Encyclical Letter

Crowleymas/Samhain 1993 E.V.

Ordo Templi Ostentationis*

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


"I was at Starwood this year and met some representatives of the [Caliphate pseudo-] O.T.O. lodge in Buffalo, I believe they said.  [The Pyramid Lodge, P.O. Box 1481, Buffalo NY 14215?]  However, my general impression was that these were not the enlightened persons I expected Thelemites to be.  Having read several of your Encyclical Letters, I look forward to your reply to be refreshed and re-inspired."

Leaping from the Caliphate gang to one of the remnants of the late Marcelo Motta's mostly imaginary S.O.T.O. and then back again...


"I recently wrote to the S.O.T.O. from an ad I saw in a magazine just to see what they were up to since Motta left us and ended up receiving my letter back (with a rectangular piece taken out of the corner?? a magical link??) and scrawled on the letter was 'Rejected' and 'Barred for Life'!  Jeeeez .... what did I do??  Must be that fateful interval I had with Motta's bunch back in the late 70's.  Don't they ever forget??"

"Of course you can quote me in the next EL regarding my S.O.T.O. response.  The address I wrote to was P.O. Box 3511, Laguna Hills, CA 92654 but the 'reply' came from Mr. David Bersson, P.O. Box 1131, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87103."  [Excerpts are not from Stewart as the following may seem to imply.]

Anyone interested in Mr. Bersson, a man as mad as the late Marcelo Motta in my opinion, might wish to contact Mr. Alan Stewart, formerly a member of a Canadian branch of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., as he has had the dubious pleasure of an extended correspondence with Bersson.  The last address I received from Alan Stewart was 5174 Notre Dame [?] Quest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 1T3.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  David Bersson recently fled New Mexico, er, I mean left that state and set up shop here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - and oh how thrilled I am about that.  We have exchanged a couple of brief letters and he would very much like to "feast" with me, but I have not yet had the time to spare.  It is hardly high on my list of priorities.  In the meantime, I ran into one of his people in the Eye of Horus bookstore.  Jeremy, if memory serves me right.  A clean-cut looking twenty-something son of a minister who, less than a year "into" the occult and Thelema knows it all.  I was present when he pressured a young lady into returning the unopened deck of tarot cards she had earlier been compelled to purchase to take in their stead the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck which the young know-it-all insisted she use.  Of course, this is my deck of choice, however, an individual should be free to choose the pack that "calls out" to him or her and continue to use that deck or change to another if so moved to.  The choice is a personal one, and a genuine Thelemite would have never bullied someone into anything that just might be contrary to his or her very personal True Will and/or detrimental to that individual's growth.  Furthermore, it seems that David Bersson grew rather annoyed with his "priestess" - Cara or Kara, I believe her name is - I think because she had the nerve to display a mind of her own.  Funny how these so-called Thelemic leaders really cannot deal with a woman who even comes close to the description of a Scarlet Woman in The Book of the Law.  Apparently he told her to hit the road, ordered his people not to talk to her, and then, as the story from a reliable source goes, had his people take from her apartment papers and documents regarding the group's activities as well as books that she had purchased with her own money, justifying the theft of private property by claiming that she had no right to those books.  The lady is now afraid, a bit insecure and paranoid, almost talked to me one day when encouraged to do so, but claimed to have gotten a wrong number and quickly hung up after I answered the phone in my characteristic manner:  "Do what thou wilt.  Kelly speaking."  David Bersson has since become a thorn in the side of the proprietors of the Eye of Horus who had initially welcomed him with open arms and introduced him to people, Bersson or one of his people even going so far as to steal the Eye's mailing list.  Needless to say, these are not the actions of genuine Thelemites - they are not even law-abiding Americans.]  [1998 E.V.:  If you read the articles on David Bersson elsewhere on this site I think it should be obvious that he no longer wants to "feast" with me, but he may wish to "feast" on my roasted corpse!  Instead he is now eating crow ... and his own words.]



