Soror C.E.L.


Long ago and far away I dreamed a dream of Love -
So glorious it was - Inspired from Above.
From the Moon a Silvery ray fell upon my bed;
The ray took form so beautiful and this is what she said:
"So long I've watched you from Above; so long desired you.
Come to me, my darling man,"
and to her arms I flew.
Ecstasy was mine, and joys beyond belief -
Behind me was all sadness and finished was all grief.
This life of mine had meaning; existence was pure joy,
But life is filled with cruelty and man is but its toy.
Something happened, I know not what, that woke me from my
Desperately I looked about and found no living Lunar beam.
If there is a Hell and Heaven this then it must be:
In waking do we suffer and in dreams to Heaven flee.
But wakefulness is long and constant, dreams so quickly die.
I rage within my wakefulness and weeping question "Why?"
When dreaming all is wakefulness and awake all seems a dream,
So which then is Reality -


Life you are a thief, stealing all my time.
You offer empty promises and take all that is mine.
You give me hopes so glorious, so wonderful and bright -
Then you dash them to the earth - I ask you is that right?
But Man is not to be destroyed by your wicked whims -
He'll go on ever valiant, singing battle hymns.
Man will rise to you, O Life, and take that which is his,
For Man is more than Man, you see - Man is That which Is.

© The Newaeon Newsletter, Volume III, Number 5/6, 21st of March 1981 E.V.