Encyclical letter

Samhain 1994 E.V.

Dunt dunt, dunt dunt, dunt dunt, dunt dunt ... just when Kevin Not-So-Bold thought it was safe to go back to the mailbox and sit down at his computer!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Bold Truth


Sharpen your pencils, kids - and your wits.  Pop quiz!  Multiple choice.

QUESTION:  Kevin Bold, a.k.a. Frater Nanivartante 777, "Master" of the Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. ... is he

A.  A bloody moronic and slanderous liar who falsely accuses others of the very things that he is guilty of?

B.  A raving lunatic with so many buttons to push that it is easy to get him to prove his insanity?

C.  An incredibly pompous moron with an uncontrollable compulsion to prove his idiocy to the world?

D.  A perfect example of a typical Caliphate Inept who misrepresents Thelema and Aleister Crowley?


E.  All of the above?

Please forgive me for reminding you before we continue:  in this review of events I am not personally attacking Mr. Bold.  Were he not such a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Caliphate gang he would deserve absolutely no attention whatsoever.  However, since he is such a perfect example of Caliphate insanity and insincerity it would be foolish of me not to employ this specific example of general statements I have made in the past regarding this disorganized group of crackpots and charlatans who falsely claim to be the Ordo Templi Orientis.  And being the supreme conservationist that I am, I simply cannot waste what Mr. Bold has, through his absolute stupidity and uncontrollable mania, given me.

My primary source for the following installment of The Bold Truth comes from a computer network called "Echos".  The material has been sent to me by a gentleman who has a computer and is into numerous bulletin boards and such which I admit I know little about.  He is, shall we say, a disenchanted member of the Caliphate gang - or at least he was a member when he shared the following material with me in true fraternity and with a sense of gentlemanly fairness that seems to be sadly lacking within the ranks of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  "Echos", as I understand it, is an open network for people to carry on conversations with one another, much like the C.B. [citizen's band two-way radios] of my childhood, and like the C.B. craze, most of the people participating are very lonely individuals lacking most of the social skills and graces to get on in normal human society, who pretend to be everything they would like to be but do not know how to become [or are too lazy or too afraid to do what would be necessary to improve themselves] and who, usually out of a fear of discovery, generally employ comical sounding, sometimes self-important, "handles" by which they become known.  A small minority are probably truly searching for a meaningful dialogue by way of which they might improve themselves, and I think you will soon agree with me that Mr. Kevin Bold and his regular participants in ill-informed, mean and spiteful idle chatter are of the majority.

It is also worth noting here that Kevin Not-So-Bold, thwarted time after time in his petty assaults upon me after I had simply reported certain facts for the sake of sincere students who want to know where to find Thelema and where not to find it, finally resorted to spreading his childish little lies, throwing his temper tantrums, over the "Echos" network knowing that I do not myself possess access to "Echos" and so feeling that it was safe to slander me behind my back.  Trouble with that line of thinking is that I have friends.  He obviously failed to think of this.  It is understandable since Mr. Bold seems to judge everyone by his standards and so he probably figured that since he does not have any friends then I could not possibly have any.  [November 1998 E.V.:  And of course now I have a computer and I am on the Internet.  You can imagine how that thrills some people!]

Without further ado, let us go on then with a review and examination of just what it was that went through the public "Echos" network.  Please keep in mind that what we are really studying is not a single individual, but rather a perfect example of many such individuals who make up what is today falsely called the "O.T.O.".


(KB)  "Personally I'd say he gives me about as much competition as Studebaker or DeSoto gives Mitsubishi.  He publishes gossip, and I don't.  His circulation is smaller than mine (as evidenced by his griping about my sending my 'zine to all US OTO bodies), and he doesn't sell ad space.  He can't sell ad space - he doesn't have a big enough readership to make anybody want to buy it even if he wanted to sell it.  I, however, can and do sell advertising space.  He first contacted me in 1990.  He wanted to either get me to quit the OTO or have me become one of his 'many' contacts (spies) in the OTO.  I wasn't interested, so he made me one of his targets.  Pity, but I suppose that some people can only feel worthwhile by belittling others.  It's even sadder when they try to make a living doing it."


(CR)  "Whoa there... I didn't mean to imply anything at all.  I just -thought- I remembered reading a post a few months ago where you said something about being a publisher, so I was checking my memory on that point.  If he has that many contacts, I wonder why he needs another one."


(KB)  "No implication perceived.  I publish a 'zine _Annuit Coeptis_, formarly known as the _Whiskey Rebellion Camp Newsletter_.  But some people, namely Gary's stooges, have accused me of looking at him as a competitor, which is nonsense.  Neither his presence nor his libels against me have caused me any harm, although I do consider his relentless efforts to get info on me and other WRC-OTO members, and his resorting to trickery to get me to read these libels, to be an invasion of privacy."


Studebaker and DeSoto and Mitsubishi:  I guess this was supposed to be clever, but it is like comnparing the proverbial apples and oranges, then and now.

The first lie is that I publish gossip.  Is this gossip?  No.  It is verifiable fact and remains such even if by now Bold or someone else has purged the "Echos" network of the above and following nonsense.  As for what Bold publishes, well, it is simply trite silliness and badly rehashed material that can be found in any number of books in a better, more complete and accurate form.

"His circulation is smaller than mine", Kevin boasts.  He may as well be saying "My thing's bigger than his, nah, nah nah, nah, nah!"  And how would he know anyway?  No one knows how large or small Newaeon circulation is but yours truly.  And the only reason Bold has any circulation at all is that he gives his silly rag away to almost everybody in a desperate bid for attention and recognition.  I sometimes turn away people willing to pay the nominal subscription cost of The Newaeon Newsletter if I think that the person will not benefit from it, or if the person has quickly proven not to be the kind of individual I am interested in.  TNN is not just a newsletter published to inform, teach Thelema by way of example, defend Aleister Crowley and Thelema, and hopefully amuse.  There are other reasons for its existence.

As for the selling of ad space:  again Bold gets his information from his own fevered imagination.  In point of fact, I did accept advertising early on, one only has to look at early volumes of TNN to check me on that, but I decided to stop accepting advertisements even though it meant losing badly needed income because (a) the newsletter's space is sadly limited, and as you can see I am a man with a lot to say, and (b) too many advertisers turned out to be less than honest and/or efficient business people, and/or they were quite unthelemic or downright anti-thelemic, and having any contact with these people compromised too much Newaeon's integrity.  To this day I regularly receive numerous inquiries about advertising within the pages of The Newaeon Newsletter, but I routinely inform everyone that it is no longer Newaeon's policy to accept any advertising.

