(Inspired by Love and a Dream*)

In the darkness of the night, under a Lover's Moon,
    Our youthful hearts take flight--singing a whistful tune.
We sit together, side by side, our bodies warm with passion.
    Our love we do not try to hide, for it is not the fashion.
I take you into my arms, my Love, and you twine your own about me.
    I drink in all your charms, my Dove, and my captive heart's set free.
I feel thy rosy cheek so soft and warm against my own;
    I know you are the one I seek and no longer feel alone.
My lips are close to thy darling ear and I feel thy dove-like coo;
    I say the Magick Words, my Dear, I whisper "I Love You."

And then the dream is broken--it vanished into the night.
    With longing I am awoken--and find you nowhere in sight.

O Cynthia¹, my Dearest Love--O shimmering Lover's Moon,
    You are so far, so high above--beyond reach of Magick Rune.
What Magick Works may I perform to draw you down to me?²
    O how may I, myself, reform to make the dream reality?
I long to stroke thy golden hair and gaze into thine eyes.
    I long to kiss you--do I dare!--and love you in thy human guise.
O yes! thou art the Moon, 'tis true.  I see the answer...look!
    I see it in thine eyes so blue--I see it in the three-fold Book!
Within Its Mystickal pages I read, "For he is ever a sun, and she a moon."
    And finally, through Magick, I am freed--I sing the lover's victorious tune!

O Cynthia, my Goddess--my Scarlet Woman--my Love, my Life;
    Come to thy Beast, my Priestess--come be my Virgin, Whore & Wife.
O shimmering Moon, O Silvery Star, I draw thee down to me.
    I invoke thee with Magick Rune--call out the Words, "To Be!"
'Tis true thou art the Moon, my Love, reflecting silvery rays,
    But thine Light is mine, the Sun above, taken from the Ancient of Days.³
So as thou comest down to me--your Husband, Lord and Beast,
    In golden glory I rise to thee--to Love and Laugh and Feast!

*July 30, 1980 Era Vulgari.

¹Cynthia--Greek: Κυνθια, means "The Moon", and was an epithet for Artemis/Diana, the Moon Goddess, who was born on Mount Cynthos on the island of Delos.

²Drawing Down the Moon--a Pagan Rite.

³Allusion to Prometheus and his mysteries.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 4, 23rd of September 1980 E.V.