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From the Sword of Horus column of The Newaeon Newsletter

Reviews of and Commentary on well-known Occultists, Occult Groups, their Publications, and Activities
by G.M.Kelly

Note:   All opinions expressed in these articles are those of G.M. Kelly.

See the link below for a wealth of downloadable rare Crowleyana!

Preliminary Comment

Rare Crowleyana!

If you are tired of so-called Thelemic "fraternities" restricting access to rare material written by Aleister Crowley, I recommend the following no nonsense, no strings attached web site for a wealth of downloadable Crowleyana:

The Often Out of Sight Site!

The above web site has been pulled from the Internet (again!) it is the work of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. which preaches that "The word of Sin is Restriction", but which constantly restricts your access to material which you may need to discover and accomplish your True Will.  Their efforts to "corner the Crowley market", threatening publishers with bogus copyright claims to material that is in the public domain, proves them to be petty fascists, liars and hypocrites, as well as being extremely unthelemic, hoarding Crowleyana, using it as a lure and a means of making money for their own personal wealth, while, considering the circumstances, Aleister Crowley would surely have wanted this material to be distributed freely for the benefit of all, for Thelema and society as a whole.  By their actions, the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o., which routinely does this sort of thing, proves itself to be the very antithesis of Thelema.

Every time the Yohonza Rare Crowleyana site is pulled from the Internet, efforts will be made to get it back up and online for freedom loving students of Thelema and Thelemites everywhere in the world.

AUGUST 2003 E.V. NOTE:  the Rare Crowleyana site has been pulled from the Net, although it is uncertain as to whether the Caliphate had anything to do with it this time or not -- probably not as it has been successfully removed, and the Caliphate is not known for its successes.  However, sooner or later my Brother-in-Thelema and friend who owns the site may one day have it back up on the Net.  Any ideas as to where he might find free hosting for a great deal of data, protected from Caliphate interference?