May 2008 E.V.

by G.M.Kelly

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Careful! Yellowjackets sting! G.M.Kelly aka Frater 
Keallach 93/676

It has been quite a while since more than a little work has been done on the Castle, and I am very happy not to include in this Personal Note the announcement of a death.  As for the work that has been done, mostly I have been "stealing" idle moments at my bread-and-butter job to revamp the older files (articles) on this web site.  When the Castle of the Silver Star was first created I knew absolutely nothing about HTML code.  A charming lady, disgusted with abuses she witnessed first hand within the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., left the group and provided me with a "craptop" computer onto which I typed all of the material that had been published in The Newaeon Newsletter and its supplemental Encyclical Letters.  My lady friend then created the initial web site using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program.  I had no computer at the time and absolutely no computer knowledge.  This created a small problem for me right at the beginning since the WYSIWYG program, as is (was?) too often the case, did not do the best job possible, the HTML code something less than perfect.  However, I was able to walk to the main branch of the Carnegie Library in the college community in which I then lived and not only work on the Castle, but also learn how to use these infernal machines.  In studying the code problems, with a bit of trial and error, I taught myself basic HTML.  One of the reasons I have long wanted to revamp the older files on this site is that at that time I did not know how to make the raggedy right hand margins as neat as the left hand margins.  I have since discovered the "Justify" code, which I have applied to these older files.

In regards to equipment, my first three computers were given to me by an adventureous gentleman who had also once been a member of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. and who had left the gang, fed up with the petty personal politics and such that defined the less than fraternal "fraternity".  I started with Windows 3.11, then there was Windows '95 and 98, I believe, 2000, I was, we were all, tortured by Windows ME, the so-called Millennium Edition, and finally I ripped ME out of my fourth computer, installed a larger hard drive, and then Windows XP, which I am still using on the desktop at my disposal.  (Of course, technically, I own nothing.)  I'm writing this on my computer at work, which has another version of Windows XP on it, and I am also working with a laptop that came with Vista as its Operating System.  I have no real opinion of Vista as yet.  Despite all of the implied progress in these two boring paragraphs, I am still a knuckle-dragging technological Neanderthal.  I keep the Castle in basic HTML because (a) it is what I know best and easiest to maintain and correct when necessary, and (b) I have never felt the need for all of the flashy bells and whistles in an attempt to appear to be more professional and together than I really am.  Too many individuals and groups using the Internet to disseminate their material to lure followers and customers try too hard to impress with appearance because they lack actual substance ... and fail badly.  I am not looking for followers and I have nothing to sell.  I'm merely expressing a necessary point of view that runs contrary to party lines in an effort to be of some slight assistance to students of Aleister Crowley, Thelema and Magick and the Great Work of To Mega Therion.

Well, that was boring!  Onto more amusing matters!

As I have said, I have been working on early Castle files from a jump drive at odd hours at my bread-and-butter job.  I work with the chronically unemployed and have found many of them to be unconscious psychic vampires, taking as much as they can from society while giving little or nothing in return.  The job is often aggravating, frustrating and always an enervating consumption of quality time.  I haven't much left by the time I return home in the evening, so I have been using spare time in the office to work on the Castle files.  I've spruced up the HTML code some, found and corrected a handful of typos, improved slightly some sentence structure, and here and there added an update note.  The largest update just uploaded with this Personal Note was to the review of F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre's The Enigma of the Warwickshire Vortex, adding an interesting e-mail message from Fergus in regards to this and The Woman Between the Worlds.  In this message from the author one Henry Bibby is mentioned and I thought it necessary to give some information about this man for those who had not heard his story.  A brief explanation led to a brief commentary on the source of the information, which led to a brief explanation of at least one source of the misinformation disseminated by fundamentalist.  Since this put a stressful burden on the original addition to the review I made the man's name a link to a small file dealing with him, et al.  It is worthwhile to revisit the review of The Enigma of the Warwickshire Vortex to read Fergus' message as well as the linked information about Bibby and company.  Also you will find a "new" Solomon King story, copyright 1988 E.V., For Lola.

I did promise to get to more amusing matters, didn't I?  Far be it for me to break a promise!


