Lughnasadh 2013 E.V.



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana (1863-1952)

What follows is not intended to be an exhaustive history of the subject, for frankly that would be exhausting.  To write such a history would be to write a book, a very thick book, and one can already find numerous books on subjects such as the Knights Templar.  As for the latter part of this article some of the information can be found in books and the rest in documents scattered about the Internet.  I am no fan of Peter Robert Koenig.  His surname is misleading.  However, I will say this for the fellow, he is obsessed with the Ordo Templi Orientis and its current imitators and groups masquerading as the O.T.O., and in his obsession he has collected a tremendous amount of documentation on the subject.  His conclusions are sometimes based upon his personal feelings toward the groups calling themselves the O.T.O., in particular the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., but the documentation itself does not lie.  It is well worth the time and effort of individuals already handing over their hard earned money to the Caliphate and groups like it as well as those who are considering joining said "fraternities", to dare the often confusing labyrinth of Koenig's web site to read through some of that documentation in order to get a better picture of the group and individuals involved before taking that first step, or, if already involved with the group, to perhaps take that first step out of the trap one has fallen into and back into the Light and upon the true Path of the Wise.


There are many interesting books about this Crusading military order called the Knights Templar which was born in history and lives on today in fantasy.  Two such books are The Knights Templar & Their Myth by Peter Partner, and The Knights Templar by Stephen Howarth.  It is not the purpose of this article to argue over and debate details, so suffice it to say that this Christian Order was officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church on or about the year 1129 E.V.  It grew in power and wealth to become a threat, at least in the minds of King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V.  In 1307 many if not most of the Templars were arrested, tortured into giving false confessions, as was the custom with those accused of witchcraft during the Inquisition, and burned at the stake.  Pope Clement V disbanded the Knights Templar in 1312 and that was effectively the end of the Christian Order.

From out of the ashes and the false confessions that the accused were forced to sign the myths of the Knights Templar had its origin.  Everything from secret sexual rites to the practice of the Black Mass and Satanic rituals have been attributed to this Christian Order of knights.  How much of this is true and how much false is debatable, and for the purpose of this article irrelevant.  Suffice it to say that the Vatican, the papacy, essentually gave birth to the Knights Templar and it had the right and power to terminate the Order ... and did ... with extreme prejudice.


Centuries later, in the early twentieth century, there existed a fraternity called the Ordo Templi Orientis.  It had been around for a while, but not nearly as long as its leaders had claimed, for it was the habit, the bad habit of occult fraternities to claim a lineage going back in time as far as it was possible, claiming to be, in this case, the unbroken Order once known as the Knights Templar.  Here it is imporant to remember two things:  One, anything founded upon lies, falsehoods and fantasies is bound to crack and submit to all manner of corruption until finally it crumbles and falls; Two, all organizations or groups of men and/or women, religions, orders, fraternities, are created by men and/or women upon the relative planes of existence below what the qabalistic scholar would call The Abyss.  They are temporal constructs in the relative plane of existence.  Temporal, "of or pertaining to time; pertaining to or concerned with the present life of this world, worldly; enduring for a time only, temporary, transitory, opposite to eternal."  That is to say, a temporal order is one that has a point of creation, a birth, if you will, a life time in which it struggles through youth and adolescence to achive maturity, after which it naturally degenerates and dies, as is the case with all things, all life below the Abyss on the relative plane of existence.  Religions and fraternities, like men and women, have come and gone, most forgotten by history.  The Christian religion, in all its many sects, is but a mere 2000 or so years old, a blink of an eye to Eternity, but one day it too shall come to an end.  In fact, one may argue that the beginning of its end has aleady come partly due to the rigidity of its heirarchy, the cover ups and pay offs relating to the sexual indiscretions of its priesthood, and its often questionable handling of financial matters, especially in the case of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.  But that is not the subject of this article.  What is important here is that the genuine Knights Templar came into existence, grew in strength, and then met its end long before the Ordo Templi Orientis was founded, claiming to be the modern extension of that Christian Order.

In the early twentieth century two men came together, Theodore Reuss, who represented the O.T.O., and Aleister Crowley.  To make a long and complex story short, A.C. was admitted to the O.T.O., in fact he had already acquired the "secret" of the Order, so-called "Sex Magick", and it was felt that he had earned his place in the Ordo Templi Orientis.  Crowley, although the Prophet of the New Æon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, was a product of his times, born in the old æon of Osiris, and he thought that the O.T.O. could become a wonderful vehicle with which to spread the philosophy of Thelema throughout the world.  After a short time as a person of power in the O.T.O. he started to reform it, to turn this Christian Order into a Thelemic Order, founded upon the Book of the Law.  This must have seemed like a very good idea at the time, although not everyone in the O.T.O. was thrilled with Crowley and the Book.  As it always happens with temporal orders and religions, there was a schism, a breaking away, creating two distinct versions of the Ordo Templi Orientis:  the original Christian oriented body, and the Thelemically reformed O.T.O.  I have always held, and the events of the past forty years have proven this to be true, that the conversion of the Christian Order to Thelema could never be successful.  A Thelemic silk purse cannot be made out of a Christian sow's ear.  To mix my metaphors a bit, no matter what changes were made on the surface, the roots of the O.T.O. would forever be Christian, working against the goals of the Ordo Templi Orientis and Thelema itself.

Aleister Crowley was inspired by the Ordo Templi Orientis to work out some beautiful rituals, in times after his death usually performed badly, sometimes in a drunken stupor, by members of a group falsely calling itself the Ordo Templi Orientis, its rituals open to the public to draw in more dues-paying suckers, witless young females providing a peep show event and a promise of sex to mostly hormone-driven adolescents and individuals, mostly male, in their twenties.  This, by the way, is the brief consensus of opinions from many people who have attended these debased versions of Crowley's beautiful rituals, many of whom, who have spoken with me, having been members of this "gang" with the highest hopes who later realized the truth of the "order" and left it.  After Aleister Crowley's and then later Karl Germer's deaths, it was essentially the end of the legitimate Thelemic Ordo Templi Orientis.  You can learn more about the history and rituals of the O.T.O. from the book edited and introduced by Francis King, The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O., if, that is, you can find a copy of it!  Because the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. has no genuine magical "secrets" of its own, its "leaders" no real knowledge or creativity, William Breeze, aka Hymenaeus Beta, so-called "Frater Superior" of the Caliphate, along with his closest associates, have done everything in their power to suppress this book, to restrict your access to this information.  Why, they did such a wonderful job of it that someone, to my knowledge, once paid $400 for a copy of this book which originally sold for $7.95, the seller first making a photocopy of the book for his files.  A tidy profit was made!  Later he was given a "new" copy of the book on top of that.  As for the material in The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O., with a bit of searching you may still be able to find copies of the book on the Internet that have escaped the Caliphate purge in one way or another, or you may consult another book edited and compiled by A. R. Naylor entitled O.T.O. Rituals and Sex Magick "by Theodor Reuss & Aleister Crowley", that is, if the Caliphate hasn't managed to suppress that book as well, which it worked very hard to do, again restricting your access to that material.

I find it very interesting that the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., which claims to be a Thelemic religion, to acquire tax exempt status from the United States government, should spend so much of the Order's money, squeezed from dues and fee-paying members, to file so many law suits to legally restrict or attempt to restrict so many people from publishing Crowley's works for the benefit of all to maintain their illusion of legitimacy while trying to corner the market on Crowleyana, when the foundation of Thelema, the Book of the Law clearly states that "The word of Sin is Restriction" (CCXX I.41) and that it means nothing to them to commit the one "sin" recognized by Thelema over and over again, at the great expense of the Caliphate's dues-paying members, interfering in many cases with the True Will of others, which is highly unthelemic, i.e. contrary to the Law of Thelema.  It is no better than the Christian minister who preaches one thing in the pulpit, and practices the opposite in the shadows.  And the Caliphate claims superiority over Christians.

