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Revised Version of November 2001 E.V.

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Heed the words from The Book of the Law and spurn those who falsely claim to be Thelemites but act in a most unthelemic manner.  In so doing they prove themselves liars and hypocrites, pretenders and charlatans, more interested in your money than they are in your spiritual progress and magical career, more interested in catering to the petty dictates of their ego than they are the future of Thelema and society as a whole.

"The word of Sin is Restriction." - Chapter I, Verse 41

"thou hast no right but to do thy will." - Chapter I, Verse 42

"Do that, and no other shall say nay." - Chapter I, Verse 43

The above quotations are from Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX, otherwise known as The Book of the Law, the very cornerstone of Thelema.  And yet those who claim to be Thelemites practice the "sin" of Restriction regularly in a most unthelemic manner.

In May of 1999 E.V. I may have been the target of a drive-by shooting that took out the windows of a car parked near my apartment.  This after being targeted by an Internet scam to get my credit card number.  In both cases, the ineptitude of the criminals who both times missed their mark tends to indicate their nature and identity.  Shortly after the Internet scam, this web site's host, GeoCities, was used to delete the Introduction to the Simon Iff stories, effectively denying you free access to those stories which I have for about two decades now kept in the public domain, having published them in print without copyright or profit all that time, and now via the Internet and computer disk.  Before this the Iff stories were widely distributed without the benefit of copyright, but only to selected individuals until I got fed up with the fact that your access to these stories was denied.

Obviously, for you got here by way of the Introduction page, I worked out the problem with GeoCities, which kindly allowed me to replace it.  However, the extremely unthelemic fascistic Machiavellian machinations of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. went even further than this.  Someone via a site on the Internet freely offered a great deal of rare Crowleyana for the benefit of students and aspirants.  I noted that two booklets that I had written introductions for were also used, but I approved of this man's desire to provide you with the material written by Aleister Crowley, freely presented for you to read and download.  Yet again the Caliphate gang struck and had the site effectively killed, once more denying you access to that rare public domain Crowleyana, using impotent threats and lies in an effort to be the sole distriutors of Aleister Crowley's works.

(Adding insult to injury, later still, after hounding the man who put up the Crowleyana site, chasing him from host to host, the Caliphate member, under Breeze's order, most responsible for restricting the Will of the rare Crowleyana site owner, and possibly your Will, began cheerfully directing others to this site once it had become secure, pretending to be a helpful "brother", as if he were doing everyone a big favour.)

The Caliphate hopes to profit from the works of the Prophet, and be the only ones to do so, leeching upon the work of another, better man, Aleister Crowley.  The group is so spiritually and magically bankrupt that it has effectively put Francis King's The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. out of print for years because all of their "secrets" are contained within the pages of that book last published in 1973 E.V.  I suppose in a way I should thank them for making this a rare book because at a time of great financial need I was able to sell my copy to a bibliophile, for which I paid $7.95, for $400.00, so that in effect, against their wishes, the Caliphate helped me earn a tidy profit on a book I first photocopied for $8.00 before turning it over to the new owner.

(There is a new book entitled O.T.O. Rituals and Sex Magick, being the work of Theodor Reuss and Aleister Crowley, edited and compiled by A.R.Naylor and introduced by Peter-R. Koenig which contains all of the rituals and papers from The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. as well as other material relevant to the subject, which even before this writing the Caliphate has begun trying to suppress, restricting your access to this information which has already been published or is the property of others to present as they will.  More of this book in another place.)

If you visit bookshops you may find books by Aleister Crowley in those devoted specifically to occult books, but you will find few if any in those bookshops which cater to the general public, and this in turn causes great harm to Thelema and the Will of the Beast 666, for the Law is for All, and with Crowleyana not easily available to all, Thelema is being restricted to the status of a relatively small cult that cannot survive the new millennium as such.  And who is at fault here?  Primarily the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. for having threatened publishers with false copyright claims so that they have been discouraged from publishing material by Crowley simply to avoid all the nonsensical hassles and the nuisance.

