The Simon Iff Collection

By Aleister Crowley, writing as Edward Kelly


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There are those who claim to be Thelemites and yet they do everything in their power to interfere with my work and attempt to thwart my Will.  In every way they try to restrict me, even in the most extreme ways.  And why?  Because I dare to criticize them, I dare to comment upon their unthelemic words and actions, their hypocrisy.  I have also dared to provide students and aspirants with rare Crowleyana that is in the Public Domain, material that the pseudo-thelemites wish to profit unfairly from, restricting access to rare material, and falsely claiming copyrights to uncopyrighted material in the Public Domain.

And what lengths will they go to in order to stop me?  I am now wondering about that myself.

I do absolutely nothing to prevent these people from publishing what they will.  I merely criticize and comment upon them, backing up whatever I say very often by quoting their own published words.  In a petty effort to "get even", some of these pseudo-thelemites have spread lies about me behind my back.  Stupid and provably false lies at that.  One fellow using a plethora of false names and e-mail accounts runs an e-group site on the Net, using it to trash me, deleting any postings that counter his efforts before they can be read by anyone, while locking me out entirely so that I may not even read what is being written about me on that web site.  Hardly what one would expect from a true Thelemite and a fair-playing gentleman, but exactly what one would expect from a liar, a hypocrite and a cowardly back-stabber.  Well, fine.  Any rational, thinking person can see how mad and illiterate the fellow is.  But things seem to have changed.

I am now forced to consider, due to a string of incidents, that some of these pseudo-thelemites are willing to go to any lengths whatsoever to shut me up and prevent me from providing you with information and rare Crowleyana that will be of benefit to you.  Most recently, it seems, my web site host, GeoCities, was used in this effort and the Introduction to these Simon Iff stories had been deleted without alerting me of any problem.  Of course GeoCities did this, no one else could, but the question is:  Who instigated this action and why?  By deleting iffintro.html your access to these stories and other rare Crowleyana had been denied.  And it is perhaps worse than this.

I am certainly not a paranoid person.  I sometimes wonder why anyone would really want to act against me, strange as that may seem to some of you.  However, when some very awful things begin to happen, one right after the other, one must begin to consider numerous possibilities.  Just before the Introduction and link to these pages was pulled, someone had used the Internet to try and rip me off, fraudulently posing as my ISP, CompuServe, and under the pretense of verifying information, demanding my name, address and credit card number.  You can imagine the harm this could have done to me, even terminating my access to the Internet.  Fortunately, I caught onto this scam quickly enough to prevent any damage and the number in this thief's possession is invalid.  The matter has been turned over to CompuServe and The State Attorney General's Office for investigation and prosecution.  I shrugged it off assuming I had been one of perhaps hundreds of victims picked at random, but now I am not so certain of this.  It gets more interesting.

Shortly before this there was a drive-by shooting and the car windows of a neighbour in my apartment building had been shot out.  The car was parked in front of my building, pretty much under my apartment window.  If indeed I was the intended victim of this drive-by shooting, my attackers proved themselves to be inept, for while my lights were on I was not home at the time and my apartment was missed entirely.

What lengths are the pseudo-thelemites prepared to go to shut me up?  I wonder...

28th of May 1999 E.V.

The Simon Iff Collection is dedicated to my "Granny", Mrs. Dorothy Martin, for she was, like Aleister Crowley, exceptionally intelligent and dearly loved mysteries, which, more often than not, were no mystery to her.

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Simon Iff in America

Simon Iff Abroad

Simon Iff Psychoanalyst

The Complete Simon Iff Collection

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An Important Note

Newaeon and I have always operated at an increasing financial loss, giving freely of time and resources to further the Work of To Mega Therion, defend both the Beast and Thelema, as well as to provide students and aspirants with information and an alternate point of view, with instruction primarily by way of example of what Thelema is and how to distinguish between It and the ego-centric fascist nonsense promulgated by pseudo-thelemic "false prophets" whose sole agenda is the gratification of their "god", the false self, their own egos.

