by Frater M.E.D.


"Give 'em Enough Rope...."

Part I


"...the perfect inefficiency of those who try to insult the saints; the most violent attacks are very often merely clumsy compliments." 
                                - 17th Æthyr, of Liber 418&nbssp;

The purpose of The Sword of Horus is not to insult individuals or groups out of petty spite, revenge or envy.  Nor is its purpose to launch personal attacks.  The individuals and groups that The Sword strikes out against its author (he who wields The Sword - who is The Sword) has no personal feelings for one way or the other.  He is, furthermore, above and beyond petty personal motivations. 

The Sword of Horus is merely doing a necessary job.  If you will, think of The Sword as a surgeon's scalpel or laser beam, deftly cutting out the cancers in the community body of humankind, specializing in the "occult community".  An unfortunate fact is that even the greatest surgeon can never be quite certain that he has removed all of the cancer in the operation, and if any remains in the body it again spreads making further operations necessary. 

Or you may think of The Sword as an antibiotic injection into the body of the "occult community" in an effort to defeat the dis-ease that has infested this body.  However, even such a powerful antibiotic as this sometimes seems insufficient to destroy utterly certain persistent dis-eases threatening to destroy the body, and at present it seems that the only thing possible is to contain and control that dis-ease until a permanent cure can be found--if, indeed, there ever is a permanent cure. 

Or you may simply think of The Sword as an exercise in isometrics--an easy concept for the Master of the Temple to Understand. 

Doing the Will of Newaeon, the True Will symbolized by Atu VIII, Adjustment, it is all merely a matter of Balance and Justice--action and reaction, flex and reflex. 

When The Sword of Horus strikes and an individual or group is reviewed, the author of The Sword always does the gentlemanly, polite and Thelemic thing by sending a complimentary copy to the subject of that review, as it were, in a manly fashion, confronting the "accused", fact to face, with the "accusations", giving him the opportunity to reply in his own publication and deny the "charges"--if he can--honestly. 

It is a pity, although certainly not unexpected, that these people, who claim to be Thelemites, cannot act in such a polite and Thelemic manner. 

It was not until The Newaeon Newsletter went into a temporary Period of Silence and its editor, G.M.Kelly, made a 2nd Great Magical Retirement (first at the LeGrogan Hermitage, then moving to the Mt. Nebo Hermitage) that these unthelemic so-called Thelemites decided that it was safe to print their lies, innuendos and slanders--safe because neither Newaeon nor Kelly were in a position to reply.  Furthermore, not one of these people was courteous enough to send Newaeon's editor a copy of their "charges" against him.  Well, that was to be expected.  It was never expected that false-thelemites, i.e., those falsely posing as Thelemites but neither thinking, speaking nor acting as a Thelemite, should act in a genuine Thelemic manner. 

Whereas Newaeon and Kelly printed documented and provable facts about these individuals and groups for a specific, professional, non-personal purpose, doing their Will, and politely facing these people with those facts in gentlemanly and Thelemic fashion, these people, pretending to be Thelemites, printed provable lies and slanders about Kelly, for personal and ego-centric reasons having nothing to do with True Will, and they did so in a most cowardly, ungentlemanly and unthelemic fashion, stabbing Kelly in the back, as it were, and then running before Kelly could turn to face them. 

Now it should be stated that at all times Kelly's attitude has been one of pleased and sincere amusement.  At every moment during his unexpectedly long 2nd G.M.R. that he felt concern about Newaeon being forgotten, one of his cowardly detractors would print some rubbish about him, thus freely advertising Newaeon and keeping memory of it fresh in the minds of many aspirants, while also making G.M.Kelly seem far more interesting than he is.  In general, with their actions intended to harm Newaeon and Kelly, these people only served to amuse Kelly, advertise Newaeon, and prove Newaeon's articles about them to be correct, thus proving the accuracy and keenness of The Sword. 

When Marcelo Ramos Motta slandered Kelly, the Master of the Temple was delighted. 

When Bill Heidrick, Norman Kaeseberg and Phyllis Seckler/McMurtry wrote of the Thelemic saint he was most pleased and very greatly amused. 

One of the things which most amused and pleased "Saint Keallach" was that all of these individuals continually stressed to their misguided disciples that both Newaeon and Kelly were insignificant.  Yet, even after two and then three years of Silence from both the publication and the man, these people were still slandering and talking about them!  The insignificant is soon forgotten.  Why could they, then, not forget Newaeon and its editor? 

But let us get more specific in this place.  Mind you, we are not determined to personally attack anyone.  Our subjects are public figures who have made false statements and otherwise misrepresent Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley.  It is our purpose, our Will, to instruct by example.  It is our intention to guide you towards the process of analysis, of thinking clearly and rationally, to guide you into the exercise of common sense in magical and mystical matters. 

We have not been insulted.  We have been delighted, amused and proven to be Thelemic, honest and correct in our judgments. 

We do not hate these petty and false individuals and their disorganized "organizations".  Truly we love them, for it is their existence and falsehoods that give us our own existence and purpose.  Without lies there can be no truth.  Without "evil", "good" not only cannot be appreciated, it simply cannot be. 

Let us take some of the attacks upon Newaeon and its editor and examine them closely.  Let us review what these petty, vengeful detractors have written publically and see what can be seen by all but the blind writers themselves and their prejudicial and ego-blinded disciples.  And if you yourself have been less than perceptive, unable to "read between the lines", as it were, let the following serve to open your eyes and exercise your mind so that in the future you may see and think more clearly and thus judge more accurately. 

Should we simply forget the nonsense the charlatans have written and brush them off as insignificant?  No.  Ultimately they are not insignificant, although their effect upon Newaeon and Kelly is very negligible.  A minor cancer is still cancer and may very well grow and spread unto the death of the body.  Let us be intelligent and speedy surgeons and catch this cancer in its first stages before it is too late.  This is the very same cancer, under a different form, that twisted and destroyed the teachings of Gotama Buddha, Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Lao Tzu, and many another world teacher.  Let us learn from the mistakes of the past, catch and cure this dis-ease before it also does irreparable damage to the teachings of Our Father Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666.  How else can we get through the Æon of Horus and achieve the Æon of Truth and Justice, the Æon of Maat? 


SR. MARCELO RAMOS MOTTA is a very funny fellow.  He is so incredible that I doubt that there are even three individuals (111) who take him seriously at any one given time.  He not only attacks just about every individual and institution he can think of, under the paranoid impression that they are all out to get him, but he eventually turns upon his own toadies, accuses them of the most outrageous crimes against him, and thus further isolates himself, further shuts himself up in a dark tower where ego is allowed to believe that it is ultimate and supreme. 

