from The Newaeon Newsletter


The Poet (chuckle)

These are the poems, and I use that term loosely, that were originally published in The Newaeon Newsletter.  I do not pretend to be a poet.  Aleister Crowley, were he alive, would probably enthusiastically agree that I am not a poet.  However, I have seen worse than this masquerading as poetry, there is some value to my humble efforts, and for the sake of completeness I have decided to include the following works in the Castle of the Silver Star.  I hope you are at least mildly amused.  I myself must admit that I like "The Fool", to which I will one day add the music.  And it is not entirely impossible that you may find more than mere amusement in my rather amateurish attempts at poetry.

The Eastern Star by the Western Star

A Warrior's Song by Frater M.E.D.

The Promised Child by Frater K.

Invocation To Isis by G.M.Kelly

Through the Looking Glass by G.M.Kelly

Carole by G.M.Kelly

Hag-Ridden attributed to Soror C.E.L.

Sapphire Eyes attributed to Soror C.E.L.

A Sun I Am by G.M.Kelly

Crowleymas Day 1978 E.V. attributed to Soror C.E.L.

The G.M.R. of Frater Keallach 93 by G.M.Kelly

Within Your Arms by G.M.Kelly

The Battle by G.M.Kelly

The Hawk-Headed Lord by G.M.Kelly

To Ms. K. Johnson by G.M.Kelly

Woman attributed to Soror S.Q.

Crowleymas Day 1979 E.V. attributed to Soror C.E.L.

From A Father To His Son by G.M.Kelly

Ha Shoshannah by G.M.Kelly

The Traveller's Quest by G.M.Kelly

Cynthia by G.M.Kelly

A Pathless Way by G.M.Kelly

Two Untitled & Unfinished Poems by G.M.Kelly

Three Poems by G.M.Kelly

The Fool by G.M.Kelly

To Wilma by G.M.Kelly

Secret Lover I by G.M.Kelly

Secret Lover II by G.M.Kelly

To Anael Nuit by G.M.Kelly

Succubus by G.M.Kelly

Seducer by G.M.Kelly