Darling lover, most secret and sacred,
      Enter into love with me, come unto my bed;
As Hylas, lovely youth, and I as Heracles,
      Refuse me not, my lover, when before you on my knees.

Erect you stand before me and I want your straining length,
      So give to me your phallus to love with all my strength.
To love you with my mouth I lust - I'll drink you when you come.
      Kiss me, O my lover - love's Eucharist our opium.

Revel with me, my dearest, united in body and soul;
      Immoral will be our lust, great love will be our goal.
Side by side we'll naked lay, flesh to burning flesh;
      In sweet embrace please let us be - or bodies we'll enmesh.

Love me, dear beloved youth, so like the lovely hyacinth;
      O let us lose ourselves, my dear, in lusty love's labyrinth.
Voraciously, my darling, we'll revel in our passion;
      Every kiss of lips and tongue will be of sweet compassion.

Yearning is my phallus to be between your lips;
      O take me in your mouth, my love, hold tight my struggling
Unloose the chains that bind me and set my passion free -
      Anteros manifesting - my love, you are the key.

Next take my essence in your mouth, my love I give to you;
      Drink deep, my greedy lover, for us it's not taboo.
When the final drop you've sucked give me the Eucharist;
      Administer communion holy when you and I have kissed.

Nature loves a love like ours, by the Gods of old we're blest;
      Take me then within your arse and hold me to your breast.
Your sweet soft flesh I wish to feel against my naked skin;
      O you have pierced me to the heart with your javelin.

Unloved I've felt for oh so long but now I feel so loved;
      Master by a daemon mastered, you appeared, O my beloved.
O if this is a devil's trap then I willingly walk into it;
      Relinquishing all that I am - to our passionate love I submit.

Embace me, wicked lover, phalli pressed between our forms;
      Engage me in a kiss, my love, while outside the weather storms.
As we kiss let our tongues come together and caress;
      Cuddle with me, secret lover - I am your's to possess.

Hands upon soft flesh, every inch of our forms we will stroke;
      Delirious passion rising, the lust of Pan we'll invoke.
Affection blossoming to desire, we will struggle in each other's
      You shall have me completely, my lover, for I am victim to
          your charms.

Caducei magically risen, we will perform the highest magick;
      O my sacred lover, the results will be no trick.
Mouth to phalli will we love, completing a magick circle;
      Enthralling will the passion be, yet there must be control.

Take me in your mouth, my dear, as I take you in mine;
      Orally will we make love then upon our essence dine.
Man to man, my Ganymedes, let us love like this;
      Engulfed will we be, both you and I, in a sea of utter bliss.

Mouths with leisure sucking, drawing forth our very souls;
      Yoked so intimitely we will fill the golden bowls.
Languidly absorbing one another's life -
      O we'll play upon each other as we'd play upon a fife.

Voluptuous the musick I'll draw from your firm reed;
      Each note I play on you I'll play with abandoned greed.
Release yourself in me, my love, as to you do I come,
      And give to me all that you are - of your being the absolute

Nectar so sweet from us shall flow and fill us to the brim;
      Desire-filled we will then embrace - our bodies sleek and trim.
With the essence in our mouths we'll kiss so longingly;
      In our kiss our lives combine through mystic chemistry.

This combination so divine of our subtle sacred seed,
      Humanity with ignorance calls a foul and poisoned mead.
Mankind is wrong to so regard such love and its result;
      Elixer divine this philter be when made without a fault.

Nature gives us many ways to alter all that is,
      And such a combination need not be called a quiz.
Knaves they be and fools who ill-regard our love;
      Emission such as this comes from the Crown above.

Dear lover, take me then, into your arms and heart;
      Lay with me naked on my bed and make our love an art.
Antichristian it may be to love as man to man.
      Yet Christians we are not! So come to my divan.

1st of October 1986 E.V.
anno LXXXII, Sol in Libra


1.  Hylas was a beautiful youth taken to Colchis by Heracles on the Argo - he was Heracles' "squire" and "darling".  While away with a pitcher looking for water Hylas disappeared - some say he was drown and others that he was kidnapped by nymphs - however that may be, Heracles, grief stricken, abandoned the Argo in search of his "darling" boy, Hylas.  Hylas may be symbolic of the Water Bearer, referring to the future Aquarian Age or Aeon of Horus - certainly Hylas and Heracles were lovers in the finest ancient Greek tradition.

2.  Enmesh: to entangle, to entrap.

3.  Hyacinthus was a youth loved by both Apollo and Zephyrus.  Zephyrus killed the young boy with a discus, perhaps an alternate symbol for the pantacle, whereupon the youth was changed, by Apollo, into a flower that bears his name, the hyacinth.

4.  Anteros is the Greek God of passion, son of Ares and Aphrodite (Geburah, Strength, and Netzach, Victory, on the Tree of Life; and their united initials may be a reference to the A.·.A.·. ; furthermore, Aries could represent Thelema or Will and Aphrodite Agape or Love); brother of Eros; also called the God of mutual love and tenderness.

5.  Ganymedes was the son of King Tros who gave his name to Troy; he was the most beautiful youth alive and so chosen by the Gods to be Zeus' cup-bearer.  Zeus desired to have this beautiful boy as his lover and to this end disguised himself as an eagle and abducted him from the Trojan plain.  Some say that Eos first abducted Ganymedes to be her paramour and that Zeus took the boy from her.  Ganymedes was given immortality and he served the Nectar of the Gods in a golden bowl.  He found a place in the heavens as Aquarius, the Water Carrier.  See number 1 above.

6.  Syrinx was a lovely nymph that Pan, the God of Lust, desired.  She was changed into a reed from which Pan made his pan pipes, also called a syrinx.  The playing of the pipes seems to indicate an act of fellatio and this in turn may imply that the nymph, Syrinx, was actually a boy.

7.  "Elixer divine" is a reference to a special form of the Elixer of Life, here prepared by a slightly different means than is commonly accepted.

8.  The Elixer is a very special kind of philter or love potion - a very potent aphorodisiac.

9.  Quiz:  a queer or eccentric person.

10.  The Crown is, of course, a reference to Kether on the Tree of Life, to which is attributed Yechidah - the Holy Guardian Angel, True Self, Augoedies, Zeitgeist, Genius, Daemon and the Beloved.

11.  The "art" into which the love is made is, naturally, the High Art of Magick - Sexual Magick.

The Secret Verse:

Dearest Kris, I love you, and want you more each day.
      Come to me, my lover, and with me naked lay.

NOTE:  Kris is a creature entire of mindstuff.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume V, Number 5, November 1986 E.V.