We have already written extensively of Mad Mark Motta, reviewing his books, in The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume II, Numbers 4 and 5, as well as Volume III, Number 1, and he has since, during our Period of Silence, produced two more books in his pseudo-Equinox series (Vol. V, Nos. 3 and 4), so we may deal with these last two in a later article.  Let us, in this place, look only to his so-called Editorial in that book which he has numbered Volume V, Number 4, of March 1981 era vulgari. 

It was after the publication of this last (dare we hope final?) pseudo-Equinox that Mark, as his friends call him, or at least as he calls himself in the mirror, decided upon a Period of mean...Silence.  During this period he simply vanished off the face of the earth and contact could only be made via his Tennessee based publishing firm, Thelema (sic!) Publishing Company.  Considering the legal action that may be taken against him it seems to us little wonder he would feel the need to crawl back under some rock and hide. 

In this so-called Editorial alone, and more so throughout the book in the most unsuitable places, Marky libelously slanders no less than sixty-eight individuals, organizations and publishing firms.  A little of what he says about some of them is true, although he does not try to prove his charges, and although we may agree with some of his judgments, his methods and motives are so very ungentlemanly and mad that if some of his targets, however false and unthelemic they may be, asked us to testify in behalf of them against Sr. Motta we would be very tempted to take the stand.  Motta's method is madness and shockingly (hilariously) insane and illogical.  Some of his statements, I dare say most of them, are out right, easily proven lies; most of them show his complete ignorance of the people he is slandering, and all of them show just how petty, absurd and unreasonable Marcelo Ramos Motta is. 

I will not attempt to defend everyone involved in his slander campaign--it's every man for himself. 

I will not even attempt to defend myself.  However, for your amusement and enlightenment, I will deal with what he has written about G.M.Kelly.  Besides, I would hate to think you missed such an excellent bit of gossip! 

Dear Mark treated me more gently and with more brevity than he did some others.  How disappointing.  He either figured I was not significant enough to spend too much time and space on, or, more likely, he simply could not think up enough lies to tell about me.  However, one would think that he could have invented better lies than the ones he told. 

I quote:  "Gary Allen Martin, a.k.a. G.M.Kelly:  pirates O.T.O. and A.·.A.·. material; misrepresents himself as a Thelemite." 

It has been amply proven in past articles reviewing Sr. Motta's books that he is somewhat (somewhat?!) paranoid.  He also seems to think that everyone is like him and thus that everyone has something to hide.  He delights in exposing my "legal" name, as if I were hiding behind some mysterious false identity.  He has, of course, ignored the fact that that "legal" name has been published and explained in The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 1.  He also ignores the fact that the taking on of a new and "truer" name is an essential element of the initiation into all of the religious and esoteric societies (that I know of) and that it is a common practice among writers, artists and the like.  Further, Mark has totally ignored the fact that it is also a common practice among magicians and mystics to change or alter the name--a kind of natural reaction to the initial awakening.  Take for example Dion Fortune who was "legally" Violet Firth, or Eliphas Levi, "legally" Alphonse Louis Constant, and of course Aleister Crowley, "legally" Edward Alexander Crowley--and if it were possible to meet these individuals, could you comfortably call A.C. "Ed"?  Dion "Violet"? or Eliphas "Alphonse"...Alphonse?! 

So the terrible "secret" has been revealed by the great hierophant Marcelo Motta.  G.M.Kelly, simply known as Kelly by all, is really one Gary Allen Martin.  Oh horror!  (By the way, any who would be my friend will call me's a long, stupid story that we haven't space for here.) 

By "pirates O.T.O. and A.·.A.·. material" Mark must mean that I illegally and immorally publish, distribute and profit from material written by Aleister Crowley--which, by the way, in his madness he claims that only he has the right to publish, even though much of A.C.'s work is now in public domain.  Let us make a public challenge here for Sr. Motta to prove that one.  Prove it or pay up, Mark. 

The fact of the matter is that I would never seek to profit from the works of Our Father Aleister Crowley, which I would love to give freely to all, and despite how unfair I may sometimes feel it to be, I would never knowingly consider violating the copyrights of another individual--it goes too much against the grain of this writer.  I wish only to profit from my own work, which may mean I shall spend the rest of my life poverty-stricken!  But I am an honest man of high principles. 

Once did I publish a single work by A.C., that being the one-page piece known as OZ: LIBER LXXVII, the Rights of Man, (TNN II.3), and there was certainly no profit from it as Newaeon always operates at a significant financial loss, and that particular work is uncopyrighted as well as uncopyrightable now, and thus in public domain, that is to say, anyone may publish that piece, and, in fact, it is the duty of every Thelemite to publish and distribute the Rights of Man as widely as possible to further establish the Law of Thelema in the world. 

Never have I mass produced, distributed and profited from the works of Aleister Crowley, whether they be O.T.O. or A.·.A.·. materials, and should circumstances in the future force me to I would refuse to seek financial gain from the project.  Therefore what Sr. Motta has written is not only a lie, plain and simple, but it is libel, and if it were worth my while, just for the sake of principle, I would sue the silly ass--in fact, if for any reason he is stupid enough to take me to court I will instantly file a counter suit and easily win the case.  Printed statements are news only when you can prove them and libel when you cannot--and this is something Marky cannot prove 'cause it jest ain't so... 

(Did I ever think to mention that I was once employed by a major newspaper?  I quit suddenly one day because I was fed up with the whole game, but not before I had gained some practical knowledge about such things as the difference between "news" and "libel".) 

Newaeon, incidentally, has never libelled anyone as it has always sought to prove its statements, very often by quoting the very published and copyrighted words of the individuals reviewed and written about. 

Another thing about libel and slander is that one has to prove that it has somehow harmed one's personal life or professional standing in the community, so, after all, perhaps I will never bother to sue the silly fellow as he has, more so than not, enhanced my reputation by making me appear more delightfully wicked to some and more righteous to others.  Therefore I am terribly indebted to Sr. Motta and hope that if he ever comes out of his Period of Hiding...I mean Silence (sorry, Mark)...I hope he does not forget me with his next batch of fresh slanders. 

In fact, when that last copy of his pseudo-Equinox was sent to me by a friend and I read the mention of me in his so-called Editorial, I immediately dashed off a very sincere thank you letter, written in an amused mood and tone, and sent it to my pal Marky in care of his little publishing firm.  I guess he did not share my delight.  I never heard from him after that. 

As for which is and which is not a true Thelemite, Marcelo Motta or G.M.Kelly, I will let you, the reader and aspirant, decide that for yourself. 

