Naught before me and naught behind
I go on and on though deaf and blind.

        I travel on through that Abyss
        And dearly remember a gentle kiss.

Stripped of all that I was,
Abandoned even by Aiwass -

        My Way, though dark, must be tread -
        Or my fate, for certain, will be dread.

O I remember a glorious plan
Set in a far, far away land;

        And I remember a woman so dear,
        But memory and hope fades I fear.

All was surrendered on a promise made,
But Glory was covered by Reason's shade;

        And now I travel a Pathless Way -
        Nevermore may I see the Light of Day.

For naught is before me and naught behind;
The Demon of this Waste on my heart doth dine.

        Slow and steady I advised everyone -
        The advice was superb so it had to be done;

Yet as one may move too fast on the Path,
Moving too slow may incur great wrath.

        The times are desperate on this Earth
        And the elite of this world wait for a birth.

I dawdled and danced--took my time -
But the temple is disordered and time is not mine.

        So the Secret Ones pushed me forward -
        Too careful was I--not a coward,

And I find myself in a darkness without kind
With naught before me and naught behind.

        May the Gods help those that take that Oath
        When leadership they find they loath.

Many must follow and few can lead
And the leader's heart must always bleed.

        But on he must go until Himself he doth find
        With naught before him and naught behind.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 5/6, 21st of March 1981 E.V.