(To M.)



Naught disturbed the burning of the candles in that room,
But steadily their flames burned on in that twilight gloom.
From the thurbile on the altar a scented smoke was sent;
It rose and curled and cavorted--a spirit-like serpent.
The Traveller entered, robed in black, persona's covering shade;
Disrobed and layed upon the bed and from this life did fade.
He flew into the arms of Nuit's star-lit night
And from this world of cares and woes he magically took flight.
He passed along the many Paths, beyond the many Gates;
Confronted all the Demons--the Angels and the Fates.
Yet naught would stop the Traveller upon his holy quest--
Until he found the priceless Pearl this Magus would not rest.

O long and tiresome the search and yet he travelled on;
Beyond all human limits until Hope itself was gone.

Then the Light began to dawn; darkness was dispelled.
The haunting demons of despair were ruthlessly repelled!
Free at last to be Himself arrayed in glorious Light,
The Magus maintained his righteous course with Supernal sight.

And then it finally came to pass, along the Path he took;
Within a secret place he found a charming little book.
Upon the cover of mother of pearl the sunshine danced and played;
It sparkled in the emerald runes which to the Traveller relayed:

      "The end of thy quest is here foretold--
      The names are new, the story old."

He took the book within his hands, though mighty trembled some,
And opened it to gaze upon blank pages that were dumb.
"What book is this," he cried enraged, "without a single word?
"What quest have I then engaged?"--'Twas then the words he heard:

      "Many have come this lonely Way
      And were lost for many a day;
      Religiously pursuing their quest--
      Going on without sleep, going on without rest,
      Each knowing the cost no mere jest.
      'Relinquish self at a throw of the dice!'
      Yet few could pay that price..."

The Traveller held the book to his heart and a smile was upon his face.
"O I am truly the luckiest man! The winner of the Human Race!"
The Heavens grew dark and a cloud did descend.
The Traveller wondered, "Is this then the end?"
The lightning and thunder in horrific rage shook his very soul!
"Is this," he wondered, "the fate of man, destruction his only goal?"
From the dark clouds a voice boomed out and the Traveller froze in fear.
"Bend thy neck and close thine eyes for the sword stroke that is so dear!"
And he did as was told for 'twas custom of old;
He awaited with strength and courage so bold.
But the sword did not strike and the clouds moved away--
The Sun burned above yet a brighter day.
The kiss that fell upon him was not of steel, but tender, loving and warm--
So he opened his eyes to behold the Light and a gloriously beautiful form.

      "O Traveller come to thy Beloved's arms
      And listen to the spells and charms.
      The journey is done and the quest has been won;
      We are wild, we are wed, we are One."

11 - 12 May 1980 E.V.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 3, 23rd of July 1980 E.V.