What it was I cannot say that made me follow him -
Something in his piercing eyes - perhaps 'twas just a whim -

But follow him I did unto his private chambers,
And in the town forgotten - one of many strangers.

So courtly were his manners, refined in every way,
And when he looked at me I knew I had to stay.

Who he was I do not know - a rich and idle youth?
He told me something at the time I knew was not the truth.

Yet truth or lie then mattered not in the least to me -
A wicked promise in his eyes was all that I could see.

A glass of wine he offered me, to warm my blood, he said;
I drank the liquid ruby red which went straight to my head.

"You do not drink?" I asked my host, and he smiled most charmingly -
"Not wine," he said with sparkling eyes; "I dine most singly."

Suddenly the room grew hot and dizzy I became -
A fire raged in me it seemed - my heart and loins aflame!

"You must relax," my young host said, and opened wide my shirt;
In moments I was quite undressed - in this art he was expert.

"Lie down, my friend, upon my bed," his voice so soothing smooth,
And with his voice and deep dark eyes my jangled nerves did soothe.

I closed my eyes and naked laid upon his silken sheets,
And did not give a passing thought to all his cool deceits.

When next I opened up my eyes he was sitting by my side -
His cloak and clothes removed - his intention he did not hide.

"I can't," I said, "I never have - my soul to hell'd be damned."
"Hell," he said while touching me, "on earth is diagrammed."

His long slim fingers touched my cheek, my chest, my abdomin -
And as the youth touched my thigh I craved the promised sin.

Lightly did he touch me then and I rose unto that touch -
I sighed with passion never known and craved him oh so much!

He smiled at me, my wicked seducer, and with his eyes compelled;
I could not move, nor wanted to, for in his spell I was held.

Gently did his sweet pink tongue caress my yearning lips,
Until we met in a passionate kiss, my hand upon is hips.

His kisses were so burning hot that they seared my very flesh,
And finally did they reach my thighs as our bodies did enmesh.

"O please," I cried, "I'm yours to take - love me if you will!"
And in his mouth he took me then and sucked as if to kill.

I moaned in ecstasy and kissed his smooth pale thighs,
And taking him in my mouth we sang a song of sighs.

How long like this we loved that night I cannot say for sure,
But passion such as I then felt no man can long endure.

Together did we come - seducer and seduced -
And as he drank my life to his slave I felt reduced.

Over me he moved, our phalli pressed between us,
And I wanted him to take me, my wicked incubus.

How pale his flesh, how dark his eyes, how red his full young lips -
I wanted him to take my life - drink it with gentle sips.

His lips met mine as we embraced and deeply did we kiss,
And in the throes of passion I heard my lover hiss.

I could not scream, but moaned with lust, as he pierced my yearing flesh!
I held him tight as he drank my blood and dared not move or thresh!

Lost in a dream I smiled as he sucked the very life from me -
The pleasure so intense and rare was almost agony.

"Take me, please," I said to him, "Kill me if you wish!"
I gave myself so utterly to my lover devilish.

To the very brink of death he took me in that night;
My life he changed forever then with one vampire bite.

I slept with him throughout the day, flesh against cool flesh,
And at nightfall awoke with him, my view of life so fresh.

I see the world with new eyes now - eyes young but oh so old -
And now you know the truth, my dear - my story I have told.

So come to me, my darling pet, and give to me a kiss;
I'll show you love to morals unknown and give you lasting bliss.

14 October 1986 E.V., Anno LXXXII, Sol in Libra

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume V, Number 6, January 1986 E.V.