Ille Ferrum De Horus

by Frater M.E.D.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Little needs to be said about Mr. Michael Bertiaux.  In fact, we will let him speak for himself and allow him to commit literary suicide.  That which follows is the unedited reply to this letter from Kelly:

Sol in Taurus 25° 59' 32"
Anno LXXV iii xvii
17 May 1979 E.V.

Mr. Michael Bertiaux
Franco-Haitian O.T.O.
Box 1554
Chicago, ILL 60690

Care Frater:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I really have very little to say, and that's odd, but that is simply because we have never yet communicated.

What I am interested in is yourself, the Franco-Haitian O.T.O., the Choronzon Club, and the L.C.N.  Could you give me some further information on these topics--other than what's been printed in the Grant books, which I have.  Does the F-H O.T.O. follow the traditional practices and constitution of the O.T.O. as it was in Crowley's day?  Or as McMurtry in CA. practices it?  Or, which I supposes is more likely, as Grant practices it?  Exactly what IS the Choronzon Club?  What is its purpose?  How does it operate?  Has it any relation to the "short-cut to initiation" that C.F.Russell and Louis T. Culling operated?  And the L.C.N./Black Snake Cult...what of it?

As you see, I am full of questions (and according to many that is notall that I am full of!).  Could you please answer these questions, asked in pure fraternity, always wishing to obtain answers from the source rather than getting them second-hand, which is usually inaccurate.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love is the law, love under will.

Sanctioned by:
Frater M.E.D. 49=13=1

Fraternally yours,             
G.M.Kelly, Editor            
The Newaeon Newsletter

Frater Keallach 93/676   

A few things should be pointed out before we begin.  First, you will notice that he addressed his reply to "Sir Gerald M. Kelly".  The "G" in "G.M.Kelly" does not stand for "Gerald".  Where he got the idea that it did we can only guess.  Last year, in reply to a publication announcement sent to a name which was only known to belong to a chap with an interest in Thelema, Kelly received the first of a series of violent letters, all written awkwardly upon torn pieces of card.  The main theme of these "letters" was that M.A.C., as we will call him, believed (or wanted to believe) himself to be the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, for he desperately wanted attention.  Finally M.A.C. took his last few pennies, hopped on a bus and appeared on the Temple doorstep.  Kelly treated him fraternally and listened.  During the half hour, rage and frustration were visibly showing on M.A.C.'s face, and though our brother calmly and smilingly listened and spoke, he prepared for an outburst of violence.  Lucky for M.A.C. that rage contained itself, for Brother Kelly is a skilled [if unorthodox - ED] martial artist.  The point of all of this background is that M.A.C. lived in Illinois and was under the impression that Kelly was the Gerald Kelly who was A.C.'s brother-in-law.  This he believed even after meeting Kelly face to face and finding him to be a man in his 20's.  The lack of any reasoning ability in M.A.C. is astonishing, but not at all unusual for such a "magical abortion" and qliphothically dominated individual.  Does M.A.C. know Mr. Bertiaux?  Are they associates?  Indeed, "like attracts like".  Secondly, it should be noted that the drawings of Mr. Bertiaux's are similar to those of C. F. Russell's in his Znuz is Znees, A. O. Spare's, though less artistic, and the "drawings" of Liber CCXXXI in the Equinox, Volume I, Number 7.  Lastly, the envelope in which Mr. Bertiaux's reply was sent is here reproduced.  The return address that was crossed out is barely readable on the original and it is as follows:  ABSOLUTE SCIENCE INSTITUTE, Suite 5A, 30 (?) East Division, (?), IND (?), (?).  Furthermore, the opening and closing of this reply have been reproduced here.  The drawings and words were done in variously coloured felt-tipped pens.  The body of the letter will be put into typeface since it is (1) quite difficult to read, and (2) so as not to take up too much space with Bertiaux's wild and erratic handwriting.  If the typed version of his letter is doubted by the reader, xerox copies of it may be forwarded to the reader for the cost of photocopying and postage.

Remember, this is a man who claims to be a teacher of magick and the "occult"; a man who is supposed to be a leader and in control.  And do not be deceived by him.  This letter was no test.  This is unedited, pure, Michael Bertiaux.

Envelope from Bertiaux

Bertiaux letterhead drawing, et al

Dear Mr. Kelly - Thank you for your letter - as you know by now we do not consider ourselves as the typical Thelemic OTO group.  I do not know why every body thinks we are the same as K. Grant's OTO?

For one thing the F-H OTO is pre-Crowley - it is concerned with RAW ENergy!  We are not a history club or a nostaglia-buffs' coffee shop by any means -

WE are out for sheer power & good times - Fuck the goody-goody worship of the goddess - shit in her Face - I say - CHORONZON!

The purpose of the CHORONZON Club is to destroy the OTO & to make sodomized mutes

Bertiaux's Page 2 pix

out of its members!  It operates here in Chicago because everybody else wants to tone it down & that is where they fail to understand it - it is supposed to be the way it is not the way they want it to be.

