Soror C.E.L.

His sapphire eyes burned into mine,
Disrupting Reality; Space and time.
He touched my hand and beckoned me,
"Let us journey unto the Sea".
I went with him, this Warrior-Priest,
Who is my Lord, my Master, My Beast.
We travelled far along the Path,
I and my god of Vengeance and Wrath.
We left the Universe of matter,
With all its din and silly chatter.
We passed beyond the Moon and Sun,
And yet our journey had hardly begun.
Beyond the Veil together we went
And were met at the Vault by an Angel sent
From beyond the desert we had yet to cross
(After being purged of all our dross).
As we went along our hazardous Way,
Performing our parts in Nuit's Play,
I saw a gleam in my Master's eyes
Reminiscent of the Sun in the skies.
That gleam I spied appeared so dim
Compared to the Light of our Holy Guardian.
Then as I began to see the link
We approached the Abyss and went over the
I cried out to my Beastly Lord--
Struck out in fear with my Magical Sword.
Alone I was in that Abyss,
Or so I thought until I heard the hiss.
"I welcome you to my abode,
'Tis time to reap what thou didst sow."

Before the thing approached too near
I drew my Sword and mastered my fear.
A Circle about me I cast with my glaive
And from the demon I had been saved.
Many times my Circle he seiged
As I waited for the return of my Lord and
The battle had ended and I had won
And darkness fled from the rising Sun.
I found myself upon a beach--
My Lord was standing within my reach.
Behind him was the Great Black Sea--
He touched my hand and smiled at me.
His sapphire eyes burned into mine;
I returned to Reality; Space and Time.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume I, Number 4, 22nd of June 1978 E.V.