Thelemic Sex Scandal

Sex Magician Admits To Horrible Perversion

by Peter Cummings  

I must admit from the start that I found this story so thoroughly disgusting that I cannot maintain the objectivity that should be mine as an investigative reporter. It was not long ago that I covered the PTL scandal revolving around Jim Bakker as well as the scandal involving another televangelist, Jimmy Swaggart. When it was revealed by the news media that numerous Catholic priests and Christian ministers were being charged with sexual misconduct and pedophilia I was disgusted. I was appalled. My trust in all religions and their representatives, men who have taken certain vows and preach to us about the sanctity of marriage, telling us that adulterers will go to hell, was shaken to the very foundation. However, I still managed to maintain a professional objectivity--until this story. 

The following is an excerpt from an interview I had with the "practicing" sex magician, G.M.Kelly (aka Frater Keallach). You be the judge of this man, what he represents, and his horrible perversion. 

CUMMINGS: You are a Thelemic magician, a follower of Aleister Crowley who called himself the Beast 666, and you advocate, teach and...practice..."sex magick"? 

KELLY: Essentially that is correct, except that Crowley was the Beast 666, the Antichrist, and this has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and misinterpreted throughout history. In fact, in regard to the Antichrist, people have missed the point in a consistent manner. You see... 

CUMMINGS: Excuse me, but we are here to talk about you, Mr. Kelly. 

KELLY: Sorry. But please call me Kelly. I'm not a formal person and the G.M. is just window dressing. 

CUMMINGS: Fine. Now then, Kelly, let me understand this: you don't smoke, you don't drink, and you don't use drugs. Is that correct? 

KELLY: I loathe cigarette smoke and have too much respect for my body to pollute it in that manner. I suppose because I am what you might call a self-control freak it is practically impossible for me to get drunk, and while I will drink to be sociable, I prefer beverages like lemonade, milkshakes, especially chocolate, and good clean spring water. Once or twice a month I may have a beer or two when my cousin DM drags me off to the local jiggle joints. And as for drugs, I waited until I was on the brink of the Abyss before I felt that I had been sufficiently prepared for serious scientific experimentation. I am probably the only person in history to have experienced a "bad trip" from marijuana. I think it was the mouthful of sour milk sitting in my stomach that I had taken earlier before realizing that it had turned. After that I experienced only a minimal effect from smoking pot, nothing to really consider, and when I recorded each event, expecting insightful "wisdom" to be invoked by the grass, I discovered that it only made me slow, dull and rather pathetically inane. This was consistent with my observations of others "while under the influence", myself "straight", of course. After the magical ordeal called the Crossing of the Abyss I had had many opportunities to experiment with hash and cocaine. (Perhaps I should point out that I was 29 and 30 years of age when I gave up my "drug virginity".) Coke is a most uncomfortable drug! Numbed throat...felt like I couldn't swallow...and I also felt as if I should have had a bucket hanging under my nose! At any rate, I derived no direct beneficial results from the use of these "controlled substances" and find it easier and more reliable to achieve altered states of consciousness through magical and mystical, that is natural as opposed to artificial, means, without the possible side effects upon my body and brain. Like Aleister Crowley, who, through his necessary and intelligent experimentation with various drugs before they were made illegal, I have concluded that only in very severe cases of psychological blockage, making the mystical experience virtually impossible to achieve, under the proper supervision, a drug may be used to "loosen the girders of the mind" and then dispensed with. After this the various magical and mystical practices will bear fruit, the student now having an idea of what an altered state is. Since, to transmute the base metal of the human personality into the pure spiritual gold of the True Self, self-control is one of the first things a magician must develop, the employment of drugs upon a regular basis is self-defeating and counterproductive. A carefully trained mind and will, achieved through the various practices of magick and mysticism, is advisable. 

CUMMINGS: I see. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. 

KELLY: Sorry. I do tend to go on at times. Hope I haven't rubbed you the wrong way, Peter. 

CUMMINGS: Let's get to the point. You are a "sex magician." (Kelly indicated an affirmative by nodding his head.) And yet...I'm sorry...I find your...your perversion so incredibly disgusting that I am physically sickened by it. (Cummings collected himself.) You are a "sex magician", a follower of the Beast, and yet you have been celibate for three years? 

KELLY: (Nervously) Only two...maybe two and a half...I'm not sure. 

CUMMINGS: You haven't had sexual intercourse in all that time? 

KELLY: That's right. 

CUMMINGS: You are not gay? I mean, I have read a couple of homosexual poems in the last volume of your newsletter! 

KELLY: I'm very straight. Perhaps too straight. And to anticipate your next question, I am not suffering from a pathological, hysterical fear of AIDS, which, although a lower risk than homosexual sex or the sharing of needles, can be contracted through a heterosexual relationship. However, I do advocate the use of (ugh) condoms and the practice of responsible conduct. 

CUMMINGS: Then why...why...are you practicing such a perversion as celibacy...chastity? And isn't this rather hypocritical of the so-called "sex magician"? 

KELLY: certainly does hamper the practice of tantric or sex magick! Actually, it is nothing that I had planned. It's just the way things have turned out. For one thing, I have been too busy to think about such things often and I've not wanted to start a superficial relationship, however pleasant it could be, that would take me away from my writing and such. 

Between 1969 and 1980 era vulgari I led a very promiscuous life and had known over 131 wonderful women that I will always love, even the wonderful ladies who were not so wonderful, if you can understand that. Each and every one of them were my teachers. Each was an initiatrix. Then, towards the end of 1980 E.V., I underwent the second major ordeal in my magical career. It is interesting to note that during the first major ordeal, when I passed through the Veil of Paroketh and entered the Vault of the Adepts, I underwent a dramatic change that manifested in the complete and unconscious alteration of my signature and handwriting, denoting a remarkable degree of balance, which was fitting for the sixth sephira of the Tree of Life. This is what got me interested in graphoanalysis and graphotherapeutics, by the way. During my second major ordeal, the Crossing of the Abyss, I went through another drastic change, reorientation, whatever you wish to call it, and instead of being promiscuous I became suddenly very selective. Well, what the hell. I'd sown my wild oats more often than most! I guess I needed the rest as well. At any rate, since 1980 E.V. there have only been a few women in my life for brief periods of time. You see, Peter, as a "sex magician", a Thelemite, and a follower of the teachings of Aleister Crowley, To Mega Therion, I have a great deal of respect for others, their rights and so forth, and while not sanctimonious about it, a great deal of respect for the Act of Love--a sacred sharing between two people and a sacred emulation of the universal creative process. The mad sex maniac, the rapist, the deflowerer of innocent virgins--these are not sex magicians. No one sincerely involved in the so-called "occult" would do these things. Such people, even if they call themselves magicians or what not are actually the perverted misfits of the Judeo-Christian culture rebelling against the unnatural, unhealthy restrictive oppression of that culture and its religions. 

CUMMINGS: And this is your only explanation? Because you underwent a psychological change or you need a rest? 

KELLY: Actually I think I've had quite enough rest! I suppose this may sound silly to you, especially coming from me, but in a way I have been "saving myself" for a really special relationship. "Chastity", Crowley wrote in MAGICK, "is a condition" like fasting before performing a sacred ceremony and receiving a sacrament. It is a fine preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Sex, but inadvisable as a permanent way of life, denying oneself the satisfaction of a God-given appetite--the purest means available to humanity to achieve union with God. 

And there you have it. Despite his fine words, I cannot help but feel that celibacy is perhaps the most disgusting sexual perversion of all.