Originally Russell & Culling were big-shots in the CHORONZON Club & "tried" to keep it under their control!  They failed & moved in 1931 to California.  The C C which began in Chicago stayed here.  Russell & Culling started their own order known as the G.·.B.·.G.·. Etc.  They thought the C.·.C.·. would die out - However it survived! & it is very busy & if you are interested in it you will have to write & ask more specific questions.  The C.·.C.·. is however a magical society & it does have a "short-cut" method & it couldn't give a shit about the OTO - including the Franco-Haitian - its nearest neighbor!

[Page 3]

Who the hell is Frater M.E.D.? is he the head of some OTO group?

[No, Mr. Bertiaux, he is not the head of any "OTO group".  Frater M.E.D. is The Sword of Horus; Self-appointed. -ED]

The Franco-Haitian OTO is open to blacks & persons of French ancestry.  It is pre-Crowley OTO & different from K. Grant & McMurtry.  I do not know what K. Grant does at all.  We are in Communion with the English branch of the CHORONZON Club, which is the O.·.O.·.O.·. & they have the "English Gnostic Church".  I have found K. Grant's people very unsatisfactory & highly unsuitable for our approach to the Field of Magic(k?).

Those OTO groups are too religious & use religious terms entirely too much - i.e., "supershakti", "goddess", "MAAT,"" Etc.  In fact they belong in the long disconnected romantic movement.  So they are very unconnected with reality.  Me, on the other hand, and "scientists" & NOT poetic bull shiters!

In our Club we are not interested in getting a lot of "religious drop outs" we want real bad people!  Now the

[Page 4]

L C N is a course which the C.·.C.·. & OTO group students can take through me.  It is entirely m a g i c a l & includes Voudoo & Enochiana.  It is very up to date & practical.  If you want to know more - ask me in a future letter.

You sound oh - I'm glad your not a typical Thelemic Naive "babe in the woods".

Write & let me know if you have any questions.  I've got to sign off now & do a few people "in".

Fraternnely & with much Love -
Michael P. Bertiaux -
97° RMM, XVI° OTO (FH)
XVI C.·.C.·., 97° = 336
Frater Kliphomynion XVI°

Closing of Bertiaux letter

[It seems as if Mr. Bertiaux had second thoughts and added an additional 5th page.  It reads as follows. - M.E.D.]

         At the present time the C.·.C.·. is interested in

  (1)  Time-travel - past, present, & future explorations.
  (2)  SEX-magic of a horrific type -
  (3)  Elemental Explorations & work with very low energies -
  (4)  attacking any body who gets too close to it -
  (5)  magical mathematical formulae to blow up our enemies!
  (6)  a secret method of control of the Quantum mechanic world of physics via fellatio -
  (7)  getting more Energies out of our XVI° System -
  (8)  making friends with like minds in other countries -
  (9)  eating & drinking -
(10)  fucking & sucking -
(11)  organizing gnostic systems or Kliphotic exploration -

Frater Kliphomynion XVI°
(Michael Bertiaux)            

Earlier we received some copies of Mr. Bertiaux's "magical" documents and correspondence courses.  They are highly unreadable and appear to be a wild amalgamation of every large, complicated, unpronounceable, pseudo-scientific term that was ever used in popular sci-fi books.

Would you really permit this man to guide you along the Magical Path?

A Final Note:  As one investigates "magical fraternities" and "occultteachers" closer and closer during these unsettled days, it becomes more and more apparent that most, if not all, of today's fraternities and teachers are ... well, how should I say it? ... to be polite, worthless and in some cases actually dangerous.  And not only do the "slaves" suffer, but potential "kings (and queens) of the earth" are often destroyed or at least seriously harmed.  During these unsettled times everyone seems to be grasping for something to believe in, something secure and satisfying, and they have little choice of what to turn to.  Organized religions are no better off than the "magical fraternities" of today.  It appears as if the end has come, and, in fact, there are many who are awaiting the total collapse of society.  That collapse will probably come, but humanity will cope with it and survive.  These decadent religions, phoney and dangerous fraternities, and false prophets and teachers will pass away, at least the majority of them will.  And through all of the trouble that is yet to be, I am quite sure humankind will learn that a person should not seek something or someone else to depend upon.  There is only one thing of real worth in life, and that is Self, the True Self.  It is only That which should be sought after.  Only in Self is there true security.  Only in Self can the answers be found.  Only upon Self can one truly depend.  Think not so much in time spans of years, or even lifetimes.  Things will change, but it will take time.  Remember that the Æon of Horus began in 1904 era vulgari and is now a mere 75 years old ... a mere baby in comparison to an æonic life span of approximately 2,000 years [probably several thousands of years, actually - ED].  Like the æon, the general consciousness of humanity is still quite immature and childish.  Is there a chance that this "child" will die in its early youth?  Yes.  But it all depends upon you and you alone.  What will you do?

Will you allow yourself and your brothers and sisters to become yet further victims of these times?

Or will you seek out, with a pure heart, thine own Angel and True Will and bring Order to this apparently chaotic universe?


Love is the law, love under will.

(TNN.II.3.4,6-10, 7/23/79 E.V.)