I have digressed a bit here, but allow me to do so for just a moment longer before continuing on with this brief, general history.  Many of you who have dared to disobey the commands of the Caliphate and other smaller organizations claiming to be Thelemic, or who have defied your "leader" or "teacher", or have simply disagreed with them, have found said organizations and its leaders to be rather vindictive.  Many of you have probably been told that I have a personal vendetta against said leaders or their "cults" (which I don't) and that I am a disseminater of lies and not worth even listening to, which is a lie in itself intended to encourage people not to read what I have written, and this while I encourage others to investigate these matters and decide for themselves what is true and what is false, rather than to blindly accept what I write as "gospel truth".  And most of you who are reading this now did not live through the late 1960's and 1970's to witness the great promise of those times, for society and for Thelema in specific, a promise of greatness that has perhaps been destroyed by the Caliphate and some of its smaller would-be clones.

In the mid to late sixties and seventies things were jumping.  They were idealistic times full of promise, full of hope, while fighting injustice.  During those wild times of peace and conflict, many publishers, relatively large and small, were publishing and distributing the works of Aleister Crowley.  And why not?  His word was and still is tremendous and revolutionary, the foundation of so much that had its beginnings in those times, and Crowley left no known legitimate heirs to lay claim to his work.  The vast majority of Crowley's literary output he himself published and distributed in his lifetime without the benefit of legal copyrights.  It was a wonderful time, a time I thankfully lived in.  Much of Crowley's original printings were photo-reproduced in sturdier bindings than the originals, their text exactly as it was when Crowley had his work printed and bound, minor typographical errors and all.  But we did not care about those few errors for they were easy to notice and correct.  These were Crowley's words as he had intended them to be for all time.  Oh, sure, there were some small fly-by-night publishers who set their own type and were something less than accurate in quoting the Master Therion's words or even the words of the Book of the Law.  Level Press in San Francisco, California, 1973 E.V., for instance, published an edition of The Book of Wisdom or Folly also called Liber Aleph vel CXI and in the preface one finds the following:


Of course these lines should read as follows:  "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." (CCXX I.40) "Love is the law, love under will." (CCXX I.57) It's a bit confused, but perhaps what was also meant was, "There is no bond that can unite the divided but love" (CCXX I.41) or "thou hast no right but to do thy will." (CCXX I.42).  However, despite such nonsense, the text of the book itself was fine, and there were other versions, published by other individuals and publishers to compare it to.  Crowley was being well distributed, well read, known to a new generation in a way that was denied by the yellow journalism of his day.  Thelema was coming out!  And it was about time!  But then the Dark Days slowly began to descend upon the realm of hope and promise.  And here is where I return to this very brief, very general history.


In and about 1930 and 1940 Era Vulgari (the year as commonly reckoned) the Agape Lodge in Pasadena, California was the last remaining functioning body of the Thelemic Ordo Templi Orientis.  The idea of employing it as a means of spreading the wisdom of Thelema while attaining financial and political power to further that end was proving to be a bad idea.  Looking back on it with perfect 20/20 hindsight, one can see that it should not have been attempted, but that instead an entirely new concept befitting the New Æon should have been put into action.  One individual at that time, a writer of science fiction who claimed many other achievements, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986),was moving about the religious and occult communities at this time.  He spent some time sniffing around this last legitimate lodge of the O.T.O. and he correctly perceived this fact.  Eventually Hubbard created Scientology from the bits and pieces of mostly dead or dying religions and philosophies along with some unique ideas about human psychology.  However, correctly ascertaining the need for something "new" and especially after new blood came into the picture, Scientology, for good or ill, has achieved tremendous success.

During this time the Second World War, WWII, was going on in Europe, the hardships felt by all in the United States of America, finally drawn into the conflict by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The saga of the original Agape Lodge is a confusing, convoluted story, so we will keep this very general here.  There were numerous members of the last remaining legitimate operating lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.  Aleister Crowley, To Mega Therion, Frater Baphomet, was of course the O.H.O. (Outer Head of the Order) and second in command was his ever loyal right hand man, Karl Johannes Germer (1885-1962), with his wife Sascha Germer.  It is said that L. Ron Hubbard was also a member of the O.T.O., but this has become a debated "fact", although at the very least he befriended John "Jack" Whiteside Parsons, Frater 210 (1914-1952), who was in charge of the Agape Lodge.  There were other members such as Jack's wife, Helen Parsons, Soror Grimaud (d. 2001 or 2003, there's conflicting information on the Net from the Caliphate), her younger half-sister "Betty", Sarah Elizabeth Northrup, is said by some to have been a member, who married L. Ron Hubbard, Wilfred Talbot Smith, Frater V.O.V.N. aka Frater 132 (1885-1957), Jane Wolf, Soror Estai (1875-1958), Ray (1893-1965) and Mildred Burlingame, and Phyllis Seckler, Soror Meral (1917-2004), to name but a few.  The other branches of this rotting tree had fallen by the wayside, while some original O.T.O. members such as Charles Stansfeld Jones, Frater Achad (1886-1950), had been expelled by Crowley himself.  These were bad times for the O.T.O. and getting far worse.

Jack Parsons, by all accounts, was a brilliant scientist, but with genius also comes the possibility of madness, and Jack was showing signs of this tipping of the scales.  When Jack began his infamous Babalon Working, to essentially incarnate Babalon here on earth, that growing insanity was becoming obvious.  He had already had more than a couple mistresses despite the fact that he was married to Helen Parsons, and finally he attracted to his life a very strange woman named Marjorie Cameron.  Was she really the physical incarnation of Babalon, the biblical Whore of Babylon?  Aleister Crowley laughed at the very idea of it.  He had already written a satirical novel entitled Moonchild in which a unique incarnation was magically planned, but he never meant it to be taken seriously and marvelled at the comic book mentalities that attempted it.  I think it is safe to say that Ms. Cameron was not the incarnation of Babalon.  And it was not long that Jack Parsons, whose behaviour had become so outrageous that he was expelled by Crowley himself, became so careless, his mind so disordered, that he made a mistake in his work and in 1952 E.V. blew himself up in a laboratory accident.  Or was Something else at work here?  Something that wished to wipe the slate clean so that something finer could replace the corrupt-to-the-roots Ordo Templi Orientis?

During this time that the head of the Agape Lodge, Jack Parsons, was enjoying the company of mistresses, involved in his insane Babalon Working, and finally bringing Ms. Cameron into his life, the other members of this last legitimate O.T.O. lodge were also involved in their less dramatic but nonetheless self-destructive adventures.  Helen Parsons, in part fed up with Jack's philandering, took up with Wilfred T. Smith.  Eventually they married and a child was a result of this marriage.  After Smith's death HPS eventually returned to help in the resurrection of the Ordo Templi Orientis, but she was none to happy with the way things were transpiring and equally unhappy with what the "Caliph" was doing and the young chaps he was gathering around him.  When I began what was to become the Castle of the Silver Star, i.e. The Newaeon Newsletter on the Winter Solstice of 1977 E.V., it was with some assistance on the sly from Helen.  She was at the centre of the Caliphate monstrosity and was having second thoughts about the wisdom of resurrecting a dead thing.  It was she who had given me my first mailing list in a separate envelope from the one in which she sent a letter apologetically explaining that ethically she could not do so.  We corresponded and I believe I can call HPS a friend, although as time went on and I became more vocal, she more tired of it all, our correspondence quietly waned before her death.

