by Frater M.E.D.  


Part One


The idea of "seeing into the future" is not a new one. Since time immemorial this tiny speck of dust in the universe that we call Earth has borne many human beings who have claimed to possess this marvelous faculty which some call "second sight". Most of these men and women were undoubtably charlatans. However, a few of them, a small number of these "prophets" seem to have been exactly what they claimed to be. We have only their words, their prophecies, to judge them by, and such prophecies are usually carefully worded in such a manner as to make many different interpretations possible. Therefore the only real proof of any prophecy is the fulfillment of that prophecy in such a way as to leave no doubt in the mind of mankind. 

One of the most well known prophets of the past was Nostradamus--Michel de Notre Dame. He was born on the 14th of December, 1503 E.V. at noon. His parents were of Jewish descent, converted to Catholicism. Though Nostradamus was a physician by trade he was also deeply interested in the sciences of the stars. He believed himself to be of the lost tribe of Issachar, those who were reputed to be visionaries possessing the so-called "second sight". Nostradamus was a very religious man and a very well educated man. Aside from the many languages that he spoke, Nostradamus also read Latin, Hebrew, and please make note of this, Greek. His prophecies have stirred the imagination of humankind since before his death on the 2nd of July, 1566 E.V.. What do they mean? Many things. This mysterious man seems to have known of world wars and political intrigues long before they happened. Some of his prophecies, to this day, remain a mystery to the cult of speculators that has developed around his prophecies. Was he really a prophet or was he simply a clever charlatan? This only you can decide for yourself, and to do that we will now investigate just a few of his prophetic words that just may have some bearing on the present Æon of Horus and the Law of Thelema. 

"He will be called by a wild name.../He will lead a great people by word and deed/He will have fame and renown above all others."


It is true, perhaps, that this could apply to many men of history, but note that his is a "wild name". To me this suggests To Mega Therion, The Great Wild Beast 666. The people then seem to be we Thelemites whom the Beast leads through his word, i.e. his teachings as well as his Word, Thelema. His deeds, which inspire all true Thelemites, have been faithfully recorded in THE CONFESSIONS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY and elsewhere not so faithfully. Being the Logos of the Æon of Horus and the greatest writer on magick, his fame and renown is far above all others. 

"The moon will be obscured by darkness/Her brother (i.e. the sun) passes in rust colour/The great one hidden long in the shadows/Will cool his sword in blood".


This may very well indicate the end of the Æon of Isis and the passing of the Æon of Osiris to that of the Æon of Horus. Note that the colour of the sun is symbolized by rust. This colour is red and the symbol of Horus who is a god of War and Vengence. The "great one hidden" may refer to many things including Crowley himself, Horus (Ra-Hoor-Khuit, etc.), the True Self or H.G.A. of each and every person, or, perhaps, even the Magical Child of the Beast 666. If, indeed, Nostradamus was an initiate, it is quite possible that all of these speculations may be true as any true initiate speaks simply but with words that may be understood differently upon many levels. "Will cool his sword in blood" may refer to several things. The Sword is the symbol of the Warrior God and in the Tetragrammaton, Vau, V, the Son. Blood, the fluid of Life, is also a symbol of the warrior for obvious reasons. But think also of this: the Sword is a phallic symbol and heated by great passion needs to be cooled in the fluids of life which are contained in the Cup or Chalice. Has Western Tantric or Sex Magick been prophecised by Nostradamus? 

"...He will wander far due to a troubled mind/Delivering a great people from oppression".


It is well known that Crowley was a world traveller and by giving to us the Law of Thelema does he not deliver us from the oppression of the slave-gods? 

"The exiles come to Sicily/Deliverance from hunger and foreign control/In the dawn the Kelts fail them/Life preserved by reason, the king enjoins".


Was not the Abbey of Thelema, in Cefalu, on the island of Sicily? And the "foreign control", could this not refer to the control by the social standards set by Osirian morality, that puritan morality which is so forced upon us by the Christianized Kelts? And Reason, what is that? The Sword perhaps? Is not Reason symbolized on the Qabalistic Tree of Life by the Ruach which encompasses Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Geburah and Chesed with Tiphareth as the Centre, also representing the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel! 

