Encyclical Letter

Vernal Equinox 1998 E.V.

Kevin Bold and Virtually Venus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Kevin Bold

Recall the mention of the Caliphate's Frater Baraka, Kevin Bold, in the December 1997 E.V. Encyclical Letter and how he refuted "an erroneous mention of the O.T.O. in the local media" which he says "claimed there were at least three organizations claiming to be the O.T.O., all of which ... spend the bulk of their time trying to prove that they are 'the real O.T.O.'".  Bold said that this is not so, and yet not only did he do battle with a local member of the S.O.T.O. in a small, free weekly paper, claiming that his "O.T.O." is the real O.T.O. and the other fellow's isn't, but he published an article in his own Whiskey Rebellion Camp newsletter going on at great lengths about why the others are not the real Ordo Templi Orientis and why his group, the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. is the real one.  Of course this only proved that "the local media" was correct and that he is a fool.  Well, make that an absolute fool, for if one leaps into cyberspace and types in the following URL:  http://www.geocities.com / Athens / Acropolis / 9377 / Baraka-TruthAboutSOTO.html one will find this inane argument of Bold's "Condensed from an article which originally appeared in Annuit Coeptis ..."  I am constantly amazed by Bold.  If he swears up and down he doesn't do something, in the next breath he will do it.  If he accuses someone of some sin or crime, he proves directly afterwards that he is himself guilty of this very sin or crime.  The little fellow's absurdities know no bounds!

In the HTML pages of the above, by the way, I was amused to see in the usual angle brackets:  META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Father Baraka".  Now is "Father" a typo, "Frater" being intended, or is he now pretending to be a member of "the clergy"?  [Another strong possibility:  he has probably always wanted to be a Christian priest or minister, still thinks in Christian terms, and this was a little mental slip.]

And, incidentally, Bold as Baraka, was on the Net and participating in something called Pagan Chat.  However, the other subscribers found him incredibly insulting and obnoxious.  In the words of one Pagan subscriber, "Emerald," the lady in charge, "officially un-subscribed Baraka from Pagan Chat ... she got so many complaints from others on the list, she cut him off without any further ado, disappointing a few people who wanted the opportunity to take a few more shots at him before he was expelled."  The little grey guy [you think he might be an alien?] simply rubs everyone the wrong way.


"Welcome to Virtually Venus, the first erotic web site featuring and operated by Thelemic women."

Or so we are told upon entering this site.  What we actually have here is pseudo-thelemic cyberporn, and not very good pornography at that.  Oh, the site works well and looks nice enough.  The women who pose nude or semi-nude appear to be relatively attractive ... for the most part.  It's a bit playful.  Some stabs are taken at esoteric philosophy.  However, the main thrust of this site is obvious.

Mighty Aphrodite says

"I am the avatar of aphrodite, the goddess of sex and love.  I can't get enough sex.  I have a string of lovers to keep me satisfied and I am as wild as the Texas countryside where I was raised.  I love to have my braids pulled and my ass spanked.  I like to be chased, bagged, roped, and fucked!"

Ananda, in the text accompanying her photo, says that

"ananda means bliss in sanskrit, ecstatic bliss.  I attain ecstatic bliss when I have been treated like a true goddess.  That means I receive lots of cunnilingus before the main course.  Wouldn't you like to worship at my altar?  Hmmm.  I thought so.  See much more of me when you buy the current on-line edition of The Temple of Love."

Lusty Lucky Star:

"My name is Aisha Qadisha.  ... if you want to see me being really naughty, get the current edition of The Temple of Love."

Kristine's Purrrcolator:

"My name is Kristine and I am a very naughty girl.  I like to feel my pussy glow red hot with passion. ..."

Sasha's Smile:

"... You can order a fantasy photo shoot of Sasha doing the things that put that special smile on your face!"

Sweet Columbine:

"... Can you see that my breasts are pierced?  Toying with my rings really excites me.  When I get excited, I moan and make little animal noises."

