I hope that no one is taken in by such statements as those made by various editors and publishers of "occult publications.  "(My publication) has no capitalistic gains.  It makes ends meet and doesn't pay me for my labor."  "All profits received are returned for further publication of occult material and promotion of various occult activities."  And so on.  Now statements such as these may sound very fine indeed, however, they are usually somewhat misleading.  The first one quoted above is true, but the publication seeks to attract "students" who will begin their "studies" by handing over $50.00 to the editor to start things off.  The second statement is also true, but it should be noticed that the "promotion of various occult activities" may include such things as a dinner out with a journalist or something less distinguishable as "promotional".  This editor would therefore like to make his own statement:  "I and Newaeon Productions are, at present, making no income as we are working at a definite loss.  In the near future Newaeon hopes to earn enough profit to expand our services at a minimal cost to all sincere students and I, personally, would thoroughly enjoy making enough profit to enable me to devote all of my time to the Work of Newaeon, plus the continuation of my eating and shelter needs.  After all, unlike my esteemed colleagues, I am only human." 
                             - G.M.Kelly, Editor


(TNN.I.4.1, 7/22/78 E.V.) 

Ave Fraters et Sorores:



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Recently we of Newaeon had an UNANNOUNCED visitor here at "The Temple of Thelema".  Without having ASKED PERMISSION and without having made PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS, this fellow, who was, until after this episode, one of Newaeon's subscribers, hopped on a bus, with next to no money in his pocket, and came to us.  We were not happy with his LACK OF CONSIDERATION, but we welcomed him fraternally and spoke with him for some time.  It was immediately apparent that J, as we will call him, was totally UNBALANCED.  He is what I have often called a MAGICAL MISCARRIAGE, but that is the subject of a future article for this newsletter.  J believes himself to be the reincarnation of Charles Stansfeld Jones.  Later, in a letter, he announced himself as HORUS, writing in a different hand than that in which his true name was written.  You may draw your own conclusions.  We gave him some valuable advice, all of which he ignored.  One such piece of advice was to avoid all "occult" and Thelemic literature for a time and to work with nature in some way--to get into touch with the Elements of nature and the Elements of his own being.  Since it is not our Will to assist others, as far as it can be helped, in a career of UNBALANCE, we decided to revoke his subscription, refunding him $2.22.  It is also not the Will of Newaeon to waste time on one of the "slaves that serve", assisting him in his qliphothic ways, when there are many others, Kings and Queens of the Earth, who are seeking answers to difficult questions and sincerely striving for true BALANCE.  We have not abandoned J.  Rather HE has abandoned him SELF.  And in such a case there is little that another can do.


As for visitors to "The Temple of Thelema":  we would like to meet each and every one of you.  However, the nature of the "Temple" does not permit us to pay travel expenses, nor are we able to provide lodging and other accomodations.  The "Temple" is incapable of housing even the small Newaeon staff and finances barely permit us to put out The Newaeon Newsletter.  But, given time, things will change!


It is Willed that in the future Newaeon will establish an "Abbey" to which visitors will be welcomed, housed and fed.  But that is not yet manifest.  Therefore, if you, the subscriber, wishes to visit "The Temple of Thelema", please MAKE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS through the mail, and SEE TO YOUR OWN TRAVEL EXPENSES, and FURTHER EXPENSES once here.  Furthermore, you may have to ARRANGE YOUR OWN LODGING ACCOMODATIONS as there is really very little room in the "Temple" and special permission would have to be given for even one night's stay in the "Temple" itself.  We hope that you understand these words, for above all, in dealing with anyone, a certain amount of CONSIDERATION and POLITENESS should always be exercised.  Not to mention that a certain amount of CARE FOR ONE'S SELF is the commonest of common sense, for we cannot be responsible for anyone but OURSELVES.  As I have said, when the time comes, and when Newaeon is better off financially, we WILL open an "Abbey".  Visitors will be more than welcome--provided THEY MAKE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS and be able to MEET ANY OTHER COMMON REQUIREMENTS THAT MAY THEN BE NECESSARY.


I hope that I have not belaboured the point too much.  But imagine yourself adrift in a strange city, with no place to stay and nothing to eat, and the only people that you know are barely making it themselves.


Newaeon has made itself more excessable than most other groups are willing to, but we ask you not to take advantage of our excessability, for we cannot and will not allow such a thing.  Again, we hope that you understand.



Love is the law, love under will.


(TNN.I.5.TITLE PAGE-1, 8/23/78 E.V.) 