"The Roman power will be forcibly defeated/His great neighbor will follow in his footsteps/Secret and civil hate and conflicts/Will stop the buffoon's follies".


This seems to indicate that Catholicism and its fellow Osirian religions, with all of their restrictions, will be torn apart by the growing wisdom of humankind and eventually their towers of falsehood will topple. 

"The world near its last period/Saturn again late, will come back/Dominion changed to the black nations/The age plucked by the hawk of Narbonne".


What is the last period of the world? Possibly the Æon of Maat, which is the Age of Justice and Balance. The æ:on nearest this is the Æon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child. Saturn represents Set, Shaitan, or Satan, and this highly misunderstood god/devil is none other than Horus in one of His aspects. (Note: Satan, or Lucifer the Lightbearer, was cast out of Heaven and given dominion of the Earth. This "devil" can easily be understood as man himself, descended from godhood to a manifested form, and who will eventually ascend again to his heavenly throne to become God once more.) The "black nations" should not be understood in its vulgar, exoteric sense. This refers to those people who were called black and evil during the Æon of Osiris, i.e. the practitioners of magick. The Hawk that plucks the age is none other than Horus, the Hawk-headed God! 

"New Law will prevail in the new land.../The great barbarian empire declines...".


It will be noted that several sentences have been left out here and elsewhere. This is because I believed them to be either blinds or too complex or mysterious for me to deal with in this limited space that the newsletter offers. As for the "New Law", this can, in my estimation, only refer to the Law of Thelema, while the "new land" may well refer to America, for are we not the newest great nation in existence? This passage also refers to the fall of Christianity and the Osirian ways. 

"When Venus is covered by the Sun/A hidden form will be under the splendour/Mercury will expose them to the fire/By warlike noise it will be provoked".


Venus is the Goddess of Love symbolized by the Ankh. The Sun (or Son) is symbolized by the Point within the Circle, which is also used in the centre of the sigil of the Beast and as such displays clearly its phallic significance. The Sun is also a symbol of Horus, in one of his aspects, and the Beast 666 (Tiphareth, to which Sol is attributed, is the 6th Sephirah of Otz Chiim, etc.) and so the symbol of the priests of the New Æon. Thus the Scarlet Woman, or priestess, is covered by the priest in the age old rites of love. From this magical rite a hidden form is produced, a Magical Child, the outcome of any tantric act. Splendour is the title given to Hod to which Mercury and magic is attributed. Mercury is also mentioned by name and it is He that will expose the practitioners to fire, or passion. The warlike noise is the wording of THE BOOK OF THE LAW, and the teachings of Thelema, and perhaps other things more obvious. Thus again it seems that Nostradamus predicts Western Sex Magick! 

"The oldest sister of the British isles/Will be born fifteen years after her brother/By her promise and her truth/She succeeds to the kingdom of the balance".


This obscure passage may very well refer to the succession of the Æon of Maat, Goddess of Truth and Justice, after that of the present Æon of Horus. 

"He will rise high, more to the right/He will remain seated on the square stone/Towards the South, facing to the left/The crooked staff in hand, his mouth shut".


Could this refer to Horus (Ra-Hoor-Khuit)? See any reproduction of the Stele of Revealing. 

"At the forming of a new sect/The bones of a great Roman are found/The sepulchre covered by marble appears/Not well buried, an earthquake in April".


By George, it's April now! But really, the new sect is obviously a reference to Thelema. The great Roman, dead though still haunting humankind, will finally be laid to rest with the coming of an earthquake in April--this month being a reference to Aries (and Atu IV, the Emperor) and Taurus (Atu V of the tarot, the Hierophant)--the Roman is, of course, Christianity. 

"They will expose false topography/The tomb urns will be opened/Sects and holy philosophy multiply/Black for white, new for old".