Phyllis Seckler and I corresponded for a time as well, and she was having her own issues with the later Caliphate and its "Frater Superior", to whom she had at one time been married, Grady Louis McMurtry.  Soror Meral encouraged me, she encouraged The Newaeon Newsletter, while also trying to coax me into joining the Caliphate to perhaps become her puppet "Caliph" after McMurtry died, or preferably oust him while he yet lived.  Needless to say I declined and did not join the group, much to its claims to the contrary.  I was not interested in becoming the "Caliph" of the pseudo-o.t.o. nor the leader of any other cult.  As for having once been a member and being expelled by the "Caliph", a claim some in the Caliphate have made to explain my so-called "sour grapes", it is an absolute lie based upon a sneaky trick of the Caliphate.  To inflate their membership numbers and deceive everyone, if you spent $10 and subscribed to their Magickal Link, they listed you as an "Associate Member" of their pseudo-thelemic gang.  I subscribed to their newsletter, renewing my subscription once, to acquire first hand information about the group.  I corresponded for a time with William Heidrick and a few others, but while getting from them only the party line he and others tried to encourage me to join the Caliphate, which of course indicated that in reality an Associate Membership means absolutely nothing ... aside from a means of inflating their membership numbers tremendously.  This was of course before the first Newaeon Newsletter articles about the Caliphate were published.  I was never "expelled" from the "order" of which I was not even a genuine dues-paying member.  I simply did not bother to renew my subscription to the "Magickal Link".  And for all of you who did, for even one year, subscribe to their publication, be it known that your name and identity was used to give their membership lies the semblance of truth.  If you did not renew your subscription it did not matter - your name was maintained on their books as an "Associate Member".  Individuals who did join and then quit the gang, even died - their names too remained on the list of Caliphate members.  There is nothing honest or ethical about the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. that I have ever found.  But once again I have digressed ... with purpose

Jack and that whacky bunch who were the members of the last legitimate, functioning lodge of the genuine Ordo Templi Orientis simply flew off into all kinds of strange directions because of insane ideas about magick, mismanaged financial dealings, and romantic intrigues, to name but some of the nonsense going on at this time.  And all of this Karl Germer, Crowley's right hand man in the United States, had to deal with, but he found it a daunting task.  Meanwhile, Aleister Crowley, the O.H.O., was stuck in England, literally ducking for cover as the Nazis bombed the country, his age extreme (1875-1947), his health in jeopardy, and his means meagre.  Karl often supplied Crowley with money and other needs, but WWII was not an easy time for anyone under any circumstances, and Crowley being in the midst of the war was one of thousands who found it especially difficult.  There was very little he could do about the insanity brewing in the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O.  He was appalled and greatly disappointed by the actions of its members.  Like his friend and brother Karl Germer, he found that he could do nothing to fix matters.  The dream of the O.T.O. spreading Thelema throughout the world was coming to an end.  It was being murdered by most of the members of the Agape Lodge.  It was proving to have been a bad idea from the start, one that instead of promoting Thelema, was destroying all hope of Thelema and how it could revolutionize society, raising it to a level far above its current warring barbarianism.  And this is where the story continues with Grady Louis McMurtry, Frater Hymenaeus Alpha (1918-1985).


The late 1960s and the 1970s was a time of great promise, a time of great change in the world.  Revolution and upheaval, war and protests, things were happening.  The times they were achangin'.  And after the fiasco that was the last legitimate lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis people were finally discovering Thelema and Crowley, but not through the O.T.O. as much a through the publishing efforts of several publishers, relatively large and very small, and individuals who wanted to get the Word out.  As for the Agape Lodge, it fell apart.  It's members quietly disappeared into the mists of time.  Many died, and this created an opportunity for one man:  Grady Louis McMurtry.

Grady was a very young and perhaps idealistically naive member of the Agape Lodge, but despite the propaganda you can read on the Internet, he was not a very involved member of the O.T.O.  Shortly after he joined he was called into active military service.  Not meaning to belittle his contribution to "the war effort", but wishing to keep things in perspective, he did not fight tooth and nail on the ground in the infantry.  What time he spent in the actual fighting of WWII he did so in the air, in a bomber, as high above anti-aircraft guns as he could get, often only a little less safe from harm than those who were well behind the lines.  You will read on the Net, mostly via Caliphate propaganda, that he worked very close with Aleister Crowley when he was stationed in England and that he was Crowley's pupil then.  Hogwash.  Think about it.  Grady was in the military, during war time.  He could not come and go as he pleased.  He had duties.  He had senior officers to answer to and obey.  Apparently he had men under him that he had to supervise.  I think I could safely say that Aleister Crowley had more time to talk to his butcher or his tobacconist than he did this young wet-behind-the-ears kid from California.  I'd also wager to say that John Symonds, posing as Crowley's friend around this time, pumping him for information to eventually assassinate his character in books he would later write, spent far more time in conversation with Crowley than McMurtry ever had.  However, Crowley did find the naive guy useful in getting more information about the goings on in Pasadena, California and passing messages back to Karl and the last legitimate lodge of the O.T.O.  No doubt he even got a few more dollars and supplies from and through young McMurtry during those trying times.  However, there was no way Grady could have spent much time at the feet of his master and his contact with Crowley during WWII has been grossly exaggerated in an effort to make the Caliphate seem more legitimate, during his time and after McMurtry's death.

The last lodge of the O.T.O., Agape, was done.  It had ended with little love lost between its members.  Karl Germer gave up on those people.  He and Sasha moved to New Jersey, the extreme other side of the United States, and Germer refused to allow the initiation of new members.  You have to ask yourself:  Why?  Why would Karl, the highest authority in the United States, Aleister Crowley's good friend and right hand man, why would he refuse to allow new initiations to the Ordo Templi Orientis?  And why would Aleister Crowley, the O.H.O. of the O.T.O., allow this?  The answer is pathetically simple.  Both men agreed, although for a time Crowley may have held out some hope, that the Ordo Templi Orientis had had its day.  They could see nothing good coming out of the last remaining, legitimate, functioning lodge in Pasadena, and it was obvious that the Order that should have spread Thelema throughout the world was instead turning Thelema into a cruel joke.  It was time to allow the temporal order to die a quiet death so that from the ashes something newer, finer could be born to carry Thelema through the 20th and into the 21st Century.  Young Grady protested this.  He sought out an allies in his desire to keep the O.T.O. going.  Young, naive Grady McMurtry, however, failed.  As per Karl Germer's and Aleister Crowley's obvious wish, sad though that decision must have been to make, they allowed the Thelemic Ordo Templi Orientis to die.  And with both Crowley's and Germer's deaths, it was finished, with the hope of something better, newer, and finer to come from all that these two true Thelemites had done.

Time past.  Crowley and Thelema were being rediscovered.  The scattered, quiet members of the last remaining legitimate and functioning O.T.O. lodge were dying off.  Only a few remained, and against all good judgement, Helen Parsons Smith and Phyllis Seckler, were drawn into something they later regretted being a part of.  Helen more so than Phyllis.  Grady McMurtry was an old man.  He was addicted to both drugs and alcohol.  This, by the way, proved that he was not a "King of the Earth", i.e. a master of his earthly nature, but rather McMurtry had become a "beggar", one of "the slaves that serve". ("Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. ... A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty." CCXX I.58.) Grady McMurtry was a slave to, was mastered by, alcohol, drugs and the petty dictates of his ego, the false self.  He wanted the means to satisfy his desires, his cravings, and so for his own pathetic petty personal reasons he, with the help and encouragement of the naive and not so naive young people he had collected he resurrected the corpse of the Ordo Templi Orientis to shamble about and do his bidding and serve him as a kind of zombie slave.  This is what the Caliphate is today.  Nothing more.  A stumbling, corrupt reanimated corpse whose sole purpose is to gratify the petty desires of the egos who claim to be of high office in an Order that died long ago, as it had to, as Crowley and Germer obviously wanted it to.  Eventually Grady died and the followers of the "cult" that he gave birth to argued over who was going to take his place, each believing he should be the "Caliph".  Unfortunately they argued over a man who was not quite dead and he had a rude awakening before his final moment.  Then he was gone and the real fun began.