One is offered a "wonderful series of over fifteen photos of Columbine" in which she "explores the delights of auto-erotica, the art of making love to one's self, with a little help from a mirror and a special prop."  There are many more explicit photos for sale, "scented" painties, "erotic" videos that cost $29.99 to non-subscribers and $25.00 for subscribers, and many other much more costly items.

All this is called Thelemic by quoting Chapter III, Verse 44 of Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law:

"But let her raise herself in pride!  Let her follow me in my way!  Let her work the work of wickedness!  Let her kill her heart!  Let her be loud and adulterous!  Let her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let her be shameless before all men!"

And I do not recall one of these young women covered in much, let alone jewels and rich garments!  Oh, the hours and hours and hours of research and .gif downloading was a horrible strain on my finer nature.  [Heavy sigh.]  The torture I will put myself through for Thelema's and your sake.  Have pity on me, my friends.  To have to study photograph after photograph of naked women is very taxing. . .

Seriously, I do not have a problem with erotica, and while I do not have a problem with pornography I do find it mostly boring and often demeaning to both men and women.  I certainly do not object to nudity, especially the naked female form!  And I would not object to Virtually Venus IF it did not present itself as a THELEMIC porn site.  Quoting The Book of the Law does not make it Thelemic, and it seems obvious to me that these individuals do not even know what Thelema is all about and have only the vaguest idea as to what a Scarlet Woman, a priestess of the New Æon, should be.  They obviously confuse "Whore" [which the Rev. Walter Skeat informs us is derived from words like "hore", "hora" and "horr", but that it is "Certainly not allied to hire!"] with "Hooker" and "Prostitute".  There is, in reality, a great difference between the two, the "whore" giving her love freely and discriminately, while the "prostitute" or "hooker" sells sex indiscriminately to anyone who has her price.  Virtually Venus seems to be nothing more than virtually prostitution, the language catering to old æon thinking in regards to women and sexuality, hardly appropriate for women who claim to be Thelemites.

I e-mailed a few of the ladies and after a brief and sincerely playful compliment, asked them point blank if they are members or associated with the "Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis".  One played dumb.  I think she was playing!  Another simply ignored the question in her brief, friendly reply.  And Aisha Qadisha [Oh yeah ... that's her real name!  And members of the Caliphate go nuts over the fact that I prefer to go by the name of G.M.Kelly...], Web Mistress of Virtually Venus, just one of her web sites, told me that she did not want to answer my question and gave me a vague reason for this.  That alone pretty much answered my question.  She also used the spelling "magickal" which was a clue.  And since one of the other ladies said she was in California, and I last heard that Caliph Hymenaeus Beta, Bill Breeze, had moved to Austin, Texas, I went to Yahoo [a search engine], typed in "Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)" and then proceeded to check the CA and TX Caliphate web sites.  Sure enough, in the most likely, the Scarlet Woman Lodge in Austin, Texas, I found her.  I e-mailed her and playfully informed her of the results of my detective work and she e-mailed back congratulating me.  However, she again refused to answer a simple question:  Does she know Bill Breeze?  With her, no answer is as good as a yes.  And my guess is that she has indeed "known" Breeze, a fact which makes her a pariah to anyone who wants to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Now here's the thing:  it is bad enough that they are misrepresenting Thelema and Thelemic women with this old æon sexual infantilism and crass capitalistic virtual prostitution, catering to all of those lonely one-handed typists sitting at their computers, sweating over their monitor screens.  But if any of the income is going into Bill Breeze's pocket, and I'm sure it is, and I am equally sure this will be denied, then that makes the Caliph, the false O.H.O. of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. nothing better than a cyberpimp.  How can anyone take Thelema seriously if they believe that this nonsense is Thelema?  How will anyone take Breeze seriously as a religious leader in the world if he virtually pimps out his female members on the Internet?  Obviously there is no sincere desire to further establish and promote Thelema in society for the good of all.  Obviously the only real motive here is egoically sexual gratification and financial profit, and this at the expense of Thelema and the good it could do for a society that desperately needs it.

