A Graphological Analysis

by G.M.Kelly

21st of August 1999 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The brief letter below was given to me as a gift by the individual it was presented to as a gift of gratefulness, and it contains no information such as a residential address which might be considered an invasion of privacy. Furthermore, the subject, Mr. William Breeze, has made of himself a "public figure" by assuming the position of Outer Head of the Order.

Letter handwritten by
Hymenaeus Beta

Slant: Lightly inclined - this indicates mediocrity and conformity.

Baseline: Lightly varying - the impressionable chameleon whose mind can change colour with every whisper of thought or feeling. It also indicates instability, fickleness, indecision, vacillation, nervousness, excitability, emotional conflict and a lack of discipline and mental control.

Here it may be worth noting that Caliph Hymenaeus Beta, William Breeze, was of the lower grades of the Caliphate pseudo-O.T.O. when Hymenaeus Alpha, Grady Louis McMurtry, died, and he was quickly and improperly raised to the X to take the office of O.H.O. or Outer Head of the Order, an office neither he nor his predecessor were, according to the original O.T.O. Consitution, properly appointed or elected to. H.B. does not seem to be in the least a revolutionary in any way, shape or form, and it has been reported by even his closest "friends" that he has more than once, in private, lost his temper quite explosively at the mention of that one name, G.M.Kelly, while otherwise, in more public circumstances, trying to appear uneffected.

Wavy or Sinuous Lines: Lightly - this indicates instability, nervousness, inconstancy and possibly deviousness; diplomacy at his best.

Letter Size: Relatively large - an outgoing nature, animation, courage, initiative, audacity, non-conformity, pride, self-satisfaction, expansiveness, altruism, generosity, imagination and an interest in big issues as opposed to details.

The size is not very large, not much larger than average, so these qualities are not as strong as some of the others here indicated, if anything in this mediocre script can be considered "strong". At the time of this writing the subject was feeling grateful, and so it may have brought out the best in him. The initiative and audacity are consistant facets of his persona, obvious by the way he moved from Kenneth Grant's to the late Marcelo Motta's pseudo-O.T.O.s and onto the Caliphate to take over after the death of McMurtry so that he could then pursue a career of greedily seeking to become the sole distributor of Crowleyana in absolute control of the work of another and far superior man. His audacity is obvious in many way, including the assumption of the office to which he has no right and the whole matter of Crowley copyrights. The way in which he goes about suppression and restricting information, flying in the face of The Book of the Law and everything that characterizes Thelema, often interfering with the Will of others to excercise unthelemic fascistic control, is most audacious indeed. His generosity, rather limited, is basically bestowed upon those who will support him even when he is in the wrong, rewarding his "yes men" more so to buy their loyalty than anything else. And his interest in big issues as opposed to details is one of his most damning characteristics, for it has already helped to create something focussed more upon quantity rather than quality. The Devil is in the details, as the sayings go, and ignoring those details allows that "evil" complete freedom to do it's work.

Large Y and B in signature: These large capitals, especially in his signature, and that of his "magical name", not only indicates pride and vanity, a sense of self-esteem as well as conceit and arrogance, as well as affectation and independence, but also it implies that these qualities are tied to the office he has assumed and the mostly illusory position of power and authority that it represents.

Continuity: Connected - the subject's materialistic tendencies and his obedience to routine are here revealed, as well as his tendency to push deduction to extremes, often resulting in false and absurd conclusions. Connecting Strokes of Equal Length - imply order and method, constency, as well as good judgment and reasonableness.

H.B.'s materialistic tendencies dominate his persona, thus his grasping of control of all Crowleyana and assumed authority in Thelema in order to accumulate fees and dues, payment from publishers, royalties and so forth, to cater to his materialistic desires. His obedience to routine goes hand-in-hand with his conformity, the touch of non-confority in his psyche occasionally at war with the rest of his nature, but so weak a characteristic that it doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of turning him into the revolutionary that he, as the Thelemic leader he pretends to be, should be. To deduce that Grady McMurtry had the right to claim the office and title of O.H.O. based on letters that in no way refer to him by that title, proves the above to be true, and this is hardly the only example of how he pushes his deduction to extremes to reach false and absurd conclusions. The fact that he has the capability of exercising good judgment in no way contradicts this, but this ability of his is often eclipsed by his tendency to push deduction to extremes in order to gratify his ego and satisfy his overwhelming materialistic desires.

Closed Ovals: Here we have an example of the introvert who lives more interiorly than exteriorly; an individual who is discreet, reserved, sometimes diplomatic, cautious, prudent and who has a tendency towards secrecy.

