Soror C.E.L.*

While walking in the dismal streets,
      The icy rain cascading in sheets,
I spied a friend so long unseen,
      Above her was a terrible fiend.
Upon my face I put a smile.
      I stopped her and we talked a while.
Her face was drawn,
      Her soul was gone,
             Her stomach filled with bile.

Our converse was so very brief;
      She stole away just like a thief.
I watched her as she walked away,
      And saw the dark and evil fay.
What realms of dark qliphothic hell
      Had she in ignorance a-fell?
What twisted delights had she tasted?
      To make her face appear so wasted?
Upon the Path she thought to tread,
      And wandered into evil so dread;
            A horrid thing upon her feasted.

I shrugged it off without a care,
      For was it not her affair?
She'd been unwise, she'd been a fool,
      She swims now in a fetid pool.
She played in realms carefully hidden,
      She entered places for her forbidden.
And now she walks the dismal streets,
      In icy rain cascading in sheets,
            A fallen soul lost and hag-ridden.

*Dedicated to Soror I.D.V. Anno LXXIII

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume I, Number 3, 20th of April 1978 E.V.