When I first contacted Bold, as has been explained in an earlier EL, I simply offered my hand in fraternal friendship, politely and up front briefly informing him of my opinion of the group he had associated himself with, explaining that I would, however, decide what kind of a person he was upon his own individual merits and not judge him by his unfortunate association with the Caliphate gang.  I did not want him to become one of my "spies" - I never asked him to spy for me.  Frankly, it did not take very long at all for me to determine that I would not want to be associated with him in any way whatsoever.  I choose my associates and especially my friends very carefully - and Kevin Not-So-Bold was never in the running.  And certainly I do not want him to quite the Caliphate gang for he is only of assistance to my work so long as he remains a "loyal" member of that gang!

Since I never wanted him as an associate, contact or spy and never asked him to be any of those things [which perhaps hurt his ego], and since I am very happy that he is a member of the Caliphate gang, it stands to reason that I was not in the least upset that he remained a member of that gang.  He tried to make it sound like I made a "target" out of him to get even with him for spurning me, when in fact this is very far indeed from the truth and I am only "targeting" him because his stupidity and maniac compulsions make it impossible for him to hide behind silence as so many other Caliphate people hide and he continues to make of himself a perfect example that I simply must employ to make my point about the Caliphate gang in general.

And, of course, I am not trying to make a living out of publishing The Newaeon Newsletter.  Never have.  Newaeon is a money-losing venture, as I expected it would be from the very first, and it was never intended as a means of making a living.  Of course, any noble goals I may here list would be far beyond Mr. Bold's comprehension - obviously.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  At this point in time, when someone sends me $6.66 for a subscription to The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume VI, Numbers 1-6, including all of the "free" supplemental Encyclical Letters of the 3rd Series, it costs me over $18.00 to fill that order.  Adjustments will be made in the future to try and at least break even, but in the meantime I have been given the opportunity here to present virtually everything that has been printed to date and give it to you virtually for free.  I am, of course, not making a single badly needed cent out of this, but on the other hand, I am also not losing as much money!  And the most important thing of all:  you and many others are finally getting to read the Big Secret, the Mysterious Publication so many would keep you from even knowing about - The Newaeon Newsletter.  Doesn't it just send shivers up and down your spine!]

"Whoa there" indeed!  One individual Bold briefly corresponded with via "Echos" kindly informed him that he is "fixated".  They did not correspond for long.  Mention the demon Kelly to Bold and unless he is in an exceptionally rare [Prozac?] mellow mood, Kevin Bold goes off like a firecracker!  Ah, but of course he is above it all and I have no effect upon him.  Ah-huh.

And note that even Captain Rock, who does not appear to be the proverbial rocket scientist [and God help us if he is!], recognized that something did not quite make sense in what Bold had said.

In Message #6230 he claimed that I am guilty of "libel", but as always it is a claim made without proof, and a claim that cannot be proven since in truth I am not guilty of libel and have only reported quite proveable facts - NEWS.  I once worked for a number of years for a reputable newspaper and unlike Mr. Bold I know the difference between "libel" and "facts", "gossip" and "news".  Of course he may know the difference, but to maintain a hold on his ego he is forced to constantly alter reality, or rather his perception of it.  Whether or not my reporting of the facts harms him or anyone else is not my concern.  I am simply providing aspirants to Thelema with a point of view and facts that the Caliphate gang would rather they not know so that those aspirants may decide for themselves from a more informed position whether or not they wish to associate themselves with such people.

[NOTE:  If you have even just once subscribed to the Caliphate's publication your name was placed upon their membership lists as an "Associate Member", this information used to mislead others into believing that they are a large international body.  Many years after that one year's subscription lapsed your name may still be on those lists as an "Associate Member".  There may one day be serious repercussions.  To disassociate yourself entirely from the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. and protect yourself from possible hassles in the future, it might be wise to write a brief, polite but stern letter, formally rejecting the group and if you never considered yourself more than a subscriber to their publication, mentioning that in a letter along with your feelings about how your name may have been misused to mislead others.  Send it Certified Mail with a return green card and carefully file your copy along with the proofs of mailing and reception.  This may save you a lot of trouble in the future, it would also send a message, and for the cost of only a few dollars it is worth it.  Trust me.  In the not too distant future the you-know-what must inevitably hit the proverbial fan.]

Another lie, one of many, told by Bold is that I am engaged in "relentless efforts to get info on [him] and the other WRC-OTO members".  Absurd.  I do not even know where he lives, which should ease his paranoia some, although it would be just as easy to obtain this information as it was to discover that his given address is a mail drop, Mail Boxes Etc..  [His address has changed a few times since this writing, but remains a Post Office Box.]  One fellow even offered to get his residential address for me since Bold went to some trouble to find out where I live and what my telephone number is, but I told him not to bother.  If ever Bold gave me reason to need it to send the police to his doorstep, a process server or what not, I would get it then.  Until then, who cares?  Oh, I did make one 'phone call to an individual with the same last name and that friendly old lady told me that Kevin Bold's name was vaguely familiar then advised me to call another Bold.  I thanked her for her kindness then shrugged it off.  I was only mildly curious during an idle moment.

As for my "relentless efforts" to get "info" on "other WRC-OTO members", we must again refer to his own fevered imagination and paranoia for I have never actively sought information on any member of any branch of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., although all such information volunteered is gratefully accepted as it might possibly come in handy some day, although that is doubtful.  In point of fact, I am not even aware of there being any true, steady members of the so-called Whiskey Rebellion Camp of the Caliphate gang outside of Bold himself!*  Everyone I have ever encountered who had met Bold considered him a complete idiot not worth their time and bother.  Only one individual I know, I have been told, finds Bold fascinating and that fellow is an individual who abuses drugs, is constantly high, and has probably burned out nearly every brain cell he has ever had.  Needless to say, I do not associate with this fellow, but given his opinion of Bold it just may be that Kevin has finally made a "friend" - for whatever this may be worth.

[*In 1996 E.V. I met a young inexperienced twenty-something couple who were new members of Bold's Camp, I believe their names were Mark and Judy, the only members for all I know, although they may attract a few more that would otherwise be repulsed by Kevin.  Speaking with the young couple I found them to be rather mild, inoffensive and easily impressed, and the young man told me that he joined the Caliphate because it was like a college fraternity and a great opportunity to socialize.  I informed him that that is not what a magical fraternity is supposed to be all about.  Meanwhile Kevin himself, I have been told, is laying low and taking a back seat these days.  Still, he cannot remain silent enough to hold things together.  He is like the scorpion who hitched a ride across a pond on the back of a frog.  He simply has to sting even the people helping him.  It is in his nature.]

As for invading anyone's privacy, this like everything else Kevin Bold falsely accused me of [committing libel] is very much against my basic nature.

By the way, please note how he must compulsively refer to me by my "Christian name" given to me at my birth by my parents, a name that I do not choose to use, as Aleister Crowley chose not to use his given name, Edward Alexander.  It is just one of the many things that show how incredibly petty, spiteful, rude, and childish Kevin Bold is - not to mention how "fixated" he is upon the matter of my chosen as opposed to my given name.  [Yeah ... yeah ... and what about me calling him "Kevin Not-So-Bold"?  Well, this only after all of his nonsense, and because it suits him so well, and, well, blame it on the imp in me.  I am not trying to be hateful and malicious as is he - what can I say? -I am just a playful kind of guy!]


