by Soror C.E.L.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

GRAPHO-THERAPEUTICS: PEN AND PENCIL THERAPY by Paul de Sainte Colombe is an extremely interesting, useful and welcome book to the students of not only the psychological sciences and graphology, but also to the students of magick.  This book, which can be purchased in a softcover edition for $3.95, is published by the Paul de Ste. Colombe Foundation, "Grapho-Therapeutics", 6230 Mulholland Hy., Hollywood, Calif. 90068, and it is highly recommended.

What is Grapho-Therapeutics?  Simply stated, it is analysis and therapy through the study and alteration of a person's handwriting.  It has long been known that a person's character, his or her personality, is shown clearly through his or her handwriting.  The science, and art, of graphology has been so thoroughly researched that it is even near to impossible to disguise one's personality by temporarily altering one's penmanship--at least this is true should an expert such as Mr. de Sainte Colombe be the analyzing graphologist.  (I myself am but a neophyte in this science.)  What is most interesting is that one may actually change or alter one's character or personality by actually changing one's handwriting.  And what the staff of Newaeon found even more fascinating was that during Frater Keallach's eighteen month Great Magical Retirement, c. 1975 E.V., before he had even made a superficial study of graphology, and before he had even considered the idea of Grapho-Therapeutics, he, while performing various operations including the Augoedies Invocation (Liber Samekh), had begun to change his handwriting and signature.  This came naturally to him and he was not even aware of this change until after it was completed.  Whether he had subconsciously set about the process of balance (partially) through changing his handwriting, or whether his handwriting changed automatically as he attained balance, or whether it was something of a combination of these, is difficult to ascertain.  Whatever the case may be, it still lends a great deal of credibility to the idea of Grapho-Therapeutics.

Using samples of Kelly's handwriting, I will proceed to show some of the keys to understanding a person's character, as shown in the style of that person's handwriting.

Sample of G.M.Kelly's handwriting

Frater Keallach's SLANT is usually Vertical, which implies that the head rules, and that he has complete self-control.  His attitude is usually apt to be undemonstrative.  He is independent, detached and sometimes, even indifferent.  The keynote here is cautiousness.  All of this fits well with the fact that his Sun Sign is Aries, the Ram.  But Arian's are passionate people, right?  Please note the samples of his opening and closing of a letter.  You will note that the slant here (and in samples not here given due to lack of space) vary from Inclined, signifying an ardent, affectionate, amiable person with a very sensitive and emotional nature, to Lightly Inclined, implying a normally sensitive and a healthily emotional, well balanced person.

His BASE LINE DIRECTION, whether natural, as in these samples, or assisted by a straight-edge, is usually Level.  This denotes stability, good balance, conscientiousness, equanimity, self-control, perseverance, one who does not readily yield to moods, and also, one who strives to be exact, and to keep both feet firmly placed on the ground.  (Please note the recurring words, such as "good-balance", "self-control", etc..  You can see why we chose this fellow as our Editor-in-Chief!)  But, again, Frater K. is not a passionless man.  By no means!  Sometimes, when taking less care to write and more care to express his emotions, his writing, and especially his signature Ascends.  This ascending base line shows a cheerful, enthusiastic person, bursting with mental activity, energy, vivacity, initiative, and hope.  He is the perfect cure for a real down-day (provided you do not become too possessive).

The SIZE of his writing varies, usually, between Medium and Small.  Medium signifies moderation, reserve, reasonableness, neatness and prudence.  Small displays the qualities of delicacy, refinement, keen mentality, subtlety, concentration, attention to details and scientific interests.

Paul de Sainte Colombe distinguishes between Superior and Inferior Handwriting.  Very generally, Superior Handwriting is one that is clear, concise and possesses harmony, whereas Inferior Handwriting is sometimes tangled, lacking precision, and basically much too much of everything.  Frater Keallach's hand can definately be classified as Superior.

CONTINUITY is the next step in analysis, and Disconnected Letters in Superior Handwriting illustrates that the person is intuitive, perceptive, intellectually and emotionally sensitive, versatile and inventive; possessing a sharp imagination, a tendency towards mysticism and generally, one who reflects before acting upon any matter.

I will here, due to lack of space, skip over certain details.  Don't worry!  I am not hiding anything about our beloved editor!  Those details which I am skipping over display such things as logic, an accurate mind, originality, and so on.  And he is disgustingly logical!

The FORM of his handwriting is somewhat Curved, showing his goodheartedness, affection, adaptability, harmony, aesthetic tastes, and his easy and graceful manner.  However, there is a certain amount of Angularity above the Curved Base Line and this shows something of a bitter-sweet nature.  It also shows that beneath an assumed (but not affected) appearance of firmness, practicality and energy is really a soft-hearted and very sympathetic teddy bear.  (But don't try to take advantage of that!  Remember, his head rules his heart--darn it!)  According to Mr. de sainte Colombe (and other methods of determining character which are not taken into consideration here), Kelly is aware of his susceptibility to others' wants and needs, but he is determined not to be a patsy.  Like a porcupine, he covers himself with protective spines, keeping others at a respectful and safe distance.  This form also shows his mind to be sharp, critical and efficient, possessing good judgment.  (Any reader of The Newaeon Newsletter will be able to see quite plainly the truth in these words.)