David Bersson and the late Marcelo Motta via the so-called S.O.T.O. may turn the image of Thelema into a sick joke.  The works of Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian pseudo-o.t.o. may pervert the image of Thelema with its qliphothic and Lovecraftian nonsense.  Sensationalistic writers like John Symonds may obscure the brilliant man known as Aleister Crowley by increasing the height and girth of the demon Crowley, a caricature that little resembles the true man and what he sought to accomplish.  But the greatest damage being done to Thelema today, interfering with your attempts to discover and accomplish your True Will, thwarting your efforts to access information which you may need to accomplish that goal, is being done by Mr. Bill Breeze (Caliph Hymenaeus Beta) and the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., which proves itself again and again not to be Thelemic, but rather a collection of petty, grasping, ego-dominated opportunists and the very antithesis of Thelema.

The Rare Crowleyana site has often been pulled from the Internet, denying your access to this material in an unamerican and unthelemic fashion, going against the very reason the Internet was created, and it had again vanish not very long ago, returning to the Net in November of 2001 E.V.

The man whose countless hours of unselfish and financially unrewarded work created this site has vowed to me that if the Caliphate manages to frighten another Internet host so that the site is closed, he will simply open another site, and another site, and another site until he and it are left alone.  He has vowed that you will have access to that material that the spiritually and intellectually bankrupt Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. refuses to let you have unless, perhaps, you put money into their pockets for their hierarchy's personal benefit.  And even then you will not receive most of this material and what you may obtain will be very poorly edited and presented.

Okay.  Here it is.  If the site that this link is connected to is killed, please let me know immediately (gmkelly@compuserve.com) and I will look into the matter and probably within a short space of time have a new link here for you to try.  Our Brother-in-Thelema, my good friend and associate, should not be thwarted in his attempts to do his True Will by people who falsely call themselves Thelemites while acting in a most unthelemic manner.  And we should all assist this gentleman in his efforts to assist us by providing all students of Thelema and Aleister Crowley with the material that no individual and no group should restrict.

F. T. C.


To get to the Rare Crowleyana simply copy the above URL, paste it to your browser's URL Address Field and then hit ENTER!

E-Groups The Caliphate Hate

A gentleman named Frank White began an eGroup called "CaliphateWatch" intended for people to post their experiences with the Caliphate, then later the S.O.T.O. or any other group claiming to be Thelemic, to air their grievances and discuss the unthelemic behaviour of those who claim to be Thelemites.  Immediately David Bersson attempted to rudely use Mr. White's eGroup as his personal web site, posting his insane and petty writings there.  Mr. White, who had wished to keep the eGroup unmoderated and open to all was placed in an awkward position, especially when Bersson, using a perverse twist on the dirty tricks he learned from the Caliphate who had managed to get all thirty-five of his web sites pulled off the Internet beforehand - a feat Bersson made easy by encouraging violence and making wild accusations he could not prove - tried to get the eGroup removed from the Net.  It should also be noted that David Bersson, using the name of Clifford Maverick, one of his many aliases, had already had one of his two eGroups under that name pulled from the Net.  It was called "shootthebastard" and it was devoted to trashing yours truly.  It violated the TOS [Terms of Service] by advocating violence, in fact, David Bersson was encouraging people to murder me.  I was content to leave it on the Net to prove my opinions of him correct, but someone encouraged eGroups.com to have it yanked off of the Internet.  But back to "CaliphateWatch".

After the Bersson problem was managed, before CaliphateWatch could be well advertised so that it might attract the people it was intended for and fulfill it's purpose, the eGroup was invaded by some of the same jerks who have plagued other such Internet sites - newsgroups, bulletin boards and the like - and they proceeded to destroy the eGrooup, filling it full of their own idiotic and mean spirited postings, derailing it, and generally turning it into an inhospitable place.  They found great enjoyment in telling me how insignificant I am while expending a great deal of time and energy, as well as a verbosity that puts to shame even the master of that art [me], just to hurl petty insults at yours truly and produce lie after lie in great effort to discredit little old "insignificant" me.  And they need very little encouragement to go on and on and on endlessly.  I sang and the funny little monkeys danced.  I played my tune on the keyboard and no matter how verbally brief my little song was these bad little dogies barked and howled seeminly forever thereafter.  Of course, so involved in rudely abusing the eGroup to promote their egos, to pat one another upon the back after yet another stupid attempt to appear witty and intelligent, they have no idea of just how they have been guided and corralled, given the opportunity to prove just how mean, spiteful, petty and rudely ignorant they are.