Involved in some research on the Net, and, well, just goofing off at work, I ran across a line of discussion on that began with the following:

Post subject:  G M Kelly  Posted:  Jan 06, 2007 - 11:47 AM

93 lashtalians,

I v'e (sic) just finished over veiwing the important articles in G M Kelly's Sword of Horus website. Is it just me, or is Kelly the most negative and hateful man on the planet? He absolutely rips apart all of A.C.s best and most prominent students, including, Grant, Achad, and Mc Murtry. I Know these men aren't the creme (sic) of the occult crop, but Thelema, and the O.T.O. in particular, owe a great debt to the original members and the California Agape lodge. He then proceeds to try to absolutely rip apart Hymenaeus Alpha , and Hymenaeus Beta. Without Grady's diligent work, in resurrecting, and calling back to the fold the surviving members of Agape, I have no doubt in my mind that the O.T.O. would have petered out and died. Next, he moves his vitriol to Hymenaeus Beta, who has worked tirelessly, and diligently, to bring Thelema into the new Millenium, (sic) and with his publishing ventures, Hymenaeus Beta has opened the Thelemic door so to speak, for thousands of next generation seekers worldwide (10 years ago you couldn't get a book by Crowley, Moonchild, and Book Of Thoth, used, if you were lucky). Now through H.Beta's tireless efforts and dedication, almost everything has been released. Before i (sic) sign off, Kelly, if you are reading this, i (sic) have just 1 question for you: What do you think would have happened to the masters (sic) teachings without the diligent efforts of Hymenaeus A and B to reform the O.T.O. and publish the masters (sic) works for posterity. Answer, they probably would have been sold on the black market, and never saw the light of day again. just (sic) some food for thought.

Ameth 441

Ameth 441?  William Heidrick, toadie to both Hymenaeus Alpha (Grady Louis McMurtry) and Hymenaeus Beta (Bill Breeze)?  We have here and elsewhere in many places on the Net a Caliphate cronie spreading lies and rumours about yours truly behind my back as it were because so far no one in the Caliphate has been able to reasonably and rationally respond to my quite legitimate criticisms of the gang and its key central core members.  It is nice to know, however, that this fellow considers the articles about the Caliphate in the Sword of Horus section as "important", for indeed they are that.  It is imporant to know how Thelema and Crowley are being misrepresented, perverted, used and abused for personal gain and aggrandizement.

Note that one of the things he wants everyone to believe about me is that I am "the most negative and hateful man on the planet".  I have to smile at this because, like Crowley who was labelled by the yellow journalists of his day "the wickedest man on earth", I have a tremendous sense of humour that it seems most people reading the articles on this site, and everyone who meets me in person, has absolutely no trouble recognizing.  He claims that I rip apart all of A.C.'s best and most prominent students ... Kenneth Grant, Charles Stansfeld Jones and Grady McMurtry, and yet what I have done was to simply comment upon them, criticize them, and point out that Crowley himself was not at all happy with these fellows in the long run.  Grant has completely perverted Thelema with his warped fixation on the qiphothic shells and Lovecraftian fiction which he promotes as reality.  Jones (Frater Achad) turned the Tree of Life virtually upside down and proceeded to pervert centuries of carefully constructed qabalistic philosophy as well as Thelema.  McMurtry, well, he claims Grady saved the O.T.O. by "resurrecting" it and he says that he has "no doubt...that the O.T.O. would have petered out and died" had it not been for McMurtry's efforts.  By the mere fact that he states that Grady "resurrected" the order Ameth says that it had indeed already "petered out and died".  (Wait a minute:  "resurrecting, and calling back to the fold the surviving members of Agape" he saying that McMurtry raised these individuals from the dead?  Nahhh.  It's simply his characteristic butchering of the English language.)  What McMurtry did, mostly by way of those around him such as the eternally careless William Heidrick, was to raise the corpse of the fraternity that Crowley and Germer had allowed to die because it was becoming an embarrassment to them and to Thelema.  Grady and cohorts performed a metaphorical act of necromacy to create a zombie order to serve their own petty personal agenda, in Grady's case to keep him supplied in followers, companionship in his old age (note that he did not do this as a younger man), drugs and alcohol.  Amusingly Heidrick, hardly the cream of the crop himself, states that he knows that these men "aren't the creme (sic) of the occult crop".  Nice to see him admit it!

