Nine months I had passed within the Womb.
I had learned of starvation, servitude and the Tomb.
A million deaths had I died at that time;
A million horrors beyond the scope of rhyme.
And yet though I had lost many a thing
I was living and in living I was King.
No one and no thing could beat me down--
I had gone beyond a laugh, a curse and a frown.
I had reached the knowledge of my One True Self,
But my Will was made cloudy by the human elf.
So I severed my ties and broke all my bonds;
Retreated to a place beyond dusks and dawns.
I housed my Self in an Azure Egg--
Toiled for no one nor did I beg.
But somehow I managed to keep Life in my flesh;
Yechidah mysteriously fed Nephesh.
Twice times nine months had passed in a flash.
I had soared through the heavens; never once did I crash.
The clouds had all cleared, and the elf made my slave.
There was nothing I feared, for well forged was my Glaive.
It's dual edge was keen as it gleamed in the Light;
Drinking the blood of the saints while putting them to flight.
And yet that Sword which mercilessly killed,
Also created, commanded and Willed.
It's purpose was greater than mere banishment,
For the Sword was a Wand of great Attainment.
The edge was for killing, and that without qualm.
The flat for beknighting, when hilt was in Palm.
And so this Sword lashed out in the World--
And the banner of Thelema was unfurled.
This Sword of Horus is of paper and ink;
It serves as the greatest Magical Link;
For by this Sword, which is stronger than steel,
The False shall give way unto the True and Real.
The Scales shall be Balanced and Adjustments be made.
The False shall vanish, disappear and fade.
Their going shall leave a vacuum and a void;
The World made happy and over joyed.
That space will be filled in the blink of an Eye
By all True Thelemites--that is, you and I.

(The Great Magical Retirement which is commemorated in this poem took place circa 1975 E.V.)

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume I, Number 6, 24th of October 1978 E.V.