E.V.G.M.Kelly esq.,                      20.8.93 ev
Fr.M.E.D.A.C., [sic]
New Aeon Productions, [sic]
P.O.Box 19210,
PA 15213,

      Dear Sir and Brother M.E.D.AC, [sic]

      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A friend has passed your ENCYCLICAL LETTER to me and I have read your issue of the Summer Solstice 1990 with the greatest of interest.  Thank you very much for your kind review of my THE LEGACY OF THE BEAST.  I agree with your criticisms of my Part Four.  At the time of writing I had only just joined the English newly formed branch of the Caliphate OTO , and I honestly believed that it could be the powerhouse of THELEMA.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the greatest disappointments of my magical career and I resigned finally a few months ago.  Consequently I agree with all your criticisms of this shithouse.

Thanks for quoting my words on an enquiry after the truth concerning the Caliphate OTO.  The Secretary of the London BENU Camp was me.

I think that you have been unjust to me regarding my book HITLER:  THE OCCULT MESSIAH.  Nazism is a disgusting perversion of the current and I hoped that my book made that clear.

I endorse your words on Bill Heidrick.  I had to send back his last letter to me with a simple 'E-' inscribed in blue at the top, for it was playground nonsense.  However I don't quite share your opinion of my old mate, Pete Carroll.  I do not agree with him but I can vouch for his extraordarily hard practical work.  In my opinion he has pioneered new and effective techniques:  but I have found most so-called 'Chaos magicians' to be a bunch of lousy, useless, self-important, neo-fascist wankers and wastrels.  However, I've shared your misfortune in receiving long letters from Alexander Duncan of Toronto.  Although Oath obliges me to respond, I've learned nothing from his wordy missives.

I enclose an application form from The Company of Heaven.  We do hope that you will affiliate with us.

Love is the law, love under will.

Take care and best wishes from England.

Gerald Suster
(Fr.VAL)                                                                                  93/93


[NOTE:  What follows is a copy of the sheet that Gerald sent to me along with his letter, hoping I would sign and return it.]


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

1.)  The company of heaven is unreservedly open to Thelemites.  There is no exclusion whatsoever based upon grounds of sex, race, age, religion, social or economic status, national origin, tradition, or culture.  The organization is democratic rather than hierarchical in accordance with the principle, 'Every man and every woman is a star', and there is no leadership as such.

2.)  The company of heaven respects the sovereign true will of every member.  There is a strong emphasis on tolerance of the equal rights of all members.

3.)  The company of heaven is a non-religious and non-profit-making federation which does not ask for money.  When numbers allow, an information service or newsletter may be produced for the benefit of members, which will then be offered for voluntary subscription at a reasonable rate in order to recover costs.

4.)  The signature of each member accepting the law of Thelema does not commit him or her to anything else at all.  No other oaths or vows are required.  If they wish, individuals are also free to revoke their membership and to be responsible for the act to no one but themselves.

5.)  Optional ad hoc activities amongst members remain the responsibility solely of the participants at any such meetings.

6.)  Unnecessary secrecy without good cause is frowned upon; therefore members of the company of heaven should not object if their Names (although not their personal details, such as address, phone numbers, etc, unless confirmed) are 'unveiled'.

7.)  Members can worship the universe within us and without us with Beauty and Love, in an infinite variety of ways.

8.)  The members of the company of heaven encourage one another in the accomplishment of the Great Work; the balanced discovery within themselves of their own true will and identity; the nature and meaning of 'external' existence.

9.)  The company of heaven encourages a more ecologically responsible use of the Earth's natural resources and the evolution of a collective global awareness in preparation for a future period of Truth and Justice.

10.)  The company of heaven also seeks to cultivate the consciousness of the continuity of existence; the intricate and holistic inter-relationship of members with other human beings, life forms, and energies; the Earth; the Sun; other planets, stars, galaxies; and the universe as a whole, including extra- or praeter- human intelligence.

11.)  The company of heaven is affiliated to the A .·. A .·..

Love is the law, love under will.

*   *   *

The letter from Gerald Suster speaks well for itself and it should be obvious that the British members of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. are far from satisfied with the way things are being run in the gang.  Mr. Suster is not the only unhappy Brit.

