In the night she came to me -
A vision of pure lust.
Bewitched I was and could not flee -
To have her was a must!

Her wavy hair was dark and rich -
Her eyes like deepest space;
I wanted her, that seductive bitch,
And saw desire in her face.

Closer to me did she move -
Her breasts full round and firm.
My Lord this love would not approve,
But my desire I would affirm.

We came together in that void -
Flesh to demon flesh;
Of rational sense I was devoid
As our bodies did enmesh.

Her hands caressed my body,
As I touched her ethereal skin;
I felt this was my destiny
And was charged with adrenalin.

Her kiss destroyed my sense,
As our tongues within caressed.
The passion was intense,
As I sucked upon her breast.

So sweet the taste of her skin -
So subtle, seductive and fine.
With her I wanted the ultimate sin,
And I drank of love's sweet wine.

Her thighs against my face were soft -
Her buttocks in my hands so tight;
I drank her in the void aloft -
Too long I'd been an eremite!

Then once again we kissed with passion
'Till her kisses roved my form.
And she loved me in a special fashion -
The art of fellatio did she perform.

She sucked from me my precious life -
I filled her with my love;
The passion pierced me like a knife -
For her I'd surrender heaven above!

Drifting in that featureless void
The lamia over me floated.
On her face so Mongoloid
Was a wicked smile that gloated.

Down she came and straddled my thighs,
As my manhood within her was taken.
I was lost within her mocking eyes -
By the Highest I was foresaken.

The heat of her form was quite intense
As she rode me lasciviously.
The void was filled with sweet incense
And I became her dovotee.

With a pleasure intense and rare I cried
As together we came to the end;
And in that moment in a way I died,
While the essence of demon and man did blend.

There could not be a turning back -
My soul had been lost that hour.
I wanted forever her love demoniac -
I was completely within her power.

"You are mine," she softly said -
The first words from her ever spoken.
"You are a prisoner on my bed.
These chains of lust cannot be broken."

By my shoulders did she rest her hands
As over me she bent;
I would obey all her commands,
Though from Satan she was sent.

Her thick black hair about me fell -
Her breasts hung tauntingly;
And in her eyes burned the fires of hell
As she made me her debauchee.

Again I rose to fill the whore
And she smiled with pleasure so wicked.
Conquered submitting to conqueror,
She could fuck me until I was dead!

My soul I had forsaken for the love of her;
Nightly was I taken by the animus.
I'd given up my God - become an idolater -
For now I am a prisoner of the Succubus.

14 & 15 October 1986 E.V., Anno LXXXII, Sol in Libra

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume V, Number 6, January 1986 E.V.