Mr. Breeze is constantly restricting information, even going so far as to block all attempts to make an already published book unavailable to students and scholars, while claiming that the rituals therein printed are no longer used. For the longest time he tried very hard to hide behind his "magical name", keeping his identity a secret. And as for his discretion and reserve, his prudence and cautiousness, these are indicated by his careful silence when others might speak out - further indication of his mediocrity and tendency to conformity, all in service to the gratification of his materialistic desires.

Regular Form: Indicates orderliness, good memory, efficiency, carefulness and self-control, all here in service, not to Thelema, but to the business of controlling Thelemic literature for personal gain and profit.

Speed: Seems to indicate a quick mind, directness, skill and efficiency, yet again this appears to be directed towards his business concerns and not towards the establishment of Thelema in society.

Arrangement: Badly Spaced and Disposed - Mark of poor taste, carelessness, a lack of order, of method and of discipline. He appears to be an individual whose best qualities manifest only when he is conducting business primarily for his own personal benefit.

Words Widely Spaced: The subject's love of extravagance, his love of luxury, his affectation and audacity are clearly revealed here; his strong materialistic tendencies being his fatal flaw, warping and perverting what "good" characteristics his persona possesses.

Legibility: We can see here automatism, insignificance, simple and artless, submissiveness to custom and convention. Not the qualities needed in a true Thelemic leader.

Margin: Obvious is the writer's haste to make a point or reach a goal, his ardor, optimism and nervousness - note the many indications of "nervousness" in his handwriting. It is also important to take notice of the fact that his margins reveal that despite a need or even desire to be thrifty, the writer cannot resist his love of luxury and his urge to spend. The money he spends has to come from somewhere, and individuals associated with the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., paying dues and fees, may justifiably wonder exactly how that money is being spent.

Pressure: Uneven - Here we can again see instability and indecision, as well as an unequal will power, unsustained energy, and once more an eruptive, excitable, changeable temperament. Also here indicated is impatience, a further sign of nervousness, plus an inclination to worry. The subject may also suffer from poor circulation, possibly glandular or digestive trouble. Such an individual as this generally has little endurance.

T-Bars: This is only a small and somewhat dated example of the subject's handwriting, with a limited number of examples from which to draw conclusions, so it should be kept in mind that while he has not likely improved much since the writing of this note, we are working with only a few specifics. Graphological judgment has been carefully weighed and is most likely in all respects correct, yet final judgment on the personality here displayed is left open for the time being. In regards to some of the T-Bars in this note, there are indications of an indomitable, untamable character, thus one of the reasons I say that he is not likely to have improved or changed to any great degree in these past several years. Also indicated is the subject's inhibition of instincts, certainly a cross for anyone claiming to be a Thelemite to bear. And some T-Bars, those that are hooked at one end, show the man to be tenacious, resistant, inflexible and determined, and prone to despotism, as his actions over the years have also made quite clear.

Capitals: Pride, dignity, ambition and indepencence. In his signature, these qualities and more: a sense of self-esteem, but pushed to the extremes of conceit, affectation, exaggeration and egotism; also ceremoniousness, which ties in well with the fact that this name used represents an office and position in a quasi-masonic organization; as well as assertiveness, arrogance, the fatal love of luxury again, and a wish to be admired. That is to say, the subject has not in the least tamed his ego as should be the case if indeed he were a genuine Thelemic leader, but instead his ego holds the reigns of his personality and is riding it all the way to the bank.

Beginning Strokes: Omitted - directness and efficiency, turned again mostly towards business matters. In the signature of his "magical name", it is hooked, implying rapacity and a love of gain, as well as inturned and indicating selfishness.

Final Strokes: Omitted or Very Short - practicality, habit to economize time and motion, absence of sentimentality, acquisitiveness and directness.


The subject, William Breeze, known by the "magical name" of Hymenaeus Beta, conforming to the previous Caliph's choice of name, actually made by Aleister Crowley rather than Grady McMurtry, appears to be a man whose primarily interest in life is to cater to his own personal materialistic desires and love of luxury; an individual who can be very efficient in matters of business if it is in service to the dicates of his own ego or false self. The welfare of others only seems to interest him if it will maintain their near slavish devotion to him so that they will assist him in acquiring whatever it is he feels he needs to satisfy his love of luxury. He does not appear to have many of the qualities that one would expect in a "king of the earth", much less a leader in the Thelemic community - there is, for instance, no indication of compassion, which is the "vice of kings" and a sure sign of a "king of the earth" or Thelemite - and certainly his own petty, personal desires would always come before the needs of others as well as Thelema itself. He has plucked the fruit from the Tree of Life and can think now only of consuming it to satisfy his insatiable hunger for luxury.

Naturally, while this one sample and accompanying graphological analysis can be heavily relied upon as objective and accurate, it should be kept it mind that it is, after all, only the opinion of one amateur graphologist and therefore it is not necessarily carved in stone.

Love is the law, love under will.