(KB)  "You're not going to believe this, but that putz sent me another 'encyclical'.  I haven't opened it.  I don't plan on it.  I'm probably just going to throw it away."


(CP)  "Nah ... put a hex on it and send it back!"


(CP)  "Or you could really piss him off -since he's obviously in dire need of attention, why else would he smear his feces on the wall?- and just ignore him altogether."

(KB)  "I tried that.  In fact, that was the first thing I tried.  That's what prompted him to get one of his stooges to write to me, agree to meet me, and then invite Gary to the meeting (without telling me, of course).  In the meantime, I recommend that we refrain from reviewing Llewellyn books in our 'zines, and refrain from purchasing books by Llewellyn author David Godwin, as he has publically endorsed Gary and taken his side against the OTO (see page 196 of _Light in Extension_)."

(CP)  "Who's Godwin, anyway ... what's he written?"

(KB)  "He's the editor at Llewellyn who for some strange reason think's Gary is a great guy.  He wrote the aforementioned _Light in Extension_ as well as _Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia_.  In my opinion, Thelemites should refrain from buying his books until he withdraws his public support for an obvious troublemaking nutcase, and tell Llewellyn."


(CR)  "I hate to ask, but what's an encyclical?  I don't know that word."

(KB)  "In addition to claiming to have crossed the Abyss, Gary has apparently appointed himself Thelemic Pontiff.  (The Pope's writings, as you may know, are called "encyclicals".)  I haven't opened it.  I don't plan on it.  I'm probably just going to throw it away."

(CR)  "If it's some of his literature (okay, maybe I'm using it loosely), maybe you should look.  It could be that he's dimwittingly provided you with a free copy of something you might eventually use as evidence in a libel suit."

(KB)  "While I could easily prove his statements are false and malicious, I've yet to learn of anything derogatory enough to take him to court over.  Besides, since only an idiot would believe him, in addition to his low circulation, I would have trouble proving damage."


(KB)  "Last time I called the local postal inspector.  This time I'm going to set up an appointment with him to look into the prospects of pressing charges against Gary.  Since he knows I don't want to receive his 'encyclicals', but sends them to me anyway, and attempts to prevent me from realizing they're from him, he's obviously harassing me by mail.  Hmmm.  You think he could go to jail for this?"

(CP)  "Depends on how much energy you want to put into it, I guess.  Then again, you could whip up a good revenge sigil, 'consecrate' it, and send it back to him astrally."

NOTE:  There seems to be a good many echoes in the "Echos" network and the above continues with "Or you could really piss him off..." and goes on with "Who's Godwin, anyway..."


Please recall that in Msg. #6230 Bold said that I employ "trickery" to get him to read these Encyclical Letters.  It is not only a lie, but it is an incredibly stupid lie at that.  True, I have sent ELs to him in envelopes without the customary return address and Thelema stamp, and I mailed one to him with his advertiser's return address on it so that if it got lost it would be returned to Bob at AzIz and eventually find its way to Kevin anyway, and I have mailed these complimentary copies of the EL to him because it is the polite and ethical thing to do since he has been a topic of those particular Encyclicals.  Of course, as is the case with many members of the Caliphate gang, genuine manners and ethics are alien concepts to him.  And how on earth have I forced him to read those ELs?  Did I tie him to a chair and fix his eyelids open as was done to Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange?  Of course not.  I simply mailed the ELs to him to fulfill my ethical obligation as it is not my habit, unlike Mr. Bold and the Caliphate gang in general, to spread lies and rumours about a person behind that person's back in a cowardly fashion.  I print the facts, back those facts up with evidence and then confront the person to his face, as it were - like a man, like a genuine Thelemite.

Now this is the really interesting thing here:  in Msg. #6854 he claims that I sent him another EL and that he has not opened it and did not plan to open it.  There is one major problem with this statement.  Unless Kevin Bold is psychic, and I think the chances of that are pretty slim, he could not have possibly known that an 8½ x 11 inch EL had been mailed to him in a 5 x 5 inch envelope, oddly folded to fit, and it could not be seen through the odd sized envelope.  He had to have opened the envelope to know that an EL was enclosed, and that is what I wanted.  The EL received and recognized as such, my ethical duty had been fulfilled.  What he did with the EL after discovering it was entirely up to him.  He could have thrown it away unread.  However, the mere fact that he felt he had to lie about it tells me that, fuming, he had read it.  It was not me who forced him to read any of my Encyclicals - it was his own compulsion that did it.  He not only lacks self-control, but he has been caught in yet another lie.

Smear his feces on the wall?  "Christeos Pir" [Chris Feldman of the Caliphate William Blake Camp] certainly has a wonderful way with words, but I am not quite sure I know what he means.  But yes, Kevin did try to ignore me for a brief while, that is to say he tried to hide from a harsh reality, as he hides behind his computer terminal, behind his mail drop, behind the pretence of being a Thelemic initiate, as he tries to hide from the truth about himself ... ah ... but it was impossible for there was G.M.Kelly always with that mirror in his hand and Kevin simply, compusively had to gaze into it and see what he really looks like.

The "stooge" he refers to in Msg. #9047 refers with his usual characteristic ungentlemanly impoliteness to the lady named Sharon.  This incident was detailed in an earlier EL of this 3rd Series, but suffice it to say that she is not a "stooge", she very much has a mind of her own, it was her idea to contact Bold, all I did was to advise her not to accept my word about anything but to always investigate every side of an issue, look at things from every possible point of view, which is a very Thelemic bit of advice, and furthermore she did not invite me to the meeting.  That meeting took place at one of the few local occult book stores in this city, about two miles away from where I live, and back in 1969 E.V. I helped the original owners to establish their business, long before Mr. Bold ever came on the scene.  It was hardly unusual of me to show up at that place.  But how does one convince a paranoiac that one is not involved in a conspiracy against him?

Now this is really fun:  Kevin Bold refuses to review Llewellyn books and advises others to refrain from not only reviewing them but also from buying books from that publisher because the author of one Llewellyn book, David Godwin, has "endorsed" me and "taken my side" against the Caliphate gang.  You know, having met Kevin Bold, briefly, before he dashed off with his tail between his legs claiming to be suffering from a heart attack, it strikes me that he does look a little like Heinrich Himmler - the little pudgy, chinless Nazi who wore the glasses.

Actually Mr. Godwin did not "endorse" me, he simply pointed out that he believes I have a valid point of view, and it is not Llewellyn's place to dictate to its authors what their personal opinions on any matter should be.  Furthermore, dictating to a pbulisher like Carl Weschcke and threatening him is certainly no way to win friends and influence people!  As for the proposed boycott - we wish Mr. I-Am-So-Incredibly-Important Bold luck.  And Mr. Godwin and I wonder how Kevin proposes to handle the fact that Llewellyn just published New Aeon Magick:  Thelema Without Tears by Gerald del Campo, a brother member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  Will Kevin stick to his guns, or will he make an exception to review and so promote this one book from Llewellyn?  Hmmm.