Enough of Marcelo "Mark" Ramos Motta in this place.  We still have his pseudo-Equinox, Volume V, Numbers 3 and 4 to review, but we will do that at another time.  It may, however, not be out of place here to make one further observation.  As can be easily proven (while the contrary cannot be proven), Motta's remark about me pirating A.C. writings is a complete and idiotic lie.  However, as a careful study of these last two books of his can prove, Sr. Motta is, as usual, quite guilty of the very crimes he has accused me of.  It is obvious that he has, himself, pirated A.C. material published by Thelema Publications, The Yogi Publishing Society, 93 Publishing and others, all of which should take him to court to protect their interests and professional reputations, such as they may be. naughty, mad, little old man...tsk, tsk. 

[1997 E.V. NOTE:  Since the writing of the above, Newaeon has offered all four collections of the Simon Iff stories written by Crowley under the nom de plume of Edward Kelly, in an admittedly rough form, for a nominal amount that barely covered the cost of copying, binding and postage, and this only because the "Thelemic" publisher that he donated better copies to decided not to publish them, but to hoard them instead, perhaps even use them as a lure to suck in dues-paying members for the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o..  The truly Thelemic and noble course of action to take in regards to the works of Aleister Crowley, would be to ENCOURAGE anyone who would be willing to publish the material to do so as long as the material was accurately presented and sold for a fair and reasonable price.  However, there are those, in particular the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., who have been DISCOURAGING publication of Crowley's books, by making false claims of owning copyrights that in most cases do not exist and then doing their damnest to become the sole distributors.  The group, as a whole, lacks any real worth, creativity, and talent--intelligent, talented individuals who join the group in ignorance usually wise up pretty quickly and quit it early on--and so it and the current "Caliph", Hymenaeus Beta, aka Bill Breeze, can only act as parasites, feeding off of the intellect, talent and work of another at everyone's expense.  Choosing capitalism over Thelema, the consequence is that a lot of Crowleyana is NOT being published, publishers and thus students being rudely RESTRICTED, the Caliphate conviently ignoring the fact that (a) Crowley himself practically gave all of his work away in an effort to get it as widely distributed as possible, and (b) "The word of Sin is Restriction."  CCXX I.41.  -ED] 


The next three are really one.  A veritable infernal trinity--in a laughable sort of way.  They are all part of the McMurtry pseudo-o.t.o. [currently referred to as the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. -ED], not to be confused with the genuine, and now probably non-existent, "Aleister Crowley's O.T.O.", as they are continually trying to brainwash their readers into believing they themselves are. 


THE FATHER...easily confused with the "mother":  GRADY LOUIS McMURTRY (Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777), as self-proclaimed O.H.O. of the so-called Ordo Templi Orientis, although he has not the guts to call himself Outer Head of the Order in print and so falls back on the meaningless title of Caliph, must be considered responsible for everything his people say and write in public. 

Generally Grady lets his people do his dirty work for him so we will not deal directly with him here.  He usually keeps his inflammatory remarks out of print and prefers to simply talk behind one's back.  For further information regarding this man please see TNN III.1, 2 and 4. 

However, an amusing anecdote is well placed here before we go on.  It is Grady's pleasure to travel about the country, at the expense of his disciples, to visit with groups of his pseudo-o.t.o..  (It is, perhaps, worth noting that many of his disciples do not contribute in the least to his "order" and that they have, of late, been thinking more clearly and refusing to pay their dues, which has seriously hampered the profit-making of the so-called non-profit organization.)  During this long G.M.R. of mine Grady has made several such trips and at many of these meetings my name has come up.  (Being so insignificant I do not know how that could have kept happening.)  Each time Grady tried to brush the subject aside and convince his wide-eyed disciples that Newaeon and I were not worth speaking of, that the statements we printed about Grady and his gang were silly--although he did not and could not prove those statements false as to focus on these statements could only serve to prove them correct.  His common reply to questions regarding Newaeon and I has been that I am "a one man army".  This, whether he realized it or not, and surely he did not, is a kind of compliment, however untrue it may be.  I am, in a sense, the heart and mind of Newaeon, and Newaeon can exist even if I alone exist, but there are others, many others, who are friends, associates and covert operatives of the organization who, for the most part, merely collect information about Thelemic and pseudo-thelemic activities and pass this data on to me.  In some instances these operatives exert subtle Thelemic influence where it may help others and work against the enemies of Thelema posing as Thelemites.  However, it should be noted that (especially if the FBI is reading everything that goes to the Library of Congress!) Newaeon is not at all active in politics.  As magicians we leave politics to the politicians--however unwise that may seem! 

But I digress.  While Grady, during these meetings, tried to convince his disciples that I am nothing but a "one man army" (all the time knowing better), there have been covert Newaeon operatives in his gang, at his very elbow, taking down all that he said in various ways and passing this information along to me. 

When Crowley added the Alpha (equals Aleph, attributed to Atu 0 of the tarot) to Grady's motto, Hymenaeus, good old A.C. knew exactly what he was doing! 

But let us review an issue of The Magickal (sic) Link, a little publication, characteristically ill-printed and of little or no importance, sent out to members (which never stops me from receiving copies although definitely not a member of his gang), and meant to replace the now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter.  [1997 E.V. NOTE:  The K has since been dropped from the title and it is, at least, printed more professionally now, although it may be a long time between issues despite the publication schedule.  -ED]  By the way, how many of you paid for a subscription and never received the final newsletter you had spent your hard-earned dollars on? 

Norman Kaeseberg is a McMurtry toadie.  I'm sorry, but that is the best way to describe him.  That or perhaps one of Grady's pets.  Norm, during my last G.M.R., initiated a correspondence with me.  I was made aware of his association with McMurtry and company, but I do not judge a person in any other way than upon an individual basis, looking at each person as a distinct and unique natural phenomenon. 

During this correspondence, Norm subscribed to and received Volume II of The Newaeon Newsletter.  He later issued a "GENERAL RELEASE", and in this release, dated "2/1/82", he wrote [errors his]:  "those interested in other TRUE oto groups/persons can buy a most weird [weird...?] yet valuable collection called Newaeon Newsletter through g.m.kelly..."  Norm continued:  "the value of this work is in Frater m.e.d.'s 'The Sword of Horus, which is an attempt to inform the seekers on the path of the pitfalls in following 'organised organisations'.  his reviews are biting, libel, outstanding and worth the effort to obtain them. ... No one can love this guy, and i am sure he realises it, but he is doing his homework and says he is following his Will.  I haven't seen volume 3, which is supposed to include McMurtry (my O.H.O.) but it really does'nt matter what he has to say, just that he at least is saying it. ..."  Norm then proceeds to attempt to please everyone and upset no one--a hopeless task, as common sense, if he had any, should have told him. 