At the top of the "Articles of Association" Gerald added a note by hand:  "Please sign, putting address and return if it be your Will."  I did not sign the copy of the "Articles", explaining to him in a reply letter that I wish to remain independent and objective, and that I am not at all quick to join anything.  I have seen such proposals before and they always sound good while being generally vague, and such things as Article No. 11, boasting "affiliation" with the A.·.A.·. always tend to put me off.  However, for the time being I reserve judgment on Gerald Suster's "company of heaven" and those interested may wish to contact him and join his "company"/"federation".  And if you do contact Mr. Suster and sign up I do hope you will share your opinions and experiences with me.

[NOTE:  The last contact address I received for Gerald Suster's "c.o.h.", c/o Mr. James Barter, was BM Laylah, London WC1N 3XX.  Mr. Suster's home address was deleted from the letter here presented, which I believe would be his wish.]

*ORDO TEMPLI OSTENTATIONIS:  Ostentationis - "Latin. deceitful show, pretence."

Love is the law, love under will.

Encyclical Letter

Vernal Equinox 1994 E.V.

The Bold Truth!
(or Caliphate Capers)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Absolutely fed up with the inane letters from Farter ... er ... I mean Frater Nanivartante [Kevin Bold], David Godwin, author of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia and Light In Extension [Llewellyn Publications], warned the "Master" of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. that he would be sharing his letters with the infamous G.M.Kelly.  The following is a commentary upon his letter to Mr. Godwin of July 18th, 1993 E.V. to further illustrate the nature of the typical member and "Master" of the Caliphate gang.

"How many of Gary's advertisers have I ever harassed?" Bold wrote.  "Have you ever wondered why he doesn't have any?  Could it be poor quality, low circulation, low credibility, and a general lack of interest in what he's saying?"

You will note that he loves to use the name I have long since stopped using as it suits me no better than Edward suited Aleister Crowley - a sign of the "Master's" extreme pettiness.  And of course, here again he lies outright, claiming I have harassed one of his advertisers, which his advertiser, Bob, has already confirmed is a lie, questioning Bold's sanity.  [See the Crowleymas/Samhain 1993 E.V. EL]  Furthermore, the conclusions he has leaped to regarding the lack of advertising in The Newaeon Newsletter and its supplemental Encyclical Letters shows further his pettiness, ignorance, inability to understand the target of his lies, while also displaying his overly materialistic values.  In point of fact, although I have always hated wasting valuable space on advertising, early on TNN did accept advertisements.  However, it was discovered that too many of the "occult" enterprises were less than efficient, less than honest, and often worse than pseudo-thelemic, downright anti-thelemic.  Therefore, to maintain Newaeon's integrity, I now sacrifice badly needed advertising income, politely rejecting potential advertisers who very frequently approach me wishing to advertise in The Newaeon Newsletter or Newaeon supplements such as this.

Bold also scolded Mr. Godwin for having mentioned me favourably in his later book, Light in Extension, as if he were the "Master" and Mr. Godwin were as nothing [while in fact he is far superior to Bold in every way], rudely trying to manipulate David by telling him that "a wise person" would not have even mentioned yours truly "let alone described his now-defunct Newaeon Newsletter as if it were still a going concern." Truly amazing!  He has had fits over previous mentions of him in this 3rd Series of ELs and here is yet another EL.  The Newaeon Newsletter IS "still a going concern" - which has of late greately concerned Bold.  The series of Encyclical Letters is a supplement to Volume VI of TNN - a continuation or extension of that volume.  There have been two Periods of Silence before this during which two series of ELs were published, and as has been done before, the publication of the next volume of TNN [Vol. VII] will be announced in the last EL in this current series.  The Newaeon Newsletter is not defunct as this supplemental EL is an extension of it.  TNN first appeared on the Winter Solstice of 1977 E.V., ten full volumes were promised before the newsletter is voluntarily put to rest, and so there will be ten volumes before he can call it "defunct".  When TNN is published and when ELs go out in its stead is determined by The Big Boys and Girls Upstairs, as there is need, by way of circumstances and opportunity.  Look at the top of the first page - this is Newaeon - obviously NOT "defunct", as Bold has told Mr. Godwin and is telling others.  [And please note that now Newaeon is being circulated to more people, during this 3rd "Period of Silence", virtually for free, via the Internet.]  Is he lying again?  A common Caliphate trait.  Just plain stupid?  Ditto.  Or is it wishful thinking - "third time's the charm"?  Probably it is a combination of these.