Kevin also said by way of "Echos" to one Marian Starwatcher in Msg. #6323 [27 Feb. '94 E.V.]:

"Llewellyn has repeatedly endorsed individuals, 'occult schools', and gossip 'zines worthier of oblivion than the apparent respect that a publisher's endorsement confers.  And until these endorsements are withdrawn, I will neither purchase nor review in my publication a Llewellyn book, no matter how good it may be, no matter how sterling the character of the author."

Can anyone take this worm seriously?

I received a letter dated 22 Oct. 1993 E.V. from an employee of Llewellyn Publications informing me that Bold had reacted to the latest EL [which he probably claims he did not read] and presented me with the information in an amusing way:

America's Number One Occult
Publisher Brought to Knees

ST PAUL, MN - On Thursday, Oct. 21, around lunchtime, Andrea Godwin, publicist for Llewellyn Publications, received a telephone call.  She was out to lunch at the time, so a message was left on her voice mail.  The message was from a person calling himself "Kevin Bold."  He identified himself as the publisher of a newsletter called Annuit Coeptis, "with a circulation of about a thousand," and said that as long as Llewellyn continued to give free publicity to and send review copies to anyone who was in the habit of defaming and slandering the OTO, he would refuse to review Llewellyn books in his newsletter.

Terrified and awed by this mysterious message - and unable to return the call, for the caller left no number - Andrea (teeth chattering with fear and face averted with chastened humility) struck the name of the infamous demon "G.M.Kelly" (false and deceitful pseudonym or alias of Gary Allen Martin) from Llewellyn's mailing list for review copies.  Once again right and justice triumph over the petty slanderers of the great and glorious Ordo Templi Orientis.  Glory to Breeze in the highest.

The letter I received then went on to explain that

"This report - like all news stories - is not quite accurate, of course.  Andrea did not remove your name from the mailing list for review copies.  In fact, since she lives in the real world rather than in Kevin's nightmarish closet universe, she had no idea in hell what he was talking about.  'Was it something in that Zalewski book, Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn?' she said.  I told her that he was talking about G.M.Kelly.  'Well, what set him off?'  'Evidently, it was Kelly's latest Encyclical Letter.'  'But what's that got to do with Llewellyn?'  'Nothing.  I think you can safely ignore the whole thing.'

"So, because of his assumption that he is the center of the universe and everyone naturally knows all about him and his concerns - or is at the very least familiar with the evil rants of 'Gary' which distress him so - Kevin utterly failed in his rather arrogant attempt to dictate to a major publisher as to who should and should not receive their review copies.  I thought you might find this incident humorous."

I did.  And I found it more than interesting for it displays a common, ego-centric, elitist attitude that is rampant in the Caliphate gang.  Furthermore, it displays the hypocrisy, intolerance and absolute pettiness that one commonly finds among most members of the gang.

"Meanwhile," the letter from the Llewellyn employee continued, "I don't think it will sink Llewellyn if no Llewellyn books are reviewed by Kevin, even if he did have the circulation he claims (probably less than a hundred, including all the free copies he mails out to other 'camps' and so on).  Rather like Liechtenstein imposing an embargo on the rest of the world in order to bring it to task."

Ah ... now "Echos" does remind me of the old C.B. craze.  The level of intellect of those who waste their days with it is for the most part not that much higher than that of the rednecks who could go on for hours without saying a single intelligent thing.  "Captain Rock" [a reference perhaps to the substance which fills his cranium?] did not know what the word "encyclical" means.  I suppose he was not smart enough to consult a dictionary.  For that matter, it seems that Bold is also ignorant of dictionaries.  So, let us consult my Webster's:  "in the Roman Catholic church, a letter sent by the Pope to the clergy, having to do with church matters."  Ah, but there is more since the word is not exclusive to the Catholic Church:  "(L. encyclios; Gr. enkyklios, in a circle, general, common; en, in, and kykios, a circle.) for general circulation."  Of course I admit that I do use the term with a bit of tongue in cheek that I believe Our Father the Beast would approve of if he were alive today, but chaps like Kevin Bold simply have no genuine sense of humour, they just don't get it, and so one wonders how such individuals can even claim to understand Crowley's writings which are filled with such tongue in cheek material!

Now if Kevin can easily prove my statements regarding him false and malicious one wonders why he never does it.  The answer is, of course, that my statements are not false nor are they malicious.  Playful maybe, even impish - certainly necessary for the sake of Thelema and all sincere students of and aspirants to Thelema - but malicious?  Hardly.  False?  What is there that is false?  I am providing you the reader with the very words Kevin himself typed into the "Echos" network.  Just as he compulsively reads the ELs sent to him, Bold also destroys himself every time he opens his mouth or puts his hands upon a computer keyboard.  Ah ... and like his litigious pseudo-order, how he yearns to go to court!  The only problem is, even he has to admit that he does not have a legal leg to stand on.  I have done nothing wrong, morally or legally.  Pissing him off by telling the truth, reporting news and writing commentary is hardly illegal.  In fact, if memory serves me right, I do believe there is a First Amendment issue here.  By the way, he would have trouble proving damage, necessary in a libel suit, because there is nothing to damage.  He ruins his own reputation every time he interacts with others and opens his mouth or sits down at his computer, and his "camp" is largely a figment of his imagination, which, by the way, is very often the case with Caliphate groups.  It is pretty much like the typical pseudo-wiccan coven of one, the kind of nonsense that annoys the legitimate Witches.

Unable to sue me, Kevin Bold has admitted that he has attempted to RESTRICT me by way of "the local postal inspector" - some poor individual he has probably annoyed almost to the point of insanity.  Now what charges do you think he can have me up on?  Unfair Ethical Behaviour perhaps?  Unlawful Politeness maybe?  It is not obvious that I am harassing him by mail for I have not sent him threats or any kind or anything else of a harassing nature.  I have only acted politely and ethically.  And do I really know he does not want to receive the ELs in which he is mentioned - finally getting the attention he so desperately craves but finding that it leaves a bad taste in his mouth?  He has never sent me so much as a post card, signed, informing me that he does not wish to receive those ELs.  An EL returned with "Return To Sender" wildly scrawled over the unopened envelope could have been sent by his probably occult-hating mommy against his wishes.  Now, if he no longer wishes to receive free ELs that mention him he could let me off that ethical hook and send me a very brief letter informing me of this fact and then sign that letter in a proper legal fashion.  I will then publish that letter - editing out only unnecessary ranting, perhaps - and send him no more Encyclical Letters, thus saving myself some time and money.  Of course, he could simply stop ranting, spreading lies, and in short stop providing me with terrific material with which to beat the Caliphate gang over the head.  He could just shut up.  I am not acting.  I am reacting.  I am a counter puncher.  Why is that so difficult for him to realize?  Well, I wish him luck with the postal inspector too.  However, I doubt he will get his fondest wish and see me tossed into the hoosegow.  Our justice system may be somewhat screwy but it can't be that bad!