We will skip over the part about "libel" as we have already shown that Newaeon reports news and does not deal in libel.  As for knowing that no one could possibly love me...golly...I didn't know that!  I suppose I will have to contact all of my friends, associates and lovers all over the world and inform them that their apparent love and respect for me must really be symptomatic of some perverse sickness. 

As any reader of The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, knows, Norm should have looked before he leaped.  To mix my metaphors, he should not have gone out on a limb by speaking highly of me before he read what had been written about his "O.H.O.", Grady Louis McMurtry.  Shortly after his release went out he received many disconcerted and angry letters from his associates in the McMurtry pseudo-o.t.o..  At around the same time, via our correspondence, he was desperately trying to convince me that he was a great magician and to accept his trite nonsense as the greatest wisdom imaginable.  I refused to do so and was, with such a person, characteristically and painfully honest in my opinions while also doing my best to be as polite and gentlemanly as possible under the circumstances.  Eventually Norm felt that he had an axe to grind. 

Mr. Kaeseberg finally ordered and received Volume III of TNN, then wrote a most disgusting letter to Grady, while sending me a xerox copy of it.  The letter was loathesome.  In it Norm showed himself to be a sniveling, boot-licking, dog-like individual, kissing the hind parts of Grady, who, if he has even an ounce of manliness in him, would have been sickened by Norm's doggish nature.  However, Grady, like Motta, probably loves that crawling-on-the-knees attitude in his disciples, albeit secretly, while saying otherwise, so this letter may have after all pleased him.  One note of warning here:  anyone who slavishly comes to me, crawling on hands and knees, sniveling with sickening flattery, eager to lick my boots and kiss my backside, is very likely to receive from me a kick in the pants.  A Man should act Manly and a Woman Womanly, both regal in their godhood, and not cowering like a dog.  "Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us. ..." (CCXX II.19) 

The outcome:  Norman submitted another General Release which was published in The Magickal (sic) Link, Volume II, Number 4, April of 1982 E.V., where he, more or less, apologized for having said nice things about Newaeon and me, and went on to say:  "i thought he did a good job of hacking at maya and his subjects (motta, grant ,etc) ...kelly has released his vol.III...attack[ing] the Caliph as well as the O.T.O. we are all part of. ..." 

Let us translate the first part via common sense and bring the statement to its logical conclusion:  Norm states that he thought I did an excellent job of dispelling illusions (Maya) by exposing the falsehoods of men like Messrs. Grant and Motta, but completely changed his mind when I proceeded to dispel his own precious illusions and the falsehoods of McMurtry which he embraces so that he may fool himself into believing that he is part of something genuine and great and that he is then himself genuine and great. 

As for attacking the O.T.O., this I have not done.  First, I do not consider the McMurtry folly THE Ordo Templi Orientis, and despite what Grady claims the California Court System accepts as true, this pseudo-o.t.o. is NOT the O.T.O.--it is merely a caricature of the true Order, which in all probability died on December 1st, 1947 E.V. with Aleister Crowley.  It is nothing but a cruel joke.  At any rate, here Normal resorted to the same kind of crude mob psychology that Grady continually employs.  I have said nasty things about one or two individuals and that which they do, therefore I must be saying nasty things about everyone who is, even in the slightest way, associated with these individuals I have spoken of.  Not true.  You can be certain that only those whose names have been specifically mentioned have been judged.  And do not go on about being egotistically judgmental.  Every step you take in life, however trivial and commonplace, is a matter of judgment.  There may be many reasons for associating oneself with such a group:  curiosity, investigation, the obtaining of rare tid bits of Crowleyana that is otherwise unobtainable, amusement, as well as desperation born of a desire to belong to something, and other less admirable reasons that are not necessarily "bad", however misguided or immature.  So, before you go about staunchly defending someone like Grady McMurtry, assuming that by "attacking" him I have "attacked" you, in other words, thinking of your own best interests, think again.  It may be in your best interest to hold your tongue, pay attention to what is being said, and perhaps disassociate yourself from him and his kind.  If you will excuse the phrase, some of my best friends, for one reason or another, are members, to one degree or another, of the McMurtry gang.  I do not act upon "guilt by association", although, admittedly, bad associations do make one rather suspect at times. 

Enough has been said about Norman Kaeseberg here, whose silliness was printed in The Magickal (sic) Link, which William E. Heidrick is responsible for, and whom Grady McMurtry is responsible for. 


THE MOTHER:  PHYLLIS SECKLER, the ex-Mrs. McMurtry (Soror Meral), is still associated with Grady and his pseudo-o.t.o., showing that indeed bad habits are hard to break.  She is a snake in the grass in Grady's fool's paradise and it is beyond me how one could knowingly allow such an individual to exist within one's organization--but then, like attracts like. 

It was Phyllis who was corresponding with me and sending me a great deal of dirt on Grady in the beginning of the newsletter.  Very little of this "dirt" was printed by Newaeon as it either could not be sufficiently substantiated at the time (although undoubtedly true) or it was simply too petty, trite and spiteful to be considered necessary to the work of The Sword.  After all, we are not interested in petty personal attacks, as Phyllis obviously is.  We are simply doing our Will and informing the reader of the negative aspects, that would otherwise remain hidden, of these people and groups, thus assisting aspsirants to make clear and intelligent choices.  It was also Phyllis who, pseudonymously, sent dirt regarding Motta to us.  The material was very amusing, being a long letter from Motta to Germer dealing with, ah, personal matters, but we decided not to use it, however true and legal to print, as it was not necessary to the work of The Sword.  Our work can be dirty at times, as can the surgeon's or the farmer's, but there is no reason for us to become sewage workers and dredge up every little bit of dirt that exists.  Phyllis, on the other hand, revels in the sewer and in the midst of Grady's little paradise lies in wait, like a snake in the grass, waiting to strike the decisive blow and perhaps become queen of that particular fool's paradise which is misnamed the O.T.O..  Personally I would banish such an insincere and untrustworthy "ally" from my midst as this seems the only intelligent and common sensed thing to do, but I suppose that Grady has to take his allies where and how he can find them. 

Let us here review Phyllis' publication, put out by her so-called "College of Thelema", entitled In The Continuum, Volume III, Number 1. 