They are the Thelemites who will expose the falsehoods of Christianity. They will do much that will be called sacrilegious by Christianity, and that which has been hidden under the cloak of sacredness will finally be revealed for what it really is. Many "New Age" sects and philosophies will develop, which we are seeing today, and note that they will be "holy"! What once was considered evil or black will now be recognized as natural or good or white. (This may also refer to the unifying of the races to some degree, but this is obviously not the most important consideration here.) All of the old ideas and morals will be replaced by new ones. 

"Seven months and he is no longer Prelate/By his death a great schism arises/Seven months another is governor/Peace near Venice, unity comes again".


Though this passage may refer to only political matters, or may contain many words placed as blinds or too mysterious for a proper translation at this time, I thought it worth mentioning that since the death of Crowley there has been schism in the O.T.O. and the A.·.A.·. (as little as this latter organization has ever existed in the Outer). Perhaps this then refers to that schism and the eventual Unity that will put things right again. Perhaps the word itself, Unity, may have some bearing upon the identity of this new "governor"? 

"The blood of religions will flow freely/In great abundance, like water/It will not cease for a long time/Woe, ruin and hardship to the clergy".


The fall of Christianity, Buddhism and all of the old æon religions. 

"There will be peace, unity, and change/For estates, office, the lowly and the high/To prepare a journey torment is the first fruit/Wars will cease by legal process and debates".


Any Equinox of the Gods, such as the last, or change from one aeon to the next, is characterized by great wars, conflicts and even natural disasters. We are now at the tail end of such a change and all is gradually settling down. Be assured that peace is coming, unity will prevail and that much of that is changing is changing for the better. And remember that "Change is Stability". 

"In the seventh month of 1999 (July?)/A great king of Terror comes from the sky/To receive the king of Angolmois/Before and after, Mars reigns by good fortune".


Exactly what this means I am not sure, but it would be interesting if my brothers and sisters of Thelema would make their own investigations into the Prophecies of Nostradamus and let me know what they think. As for this particular passage, it should be noticed that whatever befalls us at this time in 1999, Horus, in his warrior aspect, will still rule supreme. 

"Long awaited, he will never come in Europe/He will appear in Asia/One issued from the great Hermes/He will be over all the kings of the East".


Does this refer to the "Promised One", the Magical Son of the Beast 666 as mentioned in LIBER AL VEL LEGIS, THE BOOK OF THE LAW? And does the use of the name Hermes refer to Chokmah rather than Hod? 

"Religion of the name of the seas will triumph/Against the sect of the sons of Adaluncatif/The obstinate, deplorable sect will fear/Of the two wounded by Aleph and Aleph".


Could this somehow refer to Thelema triumphing over Christianity? And does the Aleph and Aleph, i.e. 1 and 1, according to the numerical equavalent of the Hebrew character, refer somehow to 11, the number of magick with special reference to Thelema. What is the Aleph and the Aleph but A A or A.·.A.·.! What do you think? 

The last quatrain of the Prophecies of Nostradamus is reputed to be one of, if not the most important and mysterious of them all. It follows: 

"The great empire will be through England
Will be the omnipotent one for 300 years
Great forces will pass by land and sea
The Lusitanians will not be content"

The great empire could very well refer to Thelema, with Great Britian developing as a large centre for Thelemites. As for the number of years it will be "omnipotent", that could be an obscure reference to something other than the obvious, such as 300 = Shin, Sh, Spirit, etc., or it could be a misunderstood reckoning of time upon Nostradamus' part. The great forces of Thelema will encompass the world. And note this: in this quatrain, appearing in each sentence once, is the word "Will". Remember that Nostradamus read and therefore understood written Greek. Is not Thelema the Greek word for "will"? Does this not appear as if Michel de Notre Dame, otherwise known as Nostradamus, knew the nature of "the great empire" and was informing those who were capable of understanding this arcanum just what the "great empire" was? 

Did Nostradamus indeed predict the coming of the Æon of Horus and the Law of Thelema? Or was he just a clever charlatan and am I just another kind of fanatic crying out about the end of the world or some other such nonsense? Only you can decide for yourself. Only you can decide to believe in what you want to believe in and no one has the right to say you must or must not believe in one thing or another. So investigate, study and decide for yourself! 

Remember that before you can Will, Dare and even Be Silent, you must first KNOW. 