As for him putting a hex on me or whipping up a good revenge sigil ... well ... I doubt he can muster up enough "chrism" to "consecrate" such a sigil as the little round fellow with the sallow grey complexion did not strike me as being a particularly virile type of individual.

Kevin has tried to interfere with my True Will by disseminating lies; he has tried bullying, intimidation, threatening, but here is where he reached a new low - and proved to be so stupid that people who might have otherwise believed his lies called his bluff.


(KB)  "Be advised of the possible attempt to upload _Liber Agape_ to your boards.  This is a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL O.T.O. IX* document and is not meant to be circulated among the general public.  Also beware of any text files based on the publications of Gary 'G.M.Kelly' Martin.  This material is scurrilous, highly dubious, libelous, and anyone nasty enough to upload it to you might also have been thoughtful enough to include a virus, especially if your board is part of 93 Net."


(JN)  "What's so secret about this one?  I've got a nicely-bound copy of this and some other obscure Crowley stuff that I bought at Weisers in the mid-70's.  Sounds like you're trying to lock the barn door when the horses have already been stolen.  Congratulations!  You've just guaranteed him a bigger audience than he would otherwise have had.  (G) Could you and Martin's cronies please take your argument elsewhere?  You've both made your basic points, and anything more on the subject from either of you would be redundant.  It's getting so I can't tell any difference between the two of you.  'Choose your enemies well, for you shall become like them.'"


[KB's reply to "What's so secret" about Liber Agape]  "Hmmmm."

[KB's reply to "Congratulations"]  "Someone who should have known better beat me to it.  I guess I'm not the only one here who closes the barn door after the horses run out (G back atcha!)."

[KB's reply to "Could you"]  "As you may have noticed, I didn't even read, let alone respond to, that last post.  I figured a) I've said enough for the time being, and b) the immaturity of anyone who would use my last name in a scatological word play would be obvious to everyone.  So I let it speak for itself."

NOTE:  Mr. F. E. Short, a member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., tried to engage Kevin Bold in a calm, intelligent discussion which was soon torn to pieces when he brought up my name and Bold began one of his rants.  It was all down hill from there because Mr. Short dared to look at the awful demon Kelly objectively and share with others The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O., edited and introduced by Francis King, published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. in 1973 E.V. and first published by The C.W.Daniel Company Limited in London - a book the Caliphate gang is doing its best to RESTRICT circulation of for it is so bankrupt that it really has little more to offer prospective dues paying members than what can be found in that one published book.


(SS)  "Isn't this in Books in Print?  Yes I've heard of this guy.  Puts out a sort of National Enquirer of Paganism.  Not my reading style at all.  But if someone uploads a text file, there wouldn't be a virus.  Viruses are only in software."


(SS)  "Well, it's just theoretically possible that someone could upload a text file with the assembly instructions for a virus, and someone else with the common sense the Gods gave a toaster might feed it in and assemble it.  LOL!  I'd think that anyone with toaster brains wouldn't be reading this secret Liber Agape anyway.  :-) But you never know.  93stu  ...Build your own universal virus in 22 easy steps out of a mere 10 parts!"


(JB)  "Other than mac system 7.x (( and maybe system 6.x )), and apple 2g machines that emulate mac system 7.x, there are no viruses that can be launched from a text file.  (( unless it had been developed for research purposes in the last two weeks, and not yet make the rounds of NuKe.

"Liber Agape (( or which ever one you said )) isn't the only text being circulated, that the head honchos of the OTO don't won't [sic. "want"] to see floating around in ASCII."


Not only trying to use cheap scare tactics to try and RESTRICT aspirants and students in their research through material that has already been published, but also to try and discourage anyone from reading anything by me or fairly treating me which might show up on the computer bulletin boards, Bold invented the virus lie.  Unfortunately for Bold, his assumption that the rest of the world is less intelligent than he fancies himself to be proved quite damning.

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  When I mentioned in one of the Encyclical Letters that Kevin Bold claimed not to have read that I would like to get Newaeon out into Cyberspace for many more people to read he panicked.  Ohmygod!  It's finally happened!]

True gentlemen are difficult to find among the members of the Caliphate gang and their attitudes towards and treatment of ladies is for the most part something less than Thelemic.  Kevin Bold is certainly no exception to this rule, and when all else fails he has attempted to "get even" with me by attacking my friends in his usual cowardly fashion.

FROM:  KEVIN BOLD / TO:  DEVYN / SUBJ:  PA WADL / MSG#:  8544 / DATE:  19 MAY 94 20:30.

(D)  "WADL Pennsylvania"

(KB)  "Wouldn't surprise me a bit.  She once wrote me a letter of inquiry re: OTO membership and signed her daughter's name to it.  I replied, and about a month later she wrote back, signing her real name this time, but the letter was done on the same wordprocessor that a good friend of hers used to write me an unsigned letter of harassment several months before.  Rest assured that I do NOT believe for a minute that this childish behavior reflects on other WADL members or other Wiccans."


The "She" Bold speaks of is Ms. Goldie Brown, at that time the PA Director of the Witches' Anti-Discrimination Lobby, originally called the Witches Anti-Defamation League.  She is also a good, long-time friend of mine and informed Bold of that fact up front when she had first contacted him.  The full story is told in an earlier EL of this 3rd Series.  At the time she and her daughter lived in the same house and used the same word processor, and most probably the one wrote her letter without the other being present.  There was no great conspiracy here, as paranoiac Kevin Bold chooses to believe.  There was only a sincere desire for information and to understand differing points of view.  I choose my friends very carefully and I choose people who have a mind of their own, who can think for themselves, who look at every side of an issue before deciding upon right and wrong, and if perchance they decide that I am wrong I accept that.  How boring it would be if everyone always agreed with me!  I am not a Caliphate dictator.  I do not demand absolute blind faith while simply mouthing words that sound fine and Thelemic.

There was, after this, some trouble between WADL, which was undergoing some undesirable leadership changes, and Ms. Brown and it is not difficult to see who started the trouble.

Now if you wish to join the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. just look to Kevin Bold to see how you will be treated by the individuals who will assume the role of your "superiors"...

KEVIN BOLD:  "I'm beginning to think that the Greatest Mystery of the OTO is why you haven't been put on bad report."

ANDY BENDER:  "Bad report?  Does the OTO hand out demerits and place aspirants in detention?"

KEVIN BOLD:  "In order to get into or advance within the OTO, one must be 'of good report'.  People who join for false motives, or who cause trouble, can be placed on 'bad report', much like many other organizations (including the military).  Keep in mind that you'd have to do something _very stupid_ to have this happen to you."