Aleister Crowley once wrote:  "As Stability is only perfect as infinite Change ... so Construction is only solid if based on War."


Throughout this year, Anno LXXIV-1978 E.V., this newsletter has spoken out against such people as T. Casy Brennan, C.S. Jones, Francis King, C.F.Russell, and now, Kenneth Grant.  We have not done this out of malice, for we have neither love nor malice for these men.  Neither have we published these articles out of a false sense of superiority, for the ideas of superiority and inferiority are relative.  Rather our reason for such articles as have appeared in The Sword of Horus is simple.  There is a desperate need for Adjustment of the Scales of Balance.  It is most desperate due to the fact that few people realize just how desperate it is.  We have, at present, few directly Thelemic writers, and those that we do have are mostly anti-thelemic, like russell, pseudo-thelemic, like T.C.B., or terribly twisted in their views of Thelema, like Jones and Grant.  Therefore, the view that is given to the neophyte of Thelema is somewhat warped, causing some sincere students to make many wrong turns on the Path, wasting valuable time to retrace their steps in order to correct themselves, and in some cases actually losing their Way.  Such articles as have been printed in The Sword of Horus are meant to point out, usually using their own words, the pitfalls and errors made by certain "Thelemic" writers.  Our hope is that the student will then see these errors and proceed more warily upon the Path of the Wise and avoid the mistakes of their predecessors.  The Secret Chiefs of the A.·.A.·. do not want blind-sheep followers of Thelema.  They call out to men and women who are individuals, strong and sturdy, able to see through the masks of others and avoid their traps.  Think of those deceivers (whether conscious of their deceptions or not) as the Satan of the Bible.  Whether they realize it or not they are doing God's Will, so to speak, by testing and tempting humankind along the Path.  We of Newaeon are neither cursing nor blessing people such as those mentioned above.  We are merely acting out our part in the Play of Nuit.  We are merely doing our Will.





(TNN.I.6.1, 10/24/78 E.V.) 


For those of you having difficulties pronouncing THELEMA:


In Greek "Thelema" is spelled Theta, Epsilon, Lambda, Eta, Mu and Alpha -


THETA ...... pronounced as in the word "thin"; Note: Tau is 
             not used 
EPSILON .... pronounced as in the word "fret"; short-E sound 
LAMBDA ..... pronounced as in the word "lyre" 
ETA ........ pronounced as in the word "feed"; long-E sound 
Mu ......... pronounced as in the word "muse" 
Alpha ...... pronounced as in the word "father" (long); 
             "aha" (short).


(TNN.II.1.3, 3/21/79 E.V.) 




"I feel the 'Sword of Horus' teatment of Culling to be justified.  I was in brief communication with Culling just prior to his death in 1973 and found that he lacked much insight into Thelemic work." 
                             - from Saskatchewan, Canada


Concerning the 'Sex Magick' articles:  "Thank-you for clearing my mind." 
                             - from New Brunswick, Canada


"Good to see Newaeon Newsletter going strong as it is well needed." 
                             - from Ramona, California


"Indeed I am very happy to feel the stream of Love under Will that emanates from you in the Temple of Thelema."


                             - from Spain


"I was particularly impressed with your assessment of K.(enneth) G.(rant) and I concur entirely with your opinion.  Could I have your permission to rerun this...?"


                             - from England


"Your scholarship, for one, is somewhat lacking..."


                             - from Tampa, Florida


Concerning this last:  I requested more specific criticism so that we might be able to improve the scholarship of the newsletter, but I have still not received a reply.  Obviously our critic lacks scholarship and cannot be specific.


1997 E.V. NOTE:  the "Temple of Thelema" mentioned above is in reference to Newaeon's address at the time and should NOT be confused with anyone or anything now calling itself the "Temple of Thelema" or T.O.T..


(TNN.II.3.1, 7/23/79 E.V.) 

ANTIQUES ORGANIZATION     (458)       Cairo in __18__7__79__ 


To the Editor of 
The Newaeon Newsletter 
The Temple of thelema, 5910 Alder Street, pittsburgh, pennsyslvania 15232. 


Dear Mr. Kelly,


      In reference to your letter dated 7/4/79 asking for information about a stele, we should like to inform you that this stele is made of painted wood.  The exact dimensions are 0.515 m. height and 0.31 m. width.  The method of making the hieroglyphics ( painting ).