Ameth (a curious choice of "magical name" for a person who has no trouble whatsoever habitually presenting obvious lies as the absolute truth) represents Hymenaeus Beta, Bill Breeze, as a saint who has worked diligently for others, when in fact he has been trying for years, first through Grant and the late Marcelo Motta, to legally get his hands on Crowley's works for his own personal profit.  When Grady died he finally found what he was looking for, well, sort of.  We are told that ten years ago books by Crowley were impossible to find, but what he fails to say is that the works of Crowley were very much available via Israel Regardie, John Symonds and Kenneth Grant (despite their shortcomings) and through publishers like Llewellyn, Weiser and smaller publishers until Breeze and the Caliphate started persecuting those who would publish and sell or give away Crowley's works to everyone and anyone who wanted them.  Breeze and his toadies like Heidrick went after anyone who made Crowley's works available and threatened law suits, had web sites pulled by threatening the sites' hosts, and did everything they could to corner the Crowley market until soon there were very few books by Crowley available and material on the Internet started disappearing ... but for the less than perfectly accurate and professional versions of Crowley's works put out as lures and for profit by the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.

At one time there was much more material by Aleister Crowley available for reasonable prices as well as freely, but because of Bill Breeze's and the Caliphate's greed and need to be the sole distributors of Crowley's works, parasiting off of those works, there is less available now then ever.  Furthermore, the cost of some of the books made available through the Caliphate is outrageous, and it is sometimes difficult to find any of Crowley's works available even in the large bookstore chains.  Prior to those ten years that Ameth mentions, the drought caused by Breeze and the Caliphate, I was able to vastly increase my Crowley library by way of all the usual channels.  That and not the nonsense that Ameth is dishing out is the truth of the matter, and it is not difficult to see that this is indeed true by studying the times Crowley's books were more readily availble compared to the height of the Caliphate theats and persecutions that caused that ten year lack of available Crowleyana.

Ameth, probably figuring I would not be reading what he'd written, which I would have never discovered if not for an accident ... over a year later ... seems to then challenge me.  "What do you think would have happened to the masters (sic) teachings without the diligent efforts of Hymenaeus A and B to reform the O.T.O. and publish the masters (sic) works for posterity." [Can you believe they put this guy in charge of editing the now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter?]

My answer is not, however, the answer he presents.  What would have happened to the Master's teachings if not for the efforts of Grady McMurtry and Bill Breeze?  Well, the books would have continued to appear, interest would have increased, more works would have been published, and Thelema might be firmly established in society by now, one hundred and four years after the passing of the Master To Mega Therion.  However, because of Grady's and especially Breeze's efforts to be the sole distributors of Crowley's works, because of their threatened law suits and having free Crowleyana pulled off the Internet unless it comes from them, the many publication efforts by others has been discouraged and even halted, and there was that ten year period that they caused in the first place.  And what is "Thelema" in today's society as a result of their ego-directed actions?  It is (for now) a relatively small cult of no importance with no voice whatsoever in society lacking any strength to create change, but of course that's the way Breeze, Scriven, Heidrick and the central core of the gang want it because this serves their personal interests best.  What is good, what is necessary for Thelema and society has never been a high priority matter for these people.  A relatively small cult, however, is more easily controlled and profited from.

The next posting in the thread was from one "kidneyhawk", a.k.a. Kyle:

Post subject:  Posted:  Jan 06, 2007 - 04:16 PM

LOL-I'm hoping this thread doesn't take off into a million AMENs, only because there are more important (and FUN) things to discuss than what an idiot Kelly is. For the vast amount of time and effort this man has spent on his site (including all the letter writing, book reading etc), it is amazing that he comes out of it without displaying a single nugget of wisdom and ends his collection of rants with one more little tirade...against the LIES pertaining to his receding hairline! I almost have to wonder if he is is (sic) REAL! Could this be a huge JOKE? If so, it's lacking....I rather thought the site with the OHO celebrity deathmatch (with Kenneth Grant as ref!) was MUCH funnier!