ANDY BENDER:  "These people would be spiritually unable to advance anyway, right?"

This little exchange occurred between April 27th and 29th of 1994 E.V..  It is toe the party line or else, buster.  It is not Thelema; it is fascism.  Members are not really considered to be free men and women; they are nothing but naughty little children that have to be kept under control.


"The [Crowley] material is certainly out there, published or otherwise ... and you are correct in pointing out how much (read how little) original material the caliphate o.t.o. has to offer.  No wonder it's such a 'secret' organization!  (The real secret being the lack of.)"  [8 April 1994 E.V.]

"I've had less than the best luck in asking questions.  My 'membership' in the caliphate o.t.o. is in question due to my interests that go beyond the material they provide.  The local body (Ouroboros Camp) was less than happy that I gave a copy of Francis King's book, 'Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.' to a close friend.  Then, my (quiet) disapproval of drug/alcohol usage during ritual work in a group temple meeting went further than I felt it should have.  'Temple Guidelines' clearly states:  'Those who are stoned or drunk and unable to control the lower animal passions and the wild actions that may arise because of this condition can be barred...'.  Several of the temple participants agreed with me, (that is, until it became formal!), about our 'Mistress's' behavior.  I am a pretty easy-going person, yet I wonder if it's even worth the bother to 'defend' myself.

"Ahhh, now Kevin Bold.  I gave him his chance to pass on to a fellow 'brother' his Camp newsletter (my expense) and what I got was a nasty letter.  I wrote him, in honest desire and curiosity, to learn about his side of the strife.  Kelly, did you know I was one of your spies?  According to my care frater Bold, I am part of 'many activities on Gary's behalf' including 'unkind remarks' that I have made about him based solely on my 'readings of Gary's "encyclicals", rather than on solid evidence.'  I haven't dropped any remarks against this person that I do not know enough of to justify such acts.  Gee, had I not offered to find out for myself, the truth?  Then he had the gall to pass on the correspendence between he and myself to the Grand Secretary General, William Heidrick.  That should go over well with my previous conflict with Ouroboros Camp."  [15 March 1994 E.V.]

"I got a rather interesting call from a 'representative' of the o.t.o.!  The same day I posted that message ('A bold movement'), I got my knuckles rapped (lightly) by someone who wishes (strangely enough) to 'help' me.  He was not happy about the fact that I not only gave title to the book that seems to scare some of the gang's members, but actually giving the address to where one could obtain a copy of King's book.  I've been told that this particular post had actually been 'redirected' to a restricted area and kept from being made public on one of the bbs's.  Something, unfortunately, they are allowed to do.  For those who are o.t.o. members and followers of the Law, there sure seems to be a lot of Restrictions!"

Mr. Short was a devoted member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., originally believing that they might be the Ordo Templi Orientis, but he discovered just how unthelemic the gang can be.  He subscribed to The Newaeon Newsletter and the Ouroboros Camp "Mistress" then "borrowed" the newsletters and never returned them.  TNN may have started Mr. Short thinking, but the unthelemic words and deeds of his fellow members and so-called "superiors" in the Caliphate gang quickly drove him away and to me.

I am not the Caliphate gang's worst enemy.  They are their own worst enemy.  And an enemy to Thelema.

Now I will not go into the entire battle between Kevin Bold and Mr. Short here [I can imagine your sigh of relief], but I would like to go on just a little here and then move on to other things.


(FS)  "I took my initiation a while back and now I'm faced with further initiations being hindered due to others opinions."

(KB)  "If the way you've behaved on the Thelema echo, and the way you've behaved towards me, is any indicator of how you behaved at Ouroboros Camp, then your problems are no mystery."

(KB)  "Consider this, Frank: If you're _really_ convinced that Gary Martin is reporting facts, then you believe he's telling the truth about the O.T.O..  That leaves the rest of us free to ask how you can in good conscience remain part of a fraudulent organization which has no other purpose but to fatten Bill Heidrick's and Hymenaeus Beta's bank accounts. ...

"...Gary Martin, who regularly libels and harasses me because a) I do not believe his claim to have crossed the Abyss, b) I do not believe that he is in contact with the Secret Chiefs, c) I do not believe that he is the heir to Crowley's mantle, d) I do not believe he has solved the RPSTOVAL riddle, e) I will not spy on the O.T.O. for him, f) I'm willing to expose his lies about the O.T.O., and, most annoying of all to him, g) I won't send him money.  And if he tells you that his feud with me is about anything else, and if he denies having started it, he's _not_ telling you the facts."


Mr. Short wanted the Caliphate to prove me wrong, prove me a liar.  He hoped that if the Caliphate gang proved not to be all that it claimed to be that it could become that.  As it is with an individual in a bad marriage, one may hope and hang on foolishly thinking that it might all yet work out, and though foolish the hope is yet noble.

I have never asked or demanded that Kevin Bold or anyone else believe that I have crossed the Abyss, that I am in contact with the Secret Chiefs, that I am heir to Crowley's mantle, and that I have solved the riddle of CCXX II.76.  Whatever Mr. Bold or anyone else chooses to believe or disbelieve is of absolutely no consequence to me.  It does not matter.  That Bold chooses to believe that I am so effected by the belief or lack of belief from others merely shows how pathetically necessary it is for him to have the belief of others.  Again, he is judging me by his standards and not mine.  Also, as before stated, I never asked him to spy for me and in fact never wanted to associate myself with him.  I did offer my hand in friendship, knowing more about him at the time than he knew about me, but there were no strings attached.  The concept of genuine FRATERNITY is one of the many that most members of the so-called "fraternity" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. cannot quite grasp.

If Bold is so willing to "expose [my] lies about the O.T.O." then why does he not do it?  To date he has not proven a single thing I have said to be a lie.  Of course he would have to undergo a great Orwellian torture to prove the simple and obvious truth a lie, but if he had the wits to do it he would certainly try.  So, how can I be annoyed with him for doing what he has not and cannot do?  And regarding the final point, falsely claiming that I "libel" and "harass" him, in part, because he won't send me money:  I never asked for or demanded that he send me money except when he expected me to either repeat in my letters everything I have ever published in six volumes of The Newaeon Newsletter regarding the Caliphate gang or give him all six volumes of TNN at my expense, which would be too great a burden upon me since I already lose quite a bit of money publishing TNN and distributing these Encyclical Letters, it would not be fair to those subscribers who had to pay for it, and Kevin Bold did nothing to prove that he deserved the gift that he demanded of me.  [But how fortunate!  Now Kevin and everyone else can finally read all of the TNNs and ELs here virtually for free!  I bet Bold, the Caliphate and others are really "happy" about this...]  Furthermore, it is a one-sided "feud" for from my point of view it is not that.  He is engaged in a petty, personal feud.  I have no personal feelings towards Bold one way or the other.  He merely presents me with material that helps me prove the pettiness, the insincerity, the stupidity, the hypocrisy of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. which he represents so well.  As for who "started" the "feud" that I am not even participating in ... well ... he makes it quite obvious that although he is in his thirties he is still nothing but a chubby little schoolboy snot who causes trouble, gets kicked in the ass for it and then goes running to the teachers screaming "He started it! He started it!" Wah wah wah...