      With kind regards.          Sincerely yours


(Signature difficult to read)


                            Director General Egyptian Museum 
        (Ditto, and dated 31/7/79 by hand beneath signature)


NOTE:  Many questions were asked concerning the Stele of Revealing.  After a long wait this is the reply that was received. -ED.


(TNN.II.4.11, 9/24/79 E.V.)



by  G.M.Kelly

It has been remarked by a certain sister in California that the personal correspondence from Newaeon, specifically from yours truly, is more "balanced" than the writings that are published in The Newaeon Newsletter.  In one sense our beloved sister is correct, yet in another sense she is not.  Personal correspondence from this Centre does indeed appear more balanced simply because both sides of any issue are dealt with, i.e. the Negative and the Positive are both expressed in this correspondence, for, by nature and by initiation, this is how we are and how we view each and every aspect of manifestation.  To us there is no such thing as "good" and "evil", "right" or "wrong".  There is no difference.


However, the newsletter exists for a specific purpose and that purpose is to do our Will (in part), that True Will being symbolised by Atu VIII, Adjustment, otherwise called Justice.  The Negative side of the Thelemic issue, as we may call it for the sake of convience, is amply expressed by many "false prophets" in these troubled times, as it was foreseen.  Thus the Scales of Justice, the Scales of Balance, have been tipped, first by those without Thelema and now, more so, by those within or apparently within Thelema.  It is, therefore, necessary that the Scales be set right and the Positive side of the issue again be expressed as it was in the days of Our Father.  It is a curious paradox, you may note, that the Positive must be expressed in apparently Negative terms.  So, again, let me remind you of the words of Aleister Crowley, Our Father the Beast 666, which have been to us a guide in our Work:  "As Stability is only perfect as infinite Change ... so Construction is only solid if based on War."


So what is it that we are constructing, you ask?  The Æon of the Crowned and Conquering Child and the rule of Thelema, of course.


(TNN.II.5.1, 11/23/79 E.V.)


Care Fraters et Sorores:





IN-FIGHTING:  Not long ago I explained in a letter to a delightful lady in New York the surgical aspect of The Sword of Horus and our Work here at Newaeon.


It has been said that the "in-fighting" within Thelemic circles should stop; that it is silly and harmful to Thelema.  What seems to surprise most people is that we of Newaeon are in total agreement.  However, certain cancers cannot be allowed to go unchecked.  If these cancers are not removed from the Thelemic body while they are still relatively minor, Thelema will indeed be badly damaged and, eventually, killed.  In this instance The Sword of Horus is not a warrior's weapon or an executioner's blade; it is a surgical instrument which we here at Newaeon must carefully wield.  Our position is a most delicate one and our Work is no less delicate.  We must probe and investigate, discover the cancer and very cautiously cut it out with our instrument.  One of the greatest dangers in this is that, should we slip, we could very well damage that which we wish to preserve...Thelema.


This is our True Will and all that we can do is our best.


We are not participants of "in-fighting".  Our egos are not in conflict with any other ego or group of egos.  We hate no one.  We do not even argue rights and wrongs with another.  We merely do our Will.  Therefore we urge you to look closer unto what is spoken, written and done; to read more carefully and deeply.  We urge you to learn to distinguish between a back-stab executed out of jealousy and a surgical incision.



*   *   *


CONFUSION:  This is one of the greatest weapons in the arsenal of the Black Brotherhood.  If something confuses you, in your reading of occult books, religious works, or anything else--STOP--stop and study what it is that confuses you.  Do not gloss over it and continue on.  STOP and reflect upon it.  Look up words that you do not know or fully understand.  THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE JUST READ OR HEARD.


Do not become paranoid.  The Black Brotherhood is not all about you waiting for the chance to steal your soul, but it is out there and does manifest itself in various ways, under various disguises, disguises as varied as the pseudo-christian and the pseudo-thelemite.


TAKE YOUR TIME.  There is no rush.  If something confuses you it is time to stop and think about it.  Before you take the Next Step, be sure that the step you are now taking is firm.



*   *   *


"...starts out fine; good to suggest to study and -presently- avoid association with 'so-called...' and (then) you proceed to set yourself up as a 'guide/teacher'..."  This is a comment received from a sister in California in reference to TNN II.4, page 1, where it was written:  "Work independently and consult me if you MUST consult anyone."  I advise you to reread that entire section of the newsletter to fully understand what was said.  First of all, it was originally a personal letter written to a fellow who had asked for advice.  Later I was informed that it contained information that may be valuable to all.  It was suggested that the letter be published and I agreed on the condition that the only thing edited out would be the name and address of the person to whom it was written.  My reasoning for this was simple:  if what I write privately cannot be publically written, then it should not be written at all, ergo what I write in a personal communique I should also be able to print for public reading and stand behind it.