My first "meeting" of Michael Bertiaux, outside of Cults of the Shadow, was on Kelly's site...and this prompted my starting up of the now fairly well viewed Bertiaux Thread. Here's where the vast readership and participation of Lashtal Members gives you things the Web can't. Bazelek and Tau M jumped in and this prompted a HUGE re-examination of Bertiaux on my part (thank you, both!). And now Bertiaux is part of my daily studies! LOL! (er...should I thank Kelly for getting the ball rolling? Um...maybe not).

Quite simply, his crazy agenda makes anything he has to say questionable at best. I would bet that he pokes around on Lashtal. And rather than tell him to kiss off, I think he should take to heart that the only honorable thing to do is take down his site and replace it with something which celebrates Thelema.

He should also take to heart that it's ok to lose one's hair. It happens. Ask Crowley! LOL!

I have a feeling though that we might only see a continuance of the site and a hairpiece in the future.


93, just the same-!


I wonder.  If indeed there are more important and fun things to discuss than yours truly, why do these people, primarily Caliphate, occasionally David Bersson under an alias, seem to have nothing better to do than to go on the Internet and "rant", as they would put it, about me?  Hmmm.  And how does Kyle know if I spend a "vast amount of time and effort" on the Castle, writing letters and reading books?  In point of fact for those of you who have been visiting this site you know I haven't been able to spend much time at all working on it for about eight years now, since I started my current bread-and-butter job.  And I have hardly had any time to write letters in all these years and I am very slow to respond to most e-mails these days.  As for reading ... I am frustrated, having a library with approximately 300 books that I haven't yet read in it and so very little time these past several years to read.  So once more you have someone, probably a member of the Caliphate, inventing "facts" without any knowledge whatsoever in an attempt to discredit and belittle me.  And I'm supposed to be the mean, petty little dispenser of lies!

And I simply love the way these people twist something, anything, everything completely out of shape to ridicule me, lacking anything substantially and truthfully "evil" about me, to wit:  "one more little tirade...against the LIES pertaining to his receding hairline!"  I can only imagine that this is a reference to the lies Kevin Bold of the Pittsburgh Caliphate group (which seems to have been closed) was spreading.  He was running about telling everyone that I am completely bald, as if this was the most horrendous thing imaginable (has he seen photos of Aleister Crowley?) and that I go about wearing a cape.  The truth is, I am not completely bald, had more hair at the time than I do now, and the last time I wore a cape I believe I was about ten years old, playing Superman.  The point being that there are no limits to the silly petty lies members of the Caliphate and other pseudo-thelemites will tell in an attempt to discredit and ridcule me in a vain effort to control the minds of others, attempting to make others see things as they wish them to be seen, and if at all possible discourage others from even seeking me out to see what I am really all about.  My hairline is irrelevent to me, that was never the point, and if Kyle sincerely missed the point I was making it explains a great deal about his inability to reason things out and make good choices in life ... and if he's making Michael Bertiaux part of his daily studies it's obvious that he's incapable of making intelligent and worthwhile choices.

And there they go again.  Once more trying to get me to take the Castle of the Silver Star down, not for the reasons they state, but because there is no way they can really refute what is written and that which is written often spoils their games.  As for creating a site that "celebrates Thelema", that is what the Castle does ... while also defending it against those who would pervert Thelema to serve their own petty ego, contrary to what Thelema is all about and needs to be in society.  That's what Kyle called my "crazy agenda".

There was then one brief message from a "wolf354" stating that "There is much worst than the sword of Horus here ...! Kelly doesn't win the trophy" and then one from a fellow who identfies himself only as "enki_carbone".  How "brave" these people are who hide behind anonymous screen names and so-called magical names.  Another nice thing about this practice is one doesn't usually know, then, that the very person commenting upon the awful thing someone else did is actually one of the individuals really responsible for that awful thing.