And who were these chattering monkeys who made "CaliphateWatch" an inhospitable place for current and past members of the Caliphate and other pseudo-o.t.o. groups to air their grievances?  Big surprise.  One of them was "Rev. Rob", now helping the Caliphate, his master who slapped him down, keep problems within the gang hushed up.  Assisting him in this effort was Kjetil Fjell, a young fellow with little direct contact with the Caliphate who has nevertheless devoted himself to silencing voices on the Internet that dare to oppose the machinations of that gang.  The fact that he does whatever he can to violate the First Amendment of the United States Consitution doesn't bother him much since he is not an American, but it is even worse that he frequently sets about to take away the right to speak and write as one will, our Thelemic Rights of Man as given in Liber OZ, while claiming to be a Thelemite.  "Rev. Rob" and Fjell were assisted in their efforts to destroy "CaliphateWatch" by one David R. Jones, a Motta refugee* who will perversely defend David Bersson because Bersson, while speaking out against Jones, at least pays attention to him and makes him known to all.  This, in a weird and twisted way, flatters Jones' ego, the master that he serves.  These fellows along with a few lap dogs have derailed "CaliphateWatch", partly out of petty spite and partly to keep problems hushed up, especially serving the needs of Bill Breeze and the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o.

I frequently receive messages and letters from current and past members of both Breeze's and Bersson's groups, more from the former for the Caliphate attracts more people, righteously complaining about the unfair, unthelemic and sometimes downright rude behaviour of the group they joined, mistakenly believing that it truly was a Thelemic organization.  When members of the Caliphate have a legitimate grievance they are instructed not to speak of it to outsiders and to take "the proper channels" in order to resolve the issue.  However, time and time again they discover that their situation will not be resolved in this way and that both they and their problems are only to be lost within "the proper channels".  Most of these grievances are never heard about and the next member who comes along with a grievance is led to believe that his is an isolated incident and that probably he - or very often she - is in error and at fault.  "CaliphateWatch" would have been a place where these righteously frustrated, disenchanted and isolated people could have gone to express their frustration and anger, voice their opinions, and meet others who have had the same experiences and discuss them.  However, the Caliphate with the help of petty trouble making Bersson people have succeeded in making "CaliphateWatch" such an inhospitable place that these people are turned away, having already put up with more abuse than they feel that they can endure.

[*This pushed Jones' button so that he admitted on the eGroup that he is Caliphate.  So that means that the ringleaders, the "Rev. Rob" and Jones, along with Fjell are Caliphate, at least some of the others referred to by one of the fellows earlier on as his "fans", and anyway easily led by their egos and used, and yet they claim that the Caliphate did not seek to destroy CaliphateWatch and I am "paranoid".  Un huh.  Right.  Sure.]

However, if you would like to air your grievances and share your experiences with the Caliphate, the S.O.T.O. or any other pseudo-thelemic group with others who have experienced similar things and those who would be sympathetic to your situation, I encourage you to post a carefully written account of your experience on one or all of the groups listed below.  Rare Crowley material, by the way, may be found at some of these URLs.


My suggestion is to post your carefully written concise account and then reply only to those individuals who can sympathize with your situation and be of assistance to you.  It is not cowardice to ignore the chattering monkeys, the barking dogs who will insult and try to degrade you because of your legitimate and righteous complaints.  When you ignore them you are simply choosing not to waste your valuable time on them as they are too "insignificant" to command your attention.  Give it time and you will eventually encounter others on who have had similar experiences, and with whom you can discuss these matters in a rational manner.  And be assured that the above groups try to monitor matters to protect you from harassment and annoyance.  Of course, this will only be possible if these egroups remain on the Net, and that is, at this point, a very iffy situation.  The Caliphate may again succeed in keeping its problems hushed up, its justifiably unhappy members silenced, keeping you in the dark.

I also encourage you to read The Rape of Thelema in the Sword of Horus section.

Love is the law, love under will.