Grady McMurtry was not a very bright fellow.  If he had not gathered some young people about him in his waning days he may not have created the zombie "cult" that today falsely calls itself the Ordo Templi Orientis, referred to by me the pseudo-o.t.o. and by some the cO.T.O., sometimes in reference to it being called the "Caliphate" and sometimes the "c" referring to the Caliphate's attempt to proclaim everything Crowley wrote copyrighted with them and only them as the sole owners of those copyrights.  McMurtry, for instnce, did not even have enough imagination or knowledge of his own True Will (his purpose for existing) to create his own "magical name".  He deferred to Crowley, who, rather than being flattered, would have been disgusted with the young man's ignorance and helplessness.  Crowley bestowed upon Grady McMurtry the magical name of Hymenaeus Alpha, 'ΥΜΕΝΑΙΟΣ  Α, the numeration of which is 777.  (Sometimes Crowley used an old style of Sigma that looks like an English C.)  On top of this, to flatter the young Grady McMurtry's ego, causing him to be more pliant and useful, doing whatever Crowley could to survive and try to save the Agape Lodge, which later he gave up on, he referred to Grady as his "Caliph".  Those who know anything at all about Crowley know that he was given to a lot of leg pulling.  His admirable sense of humour often got him into trouble among his many detractors who seem to have little or no sense of humour of their own.  In this case Crowley outdid himself.  For instance, part of the joke was that Grady came from California and at that time the postal abbreviation for that state was not CA as it is now, but "Calif".  It is also interestig to note that "the Caliph", η  Καλιφης, also comes to the numeration of 777.  However, while it is true that the title "Caliph" does refer to a successor of Muhammed as temporal and spiritual head of Islam, it has never meant anything whatsoever within the Ordo Templi Orientis.  It was a meaningless title intended only to flatter young McMurtry's ego.  And perhaps it was intended to say something about the young man as well.  It is also interesting to note that Caliph alone, Καλιφης, comes to the numeration of 769, which is also the numeration of "the bastard", i.e. το  νοθος, defined by a book Aleister Crowley relied heavily upon, Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon, especially during the time he was delving into the "Greek Qabalah", as "illegitimate, born out of wedlock; generally spurious, counterfeit, adulterated."  Anyone familiar with Crowley's sense of humour also understands that a single joke could be appreciated upon many levels by anyone with the wit to recognize the joke.  769 is also the numeration of o exagiston, "the accursed, the abominable; the devoted".  Et cetera.  Crowley sometimes also simply replaced English letters with Greek to see what their numeration would be and "Calif" comes to the numeration of 561 which is also the numeration of miasmos, meaning "corruption, defilement, or the act of pollution or defilement"; it is the root of the word Miasma, "a contagious power that has an independent life of its own", relating to the Miasma theory "of disease, bad air causing disease."  It makes one wonder just how far Crowley could see beyond his time, understand what people would do in the future judging by how they respond and act in the present.  But let us move forward rather than to go on in this vain, for one can discover many more facts of this joke that Crowley played upon Grady McMurtry of which he was witless throughout his life.  And if I play more numbers games here this "history" will start to read like a crazy Kenneth Grant book ... although with better math!  Elsewhere on this site I have spoken of this, but suffice it to say in this place that you should never ever allow someone else to choose your magical name, especially your master!

So Grady McMurtry resurrected the corpse of the O.T.O. to serve his ego and it's petty desires as a shambling zombie, and his young cohorts found it to be a great way to play magician and satisfy their own petty, personal desires while flattering their ego, all of which is absolutely contrary to what Thelema is all about.  Grady died and the power struggle began, but it was short and sweet because their was a dog sniffing about the backsides of Kenneth Grant, Marcello Motta (a failed student of Germer's whose madness is legendary) and yes, Grady McMurtry.  This "dog" was none other than William "Bill" Gary Keith Breeze, and he was after something.  He was after fame, adoration and most of all financial success, and if he couldn't earn it on his own, he would steal it from one who did work hard for those things.  By way of the Caliphate, Breeze found a means of achieving with minimal work the desires of his petty ego, the false self, the god of gods of all cult leaders.

Grady McMurtry and his young cohorts brought darkness upon an age of promise.  He proclaimed himself "Caliph" of the Ordo Templi Orientis.  He dared not use the term, at least in public, "Outer Head of the Order", because he had neither been appointed O.H.O. by Crowley or officially elected to that office as per the bylaws of the O.T.O., which he and his cronies promptly started to rewrite without proper authorization.  The term meaningless in the genuine O.T.O., "Caliph" was used as if it were interchangeable with "O.H.O." and the Caliphate dynasty of deception was begun.

Bill Breeze's name and address was among many that HPS had given me to assist in getting The Newaeon Newsletter off to a start.  He was, however, too busy sniffing about arses to respond to an amateur advertising brochure I had sent out in the beginning, but many others did respond, some absolutely crazy, but many others sincere students of Crowley and Thelema, some of whom became very good friends of mine for life.  But Bill had his nose right up those butts, sniffing away, and finally he decided upon the Caliphate.  Grady dies and then suddenly Bill Breeze is the new Caliph!  How did that happen?  How did he manage to qualify so quickly for such a position, such as it actually is?  Well, cult leaders have their way, you know, and there were a lot of people who relied upon the Caliphate to tell them what was true and what was false.  For you see, the typical "cult" is to its leader nothing more than a means of gratifying his ego, the false self, the only "god" that he actually worships, while to the members of the cult that cult is a security blanket, a "support group", much as the various religions of the world are for most of their "flock".  And this is completely the opposite of what Thelema is all about.  The cult does not teach you genuine self-reliance.  It teaches you to obey the cult leader, accept whatever he and his cronies say on faith alone, and do what you are told.  When you join a cult you surrender your freedom to its leaders, and if you rebel, if you refuse to adhere to the rules you are told to follow, the wrath of those cult leaders will fall down on your head.  This is not what Thelema is all about, but this is how the Caliphate has always functioned, sometimes deceptively, sometimes without shame.  The word of sin might be restriction, but restriction is the chief instrument used by the Caliphate to gain control over others, and which Breeze has used to try and corner the Crowley market to become the only person on the face of the earth legally permitted to publish Crowley material.  I believe at the time of this writing he has filed a suit in an attempt to gain the copyright to the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot Deck.  When one man controls everything, everything is lost.  Breeze, a failed musicians who has played with several bands that have a "cult following" but are largely unknown to the rest of the world ... and one must wonder why he had to jump from band to band until he ran out of bands that would have him ... a man who has had no real career whatsoever in this world of any worth, who has produced nothing of worth of his own, whose brief biographies on the Net are considered suspicious at best, finally found a way to live a parasitic life off of the works of a far greater man, a man of great creativity and genius, Aleister Crowley.  Breeze claims ownership of Crowley copyrights, whether that copyrights actually exists or not, sometimes fooling local judges unschooled in these matters of to Crowley's works, and uses the law to back up his claims, then he attaches his own name and godawful introductions to Crowley's work to ride Crowley's coattails into history and all the way to the bank.  He and the Caliphate have resorted to pressuring, bullying, and threatening individuals, sometimes very sincere Thelemites, into taking their sites off of the Internet, restricting them from providing you with free, accurate information and the works of the Master Therion.  They will of course deny this, but there are many people who will tell you that this is so, victims of Caliphate machinations.  This site itself was shut down two or three times by Caliphate threats made to it's hosts.  Each time I got the site back up on the Internet within about twenty-four hours, educating my host in the ways of the Caliphate.  One time I was pleased to see the publication of The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Aleister Crowley, published by Martin P. Starr through Teitan Press and I basically advertised it for free on this site, creating a link to Teitan Press.  Apparently I inadvertantly violated one of the TOS (Terms of Service) and the Caliphate's cyber-hitman at the time used this to have my site once more shut down.  I straightened matters out quickly with my host, removed the link, and all was well again, at the expense of interested students and both Starr and Teitan Press.