In reference to his petty get-even-"review" of Light in Extension, Bold claimed that he was being very nice to Mr. Godwin, that he had not "attacked [Mr. Godwin] personally, the way Gary did when he reviewed [his] Cabalistic Encyclopedia ..."  Well of course I did not attack David, personally or impersonally, and my playfully chiding remarks concerning his expressed opinions of Aleister Crowley in that book were obviously good natured jesting that Mr. Godwin, whose opinions have improved with time, greater experience and study, and I hope in some small way because of me, found the review I wrote fair, amusing and without malicious intent.  We have exchanged a few letters over the years, Dave and I, and we tease one another from time to time.  Unlike Kevin Bold, David Godwin is a mature, secure, intelligent adult.  But you see what is going on here, I hope.  At the very beginning Bold falsely accused me of trying to come between him and his "friends", i.e. the Caliphate gang [boy is he in for a nasty surprise some day!], and all I had done was to be honest and up front with him by telling him my opinion of the gang while stating that his association with that gang would not necessarily make us bitter enemies.  Bold, on the other hand, as he has always done from the start, as is common with members of the Caliphate gang, is still falsely accusing me of the very things he is guilty of!  If you ever want to know what is wrong with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., ask them "What is wrong with G.M.Kelly?" and at least nine times out of ten they will project their own vices and faults upon the image of yours truly as if they are entirely free of them.

Bold ended the paragraph the above quotations were made in by writing

"(We'll never mention Gary in our 'zine unless he does something newsworthy, like getting thrown in jail, or a mental institution, losing a legal battle, or dying.)"

I hardly need comment upon this and all that it implies.  It is silly and everyone of these wish phantasms is unlikely in my case - except perhaps the last, at the age of 93 as I have it planned.  Fifty more years Bold must wait for that wish to come true.  I frankly do not think he will last that long.

Bold claimed in the letter that I have

"alienated nearly everyone [I've] ever encountered:  the O.T.O., the Temple of Set, several Golden Dawn groups, Margot Adler, and a host of other reputable occultists here and elsewhere."

From where does he get this stuff?  In the first place, I am not running in a popularity contest.  I am doing my Will.  [Being a member of the Caliphate gang, it does not surprise me that Bold does not understand the nature of the True Will.]  And I am not even sure there is a "host" of "reputable occultists".  Sincere, intelligent students of the esoteric are in the minority, while the vast majority of individuals who make up the "occult community" are crackpots, charlatans and mostly faddists.  [Does it sound like I really care if I alienate myself from them or not?]  The O.T.O.?  The real O.T.O. died with Crowley and Germer, and I have no desire [obviously] to be chummy with any of the pseudo-o.t.o.s now in existence.  The Temple of Set?  Gosh!  You mean I am not loved by Michael Aquino and his toady satanists?  Golly!  How can I ever go on knowing that people who know not love hate me?  And several Golden Dawn groups?  I have hardly had any contact with the "several" g.d. G.D. groups in existence today, but since they generally have a low opinion of Crowley and Thelema, generally based upon pettiness and ignorance, and I have been dubbed "Aleister Crowley's defender", would it surprise anyone if they alienated themselves from me?  Margot Adler?  Never met the lady nor have we ever exchanged so much as a post card.  Perhaps he is basing this wild conclusion upon her comments regarding TNN in [the earlier editions of] Drawing Down The Moon.  Problem with this is that she lifted those comments directly from an old copy of Circle's Pagan Resource Guide and they were basing their opinion upon insufficient data, their perspective was personal and not professional, tainted with the sunshine-and-sweetness mentality that considers the reporting of distasteful facts as "negative" no matter how helpful the service may be to students and aspirants, and anyway, Wiccans generally have a low opinion [based upon prejudice, insufficient information, and petty jealousy and fear] of Crowley and all that is related to him and his work.  Perhaps the people of Circle have since grown up a bit, as I know several Wiccans have.  As for Margot - who knows?  She was not expressing her opinion in Drawing Down The Moon, she was merely repeating Circle's - and while I receive their publication, they receive mine.  Hmmm.  Of course this worrying over who likes or dislikes whom shows again the vain, petty values Kevin Bold [and his kind] hold dear.  Furthermore, it is amusing to note that while going on thusly about me, he seems himself to make a habit of alienating himself from everyone he meets by trying to bully and intimidate them [by way of letter of course, since he has not the nerve to actually face anyone], approaching them with an obnoxious, pompous manner, and always trying to play the "Master" while proving to everyone he has encountered that I have met just how small he really is.