Time is money, and because I have and do invest most of my time into this work without profit, I have had little time to attend to the acquisition of a solid financial base.  With the increased work and expense of this web site, Castle of the Silver Star, the situation has become more difficult.

If you find value in Newaeon's work and you would like to see the Castle remain on the Internet and grow, if you are able and it is your Will, your assistance would be appreciated.

Of course, in return I cannot promise you a place in Heaven at the right side of God, and I cannot sell fine sounding but meaningless titles, grades and degrees in a sham occult fraternity--well, I could, but my honesty, integrity, morality and highly developed sense of ethics forbids it.  All I can promise in return for your assistance is my continued vigilance and efforts in behalf of Thelema and all sincere students of Thelema, including the maintenance and growth of the Castle of the Silver Star.


An Editorial:  March 1999 E.V.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Some time back at least one Camp of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. made a link to these Simon Iff stories, directly to this link page, bypassing the introduction and everything else.  These people did not ask if they could make the link, which was impolite but to be expected with the Internet, but I let it pass.  After all, the URL would show up on the screen once the link was made so that whether they like it or not, they would be directing people to the Castle of the Silver Star.

Some people have asked to make links, and I agreed, while one fellow asked if he could mirror the Simon Iff stories on his site and I agreed to that as well, so long as he gave me credit for my work and directed people to this site.  He happily complied with my request in a gentlemanly fashion.

Then there is the Mimers Brunn Oasis of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. which proves as I have always said, that the Caliphate gang is a bunch of charlatans, liars and thieves, lacking the moral and ethical behaviour befitting a "king of the earth", that is to say, they are not Thelemites.  Mimers Brunn(s), for their site at

downloaded these Simon Iff stories, ran them through a program that altered the arrangement of the HTML code, and then after deleting all references to me that they found, put the stories on their site without giving me my due credit for the countless hours of proofreading, editing and HTML work, thus passing off all this work as their own.  Of course they are typical Caliphate thieves not only in their thievery, but also in their stupidity.  There are many things about the HTML code which are unique to me, and throughout there are things the style of which screams G.M.Kelly!

Now it is true that I have given these stories to the world, without expecting anything in return, in part to make them available to all since they have been hoarded by the Caliphate for so long, restricting your access to them after I had donated them to Helen Parsons Smith.  In part I gave them freely so that they would remain in the Public Domain and not be further restricted by the fascists who falsely call themselves Thelemites, the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., for the sole purpose of enlarging the bank account of Bill Breeze [Frater Hymenaeus Beta] at the expense of Thelema and all sincere Thelemites.  However, one does expect at least a modicum of decency, fairness, polite and gentlemanly behaviour, and after all, someone calling himself a Thelemite should certainly act like a Thelemite and not a common thief and liar.

Mimers Brunn [] has proven once again that what I have always said about the Caliphate gang is true.  For the most part the Caliphakes are charlatans, liars and thieves.  If they appear to have anything of worth to offer, it is only because they have stolen it from better people.  They are morally, ethically, intellectually and spritually bankrupt.  The Caliphate gang cannot be trusted, and association with them may very well prove to be ones undoing, for they can turn upon you at any moment since they lack every quality of decency and are in no way Thelemic.

Are these the people you wish to associate with and send your hard-earned money to, paying growing fees and dues for meaningless titles and degrees to support Bill Breeze and his associates, paying for their expensive tastes?  Is this the group you wish to hitch your Star to?

Think About It!

Post Script:  Some time later David Bersson proved himself no better than the Caliphate thieves he pretends to be superior to when he also took my work, my editing and html work on the Simon Iff stories.  Stealing them for his web site, he tried to disguise the files by changing them slightly.  However, he is just as much an Inept as most Caliphate thieves, and the files still scream "G.M.Kelly"!  All he has succeeded in doing is to ruin their appearance, prove that he cannot get by without stealing the hard work of better men, and prove himself a sneaky thief and a liar.  Again, I would not have objected to a link to my site files, but this is so dirty and underhanded - not at all the action of a gentleman and a Thelemite.  Such a thing proves the thief not to be a "king of the earth", but rather a "beggar".

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater Keallach 93/676

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