(KB)  "You may have read his highly fanciful account of the 'chance' meeting he had with me (which I didn't read, but I heard enough about it from some who did to know it was false).  Did Gary tell you that Sharon had known his address for several weeks before she wrote me?  Did he tell you that she got it from 'a former O.T.O. associate member' who warned her to stay away from Whiskey Rebellion Camp, and that she wouldn't tell us who this individual was?  (Not that she needed to, of course.)  Did he tell you that she threatened to sue me because I was using her letter to disprove Gary's claim that his presence was a coincidence?  (By the way, I am not the only one who noticed that Sharon's letters were written in Gary's style.)  And has he told you, as one of his friends has told me, that Sharon now avoids him like the plague?"


Sharon is, of course, not avoiding me like the plague, and no friend of mine would say that this is so.  Sharon and I are more friendly acquaintances than friends.  We never did pal around together, but very occasionally we find ourselves attending the same party or get together.  Shortly after the above material was sent to me, I ran into her on the street.  I told her that Kevin was claiming that she was avoiding me like the plague and we had a great time laughing about it and sharing with a friend of hers some of our Kevin Bold stories that had her laughing right along with us.

Bold claims that he did not read the account of our meeting in the EL that first dealt with him, but that he had heard enough about it from another party to know it was false.  He is thus either a liar and he had read that EL or a fool for relying too heavily upon secondhand information.  In my opinion he is both liar and fool.  The account was not "highly fanciful".  There were three parties involved, myself, Sharon and Kevin, and in a letter to me dated June 29, 1992 E.V., Sharon said "I found the whole tale of our three-way encounter quite accurate."  Majority rules.  We live in a democracy and it is two to one against Kevin Bold.

His conspiracy paranoia I find somewhat confusing.

Sharon may very well have warned him not to send copies of her letters to him around, trying to prove that she and I were locked in a conspiracy against him.  [Really, he is not worth half as much trouble as all that.], but in point of fact, people who received those copies had no idea what Bold was trying to prove for they only indicated that both Sharon and I were up front, forthright and honest, sincere individuals.  Whatever Kevin read into them was purely the phantasmagoria of his own disordered mind.  However, she also considered taking legal action against him when he continued to harass her by mail and telephone.  Remember that Bold, like a number of individuals associated with the Caliphate gang, has a very nasty habit of falsely accusing others of the very things that he himself is guilty of.  Here is an excerpt from the April 20th, 1992 E.V. letter I received from Sharon:

"Despite my never giving him my number, Kevin took it upon himself to call me on Saturday.  I was at my most unreceptive and took him to task for his presumption.  He was pleasant enough at first, asking me what I knew of Kabbalah and what my sources were, then suddenly turned the conversation toward 'that letter' and the nefarious G.M.Kelly.  First he suggested that once I knew him a bit more I could show him the letter.  I refused, saying the individual asked to have his name kept secret.  He then asked me if the letter was typewritten, or if it was written on legal paper.  I said no on both counts, that it was handwritten on a small, lined sheet of white paper.  He found this very interesting and asked if it was done in neat printing.  Yes, I said, and was rewarded with an 'Aha!  It is him!'  Kevin then regaled me with the tale of the Crowleymas card and your two letters, as well as relating in a stricken voice of how you wronged a man very dear to him in one of your Encyclical Letters.  'The man was there at my Second Degree initiation!'  I agreed that it was most dastardly of you.  'And the bad thing is, the guy (you) is over 40!'  At this I exclaimed, 'Old enough to know better!'"

In a letter dated August 12th, 1992 E.V., copies sent to me as well as David Godwin who had received copies of letters from Sharon and Goldie that were supposed to prove that there was a dastardly conspiracy, but actually failed to do so, Sharon gave Kevin a good dressing down and finished with:

"It is perhaps forgivable that you saw it [the threeway meeting] in such a light, but the fact that you chose to insult me in such a libelous manner is not.  If you persist in casting aspersions upon my name in writing, be advised that as an employee of a law firm that has brought and won libel suits in the past, I will be forced to take measures to stop you."

Bold believes that this proves Sharon threatened to sue him because he was using her letters to prove we had conspired against him, but what it obviously proves is that she was tired of being harassed and slandered by him.

His paranoid delusions pop up again when he claims that Sharon's letters were written in my style.  Whether he is talking about actual use of grammar, et al, or the type style of the machines we write with I am not sure, but in either case there is no similarity whatsoever between Sharon's "style" and mine.  Sharon has a better command of the English language!  Bold believes himself to be a virtual Sherlock Holmes, but he should keep in mind that Holmes was a fictional character and the clues he used to solve a case were absurdly contrived by the author.  Bold leaps to some pretty weird conclusions based upon either the flimsiest evidence or no evidence at all.

(KB)  "Did Gary ever tell you about his Wiccan friend Goldie, who wrote me a letter in Dec '92ev, but signed it with her daughter's name?  Did he tell you that when Goldie replied to the letter I sent to her daughter (signing her own name this time), she had written and printed it on the same word processor and printer that Gary had used the previous November to send me an anonymous letter after I returned his Samhain '92ev 'encyclical' unopened?  Did he also tell you that Goldie has a reputation for cooperating with him to destroy magickal groups in Pittsburgh which they consider to be their rivals?  Did he tell you that we refunded Goldie's money and dropped her from consideration because we knew of the high probability that she just wanted to help Gary get more 'dirt' on us and disrupt our meetings and rituals (and possibly worse)?"

Goldie had written her letter on her own word processor which she named Hermes, this was, according to Bold, in December of 1992 E.V..  Although we have been friends for years, I have never been in her house until just this past summer of 1994 E.V. and even then I did not so much as see her WP which was upstairs, and I was only downstairs for about a half hour before a group of us left her house to participate in a highway clean up project.  Furthermore, I did not own a WP nor even have my fingers on the keyboard of a WP until just this past June of 1994 E.V., so how Bold arrived at the conclusion he came to here regarding the word processor I will never know!

And of course I never sent him an anonymous letter.  If it was anonymous how did he arrive at the conclusion I sent it?  Furthermore, whatever I have to say to a person I say to that person's face, literally or metaphorically, and I have never hidden behind anonymity.  Certainly such things as this EL, which I will send a copy of to Kevin Bold, proves that!  Cowardly, anonymously, behind-the-back attacks is the style of the typical Caliphate toadie.