"If you want me to stop exposing 'Newaeon' shenanigans, or if you don't like the way I expose them, then let Gary and his stooges stop pulling them.  Let them mind their own damn fool business and respect our right to be left alone ... no more attempts to force me to read Gary's libels about me. ...," Bold wrote.

What has he exposed other than himself and the Caliphate?  In a letter writing campaign he has told obvious lies about me, but in doing this he has only succeeded in exposing himself while helping me to expose the worthless hypocrisy of the Caliphate gang.  Since he and his kind misrepresent both Crowley and Thelema, they are subject to criticism - in fact, since the Caliphate gang publicly promotes itself it must be willing to accept the criticism as part of being a public entity.  I am awfully sorry [not really] that Kevin Not-So-Bold cannot take the heat.  Perhaps he should get out of the "kitchen" instead of crying so much.  Furthermore, how have I "forced" him to read the ELs mentioning him?  By politely and ethically providing him with complimentary copies?  He could have carelessly tossed them aside.  I have not strapped him to a chair, taped his eyelids open, held a gun to his head and ordered "Read!"  As for "libels" - another lie.  I have simply reported the facts, that is news, not libel.  If I were guilty of libel don't you think that a member of so litigious a group as the Caliphate gang would sue me instead of throwing temper tantrums by mail?

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  Of course suing me would be a waste of time and money, for even if one could win the case, which is highly unlikely, nothing could be gained by it as I, guided by mine Angel, set up safeguards against such a possibility before I even wrote the first number of the first volume of The Newaeon Newsletter.  So, when Bill Breeze by way of an associate, told a member of his "organization" who was scheduled to visit me at my invitation to perhaps "steal" something while in my apartment and check out my library to see if there was anything worth suing me for, had the lady been agreeable instead of appalled by the "suggestion", it would have done him no good.  I do not own "my" library.  In fact, legally speaking, I own absolutely nothing, although that which is in my keeping cannot even be taken from me by the legal owners.  Tell me ... do I strike you as a fool?]

"By all means," Kevin Bold finally writes, summing up his four-page letter, "share this with Gary, and don't be too surprised if he distorts this letter or doesn't print it in its entirety should he mention it in another 'encyclical'."

Can you imagine how long this installment of The Bold Truth would be if I had published the entire whining letter and commented upon all of the petty lies and nonsense therein!  Besides, neither I nor Newaeon work for "Master" Nanivartante, and if I did as he wants it would only make him look worse [i.e. reveal more of his unsavory character, or lack of character] since I have never distorted anything.  If I were to distort Kevin Bold in any way, since he is already a "distortion", I might make him look almost rational and sincere!  And so it could be said about the Caliphate gang as well - for remember that I am only dealing with Bold as he is a specific example of many of the things that are generally wrong with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  Bold is a great liability to the Caliphate gang because he reveals so clearly the hypocrisy and unthelemic nature of that group.

Originally David Godwin was not going to bother me with a copy of this letter, but Kevin Bold, with his inane petty childishness, his obnoxious pomposity, and annoying rudeness, succeeded in alienating himself from yet one more intelligent person worth knowing.  And if Bold was not as helpful as he is in exposing the truth of the Caliphate gang I would gladly, happily ignore him entirely.  But enough now of this subject.  It is time to move on to other things.

Love is the law, love under will.