Many over the years have been victimized by the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., which I and others have sometimes called the "Caliphake" for our own amusement, and a lot of people have been "encouraged" to remove their Crowley offerings from the Internet, placed there for your free benefit alone, threatened with law suits and attacked so many times in so many ways that they finally gave up trying to share freely the information that Bill Breeze would have everyone, including the membership of the Caliphate pay him for.  As an example of what his true goals are, I offer you the following.  It is almost impossible today to find Crowley's work published as he had intended it to be published.  Breeze and gang chop it all up and republish it piecemeal along with their own rubbish that would otherwise be ignored by most people, riding Crowley's coattails as the parasites they are.  Not long ago Bill Breeze published through Wordsworth Editions Limited in England The Simon Iff Stories & Other Works by Aleister Crowley.  Breeze burdens the cheaply produced book, quite inferior in quality to Starr's publication of one of the four collections of Iff stories, with an eleven-page introduction, latching onto Crowley's work like the true leech that he is.  In that tiresome introduction, about the only thing that could really be covered by the copyright given in the beginning of the book, is the following:

"Stephen Skinner, the best Crowley editor publishing in the 1970s, prepared an edition of the complete Simple Simon and submitted it to the publisher Samuel Weiser in New York, who passed on the offer.  James Wasserman, then working at Weiser, made the mistake of sharing a copy with fellow Crowley enthusiast, G.M.Kelly, Gary Martin.  Kelly betrayed his promise of confidentiality to Wasserman and circulated the stories in photocopy (he later issued a word-processed semizdat edition titled The Complete Simon Iff Collection - issued 'without benefit of copyrights,' as its introduction delicately has it)."

I wonder how much of my editing, as minimal as I could possibly make it, Breeze used to produce this volume?  Be that as it may, I would applaud the publication of these stories in one volume if anyone else had published it.  I often hoped that Mr. Starr had published the other 3 collections in one or two more volumes matching the one he did publish.  After I put three of the collections on the Castle for everyone to enjoy gratis the inevitable occurred.  David Bersson downloaded those files, changed the HTML code somewhat to make it look different, unwittingly including a few code errors I had "accidentally" made in my files that would show up only via View Search to look at those codes, and even stupidly left in a note signed G.M.Kelly in the midst of one that I was at that time missing a page of, a page which has since been given to me and incorporated into the files.  Well, Bersson was never considered by many to be a genius. . A chip off the old Motta blockhead.  Was I angry?  No.  I rather expected such things and I gave freely my time and efforts to Crowley and Thelema and you, to provide you with those works at no cost and to maintain their Public Domain status.  Only one collection was ever published in The Fatherland and if it was ever even copyrighted the copyright had long expired, throwing that collection into Public Domain.  I was not the only person Jim Wasserman gave copies of the Iff stories to, trying to make points with us, and whatever he believes I promised I did not promise.  The question of whether I promised him anything or not is a moot point and irrelevant anyway, since the Simon Iff stories were not being published by anyone, held hostage by the Caliphate, used as a lure by them, and you were again being restricted, unable to enjoy and learn from these stories written by Aleister Crowley under the name Edward Kelley.  A great deal of time passed while the typscripts were being circulated, placing them most definitely in Public Domain, and finally I got tired of these games the Caliphate was playing that were keeping something Crowley had written and intended others to read out of their hands, out of your hands.  I not only put three of these collections on this site, directing people to Mr. Starr for the other one, but with the help of a very good friend and associate, I made available to anyone who asked for it a nice PDF version of The Complete Simon Iff Collection AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST, but this Bill Breeze fails to mention in his introduction to the works that I offer to you for free and he insists you pay him for, although the only person who should profit from these works is the man who wrote them, Aleister Crowley.  Not William Gary Keith Breeze.

Breeze has long known about this PDF version of the Iff stories that I will give to anyone who e-mails me and asks for a copy.  In the past thirty years he has not contested my sharing of them, they are now firmly in Public Domain, and if you wish a copy ... just ask for it.  At one point Calphakes were claiming that if you did accept this free PDF from me your computer would be infected with a virus.  Yeah.  Right.  Sure.  While I have often avoided Caliphate attempts to trick me into infecting my computer with a virus, I would never even think to do such a thing even to them.  I don't even know how to make or use a bloody virus.  I don't think it is even possible with a PDF document.  And I firmly believe the most fitting punishment for anyone creating and using a computer virus on unsuspecting innocent people should probably be the amputation of bleeding hands.  So if you are interested in a free PDF copy of The Complete Simon Iff Collection for yourself and to share with others, just ask.

I'd be curious to know what lies James Wasserman has told his previous employer, Samuel Weiser, and Stephen Skinner.  And did he notice?  Not only does Breeze love to use my given name, Gary Allen Hugh Martin (b. 1951 and still very much alive), if you are interested in the whole thing, in an attempt to deny me my identity, which has always been the way of the Caliphate, sometimes calling me Gerald Martin or Gerald M. Kelly and even confusing me with Crowley's brother-in-law, Gerald Festus Kelly (1879-1972) ... you figure it out - never calling Dion Fortune Violet Firth or Aleister Crowley Edward Alexander.  Interestingly this is one of the few times Breeze has referred to me as both "G.M.Kelly" and simply "Kelly", but then he was trying very hard to make me look bad and wanted to make sure you knew who the bad guy was.  Not only this, but he puffs up his chest in superiority by referring to me as a mere "Crowley enthusiast".  Well, I am rather enthusiastic about Crowley, but I found it humorous that he would rank his fellow Caliphate associate as a mere "enthusiast" as well.  Or have I missed another little break up over the past several years of being too busy to bother with the Caliphate?

This too I found amusing about his mention of me in the book:  his use of the word semizdat.  Some people should just speak plain English and stop trying to impress everyone

Semizdat:  "The secret publication and distribution of government-banned literature in the former Soviet Union," et cetera.

Aside from the fact that there was never any secret about it, that I was offering my PDF file right out in the open on this web site, and certainly after literally decades of doing so Bill Breeze was aware of this fact, the use of the word he wishes to impress you with puts him and the Caliphate in the position of a fascistic governing body and me in the role of freedom fighter!  I just love it when someone like Bill Breeze gives himself away with the words he uses!  What fun!  Whatever he says, whatever he may even convince himself is the truth consciously, the subconscious will always eventually reveal the truth.  Breeze is no master, no "King of the Earth".  He is but another "slave that serves", imprisoned in and servant to his own petty, grasping and greedy ego.  He is not a Thelemic initiate.  He is merely just another cult leader and I would happily ignore him if he wasn't destroying Thelema to satisfy his greed.  I am not at all concerned for people like him, but I am absolutely devoted to Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley, although sometimes it seems as if I am the proverbial voice crying in the wilderness, the only real defender of Thelema and Crowley in existence.  Am I?  Do you wish to enslave yourself to yet another mean little tyrant and cult leader?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - attributed to Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

And this is fun!  Breeze, with the characteristic lack of imagination common to cult leaders, and apparently wishing to create a dynasty, took as his "magical name", although there is nothing magical about this profiteer, Hymenaeus Beta, that is to say 'ΥΜΕΝΑΙΟΣ  Β, which of course comes to the numeratin of 778 which is also the numeration of Πονηρου, Poneroy, which is biblically often tanslated as "The Evil One", thus the capitlization of the first letter here, but generally as "bad, worthless, villainous, knavish", and so forth.  In choosing his "magical name", such as it is, William Gary Keith Breeze has once again revealed his true self, or rather his false self with which he has bonded so utterly that he may never even come close to knowing his True Self.