Part Two


We have already investigated, in brief, the prophecies of Nostradamus (Michel de Notre Dame, 1503-1566 Era Vulgari) and their possible bearing on Thelema and the present Æon of Horus. Now we shall, in the limited space afforded to us, examine the predictions of Paracelsus. Our source for this investigation is THE PROPHECIES OF PARACELSUS, published by Samuel Weiser, Inc., of New York, U.S., 1974 E.V.. 

Theophrastus Baumbast von Hohenheim, usually known as Paracelsus, was a famous Swiss physician, occultist, alchemist and qabalistic student. He was born on the 10th of November of 1493 at Sihlbrucke and died on the 24th of September of 1541 at Salzburg. Paracelsus was a much persecuted and misunderstood individual who came very close to being forgotten. Fortunately for us, many of his writings have survived. 

The Prophecies are given to us in thirty-two allegorical pictures accompanied by briefly and obscurely written predictions. An elucidation follows the thirty-two figures and to the careful and observant student of Thelema certain facts concerning the Æon of Horus will be apparent. Unfortunately, the figures cannot be reproduced here, but the most relevant prognostications shall be quoted below. 

(5th) "Thou has not had the wisdom of thy crown, but has turned against the way of the crown, and has done much evil."


This sentence is directed against the Christian church and the religions of the slave-gods. The crown obviously refers to Kether and the wisdom, aside from the common meaning, may refer to the Logos as represented by Chokmah. 

"A stone shall fall upon thee that will press thee hard against thy will."


The stone refers to Our Father the Beast, and/or Thelema and Its followers. Does the use of the word "will" secretly hint at the nature of this stone? 

"For thou hast shed innocent blood and wast unwilling to know that which thou shouldst have known and what belongeth to a crown."


The inquisition and, in general, the policy of restruction through ignorance, folly, fear and the desire to be supreme. 

"He whom thou hast despised shall visit thee from the South and from the East, ere thou canst count two or three, and having recourse to thy allies will not avail thee for they themselves will fall." 

(6th) "Thy flavour is strong, not wholesome and pleasant to everyone. Therefore, will thine enemies, to whom thou art not wholesome, cast a shadow and dry thee up, that thou mayest become temperate, and that thy fruit may not grow from thee as thou now vainly imaginest. For thou wilt have to give way to one whom thou knowest not...the undertaking hath divided thy comrads and what is divided hath no permanence..."


The end of the religions of the old æon and their replacement by the religions of the New Æon that accept the Law of Thelema. 

(7th) "...Had thy pretended wisdom and understanding been thine own thou wouldst have been beyond disaster, and moreover other empires would have taken thee as a mirror. But it is not so, therefore thy wisdom proveth to be a folly at this time."


The use of the word "wisdom" immediately brings to mind the second sephirah of the Tree of Life, Chokmah, and the 9°=2° grade, while "understanding" might indicate Binah and 8°=3°. Be that as it may, it is well known that Christianity is composed, for the most part, of "retold tales" belonging to more ancient religions and philosophies--those which are condemned by Christianity as "pagan". The Mysteries of Christianity are far more ancient than any of the religions of the slave-god, and today little understood by their priests and teachers. 

(23rd) "As there are three persons in the Godhead, comprising but one number, thus should also men become united only in one number...But rejoice, for thou shalt become one."


Does this refer to the Orders of Thelema, now somewhat divided by the ego-centered ideas of some of the self-appointed leaders? 

(25th) "...This will give thee a miserable death. For thou has lived on and on in doubt, and others with thee have built upon sand. They have wept, and thou shalt weep yet more."


Christianity and the other religions of the old æon became satisfied with being centered in Knowledge, Daäth, and eventually, because most of their adherents were asked to believe on faith instead of experience, doubt began to eat away at the faulty structure. This, above all else, in an era of individuality, has been the greatest cause of the fall of the slave-god and his legions of slave masters. 

(26th) "The Sybil hath been mindful of thee when she placed the 'F', and right well art thou now standing in the rose; for thou art ripe and time hath brought thee. What the Sybil saith of thee shall be accomplished and even more shall be said of thee..."