The fact is that the letter, published in TNN II.4, clearly advised the aspirant to steer clear of so-called "teachers" and "fraternities" at this point in time.  The letter further advised this fellow to learn to rely solely upon himself and his True Self.  I had no intention of setting myself up as a guide and teacher.  I do not now have the time for such a task and I dare say that I am not, as yet, qualified for the job (though, no doubt, a damned sight better qualified than most of those now misrepresenting Magick and Mysticism).  What I wrote I wrote out of sympathy and a sincere desire to be of assistance should real trouble arise.  Pulling the rug out from under a person, as Newaeon often does, is a rather uncomfortable thing for me to do.  Perhaps I am too compassionate. 

I see it this way:  if one sees that the rug is concealing an open pit, is it not better to pull it out from under the person's foot just as he is beginning to take that first step rather than to wait until after he has taken the fatal step?


I do not approve of aspirants who rely upon crutches nor do I approve of aspirants who follow another blindly, never thinking or doing for themselves.  If I have indeed set myself up as another teacher and guide, then I am my own worst enemy.  My advice is often quite disheartening, discouraging and disillusioning.  I detest "tap-dancing", as I call it.  I am blunt and straight-forward.  If, indeed, I ever do take on the responsibility of a teacher and guide on the Magical Path, then I shall surely be one of the sternest of all, and the ordeals I create will be the most severe.



*   *   *


CORRESPONDENCE WITH NEWAEON, through yours truly, is free...and I mean that in more than the economic sense.  Like many other things in this world that are free, some people take it for granted and abuse it.  Therefore, for the simple reasons of efficiency and economy, I have seen fit to terminate such correspondence, usually with words such as "Yours, as Harpocrates".


Why do I "turn a deaf ear" to some people and ignore their letters?  The answer is a very simple one and very blunt.  I cannot afford to spend my valuable time on wasters, especially when there are so many others out there who can be given a helping hand, or, indeed, teach me something truly valuable.  I simply refuse to communicate with those others who only wish to involve me in a useless, pointless and eternal debate; those who wish to do nothing but display what they think to be their marvelous intellects and puff up their egos; and those who want another to do absolutely everything for them, those persons who will not, in the least, help or think for themselves.


One fellow recently protested my cessation of communication.  He said that by keeping silent I proved to him that I was trying to convert him to my point of view.  Think about that and see if it makes sense to you.  It certainly does not make sense to me.  Such reasoning is, to say the least, unreasonable.


This particular fellow had pretended to be totally objective for a long time, but the pretense fell apart when I bluntly criticised his own particular belief system.  Then he nearly raved and wanted to continue the pointless debate on and on until all life, as we know it, ceased to exist.  It was obvious that neither of us was going to sway the other from his convictions and so that matter should have been dropped and he should have allowed the flow of communication to move on to other things, perhaps naturally returning to this point.


Another chap, after the Sword had struck Bertiaux, zealously and fanatically did his best to defend Bertiaux.  After a while I could only study his letters, file them, and refuse to respond.  I could say no more to him and he could do nothing but rave on and on about the same things.  Later I had the proverbial last laugh when this fellow was "excommunicated" by Bertiaux.


"Success is thy proof: argue not; convert not; talk not overmuch! Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter; & destroy them utterly..."  LIBER AL VEL LEGIS, Chapter III, Verse 42.


If one wishes to here retaliate by quoting the earlier part of this verse, "Refuse none...", then allow me to inform you that such persons as those mentioned above continued to receive the newsletter so long as their subscriptions were paid.  Only the free personal communication was discontinued for the sake of those who can better benefit from that communication, including myself, and I cannot benefit by being engaged in a redundant debate or by writing words that are hardly read.


Let me ask you this:  would you appreciate it if you were sincere and aspiring in your letters and they remained unanswered because we at Newaeon were spending our time responding to letters written by insincere ego-puffers?  My policy is not only for my benefit and Newaeon's, but also for your benefit.


There is a time for Speech... 
      ...and there is a time for Silence.





                     Fraternally yours,


Soror Stella Orientis 
G.M.Kelly, Editor, aka Frater Keallach 93/676


(TNN.II.6.1-3, 1/21/80 E.V.)