She did not mention Newaeon and its editor by name, but her use of phraseology from our publication announcement makes the cowardly reference obvious to us.  We shall quote in full that paragraph and then analyze it: 

"... In one case, a person is publishing and with the purpose of purifying and strengthening the O.T.O. and the A.·.A.·. as he states.  But he has never joined either Order and thinks that his published criticisms will do the job.  It is evident that he does not know how to work Magick, since he cannot control such an ego that has no knowledge of the actual work being done, but the intellect looks only at the surface of things and a small flaw is noticed and this person is off on some rather hilarious writings.  That is, they are funny when one knows how little the person actually knows about the true state of affairs." 

Now let's have some fun, take out and dust off our common sense, reason and logic, and look at what has here been said. 

Actually, to quote directly from our publication announcement (as it was then worded), part of our purpose, our True Will, is as follows:  "The staff [of Newaeon] recognizes certain diseases which have crept into some branches of the O.T.O. and individuals who are misrepresenting the A.·.A.·.  With the publication of this Newsletter, coupled with our more subtle Work, we hope to purify and to Adjust the Orders of Thelema." 

As you can see, our announcement does not state that by publishing criticisms alone do we hope to achieve our goal.  We also employ other and often more direct and mundane methods, as for instance the employment of covert Newaeon operatives. 

She states that it is foolish to claim to do this without having joined these Orders.  Firstly, a physician does not have to contract cancer himself to be able to detect it in another and cure it.  Actually, if he were also infected with the disease he would not be as capable of dealing with it in another.  Therefore I do not have to be a card-carrying, dues-paying member of the McMurtry pseudo-o.t.o. to perceive its errors and seek to correct them, and it is undoubtedly a big plus that I am not a member of their gang and thus more objective about it than they themselves are.  Simple logic.  Secondly, as for joining the A.·.A.·.--this is a sheer absurdity and shows that Phyllis does not in the least understand what the A.·.A.·. is.  One does not join that great Order (of being); one aspires unto It and eventually, if one perseveres, Real-izes oneself One with It, and that I have done.  The proof is in my own success, which is, albeit dimly, reflected in my Work, if anyone cares to make a study of it. 

No, what Phyllis is implying is that she and Grady are members of the A.·.A.·.--she even sent me copies of her Probationer forms once to prove it.  Golly! how impressive...  Let us look at that rationally.  Way back when we, most of us, were merely gleams in our parents' eyes, Crowley and his Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu on the Italian island of Sicily existed.  There came to that Abbey a woman named Jane Wolfe.  Such a woman!  A born spiritualist mucking around in astral sewers.  (We will probably deal with her at a later date.)  She had potential that A.C. hoped to develop, but she would not submit to training and discipline and preferred to wallow in illusion and dis-ease of the mind.  (Her story has been well told by Phyllis in her publication, and revealingly so, although Phyllis' blindness cannot see it.)  A.C. issued a genuine Probationer form to Jane.  This is the very lowest Grade in the A.·.A.·., so to speak, labelled 0°=0° [a small degree mark, circle, should follow the first number and a small square the second in these grades, but it is not possible with this machine - ED] and it merely states that the person issued this document has been recognized by the issuer, Crowley, to be aspiring to an understanding of the True Self  and the A.·.A.·., which are one, though people like Phyllis and Grady understand it not.  It does not state that Jane Wolf is a member of that Order--only that she was recognized as one who was aspiring to an understanding of that Order. 

Jane eventually proved herself unworthy, not sincerely aspiring unto that understanding, did none of the required work of a Probationer, and left the Abbey to return to America. 

In America Jane met Phyllis.  She then typed up a bogus A.·.A.·. Probationer form, bogus because (1) Crowley did not OK it, and (2) she was not really a genuine Probationer as she really would not be one until after she completed her work in that grade, which she did not do.  Furthermore, by the rules of the Order, all of which, during A.C.'s lifetime were valid, necessary and had to be strictly adhered to, Jane did not have the right to accept Probationers, being only a Probationer herself (and that in name only!), and she was not of the required higher Grade. 

After this Phyllis turned around and concocted an even more bogus form accepting Grady as a Probationer to the A.·.A.·., and upon this do they base their false claims to represent that great Order.  The question is:  How could people like this recognize anyone's sincere aspirations when, in fact, they are senseless?  Truly, as well as most literally and magically speaking, those who accept them for what they claim to be and follow them are merely the blind being led by the blind! 

The absurdity is obvious. 

As for the A.·.A.·., that is a tricky subject, easy to answer, but its answer is apparently difficult for those below the Abyss to Understand. 

The A.·.A.·., Argenteum Astrum, meaning Silver Star, is that One Star in Sight written of in the poem by A.C. by that name where the aspirant is instructed to "Behold within, and not above,/One star in sight!"  (Kenneth Grant, by the way, would have us look above to Sirius or Sothis instead of within to our Very Centre of Being.) 

The A.·.A.·. is that Star which is one's own True Self, also called the Lord, Holy Guardian Angel, Zeitgest, Augoeides, and so on.  It is that which is referred to in LIBER AL VEL LEGIS, THE BOOK OF THE LAW, Chapter I, Verse 3:  "Every man and every woman is a star." 

The A.·.A.·. is an Order, but that does not mean it is a group of individual egos banded together for some purpose, although such may be the case in special, isolated instances.  The A.·.A.·. is an order of being.  You might even say "a state of consciousness".  It is that state wherein the ego, or false self, has been effectively annihilated and the original persona has been cancelled out; wherein the One has united with the Many and thus become None; wherein the self has given way to the True Self which is the A.·.A.·..  In truth, everyone below the Abyss aspiring unto that Order is not actually a "member" of the A.·.A.·..  One is only a "member" of the A.·.A.·., i.e. One with It, once the Abyss has been successfully crossed (not an easy task!) and the Grade of Magister Templi 8°=3° is attained.  All of those of the Grades below the Abyss, from Probationer 0°=0° to Adeptus Exemptus 7°=4° are only aspirants unto that Order.  And yet, essentially, everyone is, deep deep down inside, as it were, a "member" of that Order from the very beginning and merely has to Real-ize this fact--by which I mean far more than intellectual realization. 

There are many mysterious concering the A.·.A.·. which are only mysteries to those whose eyes and ears have not yet been opened, those who have not as yet attained to an Understanding of the A.·.A.·.. 

What is the A.·.A.·.? 

It is the Augoeides Itself:  Aygoeides = 701; the Genius.  [See Gematria Key for English letters here used to represent the Greek alphabet; Y or y, for instance in place of Upsilon. -ED] 

It is the Goal of the Alchemists, the Philosopher's Stone (chalix = 701). 

It is the ass (onarioy = 701) that carried Jesus, Dionysus and many another initiate on its back, carrying the initiate through life along the Way. 