Post subject:  Posted:  Jan 06, 2007 - 11:34 PM

I remember several years ago, belonging to a Thelemic Yahoo group of sorts (it was a Lodge group iirc). It was good reading, with a pretty large base of active participants. Somehow, a letter posted by GM Kelly ended up there, an open attack against Bill Breeze, and a long dramatic tirade soon followed. What was once 5 - 6 posts a day from the group ended up being 40ish, all embedded in a huge flame war. I unsubscribed shortly afterwards. Kelly got what he wanted. I respect an individuals' will to differ with others (didn't know he had a site lol), but taking all of this within a grain of salt: it's his prerogative to write slanderous hateful material, just as it's my prorogative (sic) not to read it. It's become pretty evident he has taken a single incident and turned it into an active crusade against the O.T.O. andanyone (sic) that stands for its' (sic) further development. It's my choice, my will, not to read the psychotic ravings of a loudmouth attention-whore.

Warm Regards,


"Enki", for lack of a real name, seems to hold me responsible for the posting of an article on this e-group or chat room of which he was a member supposedly written by me .  Fact is, that sort of thing happens a lot and I have nothing to do with it.  Sometimes they are articles taken from the Castle without my knowledge, and occasionally they are completely fraudulant, not penned by my hand.  He presumes to know what I want, saying that I got what I wanted, which shows you how these people think, or don't think as the case may be.  They assume something to be true because that's what they want to believe and this kind of "thinking" completely ruins their ability to reason out anything and everything.  In this case their evaluation of me, creating a complete inability to actually understand what I've written, however simply I have worded it.

You will notice, however, that my words, the very mention of my name, seems to set off a firestorm.  This does not "please" or gratify me in any way.  I have never been interested in personal glory, recognition or anything of that nature, but I do find it amusing, for there seems to be nothing like the invocation of the name "G.M.Kelly" to force most of the crackpots and charlatans to not only reveal themselves, but to also prove my words in regards to them.  And it's almost always the very individuals who say that I should be ignored, that I have nothing to say worth paying any attention to, who simply cannot ignore me and must go on and on about how awful, how terrible, I am.

At any rate, I am certainly not responsible for how these people act on an e-group, in a chat room or elsewhere.  They are responsible for their own actions.  Neither the Devil nor the devilish G.M.Kelly made them do it. 

A friendly associate once invited me, again and again, to join his e-group and eventually I gave in and joined.  Everything was fine for a while then suddenly the e-group was invaded by individuals whose only intention seemed to be to disrupt and destroy.  Some of these people haunt all such Internet groups.  Several of these people in particular were really David Bersson writing under various male and female pseudonyms, each possessing the same characteristic linguistic and clerical errors.  These people completely destroyed the e-group ... and blamed it on me, no less.  True, it was "the power of that barbaric name of evocation", G.M.Kelly, that initiated the problems, but through no fault of mine.  Other individuals stood up for me, fought back, but that only seemed to make matters worse because the real "flamers" just became more and more unreasonable and disruptive.  They got what they apparently wanted.  I and some of the other rational members of the e-group left.  I never wanted to be a member anyway.  I have always done my best to avoid e-groups and chat rooms that all too often lead to time-consuming, time-wasting chatter ... and with my penchant for verbosity (have you noticed?) I do not need anything that encourages it.  (This is where one of my detractors is supposed to step in and once again demand I take down this web site!)  This fact, by the way, shows you how well these people don't know me.  Example, Kyle who said he has no doubt that I poke around in ... which I did not even know about and come across until over a year after these postings.

Well, it went on and on, "Ameth 441" apparently getting what he wanted by starting the thread and invoking the name G.M.Kelly, and it took a couple of reminders and a redirection from the webmaster to end the flaming nonsense before it got any further out of control.  For instance:

...that's two ridiculous posts from you on one thread, including one after I reminded you of the impartial - or at least evidence based - stance that this site encourages.

Your posts on this thread wouldn't seem quite so absurd if they contained anything more than insults and statements of opinion.

If you insist on making further abusive remarks then your authority to post to the Forums will be removed.