Now please bear with me a little longer.  We are almost finished here, and I sincerely hope that some of this is sinking in so that I don't have to speak much of Bill Breeze, his cohorts or the Caliphate again.  While I obviously enjoy the exercising of my art, writing, I am rather sick of the subject and only write about these subjects because Breeze and the Caliphate force me to by using, abusing and misrepresenting Thelema for their own personal gain at the expense of Thelema, Crowley's memory and place in history, and your well being.  Over the many years I have now lived, I have in one way or another encountered a lot of people involved with the Caliphate.  Most, sorry to say, are absolute wasters, the lonely and disenfranchised who will eagerly latch onto a fantasy that gives them the illusion of greatness rather than to do the hard work to look for and find the greatness that is in everyone.  In the Caliphate these people have found a cult, a support group, that will nourish their delusions, at least until they run afoul of its leaders, and then they are in for a rude awakening, although some still manage to hang onto their delusions while cursing the very cult of which they were once a dues-paying, kow-towing member.  However, a minority of you who are members of the Caliphate or were members until you awoke from the spell the ideal had you under, are sincere, intelligent, creative individuals and couples who have given your all to the Caliphate which has used your work, your efforts, to appear to be something it is not, hardly ever giving you credit for any of that work.  And the Caliphate has made many enemies over the years of former members - women who feel that they have been mistreated by a misogynistic majority in the cult, young men who feel abused, and more.  What would happen, I wonder, if these people started looking for and finding one another, creating web sites on which to share their experiences and compare them?  Wouldn't that be amusing!  Why, some time ago, walking down a street here in the Pittsburgh area I saw something high atop a building I simply had to photograph.  High up on the side of a building on the South Side of Pittsburgh, painted in huge letters from the lower roof beside it, someone had printed the letters FTC.  I have since seen these letters, FTC, elsewhere about the city.  Now I do not approve of defacing public or private property, I am no fan of graffiti.  I have never littered or defaced another's property in my entire sixty-two years of life and never will.  However, I have to admit that these three letters do bring a smile to my face when I see them.  I believe a friend of mine in another state may have originated FTC on his web site which provided a great deal of Crowleyana absolutely free to interested parties but which he finally had to take it down, constantly assailed by the Caliphate and tired of dealing with all the work involved in getting it back up on the Net.  He had on the site in its last days "FTC", and by that meaning Free The Copyrights, meaning of course to keep Crowley's works free for all, as well as Forget The Caliphate, or perhaps an F-word a little stronger than that.  Who was putting those three letters up on walls and such I do not know.  It was not me and I sincerely doubt it was anyone whom I call friend, but when it comes to the Caliphate, there are now so many people who are angry with them, fed up with their lies and games, that it could be any number of people.  I've even found that in the relatively small occult/pagan "community", most people do not think highly of the Caliphate, although some may be polite enough not to show it.  Breeze, Heidrick, Scriven and the rest have made a joke of the O.T.O., a very bad joke that is having an equally bad effect upon how Crowley and Thelema are being viewed, and if you are a loyal member of the Caliphate and you think you are being seen as an individual to respect, think again.  If you play in a pig stye you are bound to get dirty.


On February 1st of 2000 E.V. I started a new job that I would work for thirteen years helping people at no cost to them acquire free training and employment.  For a time I also continued to manage the apartment building I lived in, virtually working one job during week days and the other evenings and weekends.  I did not and never have charged people for magick lessons, degrees, grades or fancy sounding titles.  People like David Koresh, aka Vernon Wayne Howell, and a number of other cult leaders have proven that it does not take great intelligence to collect about ones person a cult following and lead them even to death.  Manson had his "Family".  Marshall Applewhite had his "Heaven's Gate".  And much is always said about their "charisma".  However, I think the word "charisma" is over used when talking about cult leaders.  I saw or heard nothing charismatic about these individuals and others.  It reminds me of how Jesus was reported to have performed "miracles" in the New Testament but he would always reply to the effect that it was not he who performed the miracle, but the people's belief in him.  I think that these cult leaders are not so charismatic as people claim.  I think their power lies in the weakness, the insecurity, the loneliness of others and their need to have their personal delusions verified as the truth.  Most people, even those people who think they are above it, seem to need a support group, and in this cult or that the support group is found.  But they give up their freedoms to be in that support group, they surrounder the truth, they turn away from who and what and why they are for that false sense of security and belonging to something greater than themselves.  This is the greatest strength of the cult leader, whether it be a magical, satanic or Christian cult, the weakness of the people who join it.  There are those of course who join a cult believing that it is something more than a cult leader's means of gratifying his ego, that it may be something that can effect great changes in the world, but these people eventually discover the truth, temporarily blinded by their ideals and good intentions.  When this happens they leave the cult, if they can, and often they are forced to sign what they believe are binding oaths to remain silent, or they are threatened in some way, made to believe that something terrible will happen to them if they speak up, whether by man or by some godly or demonic force.  And so they go off quietly and usually never speak of their experiences again, while others fall into the same trap as they had because they had not been warned.  They had entered into their relationship with the cult because they did not have sufficient information to make a careful and informed judgment.  It is the duty of those who have followed a certain course and found it a dangerous or wasteful course, to share their experiences with others so that they do not take that step forward in ignorance.

So there I was, I had for years given everything I had, everything I am, to Thelema and the memory of Crowley, without thought of profit for myself.  I faced the distinct possibility of both homelessness and starvation more than once, and while occasionally I was helped through these times by friends, my life more than once literally saved by them, I was for the most part entirely on my own and refused to compromise my ethics.  When I started the new job I had to put as much into it as I could because one day I would be retiring and at least for a time I would perhaps have only the Social Security benefits I earned in these last thirteen years to live on, and as everyone knows, Social Security is never enough for anyone to live on in this day and age.  So for about thirteen years I did very little work on the Castle of the Silver Star.  My work was exhausting, and I wanted to make time to rededicate myself to Magick, get back into practices I had not had time for at a certain point.  During this time I occasionally stepped out into cyberspace and discovered that some nasty and very untruthful things were beng said about me, either by Caliphate people or others whose lies and insanity I had had to speak out against.  Petty people trying to "get even" and feeling safe because it was believed that I had retired from Magick and Thelema.  In truth I don't think that would even be possible if I retired from life altogether.  However, I allowed people to believe such nonsense, and perhaps Mr. William Breeze took some credit for my silence.  Perhaps he believed he had finally frightened me to death so that I decided to give up and hide from his mighty godlike wrath.  Yeah.  Right.  Sure.

At the end of 1999 E.V., while I was managing the apartment building and often, literally, finding myself fighting crime in my community with little or no assistance from the police ... I kid you not ... after encountering a punk who had broken into my building I discovered that I have a marvelous court room presence.  I coaxed the prosecutor rather than the other way around, the punk's head dropped to his chest when I was on the stand, it was my birthday, and everyone including the judge wished me a happy birthday.  My testamony and the fingerprints I practically forced the police to take put the three-time loser away.  And that was only one of my adventures while managing that apartment building.  I was beginning to think I should start wearing that cape that a Caliphate person once lied and said I wore ... and oh my god, I must have been a horrible person because I was going bald too!  What the hell ever happened to Kevin Bold anyway?  He was so much fun to play with on the Internet!

So anyway, at that time my e-mail was coming to me through Compuserve and I received the following message below.

ZipLip message received in my e-mail October 13, 1999 E.V

From Aleister Crowley?  I rather doubted it.  By the way, now seems to be a legitimate business site, but at that time it seems to have been used by some nefarious people for nefarious reasons, and it is probably for this reason that that site no longer exists.  Apparently the law or some people with valid reasons to sue saw to that.