Regarding the false accusation that Goldie and I consider "magickal" groups in Pittsburgh as rivals and conspire together to destroy them, it is not only another sign of his paranoid delusions, but it in fact makes him guilty of libel.  Neither of us, in fact, subscribe to the concept of "rivals".  I am frankly not very interested in any of the groups in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, and Goldie actually loves the diversity of groups and wishes that there were more.  Therefore neither of us have any motivation whatsoever to destroy them.  Now we have spoken out against individuals like the pseudo-witch and pseudo-hypnotist who tries to hypnotize underage girls so that he may undress them* and other such individuals in order to protect the innocent as well as the image of Wicca/Witchcraft, but exposing an occasional out of control charlatan is a very far cry indeed from what Bold claims.  What Bold falsely accuses Goldie of here along with whatever lies he told other members of WADL to try and cause trouble for her, it just may be, folks, that she has a very good case against him in a court of law!  [*1998 E.V.:  This fellow, by the way, has recently been taken out of this world at a relatively early age by Fate, so I suppose that now Bold will insist that Goldie and I put a death spell on him and murdered the fellow!]

[Hmm.  Can the corporate entity as a whole be sued for the illegal acts of a corporation's individual members?  Just a passing thought.]

Me?  I am uneffected.  Generally the Thelemite [partly due to the shenanigans of pseudo-thelemites like Bold] is looked upon with suspicion in the Pagan community anyway.

(KB)  "Did Gary ever tell you about the 'Mickey Mouse Death Threats'?  Did he tell you that they used his artwork and were typed with fonts he has used in his own publications?  Or that the addresses on the envelopes in which they were sent were typed with an IBM Wheelwriter (the kind Gary uses to type his 'encyclicals')?"


Oh pah-leese!  Here he has accused me of manufacturing the most recent "threats" sent to me and sending them to myself.  I hardly need to do that as I have gotten quite enough of these already, mostly anonymous and probably from Caliphate members, and some from individuals who quite happily identified themselves as Caliphate members - mostly incarcerated individuals that I was hardly going to worry about.  The Mickey Mouse Death Threats probably came from a Caliphate toadie and I am now beginning to suspect that Kevin Bold sent them by way of a circuitous route.  The timing would be about right.  On at least one of these cartoon idiocies my name and address, cut from an envelope, had been affixed along with a doctored self-portrait that appeared in a Newaeon publication and put together with a Mickey Mouse figure from a Disney advertisement.  [What do you think?  Is it possible that the Disney corporation is responsible for these idiotic harassing threats?]  The envelope may have been addressed using an IBM Wheelwriter, but I am hardly the only person in the world to own and use such a machine, it is pretty common, and of course there is the matter of the changeable daisy wheel type styles too.  Bold's implication is idiotic and suspicious.  And wait a minute!  How does Kevin Bold know what kind of machine was used to address the envelopes the Mickey Mouse Death Threats came in?  I never even thought to check that and only two people could have known what kind of a machine the address on the envelopes had been typed with:  me and the person who sent them.

(KB)  "Did Gary ever tell you that I once offered him the chance to prove his claim against the O.T.O., but that he refused because I wouldn't send him any money.  If not, then he didn't tell you the facts, and you owe us all an apology."


The fact is, he wanted me to either repeat six volumes worth of material published in The Newaeon Newsletter in private correspondence or to give him the six volumes of TNN as if he deserved such a gift and I could easily give up that material and waste further money on him via postage and handling costs.  I simply told him that if he wanted that information it was all published in the newsletters and that he could subscribe to them like everyone else.  Subscription costs are minimal and only help to defray the cost of publication.  I am hardly getting rich with Newaeon.  Making money is not the purpose of Newaeon.  [Even more obvious now!]  I am perfectly content to give my all for Thelema - and in the meantime get filthy rich writing novels!

It is interesting to note [I add with an impish gleam in my beautiful blue eyes] that in an "Echos" message, #7972, dated 18 March 1994 E.V., to one "Ar Aakhu-t" from Kevin Bold, "Ar" said "Dang it!  You guys are getting me all confused ... can't things be simple, black and white, good and evil, right or wrong?"  And Bold replied, "I'll tell you in exchange for green ($$$!)"  Was he just joking, or has he again falsely accused me of something that he is himself guilty of?

Believe it or not, this is the condensed version of Kevin Bold's latest rantings via the "Echos" computer network.  And his harassment of Frank Short knew no bounds.  Finally Mr. Short wrote to Kevin Bold:

"'a) I do not believe... b) I do not believe... c) I do not believe... d) I do not believe... d) I will not spy... f) I'm willing to expose... g) I won't send him money.'  Gee, you're starting to give the bbs term 'echo' a new meaning!  Anyway...'...Sharon...', '...Goldie...', '...Mickey Mouse...', YOU.  Yeah, the stories are all old ones.  Yet, I can't seem to shake you off my back.  Much like many parasites, you seem to feel that you need to drain me in order to win.  I've offered you the opportunity to make 'peace' with me, yet you will not believe anything but..."

And he goes on to further quote Bold, finally asking him if he wished "to continue this game or try to work this collage of misinformation out without resorting to gossip and possible slander?"  In the end Mr. Short gave up on Bold.  He politely asked Bold, as if it were necessary, if he might ask me about the money matter which Mr. Short then did, sending me a copy of Message #96.

I had not, up to this point, participated in any of this, but in response to Mr. Short's letter of inquiry I sent him one letter "briefly" replying to some of Bold's false allegations, giving him permission [as if he needed it] to post that letter in "Echos" for the record, as it were.  This Mr. Short did.  He informed me in a letter dated June 27th, 1994 E.V.:

"I did post the letter 'Care Mr. Short' into the echos.  In response to that post, Bold's note was included in the packet however, he did mention he'd send you a copy as well.  I wonder if they'll match?"

Bold had to add lies on top of lies to try to squirm around the letter Mr. Short had posted in "Echos" for me, true worm that he is - maggot presents a truer picture of the fellow, without, that is, the redeeming qualities of an actual maggot in nature - and of course he lied to Mr. Short, broke his word, and did not send me the copy he promised to send.

Ah ... the "nobility" of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..

Some of the fallout for Frank Short:

"I've actually gotten a bit of support from various 'viewers' of the public messages and thus, they've realized what a silly little boy Mr. Bold is."  [Letter dated 24 May 1994 E.V.]

And in a letter dated 27 May 1994 E.V. he informed me that Gordon Brandt [aka Skeeve], a member of Ouroboros Camp and the system operator of BBS that he posts messages to [Equinox BBS] ...

"has restricted my access to 'read only'!  No problem.  I've found a way around it!"

Moral of this story is that if you want the freedom to investigate something, form and express your own individual opinions, Thelema will give you that freedom - but the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. won't.  Toe the party line or else!

The Bold Truth is that there is no truth in Bold.  Do not be surprised if you tap into "Echos" after this to find that all of the material herein quoted has been purged from the system ... yet hard copies exist.  And finally the answer to the Pop Quiz is, of course, "(E) All of the above."

A lady 
with nothing to hide asks you to make a choice and decide for 

Love is the law, love under will.