My brother Jesus, what they have done
         With the teachings that you gave!
They removed the wisdom, magick and fun -
         You must be turning in your grave!

You taught the people how to love
         But the lessons they have not learned.
You also taught them to look above,
         But they embrace the material - the spiritual

They call their religion Christianity -
         They've made you into a god -
But their dogma is confused insanity
         That destroys the earth upon which you trod.

I suppose it is the Master's lot -
         His teachings eventually perverted;
The people who give them no serious thought,
         And the worst are the converted!

You are not the first, Jesus, my brother,
         Nor I fear you will be the last;
Osiris, for instance, was another -
         A great initiate of our past.

Guatama was another Master,
         The Buddha most well known;
His teachings now a great disaster -
         Within them perversions have been thrown.

And Lao Tzu, that sublime old man,
         Who taught the beauty of Tao;
They've stuck his Tao into a can
         And dish it out with an "ah!" and "ooh!"

Let's not forget our brother Moses,
         A Master that you revered.
Your Jewish brothers now thumb their noses -
         To making money they now are geared.

Helena to her Will was true -
         To teach the way through Synthesis.
Theosophy's now a thing to rue -
         'Twould be better to be an atheist.

And oh I fear what they'll do to Crowley!
         How Thelema they'll twist and pervert!
Humanity seems destined to destroy what's holy;
         Knowldge and wisdom they are sure to subvert.

So, Master Jesus, I know why you weep;
         I Understand your plight;
The Law of Love they do not keep;
         The Sword of Reason* mistaken for might's.

I often see this beautiful earth
         As a being of wonderous lights;
What a shame upon it God's given birth
         To such destructive parasites.

I wonder if they'll ever learn
         To cherish Wisdom from above?
I wonder if they'll ever earn
         The Masters' pure and holy love?

*Reference to Matthew 10.34 of the New Testament

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."
The sword being the magician's symbol of analysis and reason, attributed to the 6th Sephira of Tiphareth on the Tree of Life (Otz Chiim), to which the Sun and the Mediator is also attributed.

28 June 1986 E.V.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume V, Number 4, September 1986 E.V.