I was directed to the site and this screen shot below is what I found.  Please note that it says it would self-destruct within 24 hours or probably once I pushed the DONE button that was below the message.  Too bad it was stupid enough to say that because I saved the page, source codes, HTML page and all, read it, popped it into a file and then shrugging it off forgot about it.  That's how impressed I was by it.  It was not until very recently that I ran across this message in my files and thought that perhaps I should share it with you.

ZipLip message that was supposed to self-destruct after reading it, but I saved the file before pressing the DONE button that was at the bottom.

Let's analyze the above message that I was not supposed to have been able to save ... duhh.  First off it claims to have been sent by Hymenaeus Beta, i.e. Bill Breeze.  Well, golly, we know that can't be true, right?  I mean Mr. Breeze is far too above such petty things as this, far too important and unaffected by anything little old me could say or do.  No, of course Bill Breeze hadn't really sent this message, and I'm quite sure he would be happy to say that he hadn't.

Now a person who would send such a message would be a worm, a cowardly, sneaky little worm.  Again, does that really sound like the "Frater Superior" of a great magical fraternity, a high initiate capable of destroying me with magick?  Of course not.

This, um, imposter, begins by saying, that there would be no sense in me sharing this with anyone because he would deny it and no one would believe it.  I'll leave you to decide for yourself what to believe, as I always have.  Furthermore, he tells me that he had read my latest "screed".  WTF? Yeah, right, I had to look that one up because he was trying so hard to impress me with unusual words.  Screed: "1. A lengthy discourse, 2. an informal piece of writing (as a personal letter), 3. a ranting piece of writing."  Hmm.  I do tend to write lengthy discourses, of which this article gives ample evidence, and I do try to be informal rather than affectatiously formal, and, well, "ranting"?  I prefer to think of my writing as "passionate", "enthusiastic", writing with a flair because I love to write, I revel in it, and to a man with apparently no passion in his soul, whose smallest written paragraph can put a cocaine fiend to sleep, yeah, I suppose my writing would seem to be ranting.

This mysterious writer who of course could not possibily be Bill Breeze, goes on to say that if I really believe that I am right about him, and of course I do ... I know I'm right about him ... then I would have to believe that I am angering a very dangerous man, although to cover the threat up in a cowardly you-can't-file-a-terroristic-threat charge against me way he states that I am wrong about him.  Just for your information, I was in no way frightened or intimidated by this not so veiled "veiled threat", in fact I was so unimpressed by it that I had forgotten all about it these many years.  If anything it proved to me ... well ... it would prove to me if Mr. Breeze had actually sent it, which of course we know he couldn't have, that I had not only hit some vital spots and pissed him off, but that he wasn't above trying to scare me with a pathetic Boo! in the dark.  He really doesn't know me too well, how I grew up, foiled an attempted mugger possessing a loaded gun pressed to my side by daring him to pull the trigger and then laughing at him as he crawled away without getting a cent from me.  Bill Breeze just doesn't know the kind of guy he's dealing with.  I'm the guy who got an inch of steel thrust into his gut by yet another would-be mugger, pushed him back and executed a wonderful if foolhardy sidekick to his head.  I thought I'd killed him and was actually kind of disappointed when I saw him from a distance later in a neckbrace.  Bummer.  I simply went home, poured whiskey into the wound ... yeah, I know, ouch ... and bandaged myself up with a nice white sheet I'd torn into strips.  Never reported it.  I'm the guy who unwisely went for a walk in the woods during hunting season, heard a metallic click and looked up to see a freakin' shotgun aimed at my face by a big bearded hillbilly.  Howdy, I said.  Howdy, he replied, shotgun still levelled at my head a scant few feet away.  Whatcha doin', I asked.  Huntin' birds, he replied.  Well, I ain't no bird, was my comment.  You see, I was raised on a farm.  I know how to speak country.  And he lowered his weapon, we chatted for a bit and both moved on, going our separate ways.  And then there was the time ... but enough.  You want some interesting and amusing true stories?  I've accumulated quite a few of them in my sixty-two years.  The point here is that it would take a good deal more then some stupid words to frighten me, and Lord Horus almighty, if I was dragged into a courtroom it would be Must See TV on the eleven o'clock news!  I really don't want it, but centre stage is where some people believe I belong!  An astrologer looking at Crowley's natal chart once said to me, He should have been an actor.  And I replied, He was!  He was a magician!  She didn't get it.  Do you?

Well, after the threat the writer of this missive I was not supposed to be able to save gets borning and tries to both insult me and make me doubt myself.  Right, doubt myself.  I spend my life doubting everything in existence, constantly testing even my own existence, but upon matters such as Thelema and those who eagerly pervert and misrepresent Thelema for their own petty personal gain ... this I don't doubt.  Not when the evidence is so overwhelming.  So the writer of this ZipLip message failed again to achieve the desired result.

So there it is, one of the threats I received by Bill ... oh, that's right, excuse me ... by some worm pretending to be Bill Breeze.

Now let us sum this up ... yeah, I know, finally! ... with the last thing here I wish to comment upon bringing this little informal history up to date.  You will notice in the ZipLip message above that it was implied that I have a personal "vendetta" against William Gary Keith Breeze.  This belief is held primarily because I have indeed written a good deal about Bill Breeze, damn it.  I don't want to write about Bill Breeze.  If he were a phoney psychic tarot card reading "astrologist" bilking little old ladies out of their life savings or anything else for that matter I would ignore him.  It would be for someone else to deal with under normal circumstances.  However, let me add here "in my humble personal opionion", yeah, right, sure, that the only things Breeze and the Caliphate are accomplishing in life is bilking the suckers who believe his crap while abusing, perverting, and misrepresenting the words and work of Aleister Crowley and thwarting the very Will of the Universe by misrepresenting and perverting Thelema which I have sworn to defend, and Breeze is accomplishing this partly by making Crowley's work less available to all and now, obviously, rewriting Crowley.  Oh yeah, you were wondering when I was going to get around to that, weren't you?

There are a lot of amusing things about the Caliphate.  No.  Really.  For instance, by the Caliphate tactics used to silence critics and stop them from freely sharing Crowley's writings with other interested parties and sincere students, it seems obvious to me that Bill Breeze admires the success of Scientology and would love to repeat it with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  Never mind that it is completely unthelemic.  A cult leader can get away with anything and still his followers will admire him and do whatever he wishes.  Fortunately for Thelema Breeze has found that he lacks the high powered legal army that Scientology possesses, th vast sums of money at their disposal, despite his grasping greed, and the celebrity backing that Scientology enjoys.  He seems to have become content with controlling a relatively small cult, with grossly inflated numbers on paper, because it is, well, more easily controlled.  In a way, this is a good thing.  The vast majority of people in the world, the ones who matter, the ones who actually make this society what it is, for good or ill, do not know what the Ordo Templi Orientis is, nor do they care.  Maybe they've heard of Aleister Crowley, vaguely, via a slanderous episode of Geraldo (thank the gods that's off the air now!) or maybe the fundamentalist Christian series Pagan Invasion in which Crowley is labeled a "satanist" - the editors of Encyclopedia Brittanica were reluctant to change that label they put on A.C. in their Index, but then did so when I insisted that it was completely erroneous and stated my reasons why.  Breeze and the Caliphate, as well as Crowley and Thelema, are still virtually unknown to the masses who are not asses, as elitest enjoy saying, but the people who actually run the world or are sometimes run over by it, but right there in the thick of things, living real lives rather than to be lost in a fantasy world of glorified Dungeons & Dragons, pretending to be magicians, wizards, witches ... while the minority of sincere Magicians and Pagans just quietly shake their heads and do their best to bear the nonsense.  However, this is perhaps one of the worst things the Caliphate is doing.  Breeze and the Caliphate and a lot of lesser known individuals and groups are both perverting and thwarting the growth of Thelema in society.  And now more than ever the PHILOSOPHY of Thelema, which is not a RELIGION that obtains tax-exempt status from the government, is needed.