As I have said, I have no objection to pornography or erotica.  I enjoy well taken, artistic photographs of lovely women in the nude - find Playboy magazine beautiful and magazines like Club and Hustler disgusting.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although there are fundamentalists and conservative "Christian" organizations that would take away our rights based upon their own hypocritical moralistic concepts.  Liber OZ guarantees us the right to live as we will, play as we will, write, draw, paint, carve, etch, mould and build as we will, as well as the right to love as we will, quoting Chapter I, Verse 51 of Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX"take your fill of love as ye will, when, where, and with whom ye will."  However, it also quotes CCXX II.58:  "the slaves shall serve", and Virtually Venus encourages the slave mentality, encouraging those who are sexually addicted.  It also proves by way of its language and sex for sale that those involved are also slaves who are serving the old æon concepts of womanhood and sex, hardly the thelemic "goddesses" they refer to themselves as being.

Well there, I've said it, and I can guarantee you that I have just made everyone of these attractive ladies hate me and I don't now stand a Pope's chance in Hell of getting to "know" any of them personally.  Then again, if any of them are Bill Breeze groupies, I wouldn't want to have them share with me what Breeze has shared with them.


Very shortly after the above was published as an Encyclical Letter, Virtually Venus underwent a radical change.  The verse from The Book of the Law was deleted and fully two thirds of the site was removed from the Net.  Most of the photos and accompanying write ups disappeared, and every individual e-mail address was eliminated, leaving only Aisha's so that communication between the individuals of Virtually Venus and outsiders could be monitored and controlled in perfect fascist fashion.  Sometime later still, the site was somewhat built up again, the individual e-mail addresses still missing and while the verse from CCXX had not been again included in the site I found this curious phrase on Virtually Venus:

"We are all friends living in the Lone Star and Snake State (Texas)!"

Please compare this with the last part of the verse from Chapter II, Verse 21 of The Book of the Law:

"... these are for the servants of the Star & the Snake.

Final Comment

The original Ordo Templi Orientis was a good idea, for its time, however, Aleister Crowley was not perfect, he was, after all, "only human", and from time to time he made mistakes.  Excited by the prospect of having an established magical fraternity accept The Book of the Law, Crowley eagerly took the reins of the O.T.O. and converted it to Thelema.  However, the O.T.O. is an old æon fraternity and no matter how valiant the Master Therion's attempt was to bring it into the New Æon of Horus, it has proven to be a task impossible.  It is a matter of trying to change the proverbial sow's ear into a silk purse, and the results are all too obvious in the S.O.T.O., the Typhonian and the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.s.  Behind the parroted and misunderstood Thelemic phrases, using Thelema wrongly as an means of adolescent rebellion against the Judeo-Christian culture and religions, as well as parents who represent that culture or vice versa, one can find in almost every devoted, long-term member of these groups the very same cultural mores that they are trying to rebel against, so deeply rooted in their psyches that they cannot perceive the fact that they are just as "bad" as those against whom they rebel.  In many cases the members of these pseudo-o.t.o.s push matters so far to the opposite extreme in their childish efforts to rebel that their extreme is just as "bad", just as unbalanced and unhealthy as that which they oppose.  There is no more honesty and sincerity in these false orders than can be found in radical fundamentalist Christian cults.  Take an individual like Kevin Bold, for instance, who proudly boasts that he was "an Informations Systems Officer in the Air Force".  How many would like to place a bet that this tubby little hypochondriac with the grey complexion was nothing more than a File Clerk and/or Telephone Receptionist, if there is any validity to the claim at all?  And at the opposite extreme you have their leader, their "Caliph", William Breeze.  There is nothing honest about this fellow, a crass opportunist seeking to use your mystical and religious desires, your interest in Crowley and Thelema, to profit and most unthelemically gratify his own petty ego ... not only at your expense, but also at the expense of the truth, Thelema and the good of human society, which so badly needs Thelema at this time in history more than ever before.  Breeze, by the way, when asked about something I have written, always answers, "I never read Kelly", but of course this too is a lie.  He declares ignorance so that he does not have to respond because he cannot refute.  He pretends to pooh pooh everything that you have here read in a vain attempt to appear above it all, dismiss it as sheer nonsense, desperately hoping that you too will then follow his lead and not think and decide matters for yourself.  And in this he must achieve some success, for far too many people, even those who consider themselves more enlightened than the "common herd", are too lazy to think for themselves and really want someone to simply tell them what is right, what is good, what they should think and do in life.  Think then of this:  if indeed Bill Breeze "never reads Kelly", how utterly foolish he is then to wallow in and virtually brag about his ignorance.

