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Rare Crowleyana!

Can't find it at the local bookshop? Tired of some so-called "Thelemic fraternity" committing the one "sin" recognized by The Book of the Law, making rare works by Aleister Crowley inaccessible? Then I highly recommend this no nonsense, no strings attached site for downloadable Crowleyana

The Often Out Of Sight Site!

If the above site has been pulled from the Internet (again!) it is the work of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. which preaches that "The word of Sin is Restriction", but which constantly restricts your access to Crowleyana, to material which you may need to discover and accomplish your True Will, thus in every way proving themselves liars and hypocrites. Their attempts to "corner the Crowley market" are dictated by greed. Their tactics, threatening publishers and claiming copyrights to material that is in the public domain, to Crowley's work which he would want to see freely distributed for the benefit of all, for the benefit of Thelema and society as a whole, is the very antithesis of Thelema.

I encourage you to read The Rape of Thelema in the Sword of Horus section.

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