All of the above are merely a handful of examples of this kind of thing.  Falsely accused of the wrongs that the accusers themselves often prove themselves to be guilty of as they make their false accusations--I report news, I express reasonable criticisms, I pose rational questions, and the subjects in question and their loyal all too often non-thinking following and others who feel threatened, knowing that their own words, actions and motives are something less altruistic than they claim, go completely off the deep end.  Their personal motivations and subserviance to ego are revealed, and they resort to complete perversion of the facts and pointless ridicule to attack me, their words anything but reasonable ciritism and editorial commentary.  But don't misunderstand me.  I'm not giving a poor me pity party here.  I find it all very amusing, especially because while they are always saying I am completely inconsequential they cannot stop talking about me, all the while exposing their true selves and proving my criticisms valid.  And, of course, I am not the only individual impotently victimized by these people.  However, because I have never been interested in popularity contests, because my primary focus is the defense and establishment of Thelema in society, I tend to be one of the most prolific and better known critics, thus a target more often than most.

A few, a very few pseudo-thelemites absolutely pissed off over my criticism have learned to keep their mouths shut, at least in public forums, although some of these have still found it impossible not to put in their two cents, using pseudonyms and pretending to be someone else.  What taught these very few to hold their tongues?  The answer lies in this last sentence from one of the people who posted on, magispiegel, a.k.a. Charles:

Who the hell is Kelly? Ive (sic) never heard of him...

And therein lies the problem all of these people must face.  They have this burning need to speak ill of me, this compulsion to ridicule, misrepresent and slander me, often falsely claiming that I "slander" others, and in so doing they create and increase interest in who I am and what I've written, often inadvertantly advertising this web site to those who might have otherwise never heard of it.  Many of these people, once they've investigated the matter for themselves then e-mail me to tell me about the things being said about me on this or that e-group and commend me on my work in behalf of Thelema.

Here you might feel it necessary to point out that, then, wouldn't it be also true that my articles about the Caliphate and other pseudo-thelemic groups and individuals might act as advertisement of their existence?  And the answer is:  yes.  Here's the funny thing about that.  These individuals with their senseless, ego-motivated, baseless insults and those who are more reserved and just a tad bit more clever, do their damnest to discourage anyone from reading the articles on this site, the Castle of the Silver Star.  Some try never to broach the subject, hoping that their dues and fee-paying followers never even learn of the existence of yours truly.  While, on the other hand, I have always encouraged everyone to study their web sites, communicate with them, weigh matters and then decide for themselves what and is true and what is false.  I have no desire whatsoever to control the thoughts of others.  I am not in a business competition with any of these groups or individuals.  I do not demand fees and dues for worthless, meaningless degrees and grades, nor do I ask for anything of anyone but this one thing:  THINK AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

In that brief thread on there was so much more that was said that could be commented upon for several beneficial reasons, but it grows tiresome after a while, they grow tiresome after a while.  So, let's end this here and be done with it.  Well, after one more remark...

In reference to one of Ameth's initial statements, within that thread, one adonia444 posted:

And Who IS the "creme of the occult crop", if I might inquire.

Just Curious.



And Charles remarked, in part, perhaps including me with the rest, which is his prerogative:

I'm wondering that too...I mean, what have these people achieved in life?, other than 'ranting' and having 'no-brainers' as followers to feel good about themselves? Its beyond me...

...and funny! because, me knows, its all about the 'self stroking of the ego syndrome'...

Kym, I was also curious about that, noting the few literary efforts to come out of the Caliphate and Typhonian pseudo-o.t.o.s, for instance, to be something less than wonderful, with no other real "success" to show as their "proof."  And I note that you never received an answer, my guess being because among these people who crave attention and find it disturbing than another should get it there is no cream of the crop ... only sour milk.


Moments after I originally uploaded the above Personal Note, et al, to the Castle, I checked my e-mail and discovered this message below dated May 23, 2008:

"David Bersson seems to be going about the internet and masquerading as you, writing typically grammatically non-sensical garbage in your name in order to defame you."

I replied to the gentleman who sent this information to me and he quickly responded with the posting along with information about a certain problem in Australia of which I was not until this time aware of, to wit:

"A man named Dyson Devine and his partner, Vivienne Legg, believed they were exposing a conspiracy by some O.T.O.-like group calling themselves 'the' O.T.O. involving paedophile parties, drugs, and possibly murder. ..."