OVALS, such as a's and o's also tell a great deal about the scriptor.  In Frater K's case you will note, if you look closely, that many of his ovals are open at the top and to the right.  Here he is showing himself to be an outgoing type of person, an extrovert.  He is an open, loyal, sincere, frank and conscientious fellow.  (So much so that without batting an eye he allowed me to use him as an example for this review!)  In his diaries (no sample here given) the ovals are often excessively open, due to his quick, almost beyond-the-speed-of-light writing.  This denotes an ingenious, assertive and expansive mind; and (unfortunately, as he himself admits) a person who finds it difficult to keep anything to himself, given to talking a bit too much at times for his own good.  Then, again, it will be noticed that quite often his ovals are Closed, showing the introvert!  These closed ovals reveal (reveil) him to be a person who lives more so interiorly than he does exteriorly--and should his diaries be opened for general inspection, and I was able to present them here, you would be amazed, as I was, at the Astral Adventures that he is constantly subject to.  He does indeed seem to be more active upon the Inner Planes (at present) than he is upon the Physical, and Outer, Plane!  [The Astral, Inner Planes, and the Physical, Outer Planes are states of consciousness.  I just thought that I would point that out for the sake of clarification. -Editor]  In fact, certain people should take more care to inquire into the nature and reasons for certain visitations which they may have experienced (especially those that occurred circa 1975 E.V.) before they go about trying to banish such a presence.  But now who is talking too much!  Back to the matter at hand.  Does this imply that Frater K. has a split-personality?  No, but it will be noted that his Natal Chart shows him to have Aries as his Sun Sign with Pisces rising.  He is not an easily understood person.

His FORM is Regular implying orderliness, efficiency, carefulness, self-control and interests in the aesthetic.  He is something of a perfectionist, and possesses a good memory.  [Good memory!  I don't think I have a good memory--but then what would you expect a perfectionist to say? - Editor]  In his Magical Diaries, which II feel duty-bound to mention, the form of his writing is Natural, Quick and somewhat Simplified.  It shows strong evidence of a quick mind, modesty, directness, efficiency and skill.  Another thing that it shows is his unaffectedness.  [Though, in all fairness, I must admit that the "K" in Kelly is somewhat affected.  The straight, vertical line being the Passive Principle being penetrated by the sideways V-like line representing the Active Principle. -Editor]

His ARRANGEMENT is disposed nicely and spaced well showing mental balance and clarity.  He has a good sense of proportion and an equally good sense of values.  Self-discipline, reasonableness, carefulness, and order are again illustrated, along with a generous amount of culture.  [The fuck you say! - Editor]  The LEGIBILITY of his writing shows a high intelligence, an open character, a clear thinker and one who has nothing to hide.  Again such things as self-discipline are clearly shown.  His SPEED in writing shows cautiousness, and a desire to be understood, whereas in his diaries the speed goes from Rapid to Very Quick and Simplified, showing a certain amount of dynamism and ambition, allied with other, previously mentioned characteristics, that make him the kind of person who gets things done.  When intensely working upon a certain line of thought, his writing becomes positively breathtaking in its rapidity making apparent many things including his superior intelligence.

But what of details?  His T-bars show perfect balance, calmness, carefulness, complete control of his thoughts and actions.  His I-dots show him to be emphatic in all that he says and does, along with displaying his orderliness, methodical ways, exactitude, poise, concentration, and so on.  His punctuation is usually quite exact though in this case you will note one instance, an instance I have noted in many other samples, of his using an excessive number of periods at the end of a sentence.  This shows enthusiasm.  His Capitals show a certain amount of pride, dignity, independence and ambition.  However, it should be noted that his pride and dignity are not carried to extremes, but are only that which is the normal, healthy amount of self-pride that every person should possess as a Star in the Universe.  If, however, there were several other traits which pointed to pride in his handwriting, then one would often come across the words "pride", "vanity", and "egotism".  You will note that those words do not here crop up.  A strong Will is also shown in his capitals, and, perhaps, a tendency to be too brusque and blunt.  (So you see, he is not too perfect--thank God.)  His capitals, in printed form, display a good sense of porportions, artistic tastes, originality and simplicity.  His figure-shaped F's and T's illustrate a mathematical mind.  He is direct and practical as is shown by his habit of ommitting beginning and ending strokes.  His tall upper loops and extensions show his imagination, idealism, ambition, aspirations and spirituality, along with great intellectual activity.  His long extensions, such as in the Y's and in the G of his name, reveal him to be a person possessing the maximum of physical activity and vitality.  His small d's show, again, his idealism and spirituality, along with his good taste, and his artistic temperment, also his power of deduction.  His stick-like lower case l's show intuition and a quick, synthetic type of mind that takes all things in at once and sees them as a whole.  His capital L's again display his culture and artistic tastes.  And so on, and so on, and so on.

As for determining his honesty by using the pointers given in this book, it is shown that G.M.Kelly is one of those rare types who are scrupulously honest and worthy of one's trust.  What I found very interesting is that his frantic rapidity, when writing in his diaries, shows a dynamic rhythm which makes his words seem to be living things that are running all about the page.  To Mr. de Sainte Colombe, a recognized and respected psycho-graphologist, this denotes a lightning-like racing mind, moving so fast that the hand can hardly keep pace, which in turn shows, as he called it, Genius.

Upon that final word I will close this review.  Get the book!  Study it!  Use it!  Seek knowledge of Self and others--seek Balance.

May the Blessings of Our Lady of the Stars be thine.

Love is the law, love under will.

(TNN.I.5.2-5, 8/23/78 E.V.)