It is the heaven spoken of in Matthew 3.16 (oyranoi = 701) and elsewhere. 

It is the first as well as the last step; the generation of the world and the symbol by means of which one attains unto It, as well as the Crossing itself (Tau:  Tay = 701). 

It is the All (Pantos = 701). 

It is the Order (diastellomai = 701) of the Highest. 

It is the Command (keleysma = 701) of the Highest. 

It is the Oath sworn (orkon omosai = 701) and the winged (ptanos = 701) symbol spoken of even in LIBER LEGIS itself. 

Ay!  The A.·.A.·. is even the Death (o thanatos = 701) spoken of in Revelation 20.13 and 14 in its being the Augoeides. 

All this and more is the Silver Star! 

What is the A.·.A.·.? 

It is that Angel (Aggello = 872) unto which we all aspire when Invoking Him by Liber Samekh, also known as the Ritual of the Headless or Bornless One (Akephalos = 827) and is this not the Star so often referred to?  (8+2+7 or 8+7+2 = 17, as in Atu XVII, The Star of the tarot.) 

This Order is The First:  Aleph (ALPh) and Alpha; the original and originating whirling motion that creates being, the Father of the Son. 

The A.·.A.·. is the Fixed Star (Aplanes Aster = 485, st = 6), secure in Its orbit, doing Its Will.  (4+8+5 = 17 = Atu XVII, The Star.)  As such it is even mentioned in the original documents of the Bornless Ritual as Jeou (Ieoy = 485), an important Gnostic entity, and is honoured in the Bacchanalian cry, "evoi!" (eyoi = 485), and as the Woman in Revelation 17.3 (gynaika = 485) It is called by the ignorant an abomination (bdelygma = 485) and lawless as well as godless (athemiton = 485) because It knows Very God and does not recognize the false gods of petty men nor follow the trite laws of petty humans--It is only subject to the true Law (ennomos = 485).  And the initiates of this Order are known by their affinity with It, their One Pointedness and their being themselves as a Fixed Star (Kelly = 485; whaddaya think, pretty cute, eh?). 

The A.·.A.·. is the True Path (Atrekes Atrapos = 1383 and Atrekes Atrapos = 1386); the coming to one's senses (eknepho = 1383); the supernal triangle (Trigonon = 1383); the ever waged war between Olympians and the Titans, being the Titanomachi (Titanomachai = 1383); and It is the "sins" of the Great Whore, the Scarlet Woman, Babalon Herself, that is spoken of in Revelation 18.5 (aytes ai amartiai = 1383).  The A.·.A.·. is that which stirs up (thorybeo = 1386) the muck below the Abyss ("Initiation stirs up the mud." A.C. commenting on CCXX II.27.) in the hope of finding therein Order; It is That which is before and in the presence of (katenopion = 1386) Very God; It is That which prophesizes (mantipoleo = 1386) coming things and can do so because It is the originator of all being and existence; It is the taking of a new name (metonomazo = 1386) and all that that implies; It is the dancer (orchester = 1386) Shiva and the Weird Women who spin the Thread of Life (Kataklothes = 1386); It is the Guardians of the Law (Nomophylakes = 1386) and even the Nymphs that dance upon the Sacred Mountains (Nymphai oreades = 1386); and beware for It is even the sheepskin (melotes = 1386) that we wolves wear!  And, alas, thanks to Kenneth Grant and his minions of the Black Brotherhood, this True Path of ours is scorched by the heat of the Dog-Star, Sothis, (seiriokaytos = 1386)--Its public image darkened by the false prophets of Thelema and their false doctrines that do not in truth represent Thelema. 

All this and much more is that great Order known as the A.·.A.·.--many things secret and hidden; many things which shall be revealed by the Hierophant when the time is right. 

All this is the A.·.A.·. and yet it is Not. 

But let us not delve into further mysteries here.  We have already strayed a great deal from the original subject--though we doubt that any of you will hate us for it. 

It should be obvious to any reader by now, having had his or her eyes forcibly opened if they were shut, that Frater Keallach (G.M.Kelly) Understands the A.·.A.·. far better than Grady McMurtry and Phyllis Seckler, who understand it not at all, and that I speak from Within while they mumble their ravings from without that Order. 

As to not knowing "how to work Magick", nothing of the like is evident.  In fact, it should be evident to all but the hopelessly ignorant that Frater Keallach Understands Magick quite well, and that she who uttered such a childish statement is the one who is ignorant of all things magical. 

Ego we shall not discuss.  It does not exist.  I am merely doing what I was born to do; what I returned to human society to do, so to speak.  Ego plays no part in this game.  Ego is a naughty little child playing childish games--I am a deadly serious adult. 

And when Phyllis writes that Kelly, via intellect alone, looks only to the surface of things, spots a minor flaw and then goes off on some hilarious writings, it is evident that she is speaking of such things as Grady McMurtry's addiction to alcohol.  Is this a small flaw?  The man who claims to be the chief example and teacher of Thelema, which teaches that a Thelemite should be a slave to no one and nothing, is himself an alcoholic, a slave to alcohol, which Phyllis herself told me in her letters and which even Grady's handwriting shows in independent graphological analysis, and which Grady himself foolishly admitted, quite by accident, in his senile ramblings printed in the now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter, which is "editor", Bill Heidrick, foolishly neglected to delete.  And further, Grady himself has since admitted his alcoholism, after Newaeon's article of course, to some of his disciples at those private meetings I have already mentioned.  What amused me most were the accounts from various people at different meetings where Grady admitted to being an alcoholic, a slave to alcohol, then said he was now "on the wagon", all the time smoking joint after joint of marijuana and inhaling cartridges of gas!  My dear readers, he has not beaten his slavish addiciton, he has merely altered the form of his slavery. 

So a slave to alcohol and drugs, who should be an example for all those who follow him, preaches that you should be a slave to nothing and no one.  Is such a thing a small flaw?  A "small flaw" like a Pope in Rome demanding of and preaching to his followers complete celibacy and then himself sneaking out to cheat on his secret wife to attend an orgy wherein S & M as well as B & D will be liberally practiced.  Small flaw?  And this is but one example! 

Hilarious it certainly is!  But after the initial laughter we can only shake our heads in sorrow knowing that so many will not and will refuse to see these so-called small flaws and eventually be led to destruction. 

It is the small flaw which destroys the Adeptus Examptus when he attempts to cross the Abyss. 

It is the small flaw which eventually topples the skyscraper and bridge, taking a horrible toll in human life. 

It is the small flaw, the minute crack, that eventually brings about the most disasterous events. 

