My Beloved Lily*, my dearest, sweetest Rose*.
      What rhyme of words can be written?
What sonnets can I compose?
      That tells of how I've been smitten,
And when Roses fade where Love goes?

Beseechingly I called Nuit, the Goddess of Heaven Above.
      To inhabit the Image of Babalon**, to descend as a Heavenly Dove.
And so the Serpent, at my command, encircled that winged Love.
      And the promise was made that very night to send That which I lacked of.***

Sweet Babalon, that Whore of Heaven, promised a Scarlet Woman*.

And then I met a Goodly** wench, another child in Nuit's Play--
      An old friend was this Moa'ail**, I came across this day.
'Twas her that introduced me to HaShoshannah*--a lovely, spritely fay.
      And the darkness dispersed with a rush and a blast by a brilliant, Emerald Ray!

The promise was kept by Babalon, She had sent a Scarlet Woman.

O Magick is great! and Magick is grand! for Man is Master of the Divine Plan!
      But Magick, though perfect, can be undone by the foolishness of any human.
All was perfect, there was no doubt, but from perfection she ran.
      She turned her back to the Magus, and went to a cruel and common man.

Babalon promised, and Babalon gave, but The Woman remained mere woman.

Of only two she chose the way that leads to suffering and pain.
      When the other Way offered led to Love--Pleasure, Attainment and Gain.
Divine Perfection is like Sun-shine; Human Folly is like the rain.
      I suppose both are needed, but tell me this--is foolishness really sane?

O HaShoshannah, sweet Butterfly,
      You Fly to a field without flower;
Forsaking the Nectar, drink the poison of Lie,
      Killing your Heavenly Dower.
And though my heart so strong lives on, I weep for your's may die.

*HaShoshannah, The Rose, or, The Lily, האשושנה = 667 = Η Κοκκινη Γυνη The Scarlet Woman.  (Susan)

**Moa'ail, Good, באבאלען = 156 = מועיל, Babalon.  (Bonnie)


HaShoshannah is by G.M.Kelly, and is based upon an actual Magical Opera that was carried out and the results that followed.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 2, 21st of May 1980 E.V.