Lay with me in the autumn leaves,
      In a secret grove we'll meet like thieves.
Nature will hide our secret love,
      Deceiving the Gods who watch from above.

Aphrodite to me you are -
      Love's Goddess, brightest Silver Star.
Enmesh me in your legs and arms;
      Taken's my heart by your womanly charms.

Unlock my passion so long enchained -
      Seduce and love me most unrestrained.
Lay with me naked our bodies caressing;
      O kiss me and fill me with Nu's holy blessing.

Voluptuous Circe with sorceress eyes,
      Entwined with you I will meet my demise.
With your lips and tongue my soul you steal;
      In your mouth you take me and suck with zeal.

The feel of your mouth as you love me, my dear,
      Heightens my passion and I feel panic fear.
Lust-crazed I struggle between your lips;
      Unbound by desire as you hold tightly my hips.

Sucking without mercy on my phallus you play -
      Thief of men's souls with your love do you slay.
Take me, my lover, is my only thought;
      Humble me, master me, to be yours is my lot.

And then when I come, my lover, my wife,
      Take all that I am, drink deep of my life.
Into your sweet mouth drink every last drop -
      Strive ever to more - O please never stop.

Unbridled my passion I'll take you, my whore;
      Now kiss me, my love, let's embrace as before.
Beautiful and firm are the breasts that I kiss;
      O with tongue will I tease to bring you to bliss.

Undo you I will as I suck on your breast -
      Nymph, I will love you without any rest.
Delicately with my fingertips, dear,
      Caressing your flesh, your body I'll revere.

Over your body my kisses traverse
      Unbinding your passion as our roles I reverse.
Parting your thighs with my tongue I will tease,
      Licking you lightly until you beg "Please."

Each stroke of my tongue on your sensitive lips
      Will drive you insane while I drink you in sips.
As my tongue with my passion strokes your clitoris
      Nectar will flow as you praise Our Lord Horus.

Delirious with lust, my lover, you'll be;
      Together will we love with divine harmony.
Over me will you move on your hands and your knees;
      Cascading hair on my flesh will you tease.

Hanging like fruit that I'll crave to devour
      Are your breast, O my witch, as you overpower.
Laughing are your eyes that you taunt me with lust -
      I feel you and strive - to be in you I must.

Caressing your breasts, your buttocks and thighs;
      Enchanting I find your lascivious eyes.
Narcotic the scent of your sweet musky skin -
      O my dear secret lover, O please let me in.

Witch, how I want you, my phallus is straining;
      Open the portals and hold me constraining.
Unravel my mind with the heat of your passion;
      Release me, my love, let me die in this fashion.

Pounce like a tigress on victim consuming -
      Adrenaline-filled my heart fiercely booming.
Sensuous lover, please tease me no more;
      Savage me, dear, Scarlet Woman, my whore.

Intense is the heat as my phallus you take;
      Overwhelmed the passion of the love that you make.
Naked we strive, our bodies united;
      Wantonly struggling with lust now requited.

Enveloped I am in your burning hot flesh -
      Heaving, convulsing with desire do we thresh.
And finally, my lover, together we come -
      Vamp, how I love you, to you I succumb.

Enslaved is the world that our love will set free,
      For such is the magick of our chemistry.
Opium-like is the Elixer we have made -
      Unfettering humanity to thus make the grade.

Now drink we will, dear, of the Elixer of Life;
      Divine the communion, with the Eucharist be rife.

3rd of October 1986 E.V.
anno LXXXII, Sol in Libra


1.  The Silver Star or Argenteum Astrum (A.·.A.·.) is, in part, a reference to the True Self or Holy Guardian Angel.

2.  Circe was the sorceress who enchanted Odysseus and kept him for a time as her lover.

3.  Panic fear is that which is inspired by Pan, the Great Goatfoot God of Lust.

4.  The Elixer of Life, being the combined sexual fluids and vital energies of the male and female practitioners of the sacred orgia.  There is another form of the Elixer that is composed of the male essence only as well as yet another composed only of the female essence.

The Secret Verse:

Linda let us love with lust that is unbound.
      Couple wand to chalice now our passion we have found.

NOTE:  The Linda here referred to is a composite character.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume V, Number 5, November 1986 E.V.