All this is funny when one realizes how little I actually know about the true state of affairs?  What is it that she claims I do not know?  Apparently I know quite enough of these affairs--perhaps more than I really care to know. 

No, it just did not work, Phyllis.  It just won't wash.  Newaeon and I cannot be laughed off so easily for your insincere laughter is heavily tinged with worry that you will be completely revealed before your lifetime is over and that your house of falsehoods will crumble on top of you. 

Laugh, Phyllis dear--but we shall soon see who has the last and heartiest laugh. 

(NOTE:  It is interesting to here take notice of the fact that Ms. Seckler informs her readers that I have never been a member of the O.T.O., meaning, of course, the gross caricature of the McMurtry pseudo-o.t.o..  It is interesting because rumours have been circulated by members of the McMurtry gang that I was once a member of that gang and kicked out, and that now I am waging a personal vendetta against them for petty, spiteful reasons of personal revenge, and so therefore all that I write of McMurtry and company should be disregarded--despite how logical and accurate it may "appear".  The fact of the mater is, F.Y.I., I have never been a member of McMurtry's pseudo-O.T.O. nor any other "O.T.O.", nor have I ever desired to seek membership.  In the beginning, however, I did send $10 to the McMurtry people to be called an "Associate Member", as paying them $10 was the only way I could get them to correspond so that I could investigate and study them and so judge rightly.  They do not actually believe in free correspondence, and only freely correspond when they think they can, by way of it, get you to spend money in their direction.  This "Associate Membership", therefore, cannot really be considered membership of the "O.T.O.", $10 being the SUBSCRIPTION FEE of their publication, and, anyway, I was not kicked out--they would never kick out a paying Associate Member!--they just may never get around to answering letters promptly.  I simply did not send in another $10 as I had received all of the firsthand information I felt I needed at the time to form an accurate and objective judgment and decided against further and deeper involvement with these people.  Yet it is interesting to note that to this day, from time to time, some member of the McMurtry gang writes and tries, idiotically, to convince me to join that gang!  [1997 E.V. NOTE:  even at this late date a member was asked to try and "convert" me--presumably she was supposed to prostitute herself to this end, but the lady is more noble than that and laughed at the "suggestion". -ED] 

(Truthfully, although I love the TRUE Ordo Templi Orientis as the adopted child of the Beast that it was, I am not comfortable in the structure of that Order and the only incentive possible for me to join would be the knowledge that I could learn directly from Aleister Crowley himself, which, of course, is now impossible.) 


THE SON:  Here we will place WILLIAM HEIDRICK (Frater Emet), Grady's right hand man, albeit a crippled and shaky hand; editor of the now defunct O.T.O. Newsletter. 

Let us here briefly review the reviews of Newaeon that appeared in the O.T.O. Newsletter and see if we can discover true motives, as we did with Kaeseberg, and thus ego-domination and unthelemic attitudes: 

Vol. I, No. 3, December 1977 E.V.:  "The Newaeon Newsletter, The Temple of Thelema ... 6 issues per year.  $6.66 per year USA... ***Independent***"  No comment made; just a simple delivery of information. 

Vol. II. No. 2, September 1978 E.V.:  "NEWAEON: The Temple of Thelema ... Always well worth reading."  I repeat, ALWAYS WELL WORTH READING, Heidrick wrote and thus Grady must have agreed. 

Vol. II, Nos. 7 and 8, May 1979 E.V.:  "NEWAEON, The Temple of Thelema ... Always filled with surprises and rare material."  I even had a few "surprises" for them later! 

Then The Newaeon Newsletter printed its first article about Grady McMurtry and his pseudo-o.t.o. in Volume III, Number 1, March 20, 1980 E.V., whereupon Bill's and Grady's opinion altered radically.  The Newaeon Newsletter was "always well worth reading", "full of surprises and rare material", in short, valuable, so long as The Sword struck out at others like Marcelo Motta and Kenneth Grant, but as soon as Grady McMurtry and company were put under the microscope, carefully examined and analyzed...well...see for yourself: 

Vol. III. No. 10-11, Winter 1979 & Spring 1980 E.V.--after the Newaeon article mentioned above:  "Newaeon, The Temple of Thelema ... This publication is making a name for itself in yellow-sheet Thelemic circles.  If you enjoy pointless insults, pick it up.  If you want to become notorius (sic) write the editor - you will be made much of or at."

When this originally appeared I found it most amusing.  Of course any sane Thelemite would love to be considered notorious and the fact that The Newaeon Newsletter was untruthfully called yellow journalism combined to make the publication sound more interesting and served to increase our circulation and associations.  It was the best free advertising we ever received! 

The only thing that might qualify the statement that implies that we are writers of yellow journalism is, perhaps, the colour of paper the publication is usually printed on--although, technically speaking, that is golden rod.  Perhaps we will start printing on canary yellow--just for the fun of it! 

The point is this:  These people are supposed to be teachers and examples of what it is to be a Thelemic initiate, this is how they try to present themselves to others, and yet they are motivated by the pettiest of personal feelings, dominated by ego, and via their words and actions prove themselves to be very unthelemic indeed. 

These people parade about as gods, demanding that you view them as such, in a manner of speaking, while smeared with the dung of the qliphothic realms, mumbling insane things and uttering incomprehensible trifles that they expect you to accept as great wisdom.  They flaunt their lies, tattered rags that have been used to clean the arse of a diarrheic sow, and they expect you to accept and believe in them, calling them truth absolute. 

But what really concerns me is that there are oh so many people out there who do not exercise not-so-common common sense, reason and logic, but too lazy to make decisions for themselves, to study and analyze, they eagerly follow anyone willing to lead them, doing whatever they are told, no matter how personally detrimental. 

What concerns me is that with this great tide of willing sheep eager to follow anyone who acts authoritative, one who eventually leads them to the slaughter, many potentially sincere and worthwhile aspirants are swept up and destroyed before anything can be done about it. 

I hate to see waste of any kind.  I am a supreme conservationist, especially of natural resources, and the greatest natural resource is the human mind and spirit. 

Learn to look deeply, analyze carefully and think clearly. 

Do not let these petty tyrants rule your mind and spirit.  Rule yourself.  That One Star in Sight, that Argenteum Astrum, is within, not above, and you are That.  From time to time you may seek advice from a fellow star that seems to burn more brightly than you, at least for the moment, until you yourself burn more brightly, but do not waste your time seeking advice from burnt-out cinders and lifeless stone--they cannot light the Way for you. 

Why have I written all of this? 