I feel bad for the Ordo Templi Orientis.  I really do.  I see the order, the original order that died with Crowley and Germer, as A.C.'s adopted child.  The first institutional child of the New Æon.  And it saddens me that it could not possibly survive its conversion and had to die.  In a cold and dispassionate way perhaps difficult for you to understand, it angers me that this dead order's rotting corpse could not be left to rest in peace, that it had been raised from the dead by greedy necromancers who now parade the shambling zombie before the world, the stench of its decay called perfume, the croaking from its half-rotted larynx and the madness and insanity generated by its long atrophied brain referred to as the wisdom of Thelema, that blessed and rational philosophy misinterpreted and misrepresented in every way.  And for what reason has this dead thing been raised from oblivion?  To serve Thelema?  No.  To become one of the "slaves that serve" by those who are in fact not the "kings of the earth" that they pretend to be, but themselves "slaves" who serve the false self, ego, and who are in some cases deluded enough to believe that they are in fact serving the True Self, their own Daemon or Genius, the Holy Guardian Angel, while everything they say and do proves otherwise to anyone with enough objectivity and intelligence to see it.

If this is so, you wonder, just what am I doing about this awful state of affairs?  The Caliphate, for instance, would have you believe that I am doing nothing but talking.  Nothing but talking.  Are words, then, of no value at all?  Is there no value to the countless hours I have spent in study and research, writing and first publishing in print and now working into the wee hours of the morning, building this web site when, sinking further into debt, giving my all to Thelema, I should, perhaps, be attending to my own needs, pursuing more vigorously my seemingly stalled writing career?

Too many people go through life little better than zombies themselves, asleep and barely aware of what is really going on all around them.  And things get worse.  Too many people, perhaps even you, have grown too lazy to really think, overwhelmed with a sense of impotence, an inability to do anything about anything.  It is easier to listen, a little, and then accept whomever is the loudest speaker.  Okay, then ... if that be so ...


Consider yourself shaken and shaken hard!  I don't have all the answers.  I never said that I did.  No, my friends, my brothers and sisters in the Fraternal Order of Humanity, I am counting on some of you to have the answers or to help me find the answers, solve the problems of society, protect and defend Thelema, cherish it, keep it pure, and apply it to the problems of society.  Do you expect me to do it all alone?  Do I just wave a magick wand and make it so?  Do you want me to start yet another pseudo-o.t.o. or sham-A.·.A.·., declare myself Outer Head of the Order, Caliph, Frater Superior of the Entire World, Thelemic Pope, just so I can tell you what is true, what is right, what is Thelema?  Do you really think I want a following of bleating sheep, willing to do whatever I say simply because I seem to speak with some authority?  What I want, what I really want, is to wake you up, to shake up your psyche, loosen the girders of your mind, make you more aware than you have ever been of the world around you, of the problems of society, of the solutions to be found in Thelema, and break the chains of slavedom that bind you.  Whether you enslave yourself to the religions of the Dying God or the pseudo-thelemites who still expect you to sacrifice to their god, ego, you are still a slave.  And the more pitiable is the slave who is under the delusion that he is free, for that slave will never achieve freedom.

So then, rather than you asking me "What are you going to do?"  It is I who asks...

What are you going to do?

JULY 2001 E.V. NOTE:  In recently checking the Virtually Venus web site I found it to be profoundly changed, although not for the better.  It is still a porno site - get your credit card out if you are interested - but whether or not it is still run by the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. I cannot at this time say for certain.

Love is the law, love under will.