There was a time when I could walk into practically any bookstore and find books by Aleister Crowley.  Now, especially since the beginning of the reign of Hymaneaus Beta, I seldom find books by Crowley in the shelves, and when I do its only a few that Breeze has aleady fouled with his touch.  Sure, you can go on the Internet, especially (love you guys!) and find all manner of books by or more often about Aleister Crowley, but you only find them if you are looking for them, and only the relatively small percentage of the people in the occult "community" are looking for them.  The vast majority of people in the world, the other 99.99% of humanity can't see Crowley books in their bookstores and to them they do not even exist.  Crowley never existed.  Thelema doesn't exist.  Oh yeah, says one fellow, ain't that some satanic cult or something?  In his effort to corner the Crowley market and become recognized as the sole owner and distributor of Crowley's works, along with the other nasty business done here and there by the Caliphate, they have succeeded in practially killing the very market they so desire to dominate.  Talk about slitting your own throat!  Most of the people who encounter members of the Caliphate are turned off, way off, by what they find and turn away from all things related to Aleister Crowley and Thelema.  You doubt me?  Fine.  But when the ex-members of the Caliphate start speaking up louder and in unison, when the proverbial you know what hits the fan, well those will be some interesting times and I'll really have to spend a lot of time defending Crowley and Thelema in the face of the scandals of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.  And finally ... finally! that brings me to the following.


Okay this is the short version.  I know!  Imagine getting the short version from the Master of Verbosity!  Bill Breeze gets a rare book, one that essentially Caliphate members probably paid for but will only see a couple pictures of, and in it is what he says is a hand written correction in the margin of the book made by the hand of Aleister Crowley.  Question, how can he be sure the "correction" was made by Crowley?  Is he a handwriting expert?  I have a certain amateur expertise in handwriting analysis and I'd be hard pressed to say for certain if a couple words scribbled in the margin of a book were absolutely and without doubt written by a certain individual.  We are talking about only a couple of short words here.  Some people do make some characters the same as others, especially if they are of the same basic temperment, with some of the same personality traits.  And anyone can fake a couple of words, even Bill Breeze or someone wishing to put Breeze on could fake a Crowley marginal note.  For fun I would sometimes give someone a photograph of Crowley signed by Crowley ... and I was pretty damn good at it too!  But of course I was trying to fool no one, and the person receiving the photograph knew that I had signed it.  Well, golly, this whole event was so "magical" because he was in the midst of editing some of Crowley's works (thus probably making them next to worthless) and ... aw, forget it.  This guy does not even believe in Magick.  It's all rubbish in his mind and just a great gimmick for getting his trite nonsense published, carried on Crowley's coattails, while he makes money through not his own hard work, but the hard work of Aleister Crowley, anyone dumb enough to buy the books by Crowley that he will profit from, and a bunch of naive people silly enough to pay dues and fees for meaningless titles, grades and degrees and attend poorly performed sham rites and rituals that are all show and no magick.  And if there's a naked "priestess" on stage as well that's a big plus!

Yeah, I know, I promised to be brief.  Well look at this below.  It is a part of a page from the Book of the Law written by the hand of Aleister Crowley, below which is a screen shot of that Book as Breeze and the Caliphate is now presenting it on their official web site.

The change made on the Caliphate's site, in defiance to what is stressed in the Book of the Law.

Frater Hymenaeus Beta, William Gary Keith Breeze, has finally done it.  He has begun changing the words in the Book of the Law, the cornerstone of Thelema.  On a flimsy piece of apparent evidence he feels justified in making this change, which, as you can see, already exists upon the Caliphate's web site.  Yes, the paraphrase of the inscriptions upon the Stele of Revealing do seem to say "To stir me or still me! / Aum! let it kill me!" rather than "fill me!" as it has always been printed in the Book of the Law, and I'm looking right now at a 1936 edition of The Equinox of the Gods, one of the many books I have access to although I legally do not own these books, or practically anything else for that matter, and that is how it is printed on the opposite page of the photo of the Stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu.  However, the reading and interpretation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is not a certain thing.  Scholars are still debating over the meaning of this and that hieroglyphic.  Furthermore, it is all a moot point.  Look again at the screen shot above.  In the handwritten document by Aleister Crowley, and this is a rather large sample of his handwriting, it says he was commanded by Aiwass to add "from vellum book ---------- 'fill me'"  Not "kill me", but specifically the Angel of the Aeon, his own Holy Guardian Angel, his True Self told him to add the text from the "vellum book" but to finish it with the words "fill me!" which is a very different matter than "kill me!"  I've noticed this difference before.  There's nothing new here.  However, it is obvious from the handwritten copy of the Book alone that he was commanded to use the words "fill me!"  And furthermore, does not the Book of the Law, Liber Al vel Legis sub figura CCXX itself say:

"My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the priest of the princes, shall not in one letter change this book..." (CCXX I.36)


"Change not as much as the style of a letter; for behold! thou, o prophet, shall not behold all these mysteries hidden therein." (CCXX I.54)

and once more

"... The stops as thou wilt; the letters? change them not in style or value!" (CCXX II.54)

Three times.  Thrice in the Book of the Law as dictated by Aiwass to Crowley, even he, the Logos of the Æon, is commanded not to change even a single letter while also commanded to use "fill me!" in Chapter I, Verse 37 instead of "kill me!"  There was a reason.  And while the difference in text might be legitimately recognized and discussed in a commentary, it is absolutely forbidden and wrong to change the actual text of the Book of the Law.  Bill Breeze is nothing more than a cult leader.  He is not a Thelemite.  His behaviour over the years and especially now proves he is not only unthelemic, but anti-thelemic.  He is not the duly elected or appointed O.H.O. of the legitimate Ordo Templi Orientis, which is long dead.  And neither was Grady Louis McMurtry before him, until the bylaws had been changed without authorization.  He is not A.·.A.·. which he also pretends to.  This action like his absurd claim that I have a personal "vendetta" against him and that I "envy" him shows beyond doubt that he is completely mastered by his ego, not a "King of the Earth" ruler of his own earthly nature, but rather a slave that serves his own petty ego.  It is perhaps one of the last signs before the persona of a cult leader explodes or hopefully implodes taking no one else with him when he comes to believe he is above and superior to his own gods and prophets and begins to "correct" them, and violate their commands.  For years now he and the Caliphate have committed the only "sin" in Thelema by restricting others through legal means and bullying, in some cases undoubtedly interfering with another person's attempt to discover and accomplish his True Will.  Now Breeze has defied a commandment made three times in the Book that should be to him the most sacrosanct volume in existence.  There is only one right thing for Bill Breeze to do right now.  He must resign his phoney position, in his cult, the false O.T.O., and for the good of Thelema and the future of mankind the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. should be put to rest, ended, disbanded, all claims to Crowley's copyrights surrendered.  This man has continued to prove that he is what a Christian might call a "false prophet", betraying the very ideals he pretends to represent.

It is time for a breath of fresh air.  It is time to put the shambling corpse of the Ordo Templi Orientis back into its coffin, back into the earth, and allow the zombie to rest and rot so that new life might give rise to a finer vehical for Thelema, something without the taint of the old æon.  Something more suitable to the New Æon of the Crowned and Conquering Child.

Oh, and one final thing.  The first troubled individual who commits suicide, inspired by the glorious sounding words you altered in the Book of the Law, "Aum! let it kill me!" - that blood will be on your hands, Breeze.

Say goodbye, Mr. Breeze.  We will not miss you.

Love is the law, love under will.