, then it's your Karma, Look to your heart Brother or beware Anubis and the Hall of Truth.
Beasted beast,

BRFN [crudely copied hieroglyphics]
Bran Mac Llyr III° O.T.O.

Love is the law, love under will.


Another letter from Mr. Correll on Caliphate letterhead dated August 12, 1980 E.V. to which I did not trouble to respond:

"You are nothing but a phony, and an imposter, a know nothing lackwit victim of a vengeful woman whose spite knows no bounds.  I know the O.H.O. very well indeed and it's none of your business how or why.  You are not even a pseudo-thelemite.  You are the slave of because.  Your lack of editorial responsibility is matched only by your lack of occult wisdom and understanding.  If you had ever had the courage to become an initiate instead of a backbiting you might have received a more appreciative audience.  Members of the O.T.O. have been known to exercise their right to criticise, however even your enemies use more tact than Newaeon.  I challenge you to print a reb\uttal in your insifnificant rag of a newsletter.  If RA-Hoor-Khuit is with you it is only to destroy a traitor.  My true will is to defeat all such carrion, bait of Choronzon as you.  93."

That one was over ten years ago and the Caliphate Inept failed to defeat me so far, so I guess he is a failure so far as his "true will" is concerned - as if he even understood the simple concept of True Will.  And yet I suppose he is correct when he said that Ra-Hoor-Khuit is with me to destroy a traitor, more or less, because one might say that it is my duty and my Will, in part, to "destroy" those who misrepresent Thelema.  Of course, since these individuals are not actually Thelemites as they claim, they cannot be called traitors - only enemies of Thelema.  Most of all I want you to note the childishness of this letter - using Ra-Hoor-Khuit, God form of this "Æon of Horus", as if he were a bogeyman!  The letter that follows was fully quoted elsewhere:

"Care Fratre (or Lord 'god', if you prefer) Beelzebub ... Greetings Oh Thou Most Immaculat [sic] Lord of the Flies ... We therefore the ardent magicians of the High Magick of the Light do hereby petition Thee Oh Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies by the Most potent and powerful spells of the Living God IAO SABAO and the Word of the Aeon of Horus to withdraw this irksome spirit from the being of G.M. Kelly lest AGLA take away THY power and glory forever from within the realm of the irrelavent [sic] ones who you control - APOS PANTOS KAKODAIMINOS [sic] - LASHTAL".

I am here either being identified as the Lord of Flies himself or supposedly possessed by the demon, I am not sure - Soror Rachel probably was not sure.  Nevertheless, this inane letter which is hardly the creation of a true adept or initiate was apparently meant to exorcise and banish me.  It failed.

"KEL, I DON'T THINK YOU CROSSED THE ABYSS.  NORMAN"  Norman Kaeseberg could not convert me nor convince me that he is a great adept, so, among other things, he chose to believe that TNN III.5/6 was a lie.  After all, if he admitted that it was true he would have had a harder time accepting rejection!  Now, whether or not I had crossed the abyss, why would I care what he thought about it?  I have a thick file of crazy letters from Mr. Kaeseberg.

I beg the forgiveness of the many emotionally and intellectually challenged members of the Caliphate gang that I have not represented here.  These may not even be the most amusing of the bunch!  And let me just say that while you do not well represent Thelema and Aleister Crowley, you do indeed accurately represent as Inepts the Disorder that falsely calls itself the O.T.O..

NOTE:  If you are wondering why I often quote letters without giving the name of the person who sent it, or give thanks to other friends without giving their surnames, it is because I wish to protect them from the harassment of the Caliphate gang and other such mean-spirited individuals who, in their impotent, childish and cowardly rage, may want to strike out against me through my friends and associates.  I think the justification for my concern has been adequately presented.

Love is the law, love under will.

[ENCYCLICAL LETTER, Valentine's Day 1993 E.V.]