The figure shows an 'F' atop a rose. Is this the sixth letter of the English alphabet--doubtful--or the Digamma of the early Greek alphabet, equal to the Vau of the Hebrew alphabet, the representative of "the Son"? 

(29th) "Thus shall it come to pass that each one will be led into its own pasture. For feeding in strange pasture causeth distress, contention, and misery in this world. As soon as each one cometh into its own stall there shall be unity...How blessed shall be the hour, and the poverty, that will come and shall ordain each one to its meadow, not far from the year XXXXIII."


The first sentence brings to mind the Thelemic phrase, "Every man and every woman is a star", while the second sentences seems to indicate the way of the slave-religions. The last sentence in particular seems to indicate the Law of Thelema, "Do what thou wilt", and as for "XXXXIII", or forty-three (43): 1904 (beginning of the Aeon of Horus) + 43 = 1947 (the year in which Aleister Crowley died.) 

(31st) "There shall be such a total renewal and change that they will be as children that know nothing of the cunning and intrigues of the old. This shall be when they count LX, a little less, but not more."


The "intrigues of the old" æon? And is this LX the Roman Numeral equivalent of 60 or an error which should properly be LVX? When LVX, Lux, Light, i.e. Wisdom from Above, comes--so saith the book, but... 

"Therefore it is well that we should remember that the time appeareth to be a long time according to man's lifetime, but as a short time should we observe and consider it. For to cause so much to fall and to be overthrown, with such a raging and roaring lion that has so long grown, this cannot be done in a moment"


Patience my brothers and sisters of Thelema. 

"But how well shall it be with him that shall be as a little child, for human knowledge causeth but unrest and grief."


The reference to a "lion" above this seems to imply the Beast, while "child" here may be a reference to this Æon of the Crowned and Conquering Child. The figure shows four children dancing in couples, united by their hands--Yod = hand, etc.--two of them, one in each pair, obviously are male, the other two indeterminate. Is Western Tantra also hinted at here? 

(32nd) "Thou hast taken great trouble, therefore it is but just that after thy day's work thou shouldst have rest and repose. Blessed is he that is born during sleep; he shall know no evil. For thou has purified with great care, and hast endured much in thy days. Thee no one hath overcome, and no one shall there be that will again awaken thee, even as long as there is counted as much as thine enemies have counted from their eyrie."


This refers to Aleister Crowley as Perdurabo, "I shall endure unto the end, for in the end there is naught to endure". Note that the 32nd Path of Otz Chiim has attributed to it the planet Saturn which is also attributed to Binah, the giver of form. Thus the form--Aleister Crowley--that arose from the Great Sea has now returned to that origin and can no longer be. 



XXXII. "This one has often brought about peace, and has there after brought peace to himself. But he has many times been again awakened. When he rouses himself all creatures tremble before him."


Does this mean that the Logos of every aeon was, at least in essence, the same Logos as has just recently passed away from this earth? 

"Whoever therefore may read this Prediction should read it bearing in mind that he inform no one. For no one is in the knoweledge."


Nemo, Latin for "no one", may be here specifically indicated, the Magister Templi, and "knowledge" may indicate Daäth, giving the above an interestingly different slant on the meaning that the common words present. 

"But when a thing has been accomplished and has come to pass, everyone can afterwards understand it, but it is then no more of use."


This is a wonderful piece of cynicism but not entirely true. Now that the Æon of Horus has come and that its and Thelema's foundation is nearly established in full, many are coming to understand the prophecies of such men as Paracelsus. However, these prognostications are of use to us as a form of proof, and to future students as a kind of lesson that will enable them to better understand and anticipate the coming of the next æon with all of its ramifications. 



"It will, however, not happen until the great and fearful eclipse of the sun is past."


Sun or Son? 

"I say that then there shall overflow as the waters of a mighty river all kinds of revolts, riots, wars, slaughters, murders, conflagrations and all evil into the northern countries."


The initiation of blood for the Equinox of the Gods, 1904 E.V.. 

"...Then those of the East will for a time have a great Victory and exalt the Golden Tower."


The Golden Dawn? 