It is unclear as yet if there is any validity to these claims or if the supposed group in question is in fact a branch of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. or, as this gentleman indicated as a possibility, the S.O.T.O.  For all I know this matter may be entirely fictional.  As I have said, this is the first I have heard of it.  Contrary to popular belief, promoted especially by members of the Caliphate and David Bersson, whose egos are flattered to believe it so, I do not spend an inordinate amount of time thinking or writing about them.  Especially these days, only a small portion of my time and energy is spent on their lies and absurd nonsense ... only so much time and energy as is necessary for the sake of Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley and no more.  Therefore it is not unusual for me to not be aware of such matters as this affair down under.  To me it is simply more of the same and a possible validation of things I have been saying for a long time now.

Be that as it may, I visited the web site printed in the message following the copy of the posting the gentleman believed David Bersson is responsible for, i.e.  At the head of the page this was posted: Website Has Been Shut Down Sometime Between November 2007 and January 2008
Below are links to many webpages/Websites providing news and articles about GaiaGuys Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine

Among the postings is the following.  While it is worth noting that the individual who posted it is listed as "Anonymous" in the beginning, it is still and obviously intentionally misleading, falsely signed "G.M. Kelly".  Perhaps deserved to be shut down for a number of reasons.  For one they never contacted me to verify if indeed I had posted the following message, and one wonders how often sites such as this promote the lies and slanders posted under false names.


Fri, 02/22/2008 - 00:39 Anonymous

Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

Dear Misguided Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

Well, now you're in prison after all your lies. If you happen to get out of prison; you should come to my website where the reading thereof will educate you on the truth on who we are. I am the greatest genius; and leading authority in these matters and no one but myself is qualified to discern between such items. I am the true head of the O.T.O.; being the Inner Head of the Order; and I was very happy to see you two in prison. Now, let that be a lesson to you and if you are caught lying again; you return to prison with an even longer sentence. Bill Morgan has been slandering us of late, as well, and it might very well take another court case with he as the next to go to prison. I have been told by my assistant Mr. William Breeze that Bill Morgan is another dangerous liar. He should be publicly warned that we are a harmless religious group; and his slander will only result in lawyers and court rooms. Since we are NOT Satanists; nor in any way break any laws in any country; I see more slanderers need to be shown the error of their ways. Stand warned; and I, G.M. Kelly will not tolerate you, this imbecile Bill Morgan or anyone else lying about the O.T.O.; and as its Leader will find you and sue you again and again until justice is done in the courts.
Yours Truly,
G.M. Kelly
Head of the O.T.O. world wide

By the dozens of indicators in the above message it should be obvious to anyone that I did not write and post this nonsense.  I do not even know who Bill Morgan is.  If I have ever heard the name I have forgotten it.  And of course Bill Breeze is hardly an associate of any kind.  Furthermore, I have never been interested in becoming a member of any group calling itself the O.T.O.  I would only be interested in the Ordo Templi Orientis if Aleister Crowley were still alive and O.H.O.  Such mad nonsense as "Head of the O.T.O. world wide" and the rest, along with the illiterate nature of the above message falsely posted in my name does indeed seem like the work of David Bersson, who has been desperate for attention lately, i.e., even more desperate than usual.  Click on his name above for the latest nonsense in The Sword of Horus, an extension of the last Personal Note before this one.

Generally I stay away from message boards, blogs, e-groups and the like.  I have never liked the fact that the individuals who own them and supposedly monitor them do not thoroughly authenticate the sources of their postings, and because of this impersonating another individual is all too easy and common on these web sites.  One looks for accurate information, and all too often finds in these chatrooms and such a great deal of misleading misinformation and intentional dysinformation.

For the record, I have only one web site, the Castle of the Silver Star, this web site, and it can be found at:

or by way of the simpler and easier to remember Domain Name:

And the only e-mail address that I possess that I would ever send a message from is  If a message or posting of any kind comes from any other e-mail address, I did not send it.

Such insane and unethical behavior as this false posting to be found at only prove everything I have been saying for years about the individuals who would do such things and those who would eagerly promote their childish nonsense.  I thank them for proving the validity of my statements.

Love is the law, love under will.

  Unfortunately, soon after writing this Personal Note, I received sad news regarding the wife of the late Ken Ward, Frater O.v.N.  I direct you to the end of Ken Ward's Memorial for a few words about the passing of this charming lady.