Light in Extension:

Greek Magic from Homer to Modern Times

by David Godwin

A Review by G.M.Kelly

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

To describe this book I cannot do better than to quote the blurb on the back cover, written by an eminent and extremely humble scholar:

"Light in Extension does the impossible:  it succeeds in making Classical Greek philosophy amusing and fun to read.  David's light and humourous approach to a subject that tends to make most books dull and tedious has produced a work that discusses philosophy as it has affected magickal [sic] thinking which anyone can understand and enjoy.

"Yet the book is not entirely about philosophy.  There are several rituals in Light in Extension which are quite workable, as well as sound, rational and down-to-earth common sense advice and valuable hints about practical magic.

"Herein you will find not only a valuable, blessedly simple guide to the understanding and pronunciation of the Greek language, but also a helpful list of words, phrases and proper names accompanied by their numerical values which are important to Greek philosophy, mythology, religion and magic.

"David Godwin's Light in Extension is necessary, very amusing and quite useful, and I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in the various aspects of the Western Tradition, whether that person's orientation be Paganism, Shamanism or Ceremonial Magic/k.  If you neglect to add this book to your library there will forever be a fault therein that cannot otherwise be corrected."

Aleister Crowley is mentioned throughout, the "devil" respectfully given his due, and modesty forbids me to explain why page 199 is my favourite part of the book.  I did have one criticism to make about the book, but for the life of me I cannot now recall what it was!  I suppose that proves that I have no great objections to Mr. Godwin's book.  Classical Greek philosophy, magic, the New Testament, Gnosticism, and Isopsephos, what I like to call Greek gematria - it is all here and it is well worth reading and knowing.

[Encyclical Letter, Vernal Equinox 1992 E.V.]

Love is the law, love under will.