Not for petty, personal reasons I can assure you.  It is hoped that you have been amused, but more importantly, that you have been educated.  It is hoped that you will learn to think more deeply and thus see more clearly before making your choices in life, that you will learn that it is better to stumble alone in the dark to find the Way rather than to ignore common sense, reason and logic and allow yourself to be led by those who continually prove themselves blind, petty and selfish--concerned only with their own welfare and certainly not yours, despite what they may say to the contrary. 

These people I have named in these reviews are nothing.  They are merely puppets in the hands of forces that seek to pervert Thelema as all of the world religions before It have been perverted.  These are wooden-headed mannikins that twitch every time those forces jerk their strings.  They are comic caricatures of Initiates and a mockery of the Highest. 

I am concerned for the future--the future of humanity on earth as well as the future of Thelema. 

I laugh at the Universal Joke as I laugh even at myself, but at the same time I am deadly serious.  Between the humorous and the serious there is no difference.  Within one you will always find the other.  And while these clowns are indeed amusing, what they are doing is very serious--seriously damaging to our future and the future of Thelema. 

Writing of such things is not enough and it is not all that we do.  What has so far been done is but the very beginning, the first steps, the first minor skirmishes in the Holy War of Thelema.  But regarding what has been written in The Newaeon Newsletter--remember, the Pen is not mightier than the Sword--the Pen is the Sword! 

Study thou the swordsman's moves, how deftly he wields his weapon, with what art and science he exercises his glaive.  See how The Sword reveals what is within by cutting away the exterior, false forms that hide the truth. 

Compare the words and actions of the one with the others, think deeply, study carefully, and then decide for yourself. 

Look to the past and see how each of the world religions was perverted by those who followed the respective world teachers until now not one of them is true to the original teachings of those world teachers.  See how the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and others have been perverted.  Do we want this to happen to Thelema as well? 

False prophets are but witless tools in the hands of mightier and more abstract forces that seek to pervert that which can assist humankind with its spiritual evolution, but if we learn to see these false prophets for what they are and reject them, such tools will become obsolete and these perverting forces will have less of a hold upon us and our universe, they will have less effect in life, and evolution can proceed at a less hampered, faster rate. 

As for those herein written of and the others of their kind: 

"Begone! ye mockers; even though ye laugh in my honour ye shall laugh not long; then when ye are sad know that I have forsaken you." 
          - CCXX II.56 

"...this verse might be appropriate in case of the institution of a false cultus by imposters." 
          - CCXX II.56 Commentary by Aleister Crowleey 

During the past four years of this Period of Silence, the first three being pure silence, we have given the false prophets enough rope, and sure enough they hung themselves. 


Written on June 3, 1983 E.V., Anno LXXXIX, die Venus, by G.M.Kelly (Frater Keallach 93/676), Sol in Gemini and Luna in Pisces. 


Care Fraters et Sorores: 

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It hasn't been easy, but here, on time as usual, is the second number of the fourth volume of TNN. 

You will recall that TNN IV.1 was virtually an extended Sword of Horus dealing with, among others, Marcelo Motta and Norman Kaeseberg of the McMurtry [Caliphate] pseudo-o.t.o..  These "gentlemen", as usual, were sent free complimentary copies of TNN IV.1 since they were mentioned therein and they have since responded. 

You will recall that in the past, after an article or two about Sr. Motta, said individual sent yours truly a letter meant to impress and frighten us into silence, threatening to sue if we continued to think, speak and write as we will, rights given us in Liber OZ: LXXVII, i.e. threatening to legally RESTRICT us and prevent us from doing our True Will.  (See TNN III.1)  Not a very Thelemic thing for a self-proclaimed Thelemic leader and teacher to do.  Well, needless to say, Sr. Motta did not sue.  Newaeon has only printed provable facts and there is such a thing as the First Amendment.  So what was the Motta response?  The complimentary copy of TNN was returned, apparently unread, presumably to show that he cares not in the least about what Newaeon has to say about him...besides, he's just lost a law suit against Samuel Weiser, Inc., and next he's going up against the McMurtry gang - against Newaeon he hasn't a leg to stand on either.  Besides, we are sure he can and will obtain a copy of TNN IV.1 since an ego such as his simply must read anything which mentions his name. 

Sr. Motta, it seems, finally realized that silence is his best defence as every time he opens his mouth he sticks both feet in it and gets himself into further trouble. 

Mr. Kaeseberg should have thanked Newaeon for mentioning him.  After all, without that brief mention he would quickly be forgotten by all.  We made him infamous and secured a place for him in history!  Could he remain silent and at least show a touch of intelligence?  No.  His response was brief, but it proved what was said about him in the newsletter. 

Mr. Kaeseberg scribbled a barely readable word on the back of the envelope containing his response to TNN IV.1 that is presumably intended to be some sort of curse.  We have not been sufficiently interested to check it out. 

At the top of the nearly blank sheet of paper is, in big faded red block letters, "ROCK SOCIETY", while at the very bottom is a very badly printed quotation that is supposed to cut us to the very bone:  "'A THING OF NO WORTH IT IS, AND DESERVES NO TRUST,' LEFT GRA III 550, 2-551, 19 LIDZBARSKI MANDAEAN TRANSLATION".  I'm afraid that this did not have the desired effect as we know that The Newaeon Newsletter is of great worth and is one of the very few "occult publications" that can be trusted.  As for the response itself, it was very crudely printed in shaky block letters, some of the letters written over a second time.  A graphologist might say that he was ill and/or drunk when he wrote his response and that he certainly shows a lack of mental balance and shows signs of neurosis.  He wrote:  "KEL, I DON'T THINK YOU CROSSED THE ABYSS.  NORMAN".  Reading it one almost hears Mr. Kaeseberg saying "Nah...nah, nah...nah...nah..." 

Would it surprise anyone to learn that we really don't care what someone like Mr. Kaeseberg thinks - when he thinks at all? 

His response, like Sr. Motta's, amused us and tended to prove our words about him.  No class or dignity, no maturity, and certainly they do not possess a sense of humour - essential elements of a true Initiate's character. 

We will be forced to say more about Sr. Motta later.  As for Mr. Kaeseberg, perhaps it is best if he is completely forgotten.  We only mentioned him in the first place to illustrate the kind of small fish that swim in the vast ocean of the occult community.  He is, essentially, a minnow who would like to think of himself as a shark or whale but can never aspire to anything beyond food for slightly larger fish. 

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in fraternal amusement, 
(Signed:  Kelly) 
Written on Easter Sunday, 
the 7th of April 1985 E.V. 

(TNN.IV.2.TP-1, MAY 1985 E.V.)