"...The Lion having Blue and White for associates will march in, in a high manner."


The Beast 666, Aleister Crowley, etc.. 

"...Now when these things come to pass, neither truth, nor faith, nor fidelity, nor honour will be esteemed." (As conceived by the teachers of the old æon. The so-called "New Morals".) 

"But there will be many truths, many fidelities, many honours; but they will be of such a kind that they may be known and considered as no faith, no truth, no fidelity and no honour."


The Moral Code will be decided upon by each person, for him- or herself individually. Humankind will not follow blindly the rules set down by any small group of men and women, but rather will there be rules different for each individual with the only universal rule being that none interfere with the rights of another. This freedom will be, and is! difficult for the teachers of the old aeon to understand and accept, and they will interpret it as a society gone mad with no rules and restricting regulations. 

"...The Lion will select the best and no more."


"Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known." THE BOOK OF THE LAW, Chapter I, Verse 10. 

"...Then a new generation of beasts with various strange heads shall be born..."


The priests of the New Æon are called "Beasts", and we are, each of us, inherently, priests and priestesses. The various strange heads simply refers to our developed and glorious individualities. 

"...An old Lion will be bound and a young Lion will become free. He will please all those animals which the old had vexed."


The old Lion is a symbol of the dying or slave god and all of his prophets--for one, Jesus. This old Lion will be replaced by a young Lion who is the Crowned and Conquering Child and His prophet, the Beast 666. An alternate possibility is that the old Lion refers to the Beast 666 and the new Lion indicates the second Beast mentioned in Apocalypse who rises from the earth to cause the people of the world to worship the first Beast. 

"...Then shall the Pearl, so long lost, be found by one of humble estate, and will be set, as a jewel, in gold."


The "Pearl" may very well mean the Holy Guardian Angel or True Self, and the way of achieving That. 

"It will be given to the Prince of allbeasts, that is, to the right Lion."


Aleister Crowley's past incarnation of "The priest of the princes, Ankh-f-n-khonsu" is familiar to all, I am sure. 

"...Then will the Old Art flourish and no heed will be given to the New."


The "Old Art" probably refers to Magick. As for the rest, it probably means that no heed will be given to science in a purely materialistic sense. 

"Then will the New World begin, and the White and the Black shall disappear."


This may refer to a peace between the races, a true fraternal unity, but most importantly, I am sure, it refers to the dawning of the understanding that in all things "there is no difference." 

"All Vain glory will be ended, and the plumes of the bird of the East shall be burnt by the Sun of the South. ...and the seven heads shall become one head."


This is to be understood both microcosmically and macrocosmically. 

"Out of this one, a head shall be born that shall be armed with a horn."


That is, aside from the many other interpretations,a holy one who shall speak loudly and be heard by all. 

"This horn shall bruise all that which has so long brought sorrow to Iffinos. And the great City shall be the head of the less and shall become free from servitude. ..."


A Note Concerning Interpretation: 
With any set of prognostications or any book written by an initiate of the Mysteries, there exist many possible interpretations, some valid and some not so valid. As with Revelation, the Prophecies of Nostradmus, or of Paracelsus, no one interpretation is complete. These books were written by Masters, Adepts, and they were meant to be interpreted upon many levels so that each and every word, chosen very carefully, would do more than double duty. When interpreting such works one should not rely solely upon Webster's dictionary nor even upon the language of the Mysteries, but instead rely heavily upon well proven intuition and personal experience. These are usually the best guides as they are, for the most part, the voice of your Genius. These books, like the TAO TEH CHING of Lao Tzu and others, should be interpreted on a personal level and upon a universal level. They should be interpreted socially, historically, mathematically, and so on. The reference to the "Golden Tower", for instance, could equally imply many things such as the phallus. The point is that each and every student should investigate things for him- and herself. Accept nothing on faith! Decide for yourself! To me, the above words and others that I have quoted in the past, prove that the coming of To Mega Therion and Thelema was clearly "seen" by such persons as Paracelsus. It is up to you to investigate further and discover the Truth of All. 


(TNN.I.4.2-5, 6/22/78 E.V.)