In Memory of
Francis Israel Regardie and Grady Louis McMurtry

Israel Regardie and Grady McMurtry

Care Fraters et Sorores:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This year, as commonly reckoned, 1985, has witnessed the deaths of two well known gentlemen.  Both of these men knew Our Father Aleister Crowley (although not as well nor for as long as we were at one time led to believe) and with their passing an era seems to be coming to a close.  When but a few more men and women pass through the gates of death all that will be left behind of the Beast will be words committed to paper.  The old guard will soon be gone and the new will take their place--but will the young ones be any better?

Most recently, on the 12th of July as The Magickal (sic) Link reports, Grady Louis McMurtry died.  It should here be stated for the record that whatever Newaeon has said about Grady and his organization was not said out of petty personal hatred--to be truthful, we had no feelings about Grady one way or the other--but rather our only motivation was and always will be love (under will) for Thelema.

According to Llewellyn's New Times, Francis Israel Regardie died on the evening of March 10th.  (Magickal [sic] Childe not only reported that he "Passed on April 10", but also that he was born on "November 17, 1927" instead of 1907 E.V.)  Despite many shortcomings, Francis did spark interest in the writings of Aleister Crowley just at the right time and helped to bring about the publication of those works, and regardless of his true motives and sources of information, he did present to us a most valuable work on magic, The Golden Dawn.

Whatever their true personal intentions and however much they erred, the Secret Chiefs watched over them and guided their every move.  They served their purpose on earth and did a great deal to revive Magick and Thelema in society and we must thank them for this.

It is our sincere wish that both Grady and Francis find safe passageon their new journey and that they experience many new adventures beyond the veil.

Love is the law, love under will.

Fraternally yours,
Frater Keallach 93